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  1. Platinum #575: Onrush (PS4) Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Time: 20 1/2 hours
  2. Got it at level 77. Recommend using currency on the Tombstone Country Flags (3000 Coins) regardless of progress. You will unlock Car Skins, dances in the gear boxes most often. Finished the game Level 82.
  3. Can't even find a cheap copy. They are recalled or destroyed. You can still get Battleborn for 10 dollars. They should have at least put it on PS+ extra till servers closes.
  4. You can do everything by yourself. Much easier with certain challenges to play with a boosting partner. Possible to finish in 15 hours or so. 3 days is doable.
  5. Those are offline, you can get them after server closure. Complete 80 and 120 official tournaments.
  6. Just finished Gunhouse. Fun game to play in-between games or when watching TV/Youtube. A lot of grinding, need to get to day 101 (which 300 levels). Each day has 3 levels (Noon, Dusk, and Night). There a boss at each night. Level 1-10 enemies and bosses repeat at 11-20 and so on.
  7. Gunhouse All 10 Trophies 24th September 2022 • Completed in 4 years, 9 months PS4VITA My September Challenge pick, one of the games that easy to play while watching Youtube/TV.
  8. Got 5 trophies in all, 1 of them was a last minute sprint to finish Gunhouse. Got to day 101 from day 96 in an hour.
  9. Does host only get the checkmarks?
  10. I'll join as well. I have 4 numbers so far. Can make 5 by the month, Yakuza 0 is very doable.
  11. Hoping for a localized version.
  12. US: Europe is 50% off though.
  13. You can get the PS4 version with the Vita Purchase (Says Cross Buy). For the PS4 version that is on sale (it does not say Cross Buy or Vita version license).
  14. Can't wait for the 72 stacks.
  15. Finally finished God of War. Split it up into bits over the month. Given up on the Vita version, have the PS3 games. Never really committed to finishing a God of War game. Enjoyed it, will try Ragnarok when it eventually is a PS+ Essential Freebit or Extra Rental. Assign me a game that I have already started next?