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  1. how did you correct the error? I have deleted the game and reinstalled it and it doesn't work very well
  2. I can't get to play, I get the restart error and so on in a loop The exact messages are: - The enemy has been spotted, get ready to defend your base! - Loading screen... (loads to 50%) - Error: Please close the application and restart it to continue.
  3. someone managed to solve the problem of the op? It happens to me in my secondary account and in it if I received the gold
  4. I am trying to connect on ps3 and it does not leave online, are they down again?
  5. hello, the game is listed as NA but it is a European account
  6. hello, the game is listed as NA but it is a European account
  7. Hello, I have gotten the platinum in the ps4 version and it does not sync, I do not see the list on the page either, a greeting
  8. I still have the game installed with version 1.16 NA and the EU I have it with the latest update, I don't know if it would be possible to get the data from my console
  9. test
  10. Great job, it has helped me to do it very quickly and not lose anything
  11. Thank you, I will resume the game and continue with your guide
  12. Hello, did the 250 Free Play Runs trophy jump you okay? I have more than 500 free play with the automation and I do not miss the trophy I edit: I jump a while ago finally, thanks
  13. Thanks for the explanation, I just put it and it is resetting when it reaches 50, a shame that it does not automatically make the champions P.D Sorry my bad english
  14. I confirm that it works, I just made the trophies