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  1. You said it, unfortunatly. Well you can lvl up in coop offline directly in the game but if you disconnect your PS4 of internet, you won't be able to lvl up, that's what I meant.
  2. When it's ultra rare cause of a shitty trophy who need ONLY time to be unlocked ... For me this kind of trophy means nothing, worth nothing. Finish all missions in dement thats what I'm looking, difficulty, always loved that. Farm ? Purely worth nothing. Without update I doubt you would be able to play or if you could, I dunno if it would have been counted for the trophy/stats in general. I'm even almost sure. I got a deconnection of internet while farming weapons, then it got back in no sec, so I continu without rebooting : I lost all my progress, all my weapon were reboot. So yeah I don't think that works in real offline mode. Strange yeah, dumb too, the farm is already long enough. But I think the only reason is that the content of the game is just so low that they needed to add thoses shitty trophy to make the players "play" more.
  3. Well for the madman you can just go on easy, walk and let almost all the work to the bots You're welcome, you was quick to update your guide, 161000 credits ... Such a WASTE of time it's like Red Dead Redemption 2 !!!! Those Plat are so ridiculous seriously.
  4. Hi man, thanks for the huge amount of work for your guide but you'll have to update it ... I'll tell you after one technique I found, if you don't want to focus on killing always and always, launch the first Tokyo Mission, hit the bus just ahead and kill yourself (if you have grenade, C4 or other explosive, kill yourself on the way to the bus with zekes, then as soon as you hit the bus, kill yourself with C4, gre or such, it's quicker). It's 625 XP (+400 if you won before, it's bugged, which can make this quicker but the bonus and bug isn't working for the next lvl) and 138 credit. It's less income of course but it takes around 3 min. So if we take you're video of 12 min, we multiplie by 4, which make : 625x4 : 2500 XP 138x4 : 552 Credits It's 400 XP in less but, seriously I REALLY don't want to focus on killing for farming 10 Billions of xp and gold, the platinum is just ridiculously boring. It's just farming and farming I hate that, it's just virtual false hours of playing. I've done almost everything including the best trophy for me cause it's challenging : finish all mission on dement. Now I've got 10 billions of farming to do, the worst is surely the MP (so dumb to add MP, SP wasn't enough ahahahah) and I really don't want to focus on something so I think my method is really good for those like me who just don't want to focus on finishing the mission. It's short and easy, for me it's perfect I thought it could help people so I posted that. You can watch video or something while you're waiting for loading to finish^^ Now, I told you you had to recalculate cause of the last update, the 1.03. Dev are really wanting players to suffer : you now have to upgrade you're weapon ALL the way to the lvl max !!!!! To make simple : you need to buy lvl 2 if you want to farm lvl 3 ... It's even more worst than I thought cause it's more credit BUT it means you need more runs too. 1 lvl, 1 run. I'm really glad I've got this trophy ... YESTERDAY !!!! Sooooo glad seriously XDDD So good luck to the futur player and the one who still don't have this one. I'll continu with my tokyo mission, I thought I won't make this plat but if I got enough patience, I'll do it.
  5. Reach max lvl with all characters : what the fuck ? That was already pretty long in the first one (I remember doing the same thing in training mode or else while I was watching a movie ) but in this one, I have the impression that it'll be way more longer and without much difficult, the trophy from what I see, is shitty to me. Especially the "Kazuma must defeat Nishiki (a wink to Yakuza !!! )" for almost 20 trophy ... Too repetitive, disappointed by the trophies.
  6. I hate thoses glitchs, I'm proud of having done all the wave of the Combat Immersion all alone and without ANY glitch. If a trophy is hard to obtain, you have to put somes Skills in it, not use some glitch who can make you invincible I don't even understand where you can find the pride of doing a hard trophy with a glitch. That's really a shame that MANY players use those glitchs cause the percentage of the trophy and the Platinum are totally faked... Anyway glad I've done this by myself if only all players could think like that it would be way better !!!!!^^
  7. The same for me Escar, Shadow Warrior isn't so difficult... For telling you, I'm dead ONLY in the chapter 16, with all the "mini-boss", just one time I would say that you have to choose carefully your skills in this Heroic playthrough. Vanquish was for me more difficult too, that's for sure Vanquish was more tense, you can always heal yourself in Shadow Warrior, I think that's what makes it so "easy". Ah mais t'es Fran├žais j'avais pas vu dit donc !!!! Bon je laisse en Anglais pour que tout le monde puisse comprendre^^
  8. Thanks A pleasure to read that I'm really not doing thoses hards plat for "glory" or telling that i'm a boss or something like that.. It's just I live difficulty, reach my limits and go even further^^ Injustice when I saw the 10 guys in the most hard difficulty I was telling me "The Fuck ? I won't have this platinum !!!" But I'm not like that, nothing is impossible, unless if no one have done it before. If somebody already have the plat or something else, just one this mean that it's possible. Everything is possible, just have to be really good and never think otherwise. But yeah I had thoses thoughts^^ Anyway just for telling you, I love when you have to be more good than the usual, when you have to go further than your simples limits. That's what I love, when you beat one thing like this, you're happy as fuck !!! Hum you pick my curiosity my friend I already seen this game on PC, at least I thought. I thought it was just a game MP, in coop where you have to kill some wave of ennemies. And on top of that, you tell me it's only an SP game ? !!!! Mine Gott the more I talk with you the more I want this game !!! I will buy it I think, the game look pretty cool and, what I'm interested the most : Fucking hard !!!!!^^ Thanks you, you maybe give me my next hard game^^ Can I add you as my friend on PSN ? If I get Shadow Warrior, I want to tell you if I will get the plat or not !!!^^
  9. I've got plenty of hard platinums : Catherine, Vanquish, Max Payne 3, El Shaddai (I don't really understand where the difficulty is but I loved the game, really... Special, great one honestly) Mirror's Edge 100% and the more difficult I've earned since I'm chassing hard plat : Injustice. Fucking hard, I was a little bit happy when I beat the arcade mode !!! I'm searching more hard games but they're rare. What is the hard mode exactly in Shadow Warrior ?
  10. No Catherine, no Vanquish, no Maxou Paynou, no Injustice... It's a joke, right ? I don't even listen the video when I saw the games...
  11. Somes players can do it with the original "difficulty" (wasn't almost any difficulty for me) so others can do. That's was Ubisoft should've told to the players. I love difficulty, I wanted more difficulted personnaly, not less. I got the trophy before, it's better like that for me.
  12. I think you already have it since you post this topic but for the other who can wondering the same thing : All deconnexion from the other player doesn't count for the trophy wins. It counts in the stats but not for the trophy.
  13. Humm so much longer... I'm on Injustice with the 100 lvl. I need someone to boost me. I need someone let him die 50 times for the 10x boost. Already done 70 win in a row by myself but it's too much longer... I ask this here but if no one answer, i'll go on the forum of the game, this will be better I think
  14. Wasn't expected to see so much Yakuza in this topic. Glad to see this. It's Yakuza serie for me too. Substories, main story, character, the hours you can spend in this game... The fact this is a Japanese game in Japan is quite unique. Or I don't know other game like Yakuza. Every one have to, at least, test one Yakuza. So much things in this game are good. A waste of an excellent game if he don't come anymore in the west.
  15. If you want some challenging plats : Injustice : Gods Amongs Us. Vanquish, Catherine and maybe some other one, check my profiles if you want. I like hard plats.