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  1. Here's a quick guide to the gold trophies in each level. The first one isn't included due to it being easy to spot. 2nd Level- About midway as I recall it is hiding on the side of a platform with a key on it.3rd Level- Behind final pillar/column.4th- Between 2 platform/columns early on is a moving platform, move towards the back to turn camera and jump down in the cave. Additional info: The pillar is just behind the wooden arrow with the blue X3 sign on it near the beginning of the level.5th- Close to the end of the level and after the two jellyfish platforms that rotates left and right, it's under a platform that you can jump to and off the jellyfish.6th- After the 4 color buttons, go up then you see a sewer grate. Drop down to some coins and work around to a switch and door.7th- Break the wood door on the left close to the end of the level. Spongebob is recommended.8th- Drop down off the wood bridge it is on the left.9th- Near end of level. On the left side platform, jump off the back ledge as hero.10th- A bit before end, move blocks to left on 4 buttons to lower left platforms down. It is up top.11th- After the 5th page follow some waffles (lightning bolt) up to top of pillar. Use hero form to make the jumps.12th- Follow the wood platforms to a breakable wall with symbol on it. Use the correct character to smash and grab.13th- To the left from center exit around the column on a waffle.14th- Out in the open between two platforms with switches on top.15th- Up on a big platform about midway through with smaller ones leading up on the left.
  2. Here are my contributions since I start playing the game and checking records. Part One Name a Fictional character who has great strength: 6 answers 1.Superman 2.Hercules 3.Spider-Man 4.Incredible Hulk 5.He-Man 6.Popeye Real or Fictional, name a famous singing family: 5 answers 1. Osmonds 2. Partridge Family 3. Von Trapps 4. Jacksons 5. Jonas Brothers Name a place parents take a baby where they hope it doesn't start crying: 7 answers 1. Church 2. Theatre 3. Restaurant 4. Doctor 5. Shopping 6. Plane 7. Bus Name something to which some people love to give away the ending: 3 answers 1. Movies 2. Books 3. Jokes Name a precious stone 5 answers 1. Diamond 2. Ruby 3. Emerald 4. Opal 5. Pearl Name something that heats up when you turn it on: 5 answers 1. Stove/Oven 2. Heater 3. Kettle 4. Iron 5. Coffee Pot Name something a father might do in the delivery room when his wife gives birth: 4 answers 1. Faint 2. Cry 3. Take Pictures 4. Hold Hands Name Something a seven-year-old takes with them when they run away from home: 6 answers 1. Toy 2. Food 3. Blanket 4. Clothes 5. Suitcase 6. Pet Name a breed of dog that starts with the letter "C" 4 answers 1. Collie 2. Chihuahua 3. Cocker Spaniel 4. Chow Chow Name something that parents love watching their kids do for the first time: 7 answers 1. Walk 2. Smile 3. Talk 4. Clean Room 5. Ride Bike 6. Use Potty 7. Read Name something you might offer someone else even if they didn't ask for it 7 answers 1. Food 2. Drink 3. Advice 4. Help 5. Money 6. Breathe Mint 7. Seat Name a place people go, which they insist be clean: 4 answers 1. Restroom 2. Restaurant 3. Kitchen 4. Hospital Name something you squeeze to get more out of it: 5 answers 1. Toothpaste 2. Orange 3. Lemon 4. Ketchup 5. Mustard Which of the seven dwarves can you relate to most?: 6 answers 1. Grumpy 2. Dopey 3. Happy 4. Sleepy 5. Doc 6. Bashful What do grandkids like to count on grandpa's face?: 5 answers 1. Wrinkles 2. Spots 3. Hairs 4. Warts 5. Crumbs Name the first thing you notice about an elephant at the zoo: 7 answers 1. Trunk 2. Ears 3. Tusks 4. Size 5. Smell 6. Eyes 7. Tail When Batman retires, name something he’ll probably give to Robin 3 answers 1. Batmobile 2. Batsuit 3. Batcave Name something you might watch through binoculars 5 answers 1. Wildlife 2. Sport 3. Neighbors 4. Stars 5. Stage show Tell me the first thing you might ask about someone’s newborn baby 5 answers 1. Gender 2. Name 3. Weight 4. Age 5. Health Name something in your house that’s worn out 6 answers 1. Rug 2. Chair 3. Couch 4. Clothes 5. Myself 6. Bed Name something that some people like to sleep with 6 answers 1. Teddy Bear 2. Spouse 3. Pet 4. Pyjamas (that's what was in the game and how they spelled it) 5. Pillows 6. Blanket Name an animal whose name children mispronounce 6 answers 1. Rhinoceros 2. Elephant 3. Hippopotamus 4. Giraffe 5. Alligator 6. Crocodile Name a US city that never sleeps: 5 answers 1. New York 2. Las Vegas 3. Chicago 4. Los Angeles 5. Seattle Name something you'd hate to find out the hotel you're staying in just ran out of: 5 answers 1. Towels 2. Hot Water 3. Toilet Paper 4. Soap 5. Food Name something you get for someone who feels faint: 4 answers 1. Water 2. Chair 3. Cold Cloth 4. Fan If you were running from a vampire, name something you wish you had: 5 answers 1. Cross 2. Stake 3. Garlic 4. Weapon 5. Holy Water Name the most important piece of furniture in your house: 5 answers 1. Bed 2. Couch 3. Chair 4. TV 5. Dining Table Tell me something a Hollywood actress probably spends more money on than the average woman: 5 answers 1. Clothes 2. Hair 3. Makeup 4. Jewlery 5. Personal Trainer If you were arrested and could make only one phone call, whom would you call?: 5 answers 1. Spouse 2. Parent 3. Lawyer 4. Sibling 5. Friend Name something people overdo at Christmas: 4 answers 1. Spending 2. Food 3. Decorating 4. Wrapping Name something the bride normally decides when planning a wedding: 5 answers 1. Flowers 2. Dress 3. Reception 4. Cake 5. Invitations Besides pirates, name something you might find: 6 answers 1. Treasure 2. Jolly Roger 3. Cannon 4. Sails 5. Sword 6. Bones Name something you lose when you have a cold: 6 answers 1. Voice 2. Smell 3. Taste 4. Weight 5. Energy 6. Sleep If everyone obeyed the law, name something we would no longer need: 4 answers 1. Law Enforcement 2. Guns 3. Jail 4. Traffic Tickets Name something the Big Bad Wolf would hate to discover Little Red Riding Hood was carrying in her basket: 4 answers 1. Gun 2. Pepper Spray 3. Vegetables 4. Knife Name something you might think twice about getting rid of: 4 answers 1. Clothes 2. Spouse 3. Car 4. Pet Name something that can often be described as "sharp": 7 answers 1. Knife 2. Dresser 3. Wit 4. Axe 5. Pencil 6. Razor Blade 7. Scissors Name an occupation that you think is underpaid: 5 answers 1. Teacher 2. Nurse 3. Firefighter 4. Cleaner 5. Police Officer Name someone you've hung up on: 6 answers 1. Telemarketer 2. Spouse 3. Family 4. Debt Collector 5. Friend 6. Ex Name a word that ends in "mate": 6 answers 1. Checkmate 2. Soulmate 3. Playmate 4. Stalemate 5. Roommate 6. Shipmate Name a household chore that is literally a four letter word: 4 answers 1. Dust 2. Wash 3. Cook 4. Iron Name something that rumbles: 4 answers 1. Storm 2. Stomach 3. Car 4. Earthquake Name an animal you'd expect to see in Mexico: 5 answers 1. Donkey 2. Chihuahua 3. Lizard 4. Monkey 5. Armadillo Name something in your house with four legs: 6 answers 1. Table 2. Pet 3. Chairs 4. Bed 5. Insect 6. Couch Name something specific that people complain about: 5 answers 1. Money 2. Weather 3. Taxes 4. Work 5. Traffic Name the worst material for a nappy to be made out of: 6 answers 1. Wool 2. Paper 3. Cotton 4. Silk 5. Plastic 6. Sandpaper Name a piece of Jewlery: 5 answers 1. Ring 2. Earrings 3. Watch 4. Necklace 5. Bracelet Name an Olympic sport the United States does well in: 7 answers 1. Track and Field 2. Swimming 3. Basketball 4. Gymnastics 5. Skating 6. Hockey 7. Polo Name something specific that has a long neck: 6 answers 1. Giraffe 2. Ostrich 3. Bottle 4. Crane 5. Swan 6. A Glass Name something kids get yelled at for their fingers in: 6 answers 1. Food 2. Electrical Socket 3. Nose 4. Fan 5. Fire 6. Ears Name something the bride normally decides when planning a wedding: 5 answers 1. Flowers 2. Dress 3. Reception 4. Cake 5. Guest list Name something people do to pass the time when they're stuck in traffic: 4 answers 1. Radio 2. Sing 3. Read 4. Phone Name something that a bank uses for security against crime: 4 answers 1. CCTV 2. Alarms 3. Guards 4. Vault Name an occupation parents brag about their children having: 4 answers 1. Doctor 2. Lawyer 3. Athlete 4. Teacher Name something that could spring a leak: 5 answers 1. Tap 2. Pipes 3. Hose 4. Waterbed 5. Boat Name something specific with wings that you wouldn't want to land on you: 8 answers 1. Plane 2. Wasp 3. Bat 4. Mosquito 5. Eagle 6. Pigeon 7. Vulture 8. Fly Name something you'd have a hard time doing if you didn't have any lips: 4 answers 1. Talking 2. Kissing 3. Eating and Drinking 4. Whistling Name something in the house people turn on while doing chores: 5 answers 1. Music 2. TV 3. Dishwasher 4. Lights 5. Vaccuum Cleaner Name something that would make you feel guilty if you did it all day long: 5 answers 1. Sleep 2. Eat 3. Read 4. Shop 5. Watch tv Name something that the laziest person in the world might put next to their bed so they can roll over and use it: 5 answers 1. Remote controller 2. Toilet 3. Fridge 4. Telephone 5. Microwave Name something that couples fight over the use of: 4 answers 1. Car 2. TV 3. Money 4. Bathroom Name something in your life who usually does more talking than listening: 6 answers 1. Parents 2. Spouse 3. Kids 4. Best Friend 5. Myself 6. Sibling Name something people should not leave in parked cars: 5 answers 1. Money 2. Kids 3. Key 4. Pets 5. Phone Name an animal whose legs are featured on a restaurant menu: 4 answers 1. Frog 2. Chicken 3. Crab 4. Lamb Name a place on their bodies where even adults forget to wash: 6 answers 1. Ears 2. Feet 3. Belly Button 4. Hands 5. Back 6. Face Name something in your house you might not want a Sumo wrestler using: 6 answers 1. Chair 2. Toilet 3. Sofa 4. Floor 5. Table When is the worst day to break up with your partner: 6 answers 1. VALENTINE'S DAY 2. BIRTHDAY 3. CHRISTMAS 4. FRIDAY 5. Wedding 6. ANNIVERSARY Name a winter activity you'd be surprised to see a nudist doing: 7 answers 1. Skiing 2. Sledding 3. Skating 4. Snow angels 5. Snowboarding 6. Building snowman 7. Ice fishing Being with your spouse mean accepting their....what: 6 answers 1. Family 2. Friends 3. Pet 4. Personality 5. Body 6. Hair Name an Eletronic device teenagers can't live out: 5 answers 1. Phone 2. Headphones 3. Video game console 4. TV 5. Computer Name something you might see people push down the street: 4 answers 1. Buggy 2. Shopping cart 3. Car 4. Bin Tell me something people discuss when they just want to making conversation: 6 answers 1. Weather 2. Politics 3. Family 4. Work 5. News 6. Sport Name something you haven't worn since you were a baby: 5 answers 1. Nappy 2. Bib 3. Onesie/Romper suit 4. Booties 5. Bonnet Name something you get struck by: 4 answers 1. Lightening 2. Car 3. Idea/Thought 4. Fist What does the size and shape of a perfectly shaved head remind you of: 7 answers 1. Melon 2. Bowling ball 3. Pumpkin 4. Circle 5. Coconut 6. Peach 7. Egg Name something you've tried to fix and failed: 6 answers 1. Car 2. TV 3. Relationship 4. Plumbing 5. Lawnmower 6. Roof Name something it would be weird for twins to share: 6 answers 1. Spouse 2. Toothbrush 3. Clothing 4. Bed 5. Name 6. Food Name Something you would Hate To see chasing you: 6 answers 1. Bear 2. Dog 3. Police Officer 4. Lion 5. Snake 6. Tiger Name somewhere people dispose of their wedding ring after they got divorced: 4 answers 1. Toilet 2. Drain 3. Bin 4. River Name something people know about Dumbo: 4 answers 1. Big ears 2. He can fly 3. He's an elephant 4. Movie Tell me something you let pile up when you're being lazy: 6 answers 1. Laundry 2. Dishes 3. Newspapers 4. Bills 5. Rubbish 6. Work If you were a dog, what breed would you be: 6 answers 1. Bulldog 2. Pitbull 3. German Shepard 4. Boxer 5. Doberman 6. Pug Name a word that completes the phase "Here comes the....": 4 answers 1. Bride 2. Judge 3. Sun 4. Boom Name a reason you might walk out of really fine restaurant: 7 answers 1. Bad service 2. Bad food 3. Price 4. No tables 5. Infestation 6. Dine and Dash 7. Hair in food Name something Mrs. Clause is fed up with finding around the house: 6 answers 1. Elves 2. Reindeer 3. Gifts 4. Santa Suit 5. Food 6. Sleigh Give me another way people say "Dad": 5 answers 1. Pop 2. Father 3. Daddy 4. Papa 5. Dada Name something scary you never want to find under your bed: 6 answers 1. Snake 2. Scorpion 3. Monster 4. Person 5. Mouse 6. Body Name something California has more of than New York: 8 answers 1. People 2. Earthquakes 3. Sunshine 4. Beaches 5. Cars 6. Land 7. Wildfires 8. Oranges Name something that might sold at a funeral home's going out of business sale: 5 answers 1. Coffins 2. Urns 3. Furniture 4. Hearse 5. Flowers If your father was a baker, he might call you his little...what?: 7 answers 1. Muffin 2. Cupcake 3. Bun 4. Dough 5. Donut 6. Baker 7. Cookie Name one specific thing a corpse might be wearing if his funeral is casual: 8 answers 1. Jeans 2. Shorts 3. T-Shirt 4. Pyjamas (that's what was in the game and how they spelled it) 5. Tracksuit 6. Hawaiian shirt 7. Swimsuit 8. Golf Shirt Name something in the bathroom a man doesn't like sharing with a woman: 5 answers 1. Razor 2. Toothbrush 3. Sink 4. Toilet 5. Mirror Name a sound a farm animal makes: 6 answers 1. Moo 2. Oink 3. Neigh 4. Baa Name something you can never find when you need it: 5 answers 1. Keys 2. Wallet 3. Glasses 4. Shoes 5. Remote Control Here are my contributions since I start playing the game and checking records. Part Two Name something people put all over their bodies- lotion Name something that is thrown at weddings- rice Name something in your house you might not want a Sumo wrestler using- chair Name an occupation in which someone would have their hands insured- medical practitioner Tell me something a Hollywood actress spends more money on than the average woman- cars Name one thing you see in every house- tv Name something that a sneaky friend might try to steal from you- spouse Who do you most enjoy buying gifts for- Myself Name Something you need for a perfect Christmas- family Name a type of chip- potato Name something a doctor might stick into a patient- needle Name something that people get dismissed from- school Name something that you handle with care- baby Name a country with a history of sailing the sea- Norway Name something you'd hate to lose at the supermarket- wallet Name something people take from a hotel room- towels Name something a millionaire would spend a million dollars on- house Name something people take with them to the basement when a tornado is coming - Food If people shrunk one inch every time they lied, name an occupation that would be in danger of disappearing - Lawyer Name something parents love watching their child do for the first time - Walk Name something you just can't start the day without - Coffee Name something people take from a hotel room - Towel Name an occupation parents brag about their children having - Doctor Name something the Flintstones had that was made from rock - Car Tell me something kids come home from the beach with - Sand If you were literally "in the doghouse" for the night, name something you'd want in there with you - Bedding Name a household pet you could leave by itself for a couple of days - Cat Name something big you need if you have lots of little kids - Vehicle Name something you've stayed up all night worrying about - Child Name a kind of party where you would be expected to bring a gift - Birthday Name a word you use instead of "friend" - Buddy Name something that couples fight over the use of - Car Name something specific everyone complains about - Money Name the first thing you notice about an elephant at the zoo - Trunk Tell me something people have a hard time closing - Mouth Name something big you might buy to protect yourself with - Gun Name something people get on and off of - Bus Name an activity that your feet aren't on the ground to do - Swimming Name something that leaks - Faucet Name a way people pass the time when they're stuck in traffic - Listen To Music Name an occasion or event after which you might be broke - Wedding Name something one family member might steal from another - Money What’s the best home appliance that was invented in the past fifty years? - Microwave Name something you enter “feet first” - Bathtub Name a fruit that would be almost impossible to stick up your nose – Watermelon Name a place in the house a little kid might think a monster is hiding - Closet Name something a bank robber needs to do his job - Gun Name something that would make you feel guilty if you did it all day long - Sleep Give a word Frankenstein’s monster would use to describe himself in a personal ad - Tall Name something the laziest person in the world might put next to t heir bed so they can roll over and use it – Remote Control Name something a bank uses for security against crime- cameras Name the last thing you bought a dozen of even though you didn't need that many- eggs Name something a divorced couple literally cannot cut in half- children Name something in your house with four legs- table Name something people use for transportation in Alaska- sled Name something that men and women always carry with them- money Other than a gun, name something you aim- bow and arrow Name something that twins sometimes do in the same way- dress Name an event after which you might be broke- wedding Name a kind of building that has many beds in it-hotel Name something that could spring a leak- faucet Name a way that people pass the time while struck in traffic- music Name a place that's inappropriate to crack jokes- church Name something that may be too hot to touch- stove Name something in your kitchen you hate to be without- stove Name an occupation that is high stress from the moment you go on duty to the moment you go off duty- police officer Name something you hang on for dear life- money Name something you have to shar when you're married- money Name something you might learn to do in elf school- toy making Name something that rises in the morning- sun Name a place you'd hate to get stuck next to someone who just won't shut up- plane Give me the title of a scary movie people consider to be classic- the exorcist Name something you'd hate to discover the hospital you're staying at didn't have- doctors Name a kind of place that flowers are frequently delivered- funeral Name something you'd expect to see in a psychiatrist's office-couch Name something some people do just like a cow-chew Name something you can't wait to get out of at the end of your day-shoes If a farmer's car breaks down, he might have to go into town on a what?- tractor Name something you only have one of, so you should take care of it- Life/body What breed of dog do you think eats the most?- Saint Bernard Name a word that rhymes with "tangle."- mangle Name something a person might be referring to when they say, "I've got me a good one."- spouse Name something that might be a foot long: Ruler Name something on a person that a mortician might adjust- face Name something people usually find once they stop looking for it- keys Name an animal that DOESN’T have much personality- sloth Complete the phrase: "Smooth as..what"- baby bottom Name first thing a 100 year old man might reach for when he wakes up- glasses Name something about your spouse you've always making fun of-Weight Name a piece of sports equipment that's made of leather- glove Tell me a day of the year you wouldn't want to have as your birthday- Christmas Name an animal print that's popular on clothing-Leopard
  3. I am taking the idea made from mossfan563 at (Family Feud - List of Answers ( and making a list for psnprofiles. This is made to assist those who are having issues with answers in the game especially for Fast Money. I just got the platinum trophy from what felt like way too much time with the game (Mainly with the Top Five trophy). All credit goes to mossfan563 who is making a Google Sheet to have the answer from as many surveys in the game including Fast Money. I take no credit for the idea of this forum. Please follow this format:Survey Name: Name something _____Number of Answers: (3-8)List of answers: Start from #1, 2, 3, etc.Fast MoneySurvey Name: Name something _____#1 Answer:
  4. If you or the opponent just loss connection from non-rage quits. I lost connection twice so far and I got sent back to the main menu.
  5. I can also confirmed it too. just now downloaded it and playing it.
  6. Since there isn't any discussion about the game, I figured I start a forum for people to share their experiences with We Are The Dwarves.
  7. To get things started, I'll give my example to one of the worst trophies that I am currently trying to get. Taking One For The Team From Dead by Daylight: Left Behind Chapter It is a bronze trophy with a currently 5.03% rate and 2,589 Achievers according to the site. Protect a recently unhooked survivor by taking a hit near them 250 times. Dead by Daylight is a asymmetric survival horror where four survivor characters must complete five generators and then must turn on a gate switch in order to escape. While they are doing this, all four are being pursued a killer character who's goal is to hook the survivors three times in order to sacrifice them to something called the Entity and win. That's a brief summary of the game as a whole but there's more to it than one would except. Anyway as part of the game's 3.1.1 update, the developer included a chapter that was exclusively for steam called "Left Behind" where it introduced Bill Overbeck from the Left 4 dead series to the PS4 version along with three new trophies added called Adept Bill, Left for Dead, and the featured trophy of discussion. Now the action of unhooking a survivor and taking a hit from the killer isn't the truly hard part, but rather the amount the game requires you to do just to unlock it: exactly 250 times! Now you would think that 250 wouldn't be too hard nor long to get the trophy but for those of who played the game, it isn't a simple as it sounds. Firstly, the PS4 version of the game doesn't include a tracking system that shows you how many times you have a perform the required action corrected. So potentially, you can spend hours of gameplay and not know if you're even doing it correctly. Secondly, The play-style that some players have suggested has been seen as a toxic and discouraged style that may result in more headache than anyone should have to go through while getting the trophy. Lastly, the amount of times the game excepts you to perform it correctly is too much and was directly ported from the steam version. Other trophies on the steam version have had the amount reduced when coming to the PS4 version. An example would "In the void she walks," a trophy related to the nurse killer where you needed to blink and successfully land an attack for a total of 500 times on steam whereas the amount on the PS4 was reduced down to 100 times thus making it more manageable. So why not do the same with this trophy?
  8. This forum is dedicated for the discussion about what exactly defines not just a bad playstation trophy, but potentially one of the worst trophies ever. A few minor guidelines that one should follow to help get the point across: 1) Give the name of the trophy, the name of the video game where it came from, the type of trophy (Bronze-Platinum), rarity percentage, number of achievers, and the description on how to obtain it. 2) It could came from any game dating back to the PS3 era, and can originate from good as well as bad games. 3) You must give a proper explanation on why it is one of the worst trophies. 4) Try to share your own experience in obtaining/not obtaining the trophy (please be truthful, there is no shame in admission) 5) This isn't a definitive listing nor top listing of the worst trophies. It is primarily a forum for sharing personal experiences in trophy hunting. 6) Please be kind and good to one other in replies.
  9. Is it just me or does it seem like no killers won't to walk through the pallets lately?
  10. I second this! I just got the platinum trophy over the span of 2 hours, but it was just a terrible experience throughout the game.
  11. Dude, I will pay someone to get help downgrade this game back to 1.00 for me because I can't seem to do it.
  12. Would it possible for you to refresh my memory on that exploit? Because I attempted method 2 and I couldn’t get off the ground.
  13. I am reposting this mini-guide someone on reddit posted on how they got it. I will give proper credit to them as none of this information is mine and they deserve any praise from all who benefit from it with editing. From reddit user: u/4catdoc Bacteria, Normal difficulty. Start: India (why: big pop, hot climate is opposite UK's) Stage 1: Avoid/delay UK infection, limit spread in UK when it arrives. -Transmission: Insect 1, Water 1 (why: avoid UK with insects (hot), Water (no direct route to UK). -Symptoms: Devolve ALL that mutate until UK has Brexit vote. You need to rack up points and it will take a while before they have a Brexit vote. -Abilities: NONE yet. (why: You want this plague to spread in as many hot countries as possible for points, grow super slow if/when it gets to the UK, NOR be "Effective" ((should be Affect-ive)) in the UK's Rich, Cold, environment.) Restating: We want the UK to vote for Brexit before we: (a) ramp up how hard a bunch of new symptoms A-ffect the residents of a Rich, Cold nation, to drive them NUTS. Stage 2: Starts when the UK votes for Brexit and a low percentage of people are infected, I started Stage2 with less than 1% infected. Seems if the whole country gets 100% infected, you can't trigger the Achievement. I had a BUNCH of points from all over the world's countries and the populations of Hot countries. -Transmissions: no change -Symptoms: you need enough points to go from Insomnia, Paranoia, Seizures, and Insanity and then DEVOLVE Seizures (34 points but you get 2 back from the devolve). Add Cysts and Hypersensitivity. THEN go to Abilities... -Abilities: Cold1, Drug Resist 1, Harden 1, Harden2, (eventually Drug Resist 2, Cold 2 when you have points, then Genetic Reshuffle1,2 when you can). Why? Cold1,2 make the new symptoms Affect the citizens of Cold climates harder, Drug Resist 1,2 Affects citizens of Rich nations harder, and the Gene Hardens and Resuffles puts the cure off as long as possible for the UK citizens to go absolutely bananas and go Brutal Brexit.
  14. Those who managed to get this trophy, please share what you did to get it and possibly share any information you have.
  15. For those who have the brutal brexit trophy (post latest patch), please share your tips or your own methods on how you got it.