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  1. Posting here that either the trophy doesnt require one character to get all the status effects or the trophy is glitched. I used Zidane to get the status effects, last one needed was doom. Went to fight an ash and it used doom on Freya, causing the trophy to pop. I know Freya did not have all the status affects placed on her.
  2. kinda ironic that they limited neptunia to people who purchased in the first month, the game is fairly short, then release dlc well after release. You'd think their strategy would be get all the sales early on in the games release, then release the dlc relatively close so that they can get sales while its fresh in peoples mind. With the release of the dlc now, theyre only going to get the most dedicated of the dedicated fans to buy this.
  3. The netcode is pretty good for the game honestly, so worldwide isnt much an issue i find. Its annoying that they have an option to reject matches if the connection isnt perfect. Ive been having bad luck cause there always seems to be both a guy that has that option selected and a guy with a poor connection for matches so it kicks you back to matchmaking
  4. check the network settings. If i remember correctly( i dont have the game open right now) but under there its default to region, but you can change to worldwide, cant remember if it affects ranked as well, but i believe it does or there might be a separate option for that.
  5. for future help, over heat your gun without killing enemies and use the special to one shot a group of enemies. you will get a large multiplier bonus. Dont risk a life over a civilian until you are confident you can avoid enemy shots with ease. The guide recommends that you try to get 10,000 prior to wave 15 boss, but even if you dont, i didnt feel the boss was to hard, i found myself in stickier situations in the waves prior to the boss as the boss is just pattern recognition.
  6. classifying loot boxes as gambling will set nasty precedents in the future i feel, many un-intended. first issue is that dont think for a second that if loot boxes are cut out of a game that the publisher will out of the goodness of their heart put the contents of the boxes into the game for free as unlocks or such, they will be monetized at exorbitant prices. second issue to arise will be physical card packs like pokemon, magic, or sport trading cards as they would fall under the same category as video game loot boxes. Not to mention crack machines, or dollar store loot bags. At the end of the legal rulings when everything is done, the cost to collect what ever was initially in the boxes, card packs, etc will be increased beyond what anyone can imagine. The only way that we can properly fight loot boxes without the un-intended consequences is with our wallets, whether we like it or not.
  7. Just posting to support the idea that the trophy doesnt require unique lines or that the trophys counter is glitched/broken. The trophy popped for me after the "bonafide monafide" line when morgana gets a critical. ive heard this line so many times that it got to the point of annoyance, thats how many times that line has been said.