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  1. I recently bought the PS3 version of this game, to be clear,there IS a trophy list which is the same as the other versions,if you play the game you can earn those trophies, the problem is that there is a bug on the trophy list because it doesn't sync to your online profile,the trophies that you earn don't even add to your overall number online. -Someone should contact sony, to see if this bug can get solved someway. -Also, i think PSN Profiles should add the trophy list to the site, even if no one has joined.If the game was inserted at least we could make gaming sessions for the only online trophy using the PS3 list, its not a big deal but it would be something.
  2. Currently you can only play player matches,so the Tennis Professor and Tennis Elbow trophies are still available,but the other online modes are down, i only have left some trophies on World Tour, so i hope they fix this as soon as possible.
  3. Thank god it was just a minor problem,the thing was that i did not know what was happening because there is not a server status update page, after creating this topic i got a link which say the Ubisoft games that are currently without online support and Driver San Francisco is not on that yet.Thankfully they reinstated the servers quickly. Ima make a session for my remaining trophies, we can close this topic now but i dont know how.
  4. The online now works, i will be playing later.
  5. I want to get my remaining online trophies on this game but i cant connect.The game says: The Ubisoft server is not available at this moment, try again later. Problem is, i got that message yesterday.Am i the only one with this problem? Or they did something with the servers? I've never had this message before
  6. Its funny how all of those requirements are just for the gold medalist trophy, which isnt gold, its bronze. No wonder this game got a trophy rating of 8'5 in the trophy guide, it looks like a lot of matches I want to try more tennis games,i only played one game of the genre, lets see where can i find this game.
  7. Thanks for answering
  8. Could this be done possibly in a boosting session? Not promoting one, just saying if it is possible.
  9. Ok,I did not saw the previous topic about this game.
  10. Hello, i dont have this game at the moment, but i want to know if the servers for this game are operative or not, i believe there is one online trophy in this game.
  11. I finally got the trophy, i'll give you one tip. If u want to get this trophy all you'll need is find a person who has three acounts, he will use two profiles for the first two matches and another profile for the restant matches while you,after you win the third match, do the usb trick.It will take some time but i assure you that's how i get it.
  12. The ultimate team trophies are still available, the fifa 12 servers are working so you can get the PT 100% Btw i need 2 persons to win group stage in the uefa euro 2012 online mode, in the third match i'll execute the usb trick
  13. Hi there, i have a problem with this trophy because i'm on quarterfinals and there's no one online,i need people to let me win the tournament