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  1. what a buncha shit, guess i really aint ever buying aaa games on launch ever again
  2. well the first was episodic, so the trophies came out when the episodes did, as for h2 who the fuck knows what happened
  3. bonus - It'd have to Polar Express, I suppose, based on sheer watchtime
  4. All 3 air conflicts games Price is Right Decades Alien vs Predator Cod Black Ops 1 dlc Cod Black Ops 2 Cod Black Ops 3 dlc Cod Ghosts Destiny Destiny 2 John Daly's Prostroke Golf Max Payne 3 most (if not all) the MX vs ATV games Payday 2 Crimewave edition Raid World War II Red Dead Redemption dlc Resident Evil 5 dlc Rogue Warrior
  5. iw is pretty good, better then aw by a longshot for the first three maps at least, but those last two are just ech except for maybe the easter eggs, those are overall pretty miss in my book
  6. once you get the higher tier weapons & know the routes to all the objectives they're not that bad, since time is the most important stat; i only really found the boss fight ones troublesome it will take a while though, since there are 51 of them to do
  7. your best bet is probably just leave a comment on the guide & hope theyre still around to fix it
  8. So apparently I never managed to get the Veronica Plant file from Javier 4 despite getting the other two files you get from beating it on normal, and no amount of replays on normal, hard or very hard will trigger it, so am I fucked? or is there a solution to this problem? edit: ok nevermind its just every guide online but one is blatantly incorrect about this file's location
  9. they're all obtainable currently, the guide's just wrong
  10. i mean, this is how it was when the 4 launched too, and tons of games got seperate lists for both on the same launch, give it time, theyll figure out how to toss the stacks out
  11. according to a guy i talk to both iceborne & the base list are in the same application
  12. ...yeah, sure, why not? put me up on it
  13. I do think you can replay haruka's princess league shit in premium adventure if you don't get the songs unlocked the first go around. but yeah just basically don't sell anything that isn't a plate or something till kamiyama's done with all the weapons, otherwise you can get the full completion list in premium adventure
  14. 1: yes, and 2: the only thing you could possibly lose is the phantom suit, which does nothing in terms of gameplay, so no.