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  1. ...sure, ok.
  2. dont want to play it twice, dont put it on your list twice, real simple stuff
  3. you like padding your list with worthless filler not because you like games, but are addicted to number go up, sure
  4. good, im tired of these autopops, maybe this will curb the wave of them
  5. i wouldnt say that, its just a bit of an uptick from maria honestly i did this fucker & maria in one try because parry gud, but ludwig took like 50, so its all subjective anyways
  6. i havent been able to turn the game recently, but on the racenet site theyre still broken, so id wager yes
  7. if they actually gonna charge to get the rest of the senran girls into a senran game, boy thatll be some dumb shit
  8. i had to delete my game save & do it fresh for it to actually work, so try that maybe?
  9. i mean, i like tits, and i like poker, i just wish there was more
  10. at this point, i feel like nobody knows, not even goobisoft, so i guess just try to get it done as early as possible just in case
  11. of all the things to see from old games, a knife only run makes me quite happy
  12. Bruno's thing drops from zombies in alcatraz, eventually, then just punch & leave, real easy
  13. oh boy, here we go Air Conflicts Vietnam (PS3) - 7 hours 47 minutes (1st) Alekhine's Gun - 8 hours 5 minutes (6th) Bound - 12 hours 37 minutes (5th) Dead Rising 2 (PS4) - 5 days 6 hours (10th) Gal*Gun Double Peace (NA) - 3 days 4 hours (7th) Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 (NA) - 3 days 1 hour (17th) Metal Wolf Chaos /XD/ - 2 days 11 hours (5th) Mini Metro - 5 days 7 hours (1st) MLB 16 The Show (PS4) - 5 days 7 hours (7th) NBA 2K18 The Prelude - 35 minutes 4 seconds (3rd) Not a Hero - 8 hours 29 minutes (46th) One Word by POWGI - 7 minutes 29 seconds (12th) Party Golf - 9 hours 14 minutes (1st) Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles - 2 days 4 hours (21st) Rez Infinite - 14 hours 28 minutes (1st) Rogue Warrior - 1 day 1 hour (6th) Steep - 3 days 9 hours (19th) The Deadly Tower of Monsters - 4 hours 12 minutes (29th) The Golf Club 2 - 9 months 1 day (21st) The Price is Right Decades - 1 year 4 months (30th) Titan Souls - 22 hours 43 minutes (39th) Wanted Weapons of Fate - 8 hours 34 minutes (10th) i think that all the fastest boards im on
  14. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Quarter Muncher ~ possibly the dumbest most out-of-place thing in the entire series, making you play a bad alternative to space invaders while simultaneously having to jump between moving platforms to actually hit things with the fucking tractor beam cannon or whatever the hell it was which actually has gravity drop making it all that more of a pain in the ass to hit things. Not to mention the awful path to even attempt the machine with the fucking pool kills and zombies spawning in the pool with no indication ruining the attempt and the dumb decoding shit and fighting the ghosts and oh god i hate it so much, i never want to see this fucking map again as long as i live. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4/IIII - Blackout Historian ~ oh hey its cod again, but this time feeling like the game was breaking like before, instead it just broke me and singlehandedly put me into a month long depression, all because of that bastard woods. Combining the plague of the late 2010s, battle royale, and cod was an awful decision out the gate, but then having to win against the swarms of dark matter sweats as everyone else very quickly dropped the game, plus the luck of even getting the fucking headband & helicopter (which wasn't likely), and the awful unbalanced guns because treyarch couldn't give a rats ass about this mode, and its just the worst shitstorm of everything possible. Trials Fusion - Anger Management ~ this might be the hardest thing i've done out of pure skill required, as having to be on your A game for 5 straight minutes, with no slowing down allowed at all, and the increasingly pain in the ass obstacles. Maybe this'll change when i actually sit down and try to finish the rest of fusion, whenever the hell that might happen. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony - Monolithic Achievement ~ of all the minigames put into the series, mind mine is probably the worst, and so creating a version of it where fucking programs and solvers had to be made because every single move including the very first one can entirely screw you out of the S rank is really shit, plus the randomization because fuck it, i guess it wasn't bad enough. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - Archive Collector ~ darkside chronicles was pretty shit all around, but making me not only get all the damn collectibles, but beat the game 4 times, and get the S ranks, and grind out all that fucking money for weapon upgrades which took way longer then it had any right to. i don't know how they made this shit so back after umbrella chronicles was actually fun and decent, like fuck. The Price is Right: Decades - Drop it like it's hot ~ man, i remember like 10 years ago, watching price is right, and enjoying it all including plinko, now all i see is torment on that board. imagine trying to play a game entirely based around physics, except none of the physics actually work and you can drop it in the exact same place 5 times and get wildly different results every time, making this completely luck based. not to mention that this shit is online so either you need to dig up 2 copies of this game or convince someone else to play this garbage with you long enough to get the chance to even try it, because getting 1998 specifically is also completely random and will require a shit ton of resets. and the best part of it all? you have to do it AGAIN in local multiplayer, so you actually get to do this whole disaster TWICE. Yakuza 5 - Hall of Famer ~ while yakuza 5's 100% as a whole is a couple steps beyond tedious with how much garbage fucking everywhere they make you do, i'm mostly putting it here just for the coliseum, more specifically, as akiyama & shinada, two characters not built for how the coliseum works, and boy does it show, expecially in the later fights like the 100 man brawl or ultimate challenge or whatever. those are just some of the bigger stinkers that jump out at me
  15. i *think* you can get all the muppet & dc stuff without buying them move you cant due to some tutorials & minigames or whatever iirc and cross controller im not actually sure on, so maybe?