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    Karate, Jujitsu, Tennis, Kinesiology.

    B.Sc Kinesiology

    Love JRPG, to consume anything tennis wise. Favorite Players: Federer, Nalbandian, Del Potro, Muster, and McEnroe.

    Been gaming since the early 90's. First console was the Sega Genesis( Madden 94 Bundle?,

    My first JRPG was Golden Sun in 2003...after that I was hooked on JRPG's.

    Played the Tales series, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series during my high school years. Found the 2 gem of JRPG...Chrono Trigger and Earthbound in 2008 that just blew my mind.

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  1. If it was F2P then sure. 60 dollars......should come with no limitations.
  2. Platinum #183: Suicide Guy EU (PS4) Quest to save his Beer Bottle from slipping his hands. Must escape dreams by killing himself in multiple ways. Varied levels with different puzzles and platforming. Few levels can be tricky. No Replay Value. Only one type of collectible. 3--6 Hour Platinum. Enjoyed this one, even though it lacks a good story. Difficulty: 3 Enjoyment: 7 Rating: 7 181: 36 Fragments of Memories (PS4 Stack) 182: Xblaze: Lost Memories (PS3 Stack)
  3. Is it cross buy?
  4. Updated version of the Side Scroller 3DS game. Looks easy like the other Senran Games.
  5. Virtua Tennis 4 PSV
  6. Fairy Fencer many years...just for a huge discount. Finally will grab....and probably won't play till I finish other PS3 JRPG.
  7. Virtua Tennis 2009 Gold Medalist Unlock every gold medal in the game Almost 4 years later, 10+ boosting partners later. Done with this trophy. Thankfully did not glitch on me like it has for some. Now I can chill to another Tennis Platinum.
  8. Yeah, the EU version is not up on the servers yet.
  9. Going to wait for a trophy guide before picking it up.
  10. Vita has a great library. Over 200+ quality games. If you have been adding those PS+ Vita offering, probably makes even more worthwhile.
  11. Yearly Goal: 50 Plats Main Goal: Top 50 in Canada. Pipe Dream: 1000 Plat total.
  12. Looking like I will fail this challenge again. Hopefully can finish off DQ Heroes and the easy ones I added in.
  13. Yeah, you can. I got the cat gold and normal.
  14. How did you get Season of Peace ending?(Getting 5 Stone Tablets?) I heard the other 3 are options after the boss. What that one miss able trophy name? Thanks.
  15. You can still earn them on regular play. Drop is just very low.