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  1. me & some guys did it back in february & it worked fine, for me on ps4 & them on ps5
  2. too late for that also im super against selling things as is, so that wouldnt have any value to me basically at this point unless i cant get it digital at all i will, even if im depressed and dont play much, cause there'll always be later
  3. well, i didnt actually finish lotf (which probably isnt actually a loss) mostly due to depression & playing pc games instead, but whatever. i'm not gonna change anything yet for one reason, and that's that there's only two games on the new quarter i will even consider, bread & mahvel, and bread's dumb so im not worrying about that yet. for mahvel though the only thing im actually missing is the online, because boosting it sucks ass, i remember actually trying to do it "legit" instead & those venom/sigma shitters (mostly venoms) just killed all my mood for it. so if anyone both has a real good way to boost and/or wants to it let me know. otherwise eh, bad genres and/or look like shit on the rest.
  4. i'm glad its not just a me thing started flipping out when bo4 wouldnt connect despite me still having half a year till expiration, but yet i can still play plus games i own, very weird bug.
  5. Ironman is just "only autosave" but if it can be cheesed like pc by (id imagine) just continually uploading & downloading the save from the cloud then that part is negligable with some patience. I will say its weird they dont have all of the original achievements over in this list, like blood eagle or a perfect circle, but eh, maybe theyll show up later.
  6. Vanquish - 100% done Enjoyable, if a little on the short side. I'll fully admit I used that infinite grenade glitch for the tactical challenges so they weren't too bad to do. Also first platinum game that I've actually finished so that's something, I guess 1: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (0.68 P%/0.34 T%) 92% done 2: Trackmania Turbo (0.61%) 100% done 3: Just Cause 2 (4.99%) 100% done 4: Vanquish (2.30%) 100% done 5: Yakuza Dead Souls (4.99%) 0% done 6: Mirror's Edge (2.83 P%/ 0.64 T%) 100% done 7: Dangerous Golf (1.36%) 100% done 8: Lords of the Fallen (4.18P%/ 1.10T%) 8% done 9: Call of Juarez Bound in Blood (3.31%) 100% done 10: Far Cry 2 (0.62%) 100% done Also I can't believe I've been waiting since december for BO4 to give me the mode I want to finish the mp and they still haven't, ffs.
  7. Mirror's Edge Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Rank: 1 = Catalyst I actually quite liked Catalyst when I played it years ago, and was always interested in playing the original, but just never got around to until now; do I think it's better then the sequel though? I'm not sure. I think the linear design of 1 is alot tighter then Catalyst's, until the back half where there's far less room to actually full speed your way through the map instead being far more platformer-y which I don't really like. So basically I like half of 1 more then Catalyst, and half less, which I guess makes them even? The biggest issue I have with the game is how "overprecise" everything is, so if you're even a few degrees off of a pipe you won't grab it, or if you try to climb a ledge a smidge too close to the corner she'll never grab it, or attempting to do a springboard a few millimeters too far away might make her jump at nothing or mantle the shit behind it (possibly to your death). It's all just too infuriating when you know what to do, and how to do it, but the game just decides "No". Combat is quite bad, and without that triggerable slow-mo I don't think I ever would've taken down any of the assault rifle guys in the later levels, with how tiny the window for the disarm is. The rest of the enemies at least are far more fair in that sense and even then you can avoid it 90% of the time, but that other 10% sure isn't fun. The speedruns weren't as bad as I thought they'd be, with one sharp exception in the form of chapter 9, where I spent two and a half hours on that garbage because of the smallest error (usually just not grabbing a ledge or pipe properly) completely ending it. None of the others were anywhere near as bad, not even chapter 2, the other notorious one, which is far less punishing despite being almost twice the length. Time Trials were where most of the issues with this game arise, since you only have a leniency of 9/99 stars to not get, so you need to get 3* on almost everything but thankfully most aren't that bad, but the few that are are very bad. You at least get almost instant retries, which without probably would've driven me insane. The ones I skipped for those curious ended up being Playground 3, New Eden, Atrium 1, Shard 1, Chroma, Razzmatazz, Actino, Actino Rise, & Reflex. =========================================================================================================================== OlliOlli is no longer done, now that World's out, so that'll be happening at some point, I guess And Obviously both Mirror's Edges are done so it's just give and take with these things
  8. If you're open to ps3 games yeah theres some good ones like COD Classic & MOH Frontline if you're willing to go that old school as for ps4, Payday 2 is great if you can find some people to have fun with, but it will take forever to get all the dlc done I think that ps4 port of the og Red Faction is a pain in the ass, though i can't verify that myself of course there's always COD, which people always complain about the zombies in (but it's not actually that bad) also the fact you bring up hotline miami makes me think you're also reaching out of standard shooter fare, some maybe something along the lines of dead nation or something? and then the obvious people have already brought up ala shadow warrior/wolf 2/doom 2/etc.
  9. Mirror's Edge - 100% done Looking forward for years to play this but now i finally got around to it. Was fun overall but that chapter 9 speedrun & a handful of time trials (mostly from the dlc) really made me want to chew glass with how overly precise some "interactions" with ledges and pipes and shit are. I don't know that'd i'd say its an 8-9/10 or whatever, but still not easy. 1: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (0.68 P%/0.34 T%) 92% done 2: Trackmania Turbo (0.61%) 100% done 3: Just Cause 2 (4.99%) 100% done 4: Vanquish (2.30%) 12% done 5: Yakuza Dead Souls (4.99%) 0% done 6: Mirror's Edge (2.83 P%/ 0.64 T%) 100% done 7: Dangerous Golf (1.36%) 100% done 8: Lords of the Fallen (4.18P%/ 1.10T%) 8% done 9: Call of Juarez Bound in Blood (3.31%) 100% done 10: Far Cry 2 (0.62%) 100% done
  10. The worst thing autopopping has done has made people entitled, that they think they deserve more then what they actually did and so every game has to devolve into people wanting it to autopop because they think they deserve it, when frankly i don't know why it even exists in the first place, noone in the inbetween of ps3/ps4 cared about it, but now everything has to for no good reason with only a very small group of exceptions (like online only games which are unfortunately unavoidable). While I know logistically this isn't really an option I definitely think it should be cut from fastest boards at the very least, since it completely kills those boards. And for the people that complain about having to play the game again, why not just y'know, not play it again? or does that make too much sense?
  11. as a cod fan who absolutely despised destiny this might be the worst possible outcome, what the fuck sony
  12. holy shit i almost bought planet coaster on the christmas sale a month ago, really dodged a bullet there but hey, finally a game i actually really give a shit about
  13. good job with skullgirls, i've had an itch to go back to it but especially after reading how hard you've though of it as someone really into the genre doesn't fill me with much confidence in my own capabilities. but hey, your ceiling can only keep getting closer to the peak of the genre's, so good luck with whatever's next.
  14. Call of Juarez Bound in Blood - 100% done very hard is incredibly asinine at a few points, most notably the final chapter since you die in one shot basically, also the whole weapons having tiers of quality shit + shop/money in general is just weird and doesnt really add alot in my opinion, still okay though 1: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (0.68 P%/0.34 T%) 92% done 2: Trackmania Turbo (0.61%) 100% done 3: Just Cause 2 (4.99%) 100% done 4: Vanquish (2.30%) 12% done 5: Yakuza Dead Souls (4.99%) 0% done 6: Mirror's Edge (2.85 P%/ 0.64 T%) 0% done 7: Dangerous Golf (1.36%) 100% done 8: Lords of the Fallen (4.18P%/ 1.10T%) 8% done 9: Call of Juarez Bound in Blood (3.32%) 100% done 10: Far Cry 2 (0.62%) 100% done i dont really know how much longer this rate gonna keep up
  15. Just Cause 2 Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Rank: 3 > 2 Just Cause 2 on paper feels like just a less polished Just Cause 3 with a few exceptions, for better and worse. Take for example the maps: In 3, you have Medici and it's really big island with two smaller seperated areas, 2's Panau is alot more interconnected with more even distribution of settlements and less is wasted on water, which I do appreciate to an extent, but at the same time it feel like there's overwhelmingly more things to do just off sheer map icons alone. Clearing those towns & bases & whatever also is a downgrade from 3, since in 3 it was super nice and clear, giving you a good checklist of all the shit you need to destroy to liberate it, but in 2 the only form of a "checklist" is a percentage, making those quite hidden fuel tanks or transformers a real pain in the ass, however it's even worse, as you also need to grab all the "resource parts" in the area too for whatever fucking reason, and those you can only find with a little flashing icon in the top left which just basically amounts to running around getting shot in a military base looking for these randomly placed crates killing all flow the game might have on clearing areas. On the note of the resources, they're okay I suppose. You have four main resources: weapon parts (to upgrade your guns), vehicle parts (to upgrade your buyable vehicles), cash stashes (to buy things from the black market), and armor pieces (every five gives you a health boost). Despite they fact there's like 2700 of them total which is way too fucking many, it is nice they actually do tangible things. As for the black market, it's nice you can call a weapon drop or vehicle basically anywhere, but it is weird how limited the vehicle selection is (there's only like 12 of them including one boat, one plane, and two helicopters), they are admitted some of the better ones especially fully upgraded; same for the guns except you can actually buy all of them (but only carry one big gun, two sidearms, and grenades/triggered bombs) and they upgrade the weapons enemies drop too which I think is incredibly weird design but it saves money (that you'll have way too much of as is) so whatever. One thing that did surprise me is how awful vehicles control in 2, after years of hearing that "the cars are bad in 3 cause the guys who actually know how to do them were busy on Mad Max" even though 2 & 3's cars are pretty close. Boats probably handle the best, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to fuck up boat controls so that makes sense. Helicopters are fine, though they are really stiff and aiming their guns/rockets, especially at other helicopters, is kind of a pain, but not unbearable. Planes are almost unusable, they are so twitchy on rolling that it's very, very easy to lose control and bin it, plus no actual "flat" turning exists (or the ability to reverse on ground) so you have to roll into the turns and just hope you've lined up properly. Thankfully they don't make you use them very often. Cars are incredibly unwieldy at any form of real speed, and the roads are not wide enough for how much ai traffic is in the way meaning hitting things is kind of unavoidable; the Trackmania Turbo-esque physics on which though is hilarious and is trying to lean in on the action movie style I guess? Still just ended up paragliding everywhere which is still fun at least. My least favorite part though is probably the absurd spawn rate of enemies and more specifically, their never ending stream of attack helicopters on heat (wanted level from GTA) as low as 2 making doing any form of destruction (which always gives some heat no matter what or where) just tedious as all hell; I can't even count the sheer amount of times I've had to do that hijack QTE sequence, since it's far & away the fastest way to deal with them. Enemies are also weirdly tanky, even on normal, and bullet accuracy is all over the place so you need quite a few shots even with the highest upgraded guns on pretty much everyone. The story is whatever but it's quite short (only 7 main missions about 20-30 minutes a piece) and knows that it doesn't really matter and just has fun with it. Most faction missions are super short, singular objectives (the intro cutscenes might be longer then some of them), but a few have marginally more meat to them, but not by much outside of shooting the Imperial Japanese Army on a cursed island to save some drugs deliveries which is the best one. Basically I would say if you enjoyed 3, you would probably enjoy 2 to an extent (or vice versa), but personally I liked 3's polish more overall. Wolfenstein 3D Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 Rank: TNO > TOB > 3D > 2009 One of the proper boomer shooters, Wolf 3D definitely shows it's age in some areas which I can't totally hold against it, but I can still complain about. Firstly, the main gunplay is decent, if a little slow with kind of sluggish turning, okay walk speed, and a somewhat tactical approach required for gunfights with how fast you can die (and yes I am aware you can sprint but that has the inverse problem of being so fast it's unwieldy so I didn't use it much). There's only 5 main enemies in the game, only 2 of which are tanky enough to be somewhat of an issue without the Nazi's sheer numbers advantage, but the worse of the two only shows up in the second episode and never again so overall it's not too bad. Basically the main approach to areas is try to bait guards into chokepoints, like doorways or corners, and lay em down one at a time (because they can shoot through each other without consequence but you can't), and the bullet drop off is so strong you can die in like, 2-3 shots up close, but take almost nothing from a good distance. The level design is incredibly basic, every map's built on a grid with few tilesets and decorations around, so getting lost is very easy and honestly a bigger concern then the enemies, at least early on. Also secrets exist, but without a map or wall humping you're not finding most of them which isn't great, and neither is the fact some later on are required to progress which is asinine. Alot of the levels are quite big too, which I didn't really end up liking, so the overall smaller episodes (3 & 5), I probably enjoyed the most. You only have 4 weapons in the game, and the knife is so bad you may aswell have 3: The pistol, which is really just used until you get the Machine Gun, the primary weapon of the game (for me at least), and the Chaingun mostly for big horde clearing & boss fights. The Chaingun eats two bullets minimum per shot and with how easy it is to kill the basic guards in one hit the Machinegun is way better at conserving ammo, since I ran out a couple times in the last few level even trying my best to conserve. The boss fights are incredibly simple, and that's fine, though 4/6 you're supposed to hear when they're done shooting to pop out and get some hits, but I honestly could not hear them very well, and I don't know if that's just a me thing or a ps3 port thing or what. I don't think I liked it more then TNO or TOB, just due to it's basicness, but I believe 3D's more fun then the 09 game, not to say I didn't enjoy that, it was just kinda bland in comparison. =========================================================================================================================== No, besides one time I tried streaming TLOU on grounded+ and I hated it, why.