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  1. All the rarest plats collected so far. Ranging from Shooter, Horror and Racing.
  2. Played the **** out of the DS version. One of the best games ever made. EDIT: It a sequel, still great. Would love the orginal with a Platinum Trophy.
  3. Sold my PS4 disk..oh well. Save is Uploaded to cloud. My hope would be Spiderman PS4 on PS+.
  4. @Smzthyy & @EL_DIOS_JORGE for the help in getting this trophy. Helped at leat 15 people. Much appreciated. Possibly the first non 2012 or earlier helper.
  5. Level 1 Killzone Mercenary Vita Level 2 Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing PS3 Resistance: Burning Skies Vita Level 3 Truck Racer PS3 Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Vita Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age PS4 Level 4 Magrunner: Dark Pulse PS3 Dokuro Vita Rayman Orgins Vita Color Guardians PS4 Level 5 Rayman Legends Vita Spy Chameleon Vita Foul Play Vita Unmechanical Extended PS3 The Adventure Pals PS4 ------ Is it okay to play a bit of the lower tiered list (Play Digimon a bit before Platting Killzone)?
  6. PS4+ PS5 Still shows full price. While PS4 version is saying download from library.
  7. PS5 version does not show up as free.
  8. I would have to beat the story again, after setting everything up in Free Trial? Couple of users here go the the platinum in 20 min-1 hour.
  9. Don't care about how proactive they are, never buying any of their crap till they remove Gambling from their games. That goes for 2K as well.
  10. Upload Season 1
  11. LOL, nobody mentioned there was a boost for this. Was following this thread... @item112z How did you find out about the session?
  12. Knack 3. That the only game to convince me to pony up half a grand. ------ Reality: FFXVI or any JRPG Spiderman MM on PS4. Not keen on getting it for PS5 at a high price.
  13. Laughing at Scalpers. At least be reasonable. 


    $1100-2299 for a Disc PS5. 


    $200 + (PS5 Cost + Taxes) is fair. 


    No benefit in being an early adopter, unless you want to get views on youtube. 


    How many PS5 exclusives are there (Dangerous Something, Demon Souls Remake).


    Most are coming to PS4.


    Why spend extra with scalpers, for barely any games. Especially when you  have PS4. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. LukeWarm115


      The people shelling out the extra amounts are to blame too. Everyone should just let scalpers screw themselves by paying for stuff and not being able to sell lol.

    3. RedRodriguez87


      Wut, you don't think a million bajillion dollars is a fair asking price?

    4. MidnightDragon


      Scalpers suck

  14. DLC is currently 80% off (expansion pass)