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  1. Redflagdeals forums has others vouching for it. Takes hours to recieve though. Limit of 1. Used em in the past. Costco is an alternative, but they are 50cents to 1.50 off.
  2. Was looking forward to an easy stack, not so much now.
  3. Season Pass 3: $33.49 CAD For any Fellow Canadians: Ebay is selling Canadian $50 PSN Gift Cards for 42.99 (14% discount) Store Name: Paypal Digital Gifts
  4. Karna: Celcetta Adol: VIII
  5. Completed Tokyo Xanadu.
  6. Platinum #350: Tokyo Xanadu (Vita) Nihon Falcom games are a consideration for a Milestone. This is one got me to LVL 63 and is my 350th Platinum. I preferred Cold Steel and YS series over Xanadu. It a mix of the Action elements from YS and the Social elements of Cold Steel. Took around 2 Plays and around 60-80 hours to plat.
  7. They forgot, after they put all the effort in the Casino Mode.
  8. Joining, have enough SAO in backlog. Eventually will finish the first one.
  9. Already Completed: Celcetta Vita YSVIII Vita Planning to play: YS Origin Vita YSVIII PS4
  10. FFX HD--> 19% Added: Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash 1% Beast Quest 0% Senran Kagura: Burst Re:Newal 0% VALKYRIE DRIVE: BHIKKHUNI 1% Magrunner: Dark Pulse 32% Dokuro 32% Gravity Rush 9%
  11. Chocobo Rider 15 hours or more spread over 3 years to get this trophy. Finally I can progress on to the game, hopefully I don't screw things up as I proceed.
  12. 3rd September 2019
  13. Sherlock Holmes is a steal. Akiba Beat and Gem Smashers cheap enough.
  14. No issue. If you sort by last trophy, it will show up in the right order.