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  1. 1: yes, and 2: the only thing you could possibly lose is the phantom suit, which does nothing in terms of gameplay, so no.
  2. but it is an online trophy
  3. they’re all definitely possible solo, it’s just a matter of being more tedious on some steps compared to having someone else hold the zombie
  4. I’ve gotten it in the middle before, any of them are possible
  5. punchlines are celebrations, you can buy them or get them from the season rewards
  6. It’s just a drop from killing zombies on alcatraz, along with the other chaos character items
  7. So I’ve spent the past about 2 weeks working on blackout, and i can safely say this is one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in a video game. Between every match being filled with dark matter sweats, some of the most inconsistent spawns for items I’ve ever seen, and bizarre hit detection at times (though maybe that’s just me), and now trying to get a win in the basic mode for woods is just unfeasable at the moment unless you’re a god or getting hard carried which even still requires insane luck blackout makes this a hard pass immediately, which is disappointing, as the zombies isn’t terrible in my opinion
  8. Congrats on the COD plats.

  9. it’s a dank shitpost game, it deserves all the plays it can get
  10. God, I didn't realize threads could get this salty, oof.
  11. from what i remember on the ps3 version, the gang members & such for challenges don't completely disappear when you own the districts, but they do become incredibly rare spawns, so it's not technically impossible, just a pain in the ass
  12. you have to do all the normal, hard, and expert challenges for one character, the actual number of them varies per character
  13. Everything in golf club 2 is delayed as fuck, thats just how the game is.
  14. They did fix it, back in like, mid-2018