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  1. I never use fast travel - I see no point in having a big open world to explore if you're just going to fast travel your way through it. Also, in the Mirror's Edge games, I always play with the red highlighted objects that show you the route turned off. I find that figuring out where you need to go on your own is usually a fun puzzle.
  2. Mid year update: No lines completed yet but nine squares marked: [B3] Historical Fiction or Mythology - Assassin's Creed II [B4] With an Isometric View - Lara Croft GO [B5] Metroidvania or Rogue-like - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night [I1] Favourite Genre - Kick & Fennick [I3] With Player-Operated Vehicles - Urban Trial Freestyle [I4] That You Started But Didn't Finish - Trine: Enchanted Edition [G1] In a Series New To You - Rayman Origins [O1] Redeemed From PS Plus - Titanfall 2 [O5] Sci-Fi or Fantasy Themes - Mass Effect
  3. Earned my 25th platinum trophy - Assassin's Creed II. A fairly enjoyable experience, although I did find the parkour controls to be a bit wonky at times. I'm interested to see how Ezio's story proceeds in AC: Brotherhood and Revelations. The trophies weren't bad at all, with the exception of the infamous "In Memory of Petruccio" (Find all 100 feathers). However, I did manage to get them all without using a guide - one of my proudest gaming achievements!
  4. Here is my card for 2020: 16 categories are new to me; there are 9 that I also had last year ("Developed in a Foreign Country" is even in the same place on the card as it was for me last year!) Got the first square marked: [B5] Metroidvania or Rogue-like: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  5. Haven't posted a update since February - I actually forgot about this event for large portions of the year, but I was just about able to get one line completed, although I left it very late. Did a playthrough of The House of the Dead 4 last night with a PSMove controller to knock out square N4 and complete the middle column at 22:41 on New Year's Eve. Marked 12 squares in total: [I1] Based On a Non-Gaming IP: Batman: Arkham City [N1] That You Can Beat In One Sitting: Entwined [G1] Starts With The First Letter In Your PSNID: Metrico [N2] That Takes "Forever" To Beat: Borderlands [O2] Featuring a Romance or Romance Options: Dead Space 3 [I3] With a Female Protagonist: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light [N3] Player's Choice: Borderlands 2 [O3] With Player Choices or Multiple Endings: Forma.8 [I4] Arcade, Rhythm, or Puzzle: The Witness [N4] Peripheral-Based: The House of the Dead 4 [N5] Cult Favourite: Super Meat Boy [G5] Developed in a Foreign Country: Typoman: Revised Thank you very much for running this, @XX_FTW. If you are planning to run this event again, I have some ideas for new categories: - With less than 1,000 owners on PSNProfiles - Has a character with the same first name as yourself - Set in more than one country - Features time travel
  6. There are 36 missions in total, and 5 x 36 = 180, so you do need to 5-star every mission to unlock the last high value target.
  7. As a maths geek, I've always loved this platinum image from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (it's the famous Sierpinski triangle).
  8. Fuel - Bought the PS3 version at first; a couple of years later, I noticed that the PC version had a mod that I wanted to try out so bought that too. Metal Gear Solid 2 & Metal Gear Solid 3 - Owned the originals for PS2; these were also part of The Legacy Collection on PS3. Mirror's Edge - Triple dipped! Purchased the PC version first, but my computer wasn't quite good enough to run it without some frame rate drops, so I then bought it in a PSN sale. A few months ago, I found a physical copy for £0.99, and picked it up for a third time so I could delete the digital version and free up a few more gigabytes on my PS3's nearly full hard drive. Portal 2 - Originally purchased from Steam, later picked up the PS3 version so that a friend and I could do couch co-op more easily. Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Spinball - Owned the Mega Drive cartridges for 1, 2 and 3. Bought Sonic Mega Collection Plus for PS2 which featured all of these games. Bought Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection for PS3 which also has them all. And Sonic 1 can be unlocked in Sonic Generations. In total, that's 2 copies of S&K and Sonic Spinball, 3 copies of Sonic 2 and Sonic 3, and 4 copies of the original Sonic The Hedgehog. Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Got the PC version from Steam, then bought the Tomb Raider Trilogy for PS3 (Anniversary, Legend and Underworld).
  9. Three squares now marked - Based On a Non-Gaming IP: Batman: Arkham City is the latest addition to my card. This game would have also fit the bill for the "With Mystery or Detective Themes" square, and that corner square looked awfully enticing... but using square I1 gives me two marks in both the I column and the top row, so that's where it's going. List of Squares Marked & Games Played [I1] Based On a Non-Gaming IP: Batman: Arkham City [N1] That You Can Beat In One Sitting: Entwined [I3] With a Female Protagonist: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
  10. Marked my second square - That You can Beat In One Sitting: Entwined I played through most of this game last year but never got around to doing stages 8 and 9. Decided to start over this afternoon and got through the 9 "story" levels in about an hour. Entwined has some really nice relaxing visuals to behold in the free-flying areas in between levels, which is exactly the breather you need after stages that often require intense concentration (especially in the last three levels). A very short game if all you want to do is reach the ending, but I'm going to need to invest a lot of time practising if I'm ever going to get 100% due to the very difficult challenge mode. List of Squares Marked & Games Played [N1] That You can Beat In One Sitting: Entwined [I3] With a Female Protagonist: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
  11. Finally marked my first square - With a Female Protagonist: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Was pleasantly surprised by this game - I wasn't sure if a Tomb Raider game would work well from an isometric perspective and with a heavy focus on co-operative play, but this proved to be very enjoyable for the most part (although I haven't actually tried the co-op mode yet). Some parts were clearly designed with 2 players in mind, but it's perfectly playable as a single-player game too. If you're searching for ideas for the Isometric Perspective or Co-Operative categories then you can do a lot worse than this; and you might already have it if you've been a long-term subscriber to PS Plus (it was part of the IGC in 2012).
  12. Sounds like a great idea for an event, and hopefully I'm not too late to enter this (it is still just about 2018 in my time zone). Here is my bingo card: Some ideas I have for games in each category: if anybody has any suggestions for the "Featuring a Romance or Romance Options", "Recommended By a PSNP Member" and "With Minigames In It" categories, please let me know. Thank you and good luck, everybody!
  13. The Pinball Arcade's trophy list for PS4 needs updating ( - a new gold trophy for the season 7 DLC pack needs to be added. Also, I'm not sure if this is the right place to mention this, but the info box for the game "Fuel" isn't quite right - it lists the game's genres as "Shooter, Platform, Puzzle, Racing, Quiz/Trivia". Fuel is most definitely not a shooter, a platformer, a puzzle game or Quiz/Trivia; it's an open-world racing game.
  14. It's taken more than 5 years and 2,631 trophies, but I now have my first sub 1% rarity trophy! It actually wasn't nearly as hard as the rarity would suggest - I got over 70% of the levels done without actively going for this trophy; as for the rest, there's only a couple that are even moderately difficult to do without dying. Just take things slowly and carefully, avoid silly mistakes and it'll come without much trouble. Completing all the DLC levels without dying, plus knocking off all the time trials and fewest shifts goals looks like another story, though; so much precision needed to earn some of those.
  15. Just some more detailed stats and a quick roundup of my progress since KYC5 before I begin my first game of this event: Statistics at start of KYC6 Completion rate: 54.46% [Up 0.90% since end of KYC5] Completion rate (including games at 0%): 29.65% Trophies earned: 2,544 (20, 149, 463, 1,912) for 59,580 points Unearned trophies: 1,855 Unearned trophies (including games at 0% & DLC trophies): 6,234 Average rarity of earned trophies: 45.53% Games on profile: 209 Games with at least one trophy earned: 106 Possible trophies that can be earned during this event: 347 (8, 31, 82, 226) for 10,080 points (plus Q.U.B.E 2's trophies, still to be announced). Progress with my KYC5 games But before I begin my games for this event, what progress have I made with my KYC5 games over the last 3 months? Perhaps not as much as I should have done - my completion rate has only recovered by a measly 0.90%. I have put a fair amount of time into Crash Bandicoot and Sly 3 recently instead, also, I'm still playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 every day (even though I had the platinum a year and a half ago, I want all the gold course pins... a hundreds upon hundreds of hours long grind, and there won't even be a trophy to show for it if and when I do finish it??? Yes, I'm off my rocker!). Still yet to return to 6 of my 10 KYC5 games, but here's how things stand with the other 4: Pinball Arcade (At end of KYC5, was 12% complete. Now 7% complete(?!)) No, that's not a typo - they finally released trophies for the season 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 DLC packs. Tried a few more tables out - Scared Stiff, Black Rose, F-14 Tomcat and Big Shot have become real favourites; Pin*Bot and White Water not so much. New DLC tables and a new patch have been recently released after a year-long hiatus, and more patches are on the way - they're making an already excellent simulation even better; keep up the good work, FarSight! Ratchet & Clank (At end of KYC5, was 50% complete. Now 100% complete & earned!) At long last I've platted a KYC game! My 20th platinum trophy overall. Grinding for the million bolts trophy got a bit tedious (had everything else done after 2 and a bit playthroughs, but took almost another 2 playthroughs on top of that before the plat finally popped). Despite showing a few signs of age, the original R&C still holds up today, more than 15 years after release. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (At end of KYC5, was 11% complete. Now 52% complete) Completed my first playthrough and it was an enjoyable experience overall. The boss fights were pretty mediocre, and the story got a bit too complicated for me to properly follow at times, but everything else was great. Definitely worth giving this another play some time, especially as I missed out on some of the side missions. Knack (At end of KYC5, was 11% complete. Now 32% complete) Finished one playthrough and tried some of the challenges. A decent amount of fun and a decent amount of difficulty too, but, like some of you guys, I'm not looking forward to grinding out the missing gems - I have found just one diamond so far. I would like to try out the hardest difficulty, but having to start over with collecting stuff is putting me off at the moment - maybe I can back up my current save file to avoid losing progress?