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  1. Sony hurting their brand with this. This bs, costed us Omega Labyrinth Z as well...:(
  2. Platinum #236: Sir Eatsalot (Vita) +1 Patient Combat, timing, well placed traps/enemies in certain section Usage of the Vita (very Tearaway like). Cute Art style and descriptions for each sticker. Many object that can be tapped have their own animation Mixed: Slow Pacing the game can tire you. Took Frequent Breaks that helped. Small amount of boss battles (small team and first project for niche device). All right Story, could not care less IMO. It fits the art style and very family friendly. -1: Enemies not a challenge unless paired with traps. Can't speed through text ( you have to repeat some text if you die). Comedy Schtick from the Villain after each major section, got boring after the 3 attempt. No PSTV compatibility, very understandable. You need to rotate the Vita, read light, swipe, use the rear touch pad. 7/10, IMO. 2 Max Stacks ( Asia, NA/EU)
  3. I only accepted the ones i know from IRL
  4. Platinum #229,30,31,33: Jack N Jill DX (PSV+PS4) Platinum #232: Sound Shapes EU Stack (PS4) Platinum #234: Blasting Agent (PSV EU) Platinum #235: Devious Dungeon (PSV EU) Now on to a game I have never played before. Hope Sound Shapes JPN and Asia cloud save work after Oct.15th.
  5. Used another Email Provider and it worked. Used Gmail has problem on my vita for some reason.
  6. Getting C2-14393-3 Is this patched on 3.69?
  7. EU stack is on sale. Just waiting on JPN and Asia region to go on sale...if not before Oct 15th...then I will ignore.
  8. If you bought it new, Sega of America should be able to help. Contact them. ----- Sony removed it already, this one seems very likely to pan out.
  9. Completed Tales from the Borderlands Adding Rogue Legacy, Rocketbirds 2, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Another World, and the Bridge.
  10. EastAsiaSoft says it not their release. Time Will Tell the details.
  11. Probably a PlayAsia/ EastAsiaSoft ASIA PSN release.
  12. If the trophy list is shared with the Vita/PS3 version then I don't care for it.
  13. The game will not be cross buy. Moderator/Admin will change to one symbol, when more information comes in. -------- Dunno when this is out, maybe Oct-November.
  14. Laser League PS4 Friday the 13th PS4 Master Reboot, PS3 The Bridge, PS3 (Cross Buy with PS4 and PS Vita) Rocketbirds 2: Evolution, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4) 2064 Read Only Memories, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4) Added Trophy Links
  15. Telltale CEO account said they are not going out of business. The 25 employees are here to stay going forward.