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  1. Platinum #21: Dead Space


    Superb game - a must play if survival horror is your thing. Platinum wasn't too bad except for Chapter 9 on Impossible difficulty - that barracks area is extremely hard if you're not loaded up with health packs, but I made it!

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Great work! 👍


      I have yet to play any game in this series. Have to admit that it looks pretty interesting to me with its whole futuristic survival-horror setting even though I get scared kinda easily at this type of games lol  xD

    3. PlatynowyKot
    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

  2. The Pinball Arcade's trophy list for PS4 needs updating ( - a new gold trophy for the season 7 DLC pack needs to be added. Also, I'm not sure if this is the right place to mention this, but the info box for the game "Fuel" isn't quite right - it lists the game's genres as "Shooter, Platform, Puzzle, Racing, Quiz/Trivia". Fuel is most definitely not a shooter, a platformer, a puzzle game or Quiz/Trivia; it's an open-world racing game.
  3. It's taken more than 5 years and 2,631 trophies, but I now have my first sub 1% rarity trophy! It actually wasn't nearly as hard as the rarity would suggest - I got over 70% of the levels done without actively going for this trophy; as for the rest, there's only a couple that are even moderately difficult to do without dying. Just take things slowly and carefully, avoid silly mistakes and it'll come without much trouble. Completing all the DLC levels without dying, plus knocking off all the time trials and fewest shifts goals looks like another story, though; so much precision needed to earn some of those.
  4. Just some more detailed stats and a quick roundup of my progress since KYC5 before I begin my first game of this event: Statistics at start of KYC6 Completion rate: 54.46% [Up 0.90% since end of KYC5] Completion rate (including games at 0%): 29.65% Trophies earned: 2,544 (20, 149, 463, 1,912) for 59,580 points Unearned trophies: 1,855 Unearned trophies (including games at 0% & DLC trophies): 6,234 Average rarity of earned trophies: 45.53% Games on profile: 209 Games with at least one trophy earned: 106 Possible trophies that can be earned during this event: 347 (8, 31, 82, 226) for 10,080 points (plus Q.U.B.E 2's trophies, still to be announced). Progress with my KYC5 games But before I begin my games for this event, what progress have I made with my KYC5 games over the last 3 months? Perhaps not as much as I should have done - my completion rate has only recovered by a measly 0.90%. I have put a fair amount of time into Crash Bandicoot and Sly 3 recently instead, also, I'm still playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 every day (even though I had the platinum a year and a half ago, I want all the gold course pins... a hundreds upon hundreds of hours long grind, and there won't even be a trophy to show for it if and when I do finish it??? Yes, I'm off my rocker!). Still yet to return to 6 of my 10 KYC5 games, but here's how things stand with the other 4: Pinball Arcade (At end of KYC5, was 12% complete. Now 7% complete(?!)) No, that's not a typo - they finally released trophies for the season 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 DLC packs. Tried a few more tables out - Scared Stiff, Black Rose, F-14 Tomcat and Big Shot have become real favourites; Pin*Bot and White Water not so much. New DLC tables and a new patch have been recently released after a year-long hiatus, and more patches are on the way - they're making an already excellent simulation even better; keep up the good work, FarSight! Ratchet & Clank (At end of KYC5, was 50% complete. Now 100% complete & earned!) At long last I've platted a KYC game! My 20th platinum trophy overall. Grinding for the million bolts trophy got a bit tedious (had everything else done after 2 and a bit playthroughs, but took almost another 2 playthroughs on top of that before the plat finally popped). Despite showing a few signs of age, the original R&C still holds up today, more than 15 years after release. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (At end of KYC5, was 11% complete. Now 52% complete) Completed my first playthrough and it was an enjoyable experience overall. The boss fights were pretty mediocre, and the story got a bit too complicated for me to properly follow at times, but everything else was great. Definitely worth giving this another play some time, especially as I missed out on some of the side missions. Knack (At end of KYC5, was 11% complete. Now 32% complete) Finished one playthrough and tried some of the challenges. A decent amount of fun and a decent amount of difficulty too, but, like some of you guys, I'm not looking forward to grinding out the missing gems - I have found just one diamond so far. I would like to try out the hardest difficulty, but having to start over with collecting stuff is putting me off at the moment - maybe I can back up my current save file to avoid losing progress?
  5. Ooh - time for another KYC! Time to remove more of those unsightly F ranks from my profile! @Hemiak, is it OK for me to put a game that's not yet been released on my list? Q.U.B.E 2 is due for release on March 13th, and given how much I loved the first Q.U.B.E, I really want to try it straight away. If you want me to stick to games I already have, or if it gets delayed at the last minute, then I think I will put Trials Fusion in the March 13 - 15 spot instead. I will stick to the original 10 games / 3 days per game format. Here is my list: March 1 - 3: Tomb Raider: Underworld March 4 - 6: Tron: Evolution March 7 - 9: The Bit.Trip March 10 - 12: Forma.8 March 13 - 15: Q.U.B.E 2 March 16 - 18: Alice: Madness Returns March 19 - 21: Hue March 22 - 24: Deadpool March 25 - 27: Uncharted: Golden Abyss March 28 - 30: Mass Effect Backup game (should Q.U.B.E 2 be delayed or not allowed for this event): Trials Fusion Current completion rate: 54.46%
  6. I had the same problem when I bought the season passes about 2 months ago - not all the downloads work if you try to get them directly through your PS4. I was able to obtain the missing tables by logging into the PlayStation Store via PC, searching for the individual tables, and purchasing them one at a time (if you have already bought the season pass, they should be listed as free to buy). For season 5, the tables to search for are: The Getaway: High Speed II F-14 Tomcat Mary Shelley's Frankenstein No Fear: Dangerous Sports Judge Dredd Fireball El Dorado Hurricane Rescue 911 Last Action Hero TX-Sector After getting the missing tables this way, they should be available to download through your PS4's Library.
  7. Final statistical summary Completion rate at start of event: 59.83% Completion rate at end of event: 53.56% [Down 6.27%] Completion rate (including games at 0%) before event: 28.57% Completion rate (including games at 0%) after event: 29.17% [Up 0.60%] Trophies earned at start of event: 2,312 (19, 139, 423, 1,731) for 54,585 points Trophies earned at end of event: 2,434 (19, 142, 439, 1,834) for 56,880 points Trophies earned in games that were part of the event: 94 (2, 10, 82) for 1,710 points Trophies earned during event in other games: 28 (1, 6, 21) for 585 points Unearned trophies at start of event: 1,357 Unearned trophies at end of event: 1,874 [Up 517] Unearned trophies (including games at 0% & DLC trophies) at start of event: 6,123 Unearned trophies (including games at 0% & DLC trophies) at end of event: 6,088 [Down 35] Average rarity at start of event: 45.29% Average rarity at end of event: 45.66% [Up 0.37%] Games with at least one trophy earned at start of event: 93 Games with at least one trophy earned at end of event: 104 [Up 11 - 10 games from the event, plus Bioshock Infinite] And best of all... Average game rank on profile at start of event: F Average game rank on profile at end of event: E Since I decided to add everything in my (much too large) backlog to my profile 2 years ago, that F average has been an ugly blot on my stats page, but it's now gone at long last! Game ratings from 2017 KYC events Because I have participated in all 3 KYC events this year, I thought that it would be nice to do a combined ranking list including all 28 of the games I chose during 2017. Note that for the KYC3 and KYC4 games, my rating here reflects my current feelings towards the game - not necessarily the rating I gave it in my review during the event. In particular, I thought that Mad Max got better as I played it more, whilst Epic Mickey 2 dropped off quite badly. (1) Resogun (KYC3) (2) No Man's Sky (KYC4) (3) Dead Space (KYC3) (4) Pinball Arcade (KYC5) (5) Deus Ex: Human Revolution (KYC5) (6) Ratchet & Clank (KYC5) (7) Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (KYC4) (8) Remember Me (KYC4) (9) Split/Second (KYC3) (10) Call of Duty: Ghosts (KYC5) (11) Mad Max (KYC3) (12) Sleeping Dogs (KYC5) (13) Magrunner: Dark Pulse (KYC3) (14) El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron (KYC4) (15) Thief (KYC5) (16) Assassin's Creed II (KYC3) (17) The Crew (KYC4) (18) Driver: San Francisco (KYC5) (19) Knack (KYC5) (20) Mafia II (KYC4) (21) Tomb Raider: Legend (KYC3) (22) Gravity Rush Remastered (KYC3) (23) The Golf Club (KYC3) (24) Dying Light (KYC5) (25) Crysis (KYC4) (26) Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2 (KYC4) (27) Prototype (KYC3) (28) Broken Age (KYC5) Thank you for running this yet again, @Hemiak, and thanks to all of my fellow participants. Whether I'm finding out about new games for the first time, or hearing other opinions on games I've already tried, these Kill Your Completion topics are always an enjoyable read!
  8. Game #10 of 10: Knack A platformer / brawler in which you play as the title character. Knack is a golem made up of many small relics, developed by scientists who are trying to counter a goblin invasion. The main gimmick is Knack's ability to pick up relics as he traverses the levels, which not only heals him but increases his size and damage output. There are also parts where you need to use your relics to power up machines, or get rid of them to become small, so instead of continuing to get more and more powerful as the game goes on, you'll revert back to being small, weak Knack at the start of each chapter. The game is a little more combat-focused than I was expecting; I would have preferred a bit more platforming action and a few more puzzles too. The combat can be good fun, and there are a tremendous variety of enemies to fight, but Knack's sparse repertoire of attacks makes it feel like an underdeveloped aspect of the game. Also, hit and collision detection seems a bit off at times, and a few of the checkpoints could have been put in more logical places. There are many collectibles to find behind breakable walls. These are either gemstones or pieces of power-up gadgets (but so far I've only found power-up pieces; maybe you don't get gems on hard difficulty?). These power-ups seem like things that will really help you in your quest - energy boosts and increased attack power, for example, so it's definitely worthwhile looking for them. However, I don't like the fact that which item you'll receive is completely luck-based - I haven't quite got all the pieces for any of the gadgets yet, and I'm concerned that things might get a bit too difficult if I don't complete any of the sets soon. Conversely, if you get lucky and obtain something useful very quickly, it could make the early stages too much of a pushover. What I really don't like is the presence of a tie-in mobile game that has puzzles which help with collection - why not just include these in the main game? It feels like I'm missing out on part of the experience. The game is very appealing from a visual standpoint if you like cartoonish graphics - this was a PS4 launch title, and it's definitely a step above all but the finest PS3 games. Finally, if you're looking for a challenge, this is a game for you, despite its childish appearance. Playing on hard difficulty, almost everything will kill you in at most 2 hits. This has led to a fair amount of frustration, but also a lot of satisfaction when you finally pass a difficult fight. My rating: Gold/Silver/Silver Not a particularly great game, but more fun than many give it credit for. --- Trophies earned in this game: 8 (8) for 120 points [11% completion] Total trophies earned in this event: 94 (2, 10, 82) for 1,710 points Current completion rate: 53.56% [Down 6.27% since start of event] Down 0.88% due to Pinball Arcade Down 0.58% due to Thief Down 0.09% due to Ratchet & Clank Down 0.59% due to Broken Age Down 0.67% due to Sleeping Dogs Down 1.02% due to Call of Duty: Ghosts Down 0.42% due to Driver: San Francisco Down 0.55% due to Deus Ex: Human Revolution Down 0.70% due to Dying Light Down 0.45% due to Knack Down 0.32% due to other games not part of this event
  9. Just a brief snippet of a review for this one, and it'll probably be just that for my 10th game too - too many games, too little time! I just want to get things over and done with - given that I've already slipped 5 days behind, I'd rather be playing more than spending the time I do have writing longer reviews. Game #9 of 10: Dying Light An open-world survival horror game in which you have to use parkour skills to avoid falling prey to a horde of zombies. Think Far Cry crossed with Mirror's Edge crossed with any one of the many zombie games around. My rating: Silver/Silver/Bronze A good concept, but I felt that the parkour gameplay didn't feel very smooth or forgiving, the missions have been mainly repetitive fetch quests so far, and some parts of the city aren't very well designed ( "safe zones" - areas designed to keep zombies out - also have the side effect of shutting you out unless you can find the exact right pathway to get in, leading to much frustration. Better navigation markers on the map and the HUD would have helped with this). I'm quite liking the story, though, and it's good from a graphical point of view. Night time is also genuinely dark, rather than just like daytime with the brightness turned down a few ticks, which certainly adds to the atmosphere. --- Trophies earned in this game: 6 (1, 5) for 105 points [7% completion] Total trophies earned in this event: 86 (2, 10, 74) for 1,590 points Current completion rate: 54.01% [Down 5.82% since start of event] Down 0.88% due to Pinball Arcade Down 0.58% due to Thief Down 0.09% due to Ratchet & Clank Down 0.59% due to Broken Age Down 0.67% due to Sleeping Dogs Down 1.02% due to Call of Duty: Ghosts Down 0.42% due to Driver: San Francisco Down 0.55% due to Deus Ex: Human Revolution Down 0.70% due to Dying Light Down 0.32% due to other games not part of this event
  10. OK, so I had to take another 2 day break from this, and now I'm running 5 days behind - don't you just hate it when real life stops you from gaming? After another delay, here is the last part of my schedule now: Played Deus Ex: Human Revolution Nov 27. to Nov.29 Will play Dying Light Nov. 30 to Dec. 2 Will play Knack Dec. 3 to Dec. 5 I'm slowly but surely getting to the finish line - time for another review. Game #8 of 10: Deus Ex: Human Revolution It's 2027, and technology has advanced to the point that people can easily modify their bodies to circumvent natural human limitations - as long as they can afford it. This has proven to be a very controversial issue, and society is highly divided between those in favour of "augmentation", and those against it. You play as Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT officer who now works as the security manager at Sarif Industries, a company that makes some of these body modifications. One day, an anti-augmentation terrorist group storms Sarif Industries' technology labs, gunning down many employees. Adam's girlfriend Megan is killed, and Adam himself barely survives; he ends up having to be fitted with augmentations himself in order to save his life. Six months later, Sarif Industries is attacked once again, and the newly-augmented Adam is pulled out of his recuperation early, his goal being to wipe out the terrorist cell that keeps attacking. That's the main story so far, but there are a lot of side threads to this plot, for example, getting to the bottom of Megan's death (it may not have been what it seemed, as rumours of a cover-up are swirling). As for the gameplay, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is primarily a stealth title, with some open-world sections in hub areas (Downtown Detroit and other cities too, but I've only seen Detroit so far), and some more linear missions. The missions work as you would expect; monitor the enemy patrol routes, pick your moment, and hope not to be seen. The level layouts seem to be well thought out. There are almost always multiple paths to take, some of which bypass a good chunk of the enemy patrol routes, so like any decent stealth game, good observation of your enemies and the surroundings is well rewarded. However, Deus Ex: Human Revolution does allow for varied play styles. There are plenty of guns lying around, and the game has a well developed cover system that lets you hide behind, cling to, switch between and shoot around obstacles. You also have a regenarating health bar, so playing it as a cover-based shooter is probably viable in most situations, especially on lower difficulties. There are a lot of RPG elements in the game too. All of your actions (killing or knocking out enemies, sneaking through areas without being seen, hacking to bypass locked doors, finding secret areas and so on) award experience points which can be used to improve Adam's augmentations. There are many upgrade categories, giving you ample scope to customise Adam to fit your playstyle. For example, if you want to go for 100% stealth, you can upgrade the radar chip in Adam's brain, or give him temporary cloaking ability. If shootouts are more your thing, then you can buy skin upgrades for more protection, or arm upgrades for less shaking when aiming. It's also possible to customise your guns as well - loot money from corpses or the environment, find a shop in the hub area in between missions, and purchase upgrades which include damage boosts and silencers. Also, your actions and dialogue choices in cutscenes seem to have real consequences on the story - after the prologue ended and the meat of the game started, I spent too long exploring my office building rather than flying out to the site of the first mission, resulting in the death of some hostages :(. Another hostage also bit the dust after I made a bad dialogue choice when confronting one of the game's villains, and now most people seem to hate me. In between main missions, talk to characters wandering the nearby streets and you'll soon be bombarded with side quests to do as well. I don't doubt that your actions during these (or even the choice of whether to do these or not) will have an effect on the plot too. It all seems like there is massive replayability potential here. I particularly like some of the little easter eggs scattered about for players who, like me, love to explore everywhere. For example, I've seen a poster for Final Fantasy XXVII (don't think the FF series will quite get that far by 2027...), and heard two detectives discussing Robocop whilst I was sneaking around a police station - very appropriate given that you're now half robot. You can also find e-books lying around, which help to flesh out the story a bit more (well, most of them do - I've found 2 so far that read like first drafts for trashy erotic fiction!). As well as the more practical benefits to exploration, such as finding computer passwords and door codes, there's also a lot of enjoyment to be gained here, and that's always a big plus for me. There are some things that I don't like - moving at certain angles when behind cover can feel very awkward; it's too easy to accidentally use consumables like health power-ups when using the weapon select wheel; and hiding bodies out of sight is a bit more difficult than it ought to be as they tend to get stuck on things and are therefore tough to move into tight spaces. Also, you can crouch but there doesn't appear to be a way to crawl. This feels strange, but doesn't really affect the stealth play - objects you can hide behind all seem to be at least waist high, and even that classic feature of stealth games, air ducts, seem to be oversized to compensate. Having said that, these things are all minor problems, and haven't detracted much from a very good experience so far. My rating: Platinum/Gold/Gold The gameplay is working well and I'm really digging the story. The sheer number of options the game gives you means that you could play this many times and never have the same experience twice. 8 certainly seems to be my lucky number for these KYC events - I loved my 8th game in KYC3 (Dead Space). I loved my 8th game in KYC4 (No Man's Sky). And I'm loving my 8th game here in KYC 5. --- Trophies earned in this game: 9 (9) for 135 points [11% completion] Total trophies earned in this event: 80 (2, 9, 69) for 1,485 points Current completion rate: 54.59% [Down 5.24% since start of event] Down 0.88% due to Pinball Arcade Down 0.58% due to Thief Down 0.09% due to Ratchet & Clank Down 0.59% due to Broken Age Down 0.67% due to Sleeping Dogs Down 1.02% due to Call of Duty: Ghosts Down 0.42% due to Driver: San Francisco Down 0.55% due to Deus Ex: Human Revolution Down 0.44% due to other games not part of this event
  11. Game #7 of 10: Driver: San Francicso The title should tell you what you need to know about the genre and the setting of this game :). This is my second taste of the Driver franchise - the original was one of the first PC games I played, back in 1999. So just how far has the franchise come since those days? In Driver: San Francisco, you play as John Tanner, an undercover cop who witnesses villain Charles Jericho get busted out of a prison van by a woman who shoots it from a news chopper with an RPG. In his quest to reapprehend Jericho, Tanner gets in an bad car crash, and ends up in a coma. From here, we're playing the game from within Officer Tanner's coma-induced dream, attempting to find out more about Jericho's whereabouts via his connections, with the end goal of snaring our villain and seeing him locked back up again. So, doing detective work whilst in a dream within a coma?? Yes, not a terribly realistic premise, but the story in Driver was always very much secondary to the actual driving experience anyway, so how does the latest incarnation of the series play? Just like the series' previous games, it's all about driving around an open-world city, although unlike the original, San Francisco's the only city this time. A good choice in my opinion (I thought that SF was easily the most fun of the 4 cities included in the first game because of all the hills and the stunt opportunities they provide). There are so many things to do. You can play missions to advance the story; take part in other activites to earn money, such as races, stunt driving challenges or trying to stop a getaway car from escaping; you can hunt for tokens to unlock movie-themed challenges; try some "dares" - short, snappy tasks such as keeping your speed over 70 mph for 20 seconds, or landing a jump longer than 30m; you can ram a police car to start a high speed chase (or take control of a cop car yourself to reverse the roles); or simply drive around just to goof off (ramping off the back of car transporters may never get old!). The map is enormous - it'll be a long time before you run out of places to explore. The range of available cars is where this game shines. There are 140 different vehicles to try out, all of them licensed, and it's clear that a lot of attention was given to modelling both how they look and how they drive. The handling model feels very realistic - the big-engined muscle and sports cars are lightning quick and always good for a drift when cornering, your common sedans are relatively sluggish but simple to drive competently, and big rigs can smash through all in their path but are easy to jack-knife if you're not careful. Now onto the process of switching cars - in your comatose state, you're dreaming that you can fly around the city, and can simply jump into the body of any given car's driver at any time (except for the story missions, where you have to use one specific car). This certainly makes it easy to try out a massive range of vehicles right from the outset, but it has the side-effect of making actually buying cars feel a bit pointless. There is some great variety in Driver:SF's story missions. As well as standard fare like races, escaping from pursuits, and getting from A to B within a time limit, there are some much more creative choices. I particularly liked one mission where you had to avoid the main roads in order to prevent your passenger from being seen - figuring out the best route through alleys by checking the map was a nice puzzle; and there are some missions that make good use of the car switching system, such as one where you have to constantly switch into oncoming vehicles further up the road in order to ram the front of an escaping car (but not the back or you'll kill the hostage in the trunk). However, there is one enormous annoyance with the story missions - passengers that just won't shut up. Drive even the slightest bit aggressively, or anything less than absolutely perfectly, and you'll get a chewing out every 5 seconds. Imagine the world's most annoying driving instructor, and multiply by 100. It really has drained away a lot of my enjoyment of the campaign. Throughout the game, the sheer volume and variety of stuff to do means there's a lot of fun to be had, but there are also numerous issues that drag it down somewhat, namely: - It feels too hard to lose the police when you're being chased. Even good driving at high speed is sometimes no help; they seem to be nailed to my rear bumper. And ramming them is no use - knock a cop car out of action and more backup arrives almost instantly. It seems like you just have to get lucky and hope that they wipe themselves out. - The lack of a day-night cycle. This is a major omission for a 2011 open world game, and because the game always seems to be set about an hour or so before sunset or after sunrise, it impacts on the aesthetics too. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the graphics from a technical point of view, but the perpetual near-sunset conditions gives everything a permanent orangey tinge that's not always pleasing to the eye. - There's not much of a sense of speed. Maybe it's the behind the car view that I use, but even when I'm going 100 mph, it feels like a crawl. - Finally, not all of the city is open to you from the start. There have been a few times where I've been stopped in my tracks in the middle of making a getaway by a red barrier that serves only to artificially pen you in until you advance further in the story. The city's still very sizeable even if you're restricted to just driving around the first area, but artificial constraints like this always leave a bad taste in an open world game. My rating: Gold/Silver/Silver This game was a tough one to rate. Sometimes it can feel truly excellent and tons of fun; other times, you really notice all the little gripes I mentioned and it feels very mediocre. --- Trophies earned in this game: 12 (12) for 180 points [17% completion] Total trophies earned in this event: 71 (2, 9, 60) for 1,350 points Current completion rate: 55.14% [Down 4.69% since start of event] Down 0.88% due to Pinball Arcade Down 0.58% due to Thief Down 0.09% due to Ratchet & Clank Down 0.59% due to Broken Age Down 0.67% due to Sleeping Dogs Down 1.02% due to Call of Duty: Ghosts Down 0.42% due to Driver: San Francisco Down 0.44% due to other games not part of this event
  12. Good news - I've edited my previous post - it's now a proper review of my time with Call of Duty: Ghosts. Bad news - I settled down Monday night to get some playing time in for my 7th game (Knack), only to realise that I must have deleted from my PS4 at some point! And it's a 35GB download. And I have a sluggish internet speed to boot (my downloads sometimes go at less than 1GB per hour), which meant it wouldn't have even been possible to get the download finished before it was time to move on to game #8. So, nothing played in slot #7 this time, but I do still want to play it as part of this event, though, so here's what I'm thinking: Play Driver: San Francisco between November 22 and November 24, as originally scheduled. Play Deus Ex: Human Revolution between November 25 and November 27, as originally scheduled. Play Dying Light between November 28 and November 30, as originally scheduled. Play Knack between December 1 and December 3. That's how I would prefer to schedule the remaining 4 games (sticking to 3 days each), but it's Hemiak's event, so if he wants everybody done by the end of November, then maybe I could do this instead: Nov. 22 - Nov. 24 - Driver: San Francisco Nov. 25 - Nov. 26 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Nov. 27 - Nov. 28 - Dying Light Nov. 29 - Nov. 30 - Knack Please let me know which of these 2 proposed remaining schedules you would prefer me to use, @Hemiak.
  13. Game #6 of 10: Call of Duty: Ghosts I didn't get to see much of this game. It's been a bit hectic for me these last few days, so the first 3 campaign missions were all I played. Also, I've never played a Call of Duty game before, so take this review and rating with a large pinch of salt. The story so far has been that a rogue nation known as "The Confederation" has seized control of a space station housing an ion cannon style weapon, and has used it to wipe out many of the USA's big cities, killing tens of millions. Obviously, this means war, and you take control of soldier Logan Walker, who battles alongside his brother (Hesh), fellow soldiers Merrick and Keegan, and their unit's dog (Riley) in order to defeat The Confederation's forces . You begin the campaign playing as an astronaut shooting your way through the space station, and what a mind-blowing start to the game that was. Totally not the environment I expected to be greeted with! Based on those opening minutes, I just know that this game's going to be big on set-pieces, with some impressive visuals, and who doesn't love that? We then fast forward ten years to the ground warfare that is raging between the U.S. and The Confederation - this is where we join Logan, Hesh and their unit. The second and third stages of the story have us battling through what remains of Los Angeles and San Diego. The game plays largely as we've come to expect from a first person shooter - nothing that's going to redefine the genre, but it all seems solid enough so far. The controls work well - that's always the most important thing. Plus, based on the number of collectibles, I'm guessing that there's going to be 18 levels, so the campaign's length should be OK. It's Riley the dog's presence and gameplay that I've liked best so far - more than just a lovable mascot, he actually has a vital role to play. There are parts where you take control of him via mind control through Logan's tablet (kind of far-fetched for a game set only a handful of years in the future, but this was never going to be the most plausible plot ever written). Riley can sometimes be used to scout ahead, and you've got to be stealthy; he can't take a bullet and live, but if you get the drop on the enemy, they can be mauled to death in gruesome fashion. I'm hoping for more sections like this, as I like stealth gameplay anyway, and it does help add some variety to the levels. Decent gameplay overall, but there are two things that have bugged me so far: A - The lack of weapon variety. There's been one part where I had to use a rocket launcher to shoot down helicopters, one very short section where I've used a sniper rifle, and 2 areas where I've had a shotgun, but 90% of the time it's been nothing but assault rifles, whose only difference seems to be the kind of sights they use. B - The lack of a co-op campaign mode. Given that you're always fighting alongside at least one AI partner, including an option to let you play the campaign in split screen co-op should have been a no-brainer, but alas, it doesn't seem to be there. My rating: Gold A very provisional rating, given that I didn't play much of this game at all (and none of the multiplayer, which is the main draw for most CoD players). It's my first taste of the Call of Duty series, and I what I've seen so far has been pretty good. --- Trophies earned in this game: 6 (6) for 90 points [4% completion] Total trophies earned in this event: 59 (2, 9, 48) for 1,170 points Current completion rate: 55.56% [Down 4.27% since start of event] Down 0.88% due to Pinball Arcade Down 0.58% due to Thief Down 0.09% due to Ratchet & Clank Down 0.59% due to Broken Age Down 0.67% due to Sleeping Dogs Down 1.02% due to Call of Duty: Ghosts Down 0.44% due to other games not part of this event
  14. Game #5 of 10: Sleeping Dogs A Grand Theft Auto style open world game set in Hong Kong. You play as Wei Shen, a police officer sent undercover to infiltrate and destroy the Sun On Yee Triads gang. Because you are a police officer posing as a gangster, you have two different sets of missions to complete - gang missions and police missions. The gangster missions early in the game mostly centre on driving to hideouts and fighting rival thugs. This revolves around melee combat - you don't get guns until later on. In melee combat, you can press square to punch, hold square for a heavier attack (and use combinations of taps and holds of square to execute combos), use circle to grapple, and triangle to counter enemy attacks. I'm finding that this doesn't work terribly well; sometimes, I can't grapple even though I'm pressing circle when right next to an enemy, and the fact that the same button is used for regular and heavy attacks means that it can be difficult to pull off the combo moves that I want. I would have preferred a separate button for heavy attacks, allowing combos to be executed by mixing up presses of two different buttons, God of War style. The last gang mission I played during my 3 days introduced gunplay, and it was a real highlight - an explosive firefight in a drugs warehouse. The shooting is largely cover-based, a la Uncharted, and it works quite well. It doesn't feel as fluid and polished as the Uncharted games, but that's to be expected, given that this is just one of many gameplay styles in Sleeping Dogs. The other half of the mission tree consists of the police tasks, and I'm finding these to be a bit more varied and enjoyable. There's been a couple of the usual "just beat people up" missions, but there's also been a good deal of variety in this part of the game. One mission involved photographing a drug dealer in order to gather the evidence needed to bust him, whilst remaining out of sight - some simple stealth gameplay that was fun while it lasted; I'm hoping for a bit more of this later on. There was also a mission which consisted of breaking into your gangster buddies' HQ and planting bugs. This involved some short and snappy mini-games to carry out lock picking, setting the frequency of the bug's receiver and hacking security cameras. There's not much gameplay here (it only takes a few seconds for each of these tasks), but I thought it was implemented very well by actually giving you a small task to perform rather than just being a case of pressing a button to see an animation of the task being done. I particularly liked figuring out the code for the security cameras - if you like Mastermind (the code breaking board game), you'll enjoy this, as it's almost exactly the same thing. Finally, the last police mission I did introduced racing to the game, and it worked really well. Unlike many open-world games like this, the course is very clearly marked, and, best of all, the NPC cars not in the race are removed, which makes it all about your skill, rather than being about both driving prowess and being lucky enough to get a run where some random NPC doesn't suddenly change lanes into your path (I'm looking at you, GTA Vice City). Overall, the police quests have been the better half of the story missions so far in my opinion, but that could change if there are more good gunplay missions on the gangster side, like the last one I played. As well as the main campaign missions, the are also numerous side quests (or favors) you can do for NPCs scattered around the city. These can be any of the kinds of missions I've already discussed, and can be completed to earn extra money and experience points. Sleeping Dogs also implements some RPG elements. There are three different types of experience points that you can earn - Triad XP for beating up and downing enemies in the gang missions, Police XP for beating the police missions without causing too much damage to property or people, and "Face" XP for doing favors for designated NPCs. These allow you to unlock new abilities and bonuses such as discounts from stores. You can spend money that you earn from missions at food stalls to earn health or damage boosts which last for a certain length of time, and at clothing stores, which offer more than just cosmetic changes - equip a full set of the correct gear to earn power ups such as small damage boosts in fistfights. It all adds depth to the experience without making things too complicated, as well as adding replayability, because you can can always retry previously-beaten missions to earn more XP by putting in a better performance. However, it's the environment that steals the show in Sleeping Dogs. I've never been to Hong Kong in real life, but the version shown in-game looks and feels exactly what I imagine the real thing to be like - a vibrant, bustling city, packed with bright lights and street food stalls, especially at night - quite something to behold. There is lots of attention to detail shown; you're not just buying generic food for performance boosts, you're buying actual Chinese dishes such as pork buns and roast duck. The Cantonese language used in the dialogue and on street signs and posters also seems to be accurate, from what I've read. Also, you drive on the left, just as Hong Kong does in reality. And there's good reason to explore, rather than just sticking to the direct routes between locations. You can find many collectibles dotted around the landscape, from health shrines that boost your life bar, to boxes full of money, to jade animal statues (which, of course, represent the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac) that let you learn new melee attack combos. It's all well worth going out of the way for - given some of the difficulties that melee fighting caused me, you'll be glad of those upgrades. However, this painstaking attention to environmental detail comes at a price. Some of the character models look barely better than PS2 standard, there are some clipping issues with both animations (Wei Shen constantly putting his hand through the peak of his cap) and walls (which resulted in me having to restart a mission once when somebody I needed to beat up got stuck in the wall), and the frame rate can feel a bit sluggish at times. I played the PS3 version - I hope the PS4 version did better here, as this is one game that would very much benefit from remastering. My rating: Gold/Gold/Silver Some iffy melee combat and graphical issues stop this from earning a higher rating, but there's plenty to like here. --- Trophies earned in this game: 11 (11) for 165 points [12% completion] Total trophies earned in this event: 53 (2, 9, 42) for 1,080 points Current completion rate: 57.50% [Down 2.33% since start of event] Down 0.88% due to Pinball Arcade Down 0.58% due to Thief Down 0.09% due to Ratchet & Clank Down 0.59% due to Broken Age Down 0.67% due to Sleeping Dogs Up 0.48% due to other games not part of this event
  15. Just by noting my overall completion rate before and after each time I sync my trophies. Thanks for letting me know - it never occurred to me to use an item on another item in your inventory like this. Something similar happened to me - I saved while in a vent, and when I resumed, I had clipped through the top of it, unable to move. I've read about others finding themselves stuck in vents, walls and rafters too upon reloading; there seems to be a problem with the game not positioning Garrett correctly when resuming. I don't think I will try saving when in a confined space again.