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  1. EU/AU price is like 2.5 times the price of the American/CAD price. 6.99 CAD here, but it EU it is around 15-17CAD Converted.
  2. Thanks, entered.
  3. Uncharted Golden Abyss was my first Vita game. Tearaway was my first Vita Platinum. First Vita game I bought was Persona 4 Golden.
  4. It launched at 3.99 on Steam. Usually PSN prices are more expensive. Expecting 4.99 USD.
  5. Platinum #213: BigFest (PSV) Finished this before Server Closure and NA Delisted. Every Band being at 50 Vibe made is frustrating.....being so high up they are so stuck up. Can't put them in supporting roles without them making a fuss. Lower Excitement, less money made. Did not get as far as the VIP tokens section. Spooktacula levels recommended for Money grinding ( Werewolves drop up to 1.5 k, Vampires drop up to 800). You can also AFK when Manager has instructions. You can leave on and check every 30 minutes. You should earn 10-15k every 30 min. Though after a while it drops to less than 1000 every 30 minutes...because of clogged toilets and garbage everywhere. Probably would have had a better experience If I played this day 1. 5/10 Enjoyment 3/10 Rating
  6. This is one of those play for fun.
  7. Adam Venture Origins and Earth Dawn is what I picked up. Such good prices for the Digital Vita games....burns to buy day 1 physically...
  8. PS4: YSVIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, Tokyo Xanadu EX+ PS3: Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Rainbow Skies (Cross Buy) PSV: Salt and Sanctuary (Cross Buy), The Lost Child
  9. Added Word Search, Fill a Pix, and Bigfest. Completed Non Challenge Vita games: Waking Violet, and Super Destronaugh DX Hope to get one of the bigger ones finished this month.
  10. Added a few, hope to finish at least 3 games by the end of this month.
  11. Have to least English subs compared to the first two games.
  12. I thought you can still obtain that one trophy just a lot slower? I hope this goes on sale, in 2-3 weeks for US.
  13. Windjammers is 1.49 USD FOR PS+ members.
  14. A bit frustrating competing with people who love the game. There should be a challenge for non Diamod Cup winners. Once you get a Diamond Cup you are banned from entering that event. Waiting for a glitch than happens somewhere 1k and below. Can't get to 4k level.
  15. Never free on PS+.