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  1. preach on, brother! I just finally got the trophy myself.
  2. YES!! After months of frustrating and almost giving up, I finally got the damn trophy. my tips when going for it. Perk wise: Botany Knowledge and Autodidact are great for increasing the healing speed with BK at 33% increase and AD at 15% per token with 5 token limit. Combining them together can make you real quick at healing. We’ll make it is also a great one with a 100% healing speed increase, and putting it with borrowed time is pretty much a 1-2 combo. Empathy is a great tracking perk to anyone who injured with a 128 meter maximum range. I personally would always have this one equipped at all time because tracking an injured survivor would be difficult if they’re on the other side of the map. Despite some suggesting it, I didn’t use No mither even it automatically puts you in the injured state all the times. Reason being that some individual reports and one case from the developer themselves stated that it could negated any progression due a previous glitch. Even after patches were introduced to fix all then glitches, I played it safe and didn’t use it. Play-style wise: Don’t use any medic kits for the healing process as it could mess with your progression. Try to keep a personal track of healing from both dying-healthy and injured-healthy. The game tracks the progression where injured-health counts as 0.5 while dying-healthy counts as 1 (it’s weird I know, but that’s how they programmed the game.) Be prepared to be on the short end of the stick when going for the trophy because some killers can become really stubborn about who they really want, and injured survivors trying to healing you first before themselves healed.
  3. No, you’re right. One of the archive challenges required you to heal 10 health stages, and it track your progression just like that.
  4. Only those who managed to get the insured trophy pop, what did you do to make it happen? Please be as descriptive as you so it could help everyone else here.
  5. The foxy and Freddy related looks like they will the true hardest trophies in the game.
  6. I just now emailed the developer and currently waiting for a response from them. I will update this form when I get a reply from them, but don’t know how long it will be.
  7. Were you using a pc or laptop for method 2? Congratulations for a successful attempt.
  8. Twitter is the best option, I think.
  9. Have you heard anything from the developers about the patch that supposedly is coming?
  10. My concern is getting a trophy called Insured in “Super Blackjack 2 Turbo Edition.” I bought a laptop in an attempt to use either method but I couldn’t even use the first one because I didn’t know what program that the method uses nor couldn’t figure out what. I haven’t done the second method since it looks like a lot of careful coding.
  11. Has anyone emailed or message the developer on twitter about patching the glitch?
  12. So you can’t use a laptop?
  13. I was wondering what kind of app does the program run on? I've been trying to download PSX but I can't seem to get it to run. For reference, I just bought a new laptop so maybe someone here can push me in the right direction.
  14. So far i haven't seen any updates to fix the trophy bug. It is literally the last one i need to platinum the game.
  15. Beyond: Two Souls! I just about to get the platinum trophy and its currently free on PS Plus.