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  1. I played this a little while ago, got up to around 250 missions, and I'm due to go back because these can be really rewarding and fun! This ain't your 6 regional variations of a 30 minute puzzle game, this is a platinum you can be proud of! As a professional musician, I know how important metronome practice can be! I pulled out my metronome, and practiced hitting the buttons in the correct order at a slower tempo, not worrying at all about timings, or any of that. I just worked on doing the right moves in the right order. Once I was comfortable with the order of moves, I slowly started increasing the tempo until it was close to what I needed to do for the game. Then, I played it over and over, learning the different millisecond timing differences. If I started fucking up the move order for a few minutes at a time, I took my metronome back out and practiced at the slow tempo again, to refresh my muscle memory. Eventually, you will get it. It is not easy, and it never will be easy. Any platinum with less than 5% on here is going to test what you're made of; if it was higher, everyone would have it ;-). Good luck!
  2. It looks like it is very buggy. It didn't work for myself and another player (smoker_m), but it might have worked for others? It isn't reliable, I had to do this legitimately which takes a while, especially with another person doing the same. If anyone wants to test and try this out, I have a large group of boosters (12) on this game right now. Thanks!
  3. Hey all! The "exploit" used to unlock the "Win on all 6 DLC Maps" is not possible as the guide says it is possible. You cannot win in private matches, and then have one win in public count for the trophy. I don't know who started that but it is not possible, I have tried on two separate occasions and it did not pop. Thanks and happy hunting!
  4. Hey! I just got this platinum, the third person to do it in the past three years, along with my boosting partner Ba12erConnMan. Just wanted to post here because for some of these trophies, I was the first person in 2 years to get them. I can produce proof that I fulfilled the trophy requirements if need be, and I posted a full guide to the game in another forum post, linked HERE. Thank you all, and happy hunting ☺️
  5. Holy shit I didn't even think about save-scumming haha. How would one do that in this game? EDIT: Doesn't look like its possible, EA plans for every contingency haha. It was a good idea though
  6. Hey! I spent roughly a week and a half playing this game, totally an estimated 55 hours. Through this venture, I have an updated understanding of which trophies are obtainable, which are technically obtainable but probably not worth it, and those that are completely unobtainable. With the servers being open until December, this rare platinum is still possible for those already with the unobtainable trophies and a desire for glory. INITIAL NOTES Micro-transactions have been removed from the game. This is the wild west! The MUT game mode is centered around micro-transactions, so you are entering a weird landscape. No distinct time estimate. Because all MUT trophies are centered around opening packs, your time spent will come down to EA luck. Unobtainable trophies prevent you from getting the platinum. YOU WILL MORE THAN LIKELY NEED 2 PS3S FOR MUT TROPHIES IN 2020 UNOBTAINABLE Giver - Post a piece of content to Madden Share Taker - Download a piece of content from Madden Share Quality Gift - Download 3 pieces of content from Madden Share Feedback - Rate a piece of content you've downloaded from Madden Share Madden Share lost its support around July 2017, and no one has gotten these legitimately since then Flying Solo - Win a MUT Solo Challenge MUT Solo Challenges lost their support around December 2019, and no one has gotten it legitimately since then Easily Obtainable Going for Gold - Earn Gold from a drill inside the Skills Trainer QB Camp - 100% completion of all passing drills inside the Skills Trainer (All gold medals) Stick Skills - 100% completion of all rushing drills inside the Skills Trainer (All gold medals) Defense Wins Championships - 100% completion of all defensive drills inside the Skills Trainer (All gold medals) Knowledge is Power - 100% completion of all pre-play drills inside the Skills Trainer (All gold medals) Happy 25th Madden - Score 25+ points in one game and celebrate 25 years of Madden Football (no SuperSim, OTP, or Co-Op) Verizon MVP - Combine for 75 points total, with your opponent (no SuperSim, OTP, or Co-Op) The New Breed - Score a rushing and passing TD with a QB in a single game (no SuperSim, OTP, or Co-Op) College Influence - Score a TD on an option play (no SuperSim, OTP, Skill Trainer, Practice, or Co-Op) Unstoppable - Truck a defender during a run (no SuperSim, OTP, Skill Trainer, Practice, or Co-Op) Arm's Length Away - Stiff arm a defender during a single run (no SuperSim, OTP, Skill Trainer, Practice, or Co-Op) All offline trophies are still perfectly obtainable, and likely always will be. These require a myriad of doable tasks that shouldn't take too long. Maybe focus on online first! Get Your Feet Wet (online) - Complete an online ranked head to head game. Only Seventeen (online) - Score 17+ total points in online ranked head to head games. Nice Round Number (online) - Score 34+ total points in online ranked head to head games Online Head to Head is still online as of October 2020. I believe servers are online until December 2020. All you need are 34 points total across all games, not 34 in one game. Beginning the Journey (online) - Win a MUT Seasons game. It's Still Easy (online) - Create a MUT team. MUT is also still online! Build your team to get It's Still Easy, and win a game to Begin your Journey. Blaine Gabbert - Walter Payton Legacy Award Trophies All of these trophies are still obtainable, as this is an offline mode. From the guide by CODEx Vip3r (aka the first person to platinum the game): Once you have downloaded or created a roster with 99 overall players, make sure that it is currently your active roster then go into Connected Career mode. Choose to do the CCM as a Coach with a Motivation focus and make sure you have Salary Cap off, put your difficulty to All-Madden and 7-minute quarters now leave everything else at their defaults. Sim every game for 3 seasons and you should get this trophy, along with all the other Connected Career trophies, by the time you win your third Super Bowl. Don't worry about losing any games because your 99 rated team can't be beaten. OBTAINABLE, BUT... Playoffs?! - Make the playoffs in Ultimate Team Seasons. Well Rested - Earn a first round bye in Ultimate Team Seasons. Complete the Journey - Win a MUT Seasons Super Bowl. EASILY boosted in 2020. Because 2 ps3s is virtually the only way to get some of these other trophies, these will come naturally while grinding out Lombardi packs. If you don't care about/already have some of the other MUT trophies, find a boosting partner in Gaming Sessions to knock these rare trophies out. Mr. Suitcase*- Complete a MUT collection. This is one of three trophies that are likely to give you a giant headache. This trophy requires you to complete one of the thousands of card collections available in MUT mode. HOWEVER.... only one kind of collection is still possible in 2020: Loyalty collectibles. These come out of Lombardi packs, and range anywhere from collecting 1 thing to collecting 48 things. It is entirely luck based; you could pull a 0/1 needed within the first few packs, or you could take thousands of packs to get a single collection. The only way to get Lombardi packs is to make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.... over and over again. You will more than likely need two ps3s and two copies of the game ($6 amazon) for you to realistically get this trophy. UPDATE 10/9/20: I just got the 0/1 collectible out of a Lombardi pack, which could have happened within playing a few seasons. My grand total is 1032 games won against my dummy account. I also got to rank 601 on the MUT Seasons Leaderboards. You Know the Business - Build a MUT team with a team chemistry of 30. Really Clicking - Build a MUT team with a team chemistry of 70. Completely Gelled - Build a MUT team with two team chemistry ratings at 60. This One is Hard 3.0 - Build an 85 rated MUT team. These trophies are still obtainable, albeit requiring a lot of grinding the above method. When you complete each season in MUT online, you get 2 lombardi packs and 4 reward packs per season (once you reach the All-Madden ranks). The Lombardi packs contain collectibles, but the reward packs contain silver/gold contracts (which can be funneled over to dummy account) and a gold player ranged anywhere 68-88. Eventually, you will get enough players above 85 and pop This One is Hard 3.0, which means you now have access to two chemistries. Now, the overall rating doesn't matter. Form a team where every player has the same chemistries (I am currently on 69 Short Run and 63 Zone Defense) to get Completely Gelled and You Know the Business. You should also get Really Clicking, as getting to 70 only requires getting every player on either offense or defense to be on the same chemistry (I estimate fulfilling these requirements around 700-800 wins). The Mogul - Win a MUT auction. Will likely require a boosting partner in 2020, as randoms are inconsistent at posting on the auction board. Simply win an auction. GOOD LUCK HUNTERS!!!! Hope this is helpful
  7. Yeah, it doesn't look like you got any of the Madden Share trophies back in the day. I would say this plat is pretty much unobtainable to anyone outside of me at this point, since it requires pack grinding in the most boring and repetitive way imaginable on top of unobtainable trophies. Hope someone else can figure this out though!
  8. Hey! Update: It was a disc issue! I got another copy of the game and it works!
  9. Hello! Every time I beat Snowblind and finish watching the cutscene in the helicopter, the game cannot load the next mission: Heavy Metal. It will always load into a forever black screen, which is preventing me from getting the platinum because I cannot proceed. I have tried deleting and redownloading the game data, but that did not work. Could this be a disc issue? Thanks!
  10. Hey! Do you think it is possible that your bot being in the loading screen is why this was able to work? Have you had previous attempts that failed where your bot was still on the "45 seconds til auto-join" screen?
  11. This method works the best out of everything listed here.
  12. I have only 5,800 kills, but I've consistently held my own against the randoms and usually finish in the Top 3. I found the Spas-12 shotgun to work best for me, because I'm totally okay with only getting 1-2 kills per life if it means getting 20+ kills a round. Shotguns are also one of the only ways to counter instant-snipers, which is definitely the meta for BFBC 2020. Not too many people play the specialist class anymore; most play one shot snipers, M16 assault or the Spas-12/NS2000 shotguns these days.
  13. This Platinum Trophy is virtually unobtainable and requires an insane amount of luck or a time machine. The squad function in the game is broken, so you aren't even guaranteed to get into a squad with your friend if you join with that intention. If, somehow, you get lucky enough to be randomly placed into a squad with your friend, you are still not guaranteed for the trophy to pop, because something is preventing the trophy requirements from being met. Whether that is the game's servers being so degraded that they fail to communicate with Sony and the trophy system to tell it to pop, or whether the broken functionality of the squad in game is preventing the trophy requirements from being met at all is up for debate. All that is known is that, within the last year, the only proven legitimate people who have gotten this trophy are a group of Brazilians who got very lucky because the servers decided to work for their specific situation, and they all got it on March 20th, 2020. The Devil Dogs thread under this game has more details (including testimony from those Brazilians on how they did it), but its all dumb luck, and I think this game should at least have a big asterisk next to it as being mostly unobtainable due to this trophy that is as good as impossible.
  14. This community is nuts. There are people in this game with over 7000 hours played on a console exclusive military FPS. A lot of the top 100 elite players (who are STILL active today) have between 200,000-600,000 kills. For comparison, one of the worst grinds in this game for trophy hunters is 10,000 kills, a feat that takes around 250 hours to achieve. They know every tactic there is in the game, be it choke points, head glitches, invincibility glitches, instant death sniper kills with perfect accuracy, laser beam assault rifles, tank spawn traps, or being expert helicopter pilots (plus many more). If you want to boost this game, realize that you will be DIRECTLY COMPETING WITH THESE PLAYERS, unless you can lock a lobby (which we have done successfully multiple times these past few weeks).
  15. Have you definitely won at least 100 games at this point? Maybe the game will give you the trophy once you've won 100 times, despite what the leaderboard says.
  16. This game has issues with crashing. If the problem is happening consistently whenever you load a franchise, you might need to start a new franchise. It shouldn't be too long of a reset. I know that sucks, but this game only has 600 players for a good reason.
  17. Yeah, sometimes it just takes a little while for the games to update.
  18. Try resetting the game! My wins did not go up, but once I soft reset the game, all the wins I had gotten counted towards the overall total.
  19. Hey all! Found a cheap way to win every game 100% of the time. How to Score: Skate to the bottom of the screen on the opponent's icing line (line that goes through the opponent's goal), pass upward to the front of the net, teammate cleans up an easy, open goal. Make sure to only pass when there is a passing lane. This may take a few tries, but I found myself scoring consistently within the first 10 seconds of the game once I played enough. How to Stall: Once you have a goal lead, get the puck ASAP off of the faceoff, and skate behind your net. Face towards the goal, and press the X button to pass the puck into the back of the net. It should rebound off the goal and come back to you. When you do this, the opposing player that is supposed to get you will turn around and skate back towards his own end. Do this every 10 seconds or so, and no opposing player will come near you for the rest of the period. Repeat for periods 2 and 3. This strategy is a bit monotonous, but the opposing AI is very good at scoring when they have the puck. You can expect 3-4 hours of perfectly grinding the 50 or so games you have left after completing every other trophy, and its a pain in the ass to add to that grind with preventable losses. Once you're on game #60, you'll understand why this strategy saves so much time! Good luck!
  20. Ziggy was annoying because you had to watch the cutscenes and walk slow and stuff, but the dive to prone on an enemy grenade in the first mission was annoyingly random. As was the survive an RPG while it gets collateral damage was just unfair. SAM Turret one wasn't too bad for me. Making the jump in the Panama mission with burning buildings was a bitch, and took me a few tries. Also, destroying the tanks with the Chopper gunner in the first mission was hard before I learned the pattern. Most of these missions are a grind, but these 5 were easily the hardest for me. Good luck, you're in for a real grind. By the way, have fun playing the special ops missions from the tactical point of view.