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  1. Its been patched, and now it is seemingly glitched to the point of unobtainability. A partner and I tried and it didnt pop for him
  2. Rarity leaderboard looks good except all of the uber haxors at the top.
  3. I can confirm this works! Thanks for the tip!
  4. Funny enough, I said it was an idea, not something that needs to be implemented right now. If you dont think its a good idea, you can say that. looking at your profile.... I can understand why you took it personally though
  5. Hey all! Just an idea to see where people stand on this. To prevent people from excessively ranking up with 99.9% rarity 5 minute puzzle game plats, I have an idea where the amount of points you get per trophy is affected both by its type (bronze, silver, gold, plat) and also its rarity. For someone like me, I have only 48 platinum trophies, but have probably spent the same amount of time on them as someone who has played 500 puzzle game platinums along with whatever game they play as well. Thoughts?
  6. To anyone commenting on this, did you do this literally within the last hour of my original post? It would have been that recent of a change
  7. I have been attempting the 20 race exploit with the vertical slime levels, and while I get a gold patch at the end, it does not say "1st place". I believe it has been patched...
  8. Just do it on 1.09, much easier
  9. This game should be played on 1.09, I have to do an extra playthrough but at least now the combat trophies have been unlocking
  10. You get all the DLC for both Bioshock 1 and 2. However, you will be unable to do the Survivor difficulty glitch on the UR copy of Bioshock 1
  11. I had already created a Bethesda account because I wanted to play some of the Doom mods. I saw on some other threads that you (might be) able to bypass the screen if you had already created an account, but I'm not too sure. We loaded in on two separate days, and on the first day, ran into no resistance. Today (just got the plat...) when we loaded in, we got a "Can't connect to Bethesda servers" message, but we were able to move past it and finish out the game. Idk if that's the same thing you are talking about. I attempted the game on the harder difficulty first, but E1M6 was NOT happening on the new patch. We redownloaded it with PSX download helper (after I had gotten all the other trophies) and replayed the entire game. This was my first foray into PSX Download Helper, so I'm not sure how much i can help you. Good luck man, I see you all over the Doom 2 forums. I'm hitting that game next, I'll let you know if I run into any problems on that game.
  12. It is very doable solo. I am very lucky that my roommate is an accomplished Doom player, and we both have immense experience playing FPS games with controllers. We got through the first Episode in 45 minutes, but that was after I downloaded patch 1.00 using PSX Download Helper. The newest patch 1.08 will really test your patience. I have seen players say it took them upwards of 4 hours for a single mission.
  13. Hey all, this downloader no longer works, I cannot open it on my computer. I click run PSX download helper and it won't open. It loads like it will open and doesn't work. EDIT: Yep, the download for method 1 does not work with this link. I can confirm the one at works, I got Doom (1993) to download at patch 1.00.
  14. I played this a little while ago, got up to around 250 missions, and I'm due to go back because these can be really rewarding and fun! This ain't your 6 regional variations of a 30 minute puzzle game, this is a platinum you can be proud of! As a professional musician, I know how important metronome practice can be! I pulled out my metronome, and practiced hitting the buttons in the correct order at a slower tempo, not worrying at all about timings, or any of that. I just worked on doing the right moves in the right order. Once I was comfortable with the order of moves, I slowly started increasing the tempo until it was close to what I needed to do for the game. Then, I played it over and over, learning the different millisecond timing differences. If I started fucking up the move order for a few minutes at a time, I took my metronome back out and practiced at the slow tempo again, to refresh my muscle memory. Eventually, you will get it. It is not easy, and it never will be easy. Any platinum with less than 5% on here is going to test what you're made of; if it was higher, everyone would have it ;-). Good luck!
  15. It looks like it is very buggy. It didn't work for myself and another player (smoker_m), but it might have worked for others? It isn't reliable, I had to do this legitimately which takes a while, especially with another person doing the same. If anyone wants to test and try this out, I have a large group of boosters (12) on this game right now. Thanks!