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  1. My reason for it being overrated is because of its story. It's just another typical zombie story. Plus, Joel's relationship with Ellie is just creepy. "You remind me of my dead daughter, sit on my lap and call me daddy." I'm exaggerating a bit, but still it is just weird.
  2. This is a blessing in disguise for you: The last of us is overrated shit. Now you have time for good games. 👍
  3. 404. Good luck.
  4. 700 total. (Again.) I'm confident this will be your winning number. Or at least close to it. Good luck.
  5. Mine would be Songbird Symphony because I feel like the game is so unique and different but sadly I haven't finished it yet and the year is almost over.... So instead, my favorite platinum I got this year is the platinum for Sonic Forces. I was worried about starting the game when I first got it because a lot people and reviews were saying bad things about it. But after actually playing for awhile I thought all those people were wrong and thought it was a great game. And in my opinion, it is the best modern Sonic game yet. It's just hard enough to be a challenge, but easy enough so it's not ridiculous. (Like Sonic Unleashed) Overall it was a very fun game and the platinum was enjoyable. I'd recommend it to Sonic fans that didn't play it because of bad reviews.
  6. Even though I didn't win I enjoyed the game. Thanks for running it. Congratulations to the winners and merry Christmas everyone!
  7. Are these trophies unobtainable now? Or just harder to obtain? I'm just curious.
  8. Thanks for posting this! I got this game for my brother for Christmas. It'll be a nice surprise to also have this dlc.
  9. A memory I liked: The day it snowed on Chrismass when I was little. It doesn't happen a lot here, so it was special. :3
  10. If it's such an issue, buy a PC maybe? From reading the link OP posted, it sounds like the devs can't continue due to console limitations; not "evil capitalism or corporate greed" nonsense. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ some games are better on console, some are better on PC. Some are only possible on PC. Problem? Nah.
  11. Reasons like this is why you shouldn't buy unfinished games. "Online coming soon" should have been a red flag. I hope it gets updated for the people who bought this game, but I don't think it will be. =/
  12. Thanks a lot. I'll make a EU account if you really don't mind giving me your code.
  13. I didn't get a email. 🙁 I hope I do at some point; I just want the free theme.
  14. The only option in the poll I recognize is "Who Let the Dogs Out?" by Baha Men. 😅 hopefully my luck at winning is better than my knowledge of this stuff. Thanks for the giveaway!
  15. Katamari is a great series. Like others have said the trophies are hard, but it's a very fun game. If you can't find Katamari Forever on PS3 but still want to try out the series there is a Katamari game on PS Vita and one on the Nintendo Switch. The one on Switch is a HD remaster of the first Katamari game.