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  1. I confirm that the method works, so I got the trophy yesterday
  2. Pelotaaaa
  3. I have completed the game and the third or last mission trophy does not jump, nor does it complete the game and collect all the special equipment
  4. I wrote them at the beginning of the week but I didn't get an answer, today I wrote them on Twitter yes it has trophies but they don't sync
  5. Hi, I'm playing this game and the trophies don't sync here
  6. A sidear
  7. Cabelas`s North american adventures It works perfectly, I just checked it on a secondary account
  8. Thanks for the information, I got the US version and it works
  9. Thanks for the tutorial, it cost me to make it work, but thanks to the help of @WaddysWDS by telegram I managed to make it work and here it is underway. Thank you
  10. this weekend I can connect for a while, I can help you
  11. It has been a pleasure
  12. It has been a pleasure!
  13. I can help without problem, when I help myself @FarSideOfSaturn I leave it ready to help, my schedule is from Spain, sorry my bad English