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  1. It has been a pleasure!
  2. I can help without problem, when I help myself @FarSideOfSaturn I leave it ready to help, my schedule is from Spain, sorry my bad English
  3. Thanks!!
  4. Has anyone found the 1.16 EU patch?
  5. @Sergen Hello, I want to make this platinum and I wonder what it is necessary to record to show that it is played with gonespy, regards sorry my bad English
  6. Many thanks to @FarSideOfSaturn for the help, it has been a great pleasure, I put a base on your planet to help more people and that the partner rests. sorry my bad English
  7. @FarSideOfSaturn I sent you a friend request if you can help me, thank you very much
  8. Hello, is the psvita list? I have platinum ps4 eu but it does not synchronize me. Sorry my bad english
  9. That test they need,l tried yo see my stadistics online,bit It iimpossible to the closed servers,for the subject of hours un all the fifa l have of average 500 hours played,since l play to club mode for many hours ,l recorded a vídeo ,and also what l said before ,l have two systems ps3 and alternate between both,if that can also affect
  10. pablocebo FIFA 09 INGLÉS<br /> Hello sorry for my bad english<br /> Long ago of that trophy and also I did not look for trophies in that year, it might be that I already had the requirements of the trophy in my console and when playing online after the incorporation of trophies jump? I'm sure I did not do anything weird to get it out, I have 2 ps3