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  1. from what i remember on the ps3 version, the gang members & such for challenges don't completely disappear when you own the districts, but they do become incredibly rare spawns, so it's not technically impossible, just a pain in the ass
  2. you have to do all the normal, hard, and expert challenges for one character, the actual number of them varies per character
  3. Everything in golf club 2 is delayed as fuck, thats just how the game is.
  4. They did fix it, back in like, mid-2018
  5. Just get the highest tier rail gun, and the offensive augment at the top of the stairs; a fully charged shot can sometimes completely skip phase 2
  6. They’re only wrong on psnp though, on ps4 they’re perfectly fine, so I’m not sure why this issue even exists Maybe it is intentional from someone on this side though, idk
  7. Y’all have been harassing the ubisoft support for like months now, so I think it’s time to give them a break like it’s not coming back, just accept that, and leave these people alone
  8. This is going down? Shit, well, I guess now’s a time as any to finish it
  9. It’s literally the only thing I’m missing for plat, and no matter what i do I can’t get past like 80m, let alone to fuckin 150m Anyone else having issues with this, and if so, anyone got any tips?
  10. The reloads only count in 2, in hitman 2016, i remember having to do fresh full runs for everything to count properly
  11. the fact that it took 44 posts to answer a yes/no question is almost comical
  12. #148, 149, & 150/10k trophy - Destiny, Resogun, & Persona 5

    1. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

      Awesome milestones 👍

    2. DamagingRob
  13. good to know that fucking grid 2 trophy is still broken out the ass and continues to waste my time

  14. #146 - Aliens vs Predator

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    2. --Deleted--


      Nice. I loved that game. Marine campaign on nightmare difficulty ftw.


      MP was fun. Hope you were able to get some legit games in. Would be a shame to waste all of that on boosting.

    3. TehUberCheezCatz


      Shockingly enough a small-ish amount of people actually still play this for fun, and the few matches that were legit were actually pretty fun to mess around in

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯