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  1. Heroes Trials will be released with a price of 5.99 USD / Eur. On SONY it will have cross-buy between PS4 & PSVita. Also 4 different trophy stack's at launch. It will launch on: SONY America: January 22nd, 2019 SONY Europe & Xbox One: January 23rd, 2019 Features: 4 hours of content Optional top-down shooter mode that can be played from start to finish. Soundtrack by Benedikt Grosser. An Island to freely explore. Support to record all players times. Plenty of collectables. Puzzles to solve and bosses to battle.
  2. The Region Swap trick still works.
  3. oh hey! Remember me from our chat about Reverie? I just noticed that this site says you are from Toronto! Good to know there is another high ranked trophy hunter from TO.


    1. Kishnabe


      You mean the Reverie Discord? Yeah based in GTA. 


      Cheers as well. 

  4. It still works for now.
  5. Would like to join the discord server for boosting this trophy as well.
  6. You can only add what the card gives you. If you are lacking funds, add a credit card. Sony will charge the difference. Or you can buy 2 cards.
  7. Link: The game should be out Jan 16th. 4 Stacks.
  8. Link: The game should be out Jan 16th. 4 Stacks.
  9. Vita and PS4 seperate lists.The publisher tags PS4 and Vita for each list. Could not sync an EU PS4 list yet.
  10. Link: The game should be out Jan 16th. 4 Stacks.
  11. It will happen eventually. The latest patch has made it easier. Sometimes it will be very obvious. My last online match a ball was called in, when it was obviously out. I challenged and won (replayed the point, was out).
  12. Out on EU right now. Dev must have seen the money rolling in with 4 stacks of the first game.
  13. Yeah, you need an active twitter account. If you are already have the game, don't ask for a key. You can still join in on the fun by giving feedback. Brownie points for the next event ( March or June (E3)). ----------- I did enjoy the 30 minutes I played. Wish it was a bit longer though. Visuals felt like Xeodrifter. The gameplay was more like Lone Survivor.
  14. You need EZPZ platinum every day or set it up over time.
  15. Link: The game should be out in a week or two. Only 1 out of the 4 trophy lists appear right now. You can request a free copy from this event while supplies last. There are strings attached (Must do social media feedback of the game). Read the rules before requesting from IGC. If the tweet below is gone, either she will put up again later or supplies are gone. Must have an active twitter account (at least 3 months old), not Contest spammy. There will be plenty of games, just don't ask for a game you already own. Even if it is on another platform. Cash in the the code immediately (within 2hours), and make sure you tweet (not one tweet) about within a day or two.