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  1. FG204 from Stein Gate (Regrets)
  2. 3 DLC packs already? Spend 100 hours waiting trophy?
  3. Platinum #365: New Gundam Breaker (PS4) Platinum got me to Level 65 as well. Don't think deserves the massive dislikes it got. I have heard it was because they changed the gameplay and had many pallette swaps. I felt it was worth the price I paid. For 10-20 dollars, it absolute recommend. First time playing Gundam Breaker, would pounce when I see GE 3 Break Edition get to my sweep spot (80% off, so far it been 60% off) This is Namco first localized Gundam Breaker game, hopefully they would not cast out the west due to the sales on this.
  4. Parents will be running to shelves to buy this for their kids.
  5. Great to get an easy Platinum and just play a full-playthrough afterwards. Especially Aladdin (Both Sega Gen and SNES versions...both different but great).
  6. Final Fantasy X and New Gundam Breaker. Rayman Legends Daily events.
  7. 69 Matches
  8. F76 got price cuts in the 2nd week of release. Stores giving free copy if you bought a used Controller. It only going to piss off the ones who continue to play this broken mess.
  9. Platinum #355: Grand Kingdom (Vita) Would not have attempted any time soon, if not for Server Closure announcement. All 4 Story Arcs suck, but useful for getting Class Up Tome/Scrolls. Spent 101 hours to get the Platinum. Focus on 150 policy points, wish I took the time to clear them earlier or shuffle after every clear to get easy ones. Would have saved 3-4 hours of time.
  10. Nope, Barr only gives out Abilities (not support skills)
  11. Maybe Activision should think of the consumers and gambling addicts...oh wait.
  12. Maybe when it hits 10-15 for the Physical Copy.
  13. Already have TLOU. Would have loved to have seen Lost Legacy instead. I actually like the Baseball games, but not spending 150 hours for a Platinum. Will play for fun. If it was 15-30 hours, would have been interested in the platinum. Just like MLB 14 and 15 for the Vita.
  14. The Vita version is recommended to play one Chapter at a time. Publisher twitter addressed the Vita version could crash if you play more than one chapter at a time.