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  1. #25 & #1300 resident evil 2 remake

  2. is right here
  3. believes hes being stalked
  4. kelsey you brat!

    where you at?


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    2. kels_77


      @douchebro Welcome to the clusterfuck my friend. xD I love these games so much, I'm two trophies away from getting the KH 2 Platinum trophy! :D I loved KH3. :D 


      @BG_painter Sekiro, I've never really heard of it, like... I see people talking about it, but what is it about? Suffering and misery!?  SIGN ME UP. xD Just kidding. No, no more suffering, final gummi ship in KH2 made me suffer enough. :P 

    3. douchebro


      @kels_77 its another game from the devs of dark souls so you can expect it to be that kind of difficulty.. so yea you either git gud or get out! :awesome:


      ill probably play kh3 as soon as am done with resident evil 2 😁

    4. BG_painter



      so yea you either git gud or get out! :awesome:

      legit. There is no co op. Heheheh I am not playing 😁

  5. step up your game, boah!
  6. is one devil may cry game behind
  7. newest legend of the west emerges!

    #24 Red Dead Redemption 2



     big shout out to @ihadalifeb4this & @HandOfAdal for being a part in this amazing ride

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    2. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo


    3. ihadalifeb4this


      Not true! I stopped for number two just once and since we were in town (Tumbleweed) already why not try to do it like civilized person?

    4. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  8. this moogle has pretty impressive achievements
  9. Oh my apologize if I worry you a lot.

    Just had a time Need for myself at the last weeks; months cause lost my happiness and so... yeah you never think that another normal human being can ruin you a lot that you hate everythign what you love… and yea i hatet also to communicate with other People... even in real or due the net… but now it´s getting better.

    Cause when you hate everything and every day you avoid all he good Things like... People who are good for you; nature; your pets… favourite Things etc.. what  is left behind you?... Nothing.. See I am again getting  slighty the old happy Chiri sis =)

    Thanks you a lot for cheer me up.

    1. douchebro


      its alright to take some time off to figure things out in your life. sometimes things don't go the way we wanted to so we simply have to move on.

      anyway good to have you back, sis :]

  10. trophy-less since last year
  11. feels really unusual not to see you regular status updates like we used to. hope all is well at your end :]

  12. strangely enough didn't play the new resident evil
  13. rooted for universe 6 during the tournament of power
  14. Nice avatar 😎

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    2. kels_77


      Oh god, Dark Souls. 'has flashback' :o 

    3. douchebro


      that's what the dlc is about you silly goose :awesome:

    4. BG_painter
  15. is irish-ish?