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  1. Legend of Dragoon or bust.
  2. Yeah, like we would get a Quality JRPG for a PS+ game. A recent one at that..... Probably some games from 2015 and 2016.
  3. So many non cross PS3 and Vita Indies need love too. Too many repeat sale games.
  4. Hopefully the level and items carry through to Merciless playthrough.
  5. Only if I had no backlog. Not going to waste it on a time consuming F2P. When I can spend the same time on a Lovely JRPG.
  6. Finished Birdcakes. Swapped Splody and Kings Tale for even easier games. Since I want to spend my time finishing up DQXi..
  7. Screw Jefly from Birdcakes.....latched on to me and killed me. 

  8. Super Tennis Blast • EU All 33 Trophies 10th February 2021 • Platinum in 1 year, 8 months Awesome Pea • EU All 34 Trophies 10th February 2021 • Platinum in 1 year, 11 months The Cat and the Coup All 4 Trophies 13th February 2021 • Completed in 2 years, 4 months Cat and The Coup Speedrum was a pain for me. I would try 2-3 runs every few days. Missing by seconds 100's of times. Finally got a good clean run....
  9. Xenoraptor...seems impossible.
  10. Know how to check stats during match (It does not show BP saved or Net Points won)? I came to the net a lot, more than 20 points won, but it says 0 won after match finished. I guess you have to be extremely close to the net and not in middle of first squares.
  11. There is a PSN Service Status Issue right now.
  12. So many of these PS4 games Vita counterparts are full price. BS....
  13. You can break sequence in.act 2 and 3 a bit. Search DQXI out of order, got a few results on Reddit and GFaq
  14. After being insctructed to go to cave or trial, decided to check up on quests that are white question marks. Headed Phnom Nonh, and got cutscene and this trophy popped. Doing stuff in Act 2 "out of order" is pretty fun. *spoilers* There a topic like that on another site that proves this done. Breaks the story, dev should not have allowed this story event to happen before the previous one
  15. Total Games Played: 103 Top Games: 1. Mad Max (119 hours) 2. Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor (76 hours) 3. Pic-A-Pix-Pieces 2 (65 hours) Top Genre: Action/adventure -169 hours Total Hours of Gameplay: 1556 (1534 local, 22 online) Days Played in 2020: 268 Top Day of the Week: Monday Afternoons Total Trophies Earned 2020: 2866 (106, 854, 786, 1120) Top game played online: Dragon Ball Fighter Z Intend to make RPG my Top Genre for 2021.