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  1. The game is still pretty buggy so I wouldn't be surprised if this trophy is glitched. I've lost count of how many times I've finished it and without a manual save function it can be pretty tedious. 😠 This is the calls I've got 1) Bowman Carson #1 at 15:24 (she pages first) 2) Bowman Carson #1 at 15:46 (she pages first) 3) Metacenter at the start of the level when you near the phone box 4) Metacentre at 16:48 (she pages you first) 5) Bowman Carson #2 on Bowman's desk
  2. Answered all of Mina's phone calls Anyone had any luck obtaining this one?
  3. I'm 196/200 treasure chests, I've done all of the side quests that were available and the map says I have all the chest, does anyone know where the last 4 are?
  4. I couldn't find Crocodile at Amber Harbor, do you remember exactly where?
  5. I managed to get this doing the K.A.P.O.W Camp & spam surrendering method, not until day 4 popped while attending day 4 roll call.
  6. Guide to all files required for Fileophile Trophy