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  1. I went full-digital on PS4, maybe at some point buy disc based games when my hard drive is full and had to change it.
  2. Online trophies that require boosting, grinding or people.
  3. Finish the first season of The Big Bang Theory, I liked it, it's a pretty good show, very interesting and funny characters.
  4. Hahahaha, this post made my day.
  5. I will eventually get the platinum some way or another unless it's impossible to get.
  6. My first platinum in this profile was Resogun. My first ever platinum was L.A Noire.
  7. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  8. There are some things that annoy me like: Lucky-based trophies Spoilers Lag Super hard trophies Reality shows Short games
  9. My name, I didn't put much effort in it.
  10. Platinum on the Last of Us for PS4, normally my biggest goals are on winter, so for now I will take it easy.
  11. I calm myself, then rest, then start again, look for tips, etc. But I never give up.
  12. I played it on normal to enjoy the experience, after I finish the game I switched to Realistic.
  13. Resogun: Heroes (PS4) Live to Die Another Day Survive to see the dawn of the 5th Day in Survival mode.
  14. I like the DLC but the some of the trophies were a pain like the NAVDML and Burning Times.