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  1. Long wait for just getting the leak
  2. They wait until you bought it on sale (days of play retail or psn sales)
  3. I know that but I haven´t installed the title digital and wanted to know if there is any expiring date on the "free" WW2. In the past I could see that also on a list, was it the download list or transaction list. Or this is gone.
  4. Yes, but installed is the physical version of WW2. There was a list with dates.
  5. That reminds me that I have a physical copy too and installed the game. But should be able to find in the plus-section, too. In the past I could see the date of the expiring of each plus-game, was it in the download-list or list of transactions? Cannot find that anymore. Time for sony to present the rest of the Plus for June...
  6. CoD WW2 is in the "bought"-part of my library, not in the "Ps-Plus"-part on my PS4
  7. Why available at May 26.? Normally June 2nd.
  8. June 20: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 A Way Out The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
  9. O no, the dog is back. I hated the dog-function at the PS3 hunting games. Was glad without the dog in Hunting Sim version 1. It´s just a Hunting game. Not as good as TheHunter, but version 1 wasn´t bad. We don´t call other games "War Simulator", "Sniping Simulator", but it´s all simulation.
  10. Unavailable PSN-Store on PC (Germany)
  11. Cannot find it here, too (German store). Let´s hope for a Complete Collection.
  12. I think it´s 1 week too early to announce the new line-up. I don´t believe.
  13. March 2020: Zombi Army Trilogy Styx: Shards of Darkness
  14. Have them all. Sims is fishing for DLC-buyers.
  15. Normally I buy games when they are down from e.g. 60.- to 20.- or less. So I don´t need the console before. And waiting for the version 2 may be better, too.