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  1. They wasted no time, I see. At least I got to level 30 in time!!!
  2. There is basically a weak and strong attack buttons. A throw button, a guard button, a "special move" button and the finisher button. You pound your opponent until you can use your finisher. That is the ONLY way to win the match. There are no street fighter or king of fighters inputs. Just weak and strong attacks. HIGHLY disappointed. It's still fun, just not epic fun.
  3. Do you have to buy the U.K. Version of the base game too or did the DLC work for your version? If not how much did you have to spend for it? I am in the same boat.
  4. For Hall Of Fame trophy you need to get three stars on five tracks. Four are for a specific track location and the fifth is of your choosing. This game was a bit tougher than I originally planned. LOL
  5. A friend and I tried to play online and we could not search each other nor could we start a private match? Anyone have any success??
  6. Game is dead. Servers are closed and I was SOOOO close!
  7. Somewhat in topic, I never found a Cosmic Doop but I "looted" a cosmic medallion from a Shield Drop crate. Just use the boost and I got one on my third or fourth crate!!! Hope that helps. And I was on Normal difficulty, too!!
  8. Same here, it's asking me to purchase episode 3 as well. I am not paying for something I already paid for.
  9. Maybe someone can help me?? I cannot seem to get Portal H to open so i can get the last brain piece and momento! Can anyone help? I use the blind to activate the different area and can see the piece there, but I can not reach it. When I return to normal the portal is still inactive. There is nothing to charge strike to open and no monsters anymore. Did I glitch at the end of the game?? This is for Mountain Ghost Town L1, btw. I still have the green question mark showing, too.
  10. I would say an episode every other month or so?? I do like the trophy names!! All song titles!! Very clever as music does play a huge role, especially for Peter Quill!!
  11. And that game is available for the PS4 and works properly. Whereas the PS3 version is no longer working as was intended. And opinion is only "truth" to whom it matters most. I get missing out on a great game for a trophy is sad, but again this IS a trophy site. Trophies matter to most of us and to tell us otherwise and to insult us as a result IS trolling.
  12. I like how his opinion is the only one that matters. Especially when he is on a Trophy site. Why troll a site for trophy hunters? Maybe he's lonely and can only disagree with others. :/
  13. I found it . It was at the bottom of a mole hole on the jungle/tar pit junction. Incidentally is also where a chameleon is. In the tree with the signs!
  14. It's the chameleon, I believe he is mostly in the jungle climbing the trees. Does anyone know where the Escaler on Mars is located?? It's the last communicator I need for platinum!