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  1. Seeing as you deleted both the game data unity and the digital game itself (this doesn't really matter), then yes you are fine. I am sure you already know this, but all the digital version does is come with the patch preinstalled, not the DLC itself. Any DLC downloaded is located in the Game Data Unity folder which can be deleted. This will remove the patch, but the latest patch itself is to make the Awakened DLC playable. Just be sure not to save on a slot while you have the Awakened DLC installed and you will be fine for the glitch. Again, it is okay to play with the latest patch (just don't download the SP DLC), but when you beat Classic Mode and you want to start Hardcore (and Survivalist) with the Devil Horns, go to your Game Data Unity, delete the Dead Space 3 files (only), boot up the game and play without any patches up to Chapter 3. If you did it correctly, you will be offline and when you are actually in the game, it will say the Devil Horns is in your safe. Now: Go to or load up your Classic Save Select New Game +. Select Hardcore. Select New Game. Play up to chapter 3 and locate your first bench. Take the Devil Horns from your safe and equip it. Select it just in case. Save and Quit. Repeat steps 1-7, but instead select Survivalist instead of Hardcore. When done with both, go to step 9. Back out to the XMB, then boot up the game again and accept the patch. I think that about covers it. When you're ready to do the DLC, just install the DLC and use your completed Survivalist file to save yourself the headache.
  2. It's pretty good and I highly recommend it!
  3. I actually liked Bayonetta, so I may give it another go. 60 fps may make this and Vanquish a bit harder this time around, but I'm not entirely sure; however, from what I have read about Bayonetta running on 60 fps, it runs very, very well, so I'm looking forward to it.
  4. Yeah, they really missed a great opportunity here to name the something pretty interesting this time around. Things like "ARS operator" as the name sounds a lot better than just simply "Acquire all trophies". I digress. Such a shame, really. Most likely, but if you've done once then you can most likely do it again. The challenges and the actual will probably be the only UR's similar to the PS3 version.
  5. I'm assuming you mean "Proud" mode as their is no Critcial mode in Re:Chain of Memories. Critical Mode didn't first appear until BBS and KH2 FM.
  6. The Valkyrie has a shield which can pretty much block everything and is a very strong close-quarters combatant, plus she has a spin-attack which can kill a lot of enemies. You can also buy augments for her which make her even more broken if you have the coins to buy them. She is also good for the latter portion of the platinum as you will have to complete endless mode which can be made a bit easier with the Valkyrie cmpared the other adventurers. I remember starting Endless mode with the Elf and made it far without any issues, but the main problem I was having was with the demons. It's still doable mind you, but those floors will most likely give you troubles with the Elf, especially when you start seeing the summoners.
  7. Those 30k kills are no joke, my friend. I assure you that. Iirc, I watched most of House M.D. when working on my kills with Edge and Arumat.
  8. Valkyrie.
  9. Aren't You Thankful? Complete the game on Hardcore Mode.
  10. My guy, what is up? 

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      games, drones and making them beats, bout to jump on some fps for the online fix :)

  11. The list just seems like a "grind this, grind that, do this, complete that" type of list, but I'm a bit skeptical about it; however, I have heard it is a good/hard game due to how the game's mechanics work. From what I have read and or seen, BR (battle rank, I guess??) bases the enemies you fight and how strong they are. So, the longer you grind levels, the higher your BR increases, thus the stronger enemies you encounter from battle to battle. That is at least what I got from reading up on it - could be wrong of course, as I never got the chance to try it, originally. It looks fun though. While it makes sense to increase your BR to make your party stronger - it is also a bad thing since even the normal enemies (or just a single enemy from a group) can outright slaughter your entire team if it is too high. It just seems counterproductive for an RPG to insinuate grinding to get stronger and make your team more powerful as you normally would, but instead to actually punish you for doing it too much or too often. In retrospect, it seems the type of game that provides a unique "take" and or challenge on how to handle the grinding and ultimately makes you change the pace of a, well, typical RPG, and how you can make either your life easier or ultimately a living Hell, depending on how you handle your "BR" or whatever.
  12. It is my first platinum. Thanks.
  13. I'd like to post an update. + 1 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Finished this ages ago, but have been too busy to remember to post it on here. Been a little preoccupied with other things and catching up on my 3DS games. Thanks.