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  1. Hum I don't remember which price I got, it was a huge discount, surely under 20€ at least ! 40$ is a lil high I think. GG for this plat ! I remember when I plat it, I was just playing normally at the start but when I finished it then started to hunt trophy, I saw no one get the Plat, I'm the first one at one or two days, that's was beautiful ^^ I've took a (forced) break a while ago, I'm already on TLOU 2, really a HUGE game, you think it's over but nope, still going ^^ You'll see
  2. Sairento ???? HELL YEAH !!!! It's not VR Operative Which price do you have actually ? Just look some video, if you're into that kind of furutrist thing plus speed and free move, GO FOR IT pal, it's an awesome game
  3. I think that's what happened too, they thought "PSVR version ? Less players, we have to make this version quickly !" from what I heard, there wasn't even any control option at the release ... Such a disaster man, I can't understand how you can make a good game but ruinning it like that ? That's crazy ! Honestly it's thanks to you that I've reached this forum. I already saw it before, but I thought it would be more professionnal to contact them by ticket and mail you know ? But when you get back to me with their message, I was like, "they heard NOTHING ?! OK, they want a thread, I'll make a good one !" with some joke in it Cause, I can't let a game this buggy, this is unnaceptable for me, as a player. Not for them apparently ahahah ! Anyway, thanks again, have fun mate and soon TLOU 2 ... Can't wait, hope it'll be good !!!!
  4. Thanks for the compliment (this Yoshiro guy didn't mention any, he should have being what he is but nope, doesn't care at all, I absolutly love that !!!) it's always a pleasure after making something nice and all I'll let you know, and I'm not gonna let go this lil Yoshiro guy, I will take news of this update regarding all those bugs every months, at some point, they gonna do it ahahaha ! Thanks again
  5. Yes .... Then what ? You're just telling something HS of what I'm telling, and, something obvious, so, what the point ? I'm telling that this game, haven't been tested, the PSVR version anyway, and you just said "yeah well like all other game", all other games are tested, there's not as many bugs as in Espire so really I don't understand where you want to go with your comment ?
  6. Hi mate, my link was good but it was awaiting for moderation check, I saw that after, sorry ! Now it's good, you can go check all what I report to them (with beautiful pictures, have fun reading and seeing this ). And I've got an answer, the kind of answer I don't like at all : Thanks, we'll check into these bugs ! Not even a word about the trophy, they don't even know what to do with their own trophies ? I asked him if he got any info on that or if he have to check ... Incredible seriously ... Anyway, you'll have to be patient to play this game, from what I saw, first important patch came a months after what they first told so ... :/ You're mistaken : this practice is commun, to release a game with some bugs or others and then got a day one patch to solve all that. But that the BUGS in this Espire 1 that aren't common man ! Have you read what I wrote down ? Go read my thread on their forum, you'll understand better. Give me a game, pretty recent, who have this kind of bugs : Ennemy disappearing, taking a ventilation shaft, get to the end then everyone diseappearing too ? Seriously give me ONE game, recent, MONTHS after it's release with those bugs ? I'm pretty sure you don't have any, which, by the way, normal. Cause like I'm telling in my thread, people are PAID to do what I've just done ! You'll always have bugs and update in game, that's just normal, but there's a limit, Espire 1 cross that limit WAY TOO MUCH !
  7. Alright mate, that's done : With all the time I put to make this thread propper and all, if they're not getting back to me I'm gonna be a lil bit angry, just a lil bit Anyway, I hope all that will be solved, that others players and even me can enjoy this game !
  8. No way seriously ??? I really should create an twitter or FB account man ! I've contacted the dev (lobe) and the editor (tripware) by their officials mails, no answer since 2 days, you send a tweet, they get back to you ASAP ? XDDDD Anyway, thanks for what you did, I will report all the problems but if they're not aware ... This is gonna take time and this really means they're not testing they're game before release ?! Incredible ! An update of 11go (it's huge for this game !) has just launched today, I dunno what this update solve but from what you're saying, not a single problem of what I got I will get back to you until all the problems are solved and you will know when you'll be able to play it ! Have to help each other players ^^ Yeah, I took my time too on TWD, such a good game ... What a shame though, that the survival disappearing on days 15 or above, even below when you know the game, cause you just had your backpack full each time you was out, I finished the game with 150-200 bullets from aprox all the weapons, and I had more that enough to create more than 10 weapons again in a single day ! I had the reserve in my hideout ahahaha ! By the way !!! Warning on the first mission who give you a code : you have to solve this quest ASAP or kill her if you want the Platinum without launching a new game ! As I was starting the game, I took my time, ring bells when I was in the house, I was nervous, but I killed the husbands and get back the ring but surprise : she wasn't here ANYMORE, even the day after or after or after. This is a problem of WD for me, PNJ're leaving the area as soon as the ring bells and won't come back after ! Seeing that the first quest give you a code, you need it for all the weapons craft and all the safe opened ! And so, here I was at the end of my first playthrough, 40 days of pure joy gaming, full of weapons and craftable, reduced to zero cause of this side quest ! I had to play a second run for this man ! Impossible to find the code after that, I tried for hours but it's just impossible or you need too much luck (some say that the paper with the code was poping on multiple maps) so I gave up and made another run, it was way more fun to play again through the all game now that I knew exactly how it worked ! I crafted and use so many Katana and made so many joke VR is PERFECT man ! Here one of my lil joke Anyway !!! Sorry, I can't stop when it comes to our passions^^ I'm gonna make a thread on this forum
  9. Alright, that's it, I'm done, I've lost enough time trying to plat this buggy game. I was trying to pick up all the weapon, you can see the weapons through walls and all with the XRay vision, BUT, you dunno why, some are just not appearing. In the first lvl I seached hours for the LAST weapons, with the XRay thinking that it would light up but, in the last lvl, I found a weapon, IN THE DARK, that you need for the trophy got all the weapons and it's just invisible with the XRay vision ! Another thing, I found a weapon INSIDE a wall with the XRay vision, but I beginning to think that in some area where I can't find the last weapon too, even in searching everywhere, that the weapon is just befind a fucking wall and impossible to see without XRayn vision ??? What a fucking joke ! It's a good game but to EVERYONE, the one who want to play just for fun and the one who one to play for fun and the trophy : don't buy it now, it's still too buggy for that ! I'll let you know if the dev get back to me but I'm done for now, I'll get back in the game in some month to see if there's a patch or not. It's been a while since I saw a game with so many bugs ! Have fun on Walking Dead man, that's an excellent VR game
  10. Glitched trophy, bug ingame and trophies (at least one) description false. Gliched trophy are the one you're doing for the last lvl, if this should unlock at the end of this lvl, well it won't. You'll have to do another lvl and it'll pop at the end of this one. Bug ingame : rescue all the hostages, a trophy simple as pie, but just fucking buggy : there's two room, one below and one above, hostage and man keeping them at both rooms. Once you kill two guards, the ones above or below are just ... disappearing, when you get there to kill the others, only the weapons stay in the air and the shitty dumb hostage who keep their posture ... fucking pathetic. I've tried for hours, just impossible to get past this fucking bug. One have the plat apparently but he's not on the psnprofile ... In my tries, guards were disappearing after 2 kills, now it's one ... So maybe there's a logic in the bug ? I'll keep trying and let you know. And wrong description trophy : Badge Collector Get at least 1 of every playstyle badge It's just saying to unlock one badge of every playstyle (which is easy as pie) BUT when you do it, nothing, no trophy. I looked the success on PC, for the same trophy, it says to unlock ALL the playstyle badge for every fucking mission ... and on maximum difficulty ! How in the hell can a game be released with so many bugs and glitch and all ? I've waited cause I knew there was bugs, I should have waited more ! I warn the dev, with a salted message ! Unaceptable to release a game like that. It's a fucking great game ruined by his bugs, such a shame to see that guys ... So yeah, at this hour, impossible to get the trophy save every hostoges and the trophy dat's it, cause, this intelligent devs have added a challenge with the hostage. So 2 trophy impossible to do. Month after it's release, the game is still bugged as fuck.
  11. Yes you can die, even finish the game, you just have to finish 30 full days. Nothing hard.
  12. I hope this'll come out soon, would like to play it before going back to work ! Yes ! There's a Bloodborn VR port, the same sound design and the same "soul" in the game ... You want the title ? Hum, it's Déraciné It's a lil joke, when I saw your avatar, I wanted to do it ^^ I just finished it, it's a good game and we feel some Souls side in it^^
  13. I think it's so easy cause of the gameplay who's almost perfect. You jump, slo mo, slide and whatever you want ... With all those possibilities, when you master the gameplay, even never take a single bullet is "simple" cause you're in the heat, you can't stop and all. I finished the game (dissapointed by the end BTW !) and done all the trophy, I'm on the farm part, lvl 3 is the better to farm no ? Without any relic I got 15 000 XP, haven't tried yet with relics but I hope to get way more ! The game is not long enough, I want more of it, hope Sairento 2 will not be too long to come
  14. You said it, unfortunatly. Well you can lvl up in coop offline directly in the game but if you disconnect your PS4 of internet, you won't be able to lvl up, that's what I meant.
  15. When it's ultra rare cause of a shitty trophy who need ONLY time to be unlocked ... For me this kind of trophy means nothing, worth nothing. Finish all missions in dement thats what I'm looking, difficulty, always loved that. Farm ? Purely worth nothing. Without update I doubt you would be able to play or if you could, I dunno if it would have been counted for the trophy/stats in general. I'm even almost sure. I got a deconnection of internet while farming weapons, then it got back in no sec, so I continu without rebooting : I lost all my progress, all my weapon were reboot. So yeah I don't think that works in real offline mode. Strange yeah, dumb too, the farm is already long enough. But I think the only reason is that the content of the game is just so low that they needed to add thoses shitty trophy to make the players "play" more.