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  1. For me this popped as I arrived at the passage/archway where you get to the area where you have to climb to trigger the avalanche. And not after the avalanche.
  2. Why did you buy that game, I think they didn´t change the name after your purchase...
  3. About 8000 total deads/day is normal in the USA. 1200 is deads that are maybe WITH corona. (And nobody counts other infections and diseases as meticulously or is testing like a a maniac)
  4. No. You have just to wait until they´ll get cheap. Time Preference and setting the right priorities ist the way to become (relatively) rich by the way. Buying day one means that you have to pay for your impatience or greed because you want it like a little child wants the lolly. If you can wait you save the money and get the same or even better product.
  5. November 2020: Just Cause 4 Zombie Army Trilogy
  6. Because your rank could change like shares at the stock market
  7. Didn´t get Science Experiment trophy for all evolution upgrades. Should have been waiting before ugrading them all. What a shxxx
  8. Me too :-)
  9. I have the jet problem mostly at pause menus of al lot of games and less or no problem if playing the respective game
  10. That reminds me that I bought this VRSet almost 2 years ago, have some games and nevertheless did not try this out so far. Stupid.
  11. That guy missed out at least the Limited Gran Turismo, God of War, Destiny 2. I sold a lot of my collected controllers, because in real it´s only electrical scrap in future.
  12. I´d take Rogue Company, thanks
  13. You never know which game will come back in a remastered version on PS5 or in a cheap bundle (2 or 3 games on a disc maybe plus dlc like lego marvel collection) or will be free on plus or free for all (like rocket league)
  14. Digital is never cheaper for me because I buy retail cheap and resell it later. But not if games get free like this time.
  15. Bought the complete edition (PS3) before it came to PS Plus. Now I cannot get the PS4-version for free