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  1. ill say bound aswell, its not good, but its a joke of a 0.65% yeah, "very doable"
  2. you real late to the party if you just finding out now
  3. i personally found desolate dome to be the easiest, for whatever reason, also on the helium cause its busted as fuck.
  4. tbf you havent had to "complete" a main far cry since 2, 3 & 4 didnt make you get all the collectibles or side missions, and 5 required even less, thats just how the series is, unfortunately
  5. they changed the prestige & leviathan stuff when that got tossed, so probably, though itll be pretty stupid id imagine.
  6. It’s literally the only thing I’m missing for plat, and no matter what i do I can’t get past like 80m, let alone to fuckin 150m Anyone else having issues with this, and if so, anyone got any tips?
  7. well uh, after tonight that's not happening, ever, since this is the first game in like 5 years to actually make me throw a controller, and the first to break my tv, so i think i'm permanently done with it's garbage. I may have a bunch of stupid games done, but this actually past my breaking point, so there's your warning, I would recommend never starting this and not giving it your time.
  8. i was scared this might happen, something deep in my mind said they might add more trophies with the last update, and there it is. and i have to do the whole fucking game again to get them, agh
  9. i feel like i'm the only person actually down for golf, since it the first game on the lineup i'm actually giving a shit since battlefield v, mk is bleh and ps5 game sounds like complete garbage so big oof to those
  10. I dunno man, those wallride jumps (which they love too much) feel like you're just shooting the breeze and hoping it actually works, plus your car just rolling in the air after a ramp to whatever angle it feels like for no real reason is infuriating when it can just kill runs completely I just did 180 first in the black valley, cause everyone wants to talk about how hard it is, so now I've moved on to the other two terrible ones apparently, 175 which will be after, and 178 now, so that's fun.
  11. As someone who's currently in the really shitty part of trackmania, and has also played a shit ton of trials, let me say that at its worst, it's nowhere as fun as trials, and it gets real stupid sometimes. It's fucking draining later on, with some parts feeling pretty luck based, which in a game like this sucks ass. I haven't really been enjoying it since blue even, but I'm also not a big racing guy, however much that'd actually help with how different it is.
  12. well i got my one in bloons td 5, and nothing else cause i just keep playing stupid games all day instead, but whatever.
  13. so ive been slowly plugging through black canyon over the last 3 days and just have the last and apparently worst two left, only to find out theyre a fucking 2 minute & 2:30 golds respectively, please tell me they dont keep staying like this cause i dont know if i have in it me to do that many more a-b tracks that fucking long especially in the valley update: so i did actually get the canyon done, and tried 180 out of curiosity, and yeah, no, all of these shitty jumps back to back to back is complete garbage, how the fuck am i supposed to actually do this update 2: so after probably two and a half hours today & another hour/hour and a half yesterday i got it, it might be literally the worst possible gold medal run ever done, but i dont care, nothing about these black tracks are enjoyable and i genuinely dont want to play another one of these games after sitting through the ones ive already done, let alone the rest. https://youtu.be/RS40rAyI-6g
  14. i know valley sucks and all, but dear god i just want to be done with these fucking canyon tracks so much

  15. doing almost all 40 red series tracks in one day, was a horrendous idea, holy fuck, cant wait for black to push my shit in tomorrow

  16. shadow complex is great, go play that.
  17. nothing's particularly hard in the base list, the campaign is super easy, you can kinda cheese the flip/flop if you can unpatch the game, and the riot special wave can be done if you play with someone who already has the map unlocked, skipping all the time wasted on all the other maps. dlc 1 is 20/20, cause that shit takes till like wave 25 playing optimally solo, and the easter egg, though that one isnt too bad dlc 2 has the really dumb survivor mechanic, and that 20 survivors rescued grind/4 survivors in one match are terrible, also a horrible rng-fest of an easter egg dlc 3 is honestly really easy outside of the easter egg, even wave 30 isnt that hard with a decent gun & the limbo dlc 4 has one of the longest & most tedious easter eggs in the series imo (about 2 full hours on a successful attempt), and the double feature mode after which is just restarting it until you get one of the shotguns, not terribly hard, just boring also the completion rate is low cause cod is popular despite people refusing to buy the dlcs, thats how they all are, nothing special about it
  18. you could try this too https://steamhunters.com/
  19. Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 2.5/10 Rank: EV = PBS > BR:N > BA Part of me wonders how this & PBS are part of the same series, not that that's a bad thing, but the difference between that game and the endings of this game's two arc are so far apart from each other. Either way it's definitely more of the Versus gameplay, but at the same time feels kind of worse then Estival's? I feel like the camera was so much more of a pain in the ass here, aswell as some smaller things, like not having as much variety since obviously half the cast is deleted, or making me play as the two characters I like playing as the least in that game the second most in their respective arcs. Besides that, the story is fine enough, even if it has a weird RE2 scenario thing where both arcs follow the same basic beats and try to be two halves of a story, but theres enough small differences by the end that makes it kind of weird and not clear which is "more canon" then the other. Kinda disappointed that all the free missions are just filler, instead of being mini-character stories like Estival, but oh well. It's fun enough for what it is as a remake of a ten year old game, but I don't think it's better the Estival or PBS; definitely better the BA though, even if thats not a high bar. Max Payne 3 Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 7/10 Rank: 3 > 1 Sometimes what I do is I'll go out and just buy games mostly off the back of an opinion I've heard of them being really "hard". Now "hard" obviously is debatable, and I didn't think this was that hard to be honest, but seven years ago, when I bought this, there wasn't as much competition on that list, so this was alot more notorious, plus it being developed by Rockstar, who was still actually making games at the time which I actually enjoyed, and I was super onboard. And well, yeah, it's great, one of if not my favorite TPS even. The gameplay is so clean and feels so good to play, the bullettime is fantastic, the weapons (outside of a few outliers) feel and work great, and the "pseudo-qte" sequences throughout are cool. Only real problems with it is that the shootdodge, while definitely cool, leaves Max in the open for a century when he gets up after, so it's practically useless; the NPCs throughout the game (especially Passos) add nothing and are a hinderance more for just existing; and the enemies sometimes are a bit too durable compared to the ammo you're given at the time. Also the story is like, kinda whatever, I've never really cared about it but it kinda meanders from "protect this family" to "stop this conspiracy in the Brazilian police force" but it's just there to bring you from one level to the next. I know people don't like this game because of how different it feels to the original two, and that's fair, I played MP1 a few years ago and I get it, but I played 3 first so I already enjoyed it beforehand. All I need now is somebody to sit down & realize throwing MP2 with trophies out is easy money, like for fucks sake rockstar, come on now. Oh yeah and fuck the multiplayer, as much as I like their games, I've never liked any of their multiplayers, and this is no different, especially the complete waste of time that rank 50 was. Additional Progress Trials Fusion - 98% ~ Actually managed to finish the last dlc, meaning all thats left are those last eight challenges, oh boy ============================================================================================== oh hey finally an update because I actually finished a fucking game again. I'm not set on doing them like this fully, but i think this is fine, for now at least, but I still don't know if I should do anything for shit not in a series, or do updates before I actually finish a game. Maybe I can mop something together on series that I've already finished? Maybe I put devs/publishers in the list too as i been thinking about some of them, idk
  20. So I made a checklist way back in the day, and it was pretty shit (not to say this one wont be either). This is just me trying to structure the main thing I've grown to care about in terms of games, the series. I don't know how I'm going to structure or update this when the time comes, since obviously not everything counts towards these, but it'll be a thing, for as long as i care about it. Also nothing VR is counted cause fuck wasting money on a VR. Completed Series Air Conflicts Batman: Arkham Battlefront Criminal Girls Danganronpa Destiny Deus Ex The David Cage Quadriliogy of Sadness The Golf Club Hitman Hotline Miami inFamous Max Payne OlliOlli Operation7 Superhot Stealth Inc Zero Escape In Progress Uncompletable Series
  21. of course it is, fucks sake, guess its staying on hold then
  22. I agree, however in this case it at least has the excuse of the pc version which is something, i guess, at least its not the old trilogy again which is what i thought it was at first I sure as hell ain't sitting through these again though
  23. ah, not quite, the first one was published by them (as were the old ones), but 2 was WB iirc, and 3 was self-published, which is probably why its such a mess. i highly doubt that the h3 dlc would unlock for h2, so i wouldnt risk it, unless you just want to play h3 and not h2
  24. they used to all be seperate, but now they unlock all the lower difficulties, so death wish unlocks everything
  25. the first set is easy since the actual thrower should only get one out before he's shootable, and i dont remember the there ever being more then two molotovs on the second platform of them with very specific hit locations that are pretty easy to avoid if you just dont move up, maybe its cause of me just dumping the 4 guys infront of you when you climb the stairs immediately in bullettime then taking cover and killing the rest, but idk, i never had an issue there oh yeah that second cubicle fight is a mess, i never found a completely foolproof method to it outside of kind of slowing going around counterclockwise till everyone's dead, though i have seen them fuck up the grenade toss there multiple times for no reason, so at least there's that