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  1. Aah, damn, yeah. That'll be it. I've fished a good bit in Coerthas. My intuition says that if even Mor Dhona and Coerthas don't count, housing areas probably don't, either, and I've fished a ton in Mist/Lavender Beds. Looks like I'll just have to keep catching fish until it pops since there's no definitive way to tell how many I've caught specifically in the Black Shroud/La Noscea/Thanalan.
  2. Do housing areas count?
  3. I thought that at first as well, but pretty much all of my fish were caught in 2.0 areas. I guess I can just keep catching fish until it triggers.
  4. I primarily play FFXIV on PC, so I've been going back and retroactively unlocking the trophies once I meet the requirements, but I'm running into a snag with the fishing one. My fishing log says I've caught over 1000 fish, but I've tried fishing countless times and it won't trigger. Any ideas?
  5. Oh, nice. I wasn't sure, thought I'd mention it anyways since I play pretty much exclusively on PC but still want the PSN trophies. Cheers.
  6. Just a note for anybody that primarily plays on PC, but still wants the trophies on PS4; You can obtain most of the trophies, or rather, the in-game achievements equivalent to those trophies on PC and trigger them on your PS4 later by doing something related to that trophy. (Complete a quest, craft an item, meld materia, complete a levequest, kill an enemy, etcetera) Once you've done something related to that trophy's requirements, it will automatically trigger all the trophies you are eligible for. Example; if you've killed well over 10,000 enemies on your account, but never triggered it on PlayStation, killing a single enemy will give you both the "To Crush Your Enemy" trophy and "To Crush 10,000 Enemies." The only trophies that are excepted from this, in my experience, are "Seeker of Truth" and "Slay Thy Neighbor" - you will actually have to do T5 of the first coil and participate in PVP on PS4 in order to obtain these.
  7. Having the ability to customize which trophies are showcased on the front-end of our profiles would be nice. In my situation, my 'Rarest Trophies' is flooded with Minecraft bronze trophies- including two of the same trophy (PS3/PS4), so being able to replace that 'Rarest Trophies' section with 'Favourite Trophies' or something similar would be an excellent addition. Alternatively, adding a 'Favourite Trophies' section while keeping 'Rarest Trophies' would also be fine. On top of this, adding a few more profile customization options would be a welcome addition. Things like 'Favourite Games', 'Current Focus', and the ability to add/remove different customization sections.
  8. Hey there, I'm looking to get a quick platinum for the base game since I got the Minecraft PS3 platinum, but my PS3 boosting world got corrupted and crashes the game on both PS3 and PS4 when I try to load it, so I'm looking for somebody with a trophy world that'd be willing to help me smash out these last few. I got most of the easy ones on my own, and I don't care about the trophies from the expansion packs- just the base game. Thanks in advance! Update; I'm probably going to grind out most of these on the tutorial world, so I'm really only in need of a world ready for On A Rail, Diamonds to you!, Adventuring Time, and Overkill.
  9. Thanks for the link! I'll keep an eye on it when I get my copy of BF:BC1 back and start working on the fix.
  10. February 2017? Well, hopefully it still works, then. I'll test it out in the coming weeks and update this thread with the results.
  11. I'm looking to go back and platinum this game with a friend, but I was just wondering if anybody knows if the online fix involving using older EA games to accept the license agreement still works- and if so, if anybody has a full list of the games that work for this method. I've heard that Army of Two used to work but doesn't any longer. Battlefield: Bad Company and Bad Company 2, some old FIFA games, The Orange Box- is there anything else? Thanks in advance!