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  1. If you're stuck at 99%, then you're probably only missing the final bosses room. That trophy popped for me once I entered there.
  2. No.
  3. Did you go into the final bosses room?
  4. Figured I would share my two cents for anyone whom plans to purchase this game. For starters, you have 4 ending trophies which pertain to different requirements (as they do) and while it may seem like you may need 4 different run throughs, if you set it up right, then you will need at least 2, if (and only if) you mess up the requirement for one of the endings; that being said, it looks like it is possible to get 3 out of the 4 in a single run and then clean up the last one via a New Game. With that out of the way, you have trophies for collecting materials, cooking all the food, catching all the fish, harvesting all the plants, and finally obtaining ALL the Divine Skills in the game. There are 256 Divine skills and out of what was listed above, the Divine Skills take some serious time investment compared to the other four trophies. Next we have the typical fetch quests, which seems to be from 5 different sources and afaik, they are not missable and can be completed at any time; also, you have to fully explore the map (100%), but this is a staple with all SotN type games, and finally complete all the mazes at least once; so far the game is pretty cool, but do not expect it to be < than 40 hours.
  5. I got the for both versions within a day - so that should give you a general idea; bare in mind, both games are not very hard, but if you ask me Sins of an Empire felt harder than Flames of Rebellion.
  6. This game is far from a 10/10, my dood. It may seem that way due to what you have in the beginning, which is nothing, but the whole point is that you generally improve after each and every attempt; overall, Hades was a fantastic game and I did not have any issues while going for the and still play it from time to time.
  7. Opinions from others are a mixed bag for me when it comes to saying a game is "good" or "bad"; however, I played games solely based on interest alone which other have said are "bad" and my perspective (or experience) was actually quite enjoyable. One example is The Witch and the Hundred Knight which is actually, and surprisingly, an underrated gem of a game that is barely noticed due to the characters in the game. My own criteria for rating games is solely based on my own enjoyment as the usual "/10" scale is (as I feel) a bad way to gauge a game's difficulty; although, it can be a good judgement for some - it can be wonky if you give a some games a low score, yet it is difficult due to a lack of honesty from the player who played it to someone who may have an interest in that title, for example. My biggest "Yay or Nay" comes from again, experience while going for the platinum. Their are games that I have enjoyed the whole way while others I felt were an absolute slog the whole way through. One example of one game which was a pain to get through (and yet is unfinished) in my opinion was Resident Evil: Revelations back on the PS3; despite having only 10k kills and level 50 left until the platinum, I just do not care for the game. As for one I enjoyed, Star Ocean - The Last Hope - International comes to mind and while it takes a crazy amount of dedication (and time), I liked it (also FFX, and P5 / P5R). So ultimately, if you do not think you will enjoy a game, then just do not that genre of game. Rating and reviewing a game is something I think everyone should do - from time to time - to give other players sorta a scope on what to expect from a game. Games are meant to be fun, some challenging, hard, stupid hard, etc., but mostly the former. In any case, I feel like the authenticity of reviewing a game lets your voice heard about either what you liked, disliked, what could be better (and so on) about a game and even seeing how others felt, or if they felt the same way about the game as you did when going through it. Why - when going through Final Fantasy VII - Remake, the entire journey was great and even Hard mode was a blast, but despite it being fun, the reviews (or opinions) that others suggested about the mode were all but true as it was challenging; especially the VR missions, which are meant to see what you learned while playing the game and seeing if you can master it.
  8. Am I the only one that has issues with the Statue's working properly sometimes? There are times when I shoot them that they would rotate normally after being shot and some times whenever I shoot them, they just stand still and never rotate, staying red, and forcing me to restart a run completely. Edit: I cannot seem to get past difficulty 3 without the game preventing progression (offline) due to immobile statue's. :/
  9. As with most games like this and depending on your preference - earning the platinum post dev menu nerf will be more rewarding to some, but to each their own. Also, if they use Charles and revert back to the earlier patches, it can be still be done with the developer menu. So honestly if people can be bothered with the Charles tutorial, then it will be as the game was never patched.
  10. It is patch 1.06.
  11. Ah - I see what you mean. As far as I know, codes that were given for either Borderlands 2 or 3 could, in theory, still work for either game, but I cannot confirm that. Whenever I played the games, the codes I used were mainly given for the newest entry at the time; that being said, the suggestion you are making could in-fact work, but again, I am not 100% certain on that.
  12. The keys for both games are separate. Meaning you cannot use keys you have claimed for Borderlands 2 and have them for use in Borderlands 3. Both games have unique keys (shift codes) tied to either game. tl;dr If you used a shift key to claim skeleton keys for Borderlands 2 for example, then you can only redeem them in Borderlands 2.The same applies for shift codes for Borderlands 3.
  13. Spellshot + Graveborn was my build. I focused more on regening health when using spells and chose a glass cannon build and was able to get to chaos level 20 without too much trouble; however, I will say that two bosses in particular, Son of a Witch and Dry'l were annoying to fight, especially Son of a Witch on the higher Chaos levels due to the damn bird he constantly summons to regenerate his shields.
  14. If Team Ninja is the same developer I have always known, then personally it would seem unlikely that they would patch the exploit.
  15. Finally managed to get it. Thanks again for this along with the other tips in this thread as it helped a lot. Glad this is done.