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  1. Madden Nfl 13. 65% Some of the trophies are a pain to pull off. Gave up on it. Penny Punching Princess 94%. Not giving up on it. Need to grind up to 10 million Zeni. Earnt 6.9 Mil Earn 40 k every 10 minutes. 14-15 hours of pointless grind left. I play every once in a while. Spellspire 88% Get to floot 100, at 15 in the tower. I should get this done someday.
  2. Yes still working. Did exactly that alt PS3 and Vita. Finished online in 2 hours.
  3. Best Buy Canada : 48.99 better deal than Sony right now.
  4. Glitched Trophy: Step 1: Delete all your friends Step 2: Create Friends Lobby Step 3: Tell Boosting partner to manually seach your Lobby. Step 4: Add Said Boosting Partner as Friend, then start match. Glitched for me, I have to do this..... Gonna be a pain to re-add 190 friends....
  5. If you have a dispute:
  6. First game is actually quite good for a plat former.
  7.*/ No Image before June 1st
  8. Removed Fighter Z (12% to 40% yesterday) Took out Hero Academia game, might still work on that one and add it back in before 20-5%.
  9. Does Botzone Still work for some mp trophies? Hoping Sony does push this back up.
  10. Changed List.
  11. Yeah only, if you did not claim the 3.6 million (Going online and seeing the pop up).
  12. It still works with 3.5 Million that you get for logging in right now. 3.6 Million each time. Sometimes when you go to offline Lobby, you get a discount error. The Zeni Registers twice when you go back to offline lobby, Happened twice in the video.
  13. Only 100k active right now? 3.5 Million? Can the offline method work if it is the first time I booted the game?