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  1. Completed Super Daryl Deluxe
  2. Platinum #310: Super Daryl Deluxe (PS4) Took around 39 hours (Regret being stingy with Textbooks). Spent hours dying and leveling up at the history section. Which had a long section of battles. Only when I bought new skills, that I wrecked past it. You can't immediately focus on a main quest. I had to explore to open up a new quest line that would help the main. I did not like having to travel back and forth in a huge map. Later it becomes so much easier to travel around with the Locked Blue Doors (It like a Subway) +ve: Monster Designs, Visuals. Interesting Characters. Soundtrack (Science Room best). Mixed: Comedy can be hit or miss. I always smiling or amused when I was playing. Never had laugh out loud moment Only issue I had, is when the R1 and L1 buttons get locked in the menu. (I can change equipment, but could not switch over to a map) After quickly going to save point, had to fully close app. For the issue to disappear. Initial selection of skill makes the game tedious Once you mess around with newer skills, stops being tedious. The game combat is similar The World Ends With You. You can swap out skills, every skill has a cool down (which can occur after a set amount of uses). Each skill can be leveled up to a certain point. Use your textbooks to get new skills than sticking to weaker skills. There more than enough in the game. After you get to Max Level and Unlock all Skills. Then convert Textbooks to Skill XP. Getting all skills to max, will be your last trophy. There are three missables in the game (2 Mid Game). Make alt saves when you can. Super Daryl Deluxe is a Metroidvania RPG. Should take 15-25 hours to Platinum. Enjoyment 8/10
  3. The game will be out on July 10th. There are 4 stacks for the game (NA/EU, PS4 + PSVITA) ASIA might follow later on. No Cross Buy. PS4 version will be priced higher than than the Vita Version. This is because the Vita version only has the first 30 levels (60+ on PS4). You only need the first 18 levels to access the Platinum.
  4. In for the Convulsed Storyline. Wish I did not buy the PS3 KH 1.5 a couple of years ago. Been picking up Dust.
  5. Is it true you can't share DLC between Sub Accounts? I heard that recently you can't share DLC between accounts.
  6. Completed Ni No Kuni For Blessing: Switching Revenant Saga for Devious Dungeon 2 (You can pay Cleric for healing between 3 levels, and enemy drops potions for healing). For Peaceful: Change to Access Denied For Movement: Switching Dokuro for Burnout Paradise For Release the Bird: Switching Rime for Timothy vs the Aliens Is it okay to sub in a game you already completed in between the join date and closing date? For It's New year, New You: If so swapping in My Big Sister May 10th. If you can't swap completed game, then subbing in Gone Home.
  7. It happens, you get burned by selfish people. Don't boost anyone who won't at least post here or on PST. At the same time there are people who would help you, even they have the trophies already.
  8. First time Challenge beat was on Bikes (Toy Bike Trophy): The first time challenge trophy did not pop but the Toy Bike Timed Challenge did. Then did Car Timed : Got the First Timed Challenge Trophy. Is it just the 10 Timed Challenge Trophy glitched? So far 1 Bike +2 Car: Not sure if I should start over (back up save and all).
  9. I downloaded it months before. Each episode boots.
  10. Episode 2 works for me.
  11. Tokyo Xanadu 22%-->24% Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 5% Burnout Paradise 10%-->78% Birdcakes 28% Timothy vs the Aliens 24% The Book of Regrets 21% Super Daryl Deluxe 15% --> 100% July 9th 2019 Reverie 13% Doom & Destiny 12%
  12. Finished Ni No Kuni. On to Summer Event.
  13. Platinum #300: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3) Planned for Tokyo Xanadu for my 300th, moved that to 350. When I got a PS3 back in 2013, this was one of my first few purchases. I thought I would finish it in a few weeks, then trade it for another game. I did not expect it to take 5+ years to finally complete it. Felt like a slow burner, last 20-30 hours really get me focused. Probably because I saw the finish line. I was using printed sheets to keep track of the familiars and recipes I made a few years ago. Now I have a monitor that can switch inputs, I just highlight on a document. 88 hours of total playtime. Hopefully Ni No Kuni 2 is much faster completion for me. Pokemon+ Studio Ghibli Animation+ Final Fantasy Like Music+ Level 5 UK Voice Actors= Awesome (Could not get into the combat, really wish the Veil spell was available sooner in the game) Plan to clear more PS3 games Burnout Paradise (Server Closure in August) and Catherine next. 7/10 Enjoyment