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  1. They should have put more work in the Trophy Icons. Yes to Career trophies...more incentive than AO Tennis.
  2. An Actual Release date though. There never a guarantee when it comes to Vita games.
  3. AO International Tennis....$50 USD wasted. I spent around 500 hours on TE Elbow 2013, and over 1000 hours in Virtua Tennis 4 PC Online. I don't think I will get 1/10th of that from the poor online. Every player I play is lagged. Probably should have waited for TWT. Gameplay is probably the worst Tennis Simulation game. EA GS 2 was at least better in timing while moving. In AO crawl when trying to return. It like the player is holding shit in their pants. When you are playing doubles and you are the net. It takes forever to back to the baseline. There are doubles pro who don't have a net person in the beginning. Get aced a lot on harder difficulties...due to crawl. You can't transition when hitting your ball. Your locked in place. AI passes you perfectly each time, they can tee off smashes. Platinum is 12 hours or so. Career Mode has no trophies, not really going to invest much time into it.
  4. Dev replied that they added trophies to the f2p version as a request from many.
  5. Completed League of Evil Adding Devious Dungeon, Pulzar, Inkplosion,
  6. Easy 2-4 hour platinum. Grind is not bad as some levels have treasure chests that drop 100+ coin worth. You can easily buy equipment and perks to speed through. It does get repetitive and boring after 30 minutes of continuous play for me.
  7. Option A: Under the Ladder (Ukraine), Canadian PSN Gift Card.
  8. Completed DQ Heroes
  9. Platinum #198: Dragon Quest Heroes (PS4) Finally got this one out of the way. Inching closer to milestone. Off to completing DQ Builders and Heroes 2( Not looking forward to the grind for that one) 70 hours in total to complete. Enjoyment: 7 Rating: 7 Difficulty: 4
  10. Cross Buy, yes. Confirmed by the Developer.
  11. Was expecting similar trophies like Tokyo Twilight and Strangers of Sword City enhanced version did. Majority of the trophies are defeat foe and rank of city.
  12. Yes, shareplay is possible. Solo is doable after a few hours of frustration. Make a session, and see if anyone joins. I bet there are a few who need help.
  13. It would be DLC trophies. As you can get Plus as DLC, if you own the orginal. I wish they would patch in a Platinum.
  14. No 66 mentions at least.
  15. Load Times are noticeable. Can deal with it, knowing that I can play it on the Vita with a Sep Plat. Love the soundtrack. I got bored of battling, thankfully no Random battles. Enemies don't respawn.