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  1. Just my friends play around and call me a no life lol but this site has it's share of dicks on here that talk mess or stuff like that I just ignore them and do my own thing and keep on playing.. but isn't this a site were you can show off you're plats and brag a bit that you got it and it's a super rare one???
  2. Mirrors Edge II Evil Within mass effect 4 the new COD Destiny
  3. I totally agree with you Burial At Sea explains everything about Colombia and Rapture A remake for ps4 for infinite would be lovely but we all know what happened .. A new game might kinda ruined all they have is just that there's always a light house and a man and a city. So they might creat a new story line who knows just got to wait it out and see
  4. So I basically finish Burial At Sea Part II so I was mind blown not going into details don't want to spoil it. So I wanted to google some theories from people IGN or Machinima and came upon this interesting video that maybe a new BioShock might be made who know but here's the video so you can check it out yourself
  5. Online trophies there so annoying I've never boost those it's hard to different time zones and states so i do them on my own and it sucks when you're team complete suck!!!!!!!! also time trials one fuck up mode and yep everything falls apart and then the frustration starts
  6. i like Ulquiorra and halibel ex espada Nel i like the jap voice actors better
  7. TV show Ghost Adventures Raw Smack Down Catfish the show the only thing i watch on tv
  8. it's happening a lot just be patient till its fix
  9. My first ps4 Does Everything a Spider Can! the game is fun yeah rather short if you stick only to the story line after getting all the trophies the game gets old and rather annoying trying to Lvl up all the Spider-Man costumes and finding all 300 comic book pages >.> it's kinda useless and pointless but all in all it's a easy plat and a oh okay game 2.5 out of 5 i rate it
  10. might as well try the ps4 ones never played them before so got to check them out
  11. Best movie ever!!!! specially how Colossus died rip in half I was like daaaaauuuuummm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! epic only a few caught when quicksilver said "hey my mom knew a guy that had metal powers" idk something like that duh he's you're daddy also a funny part when wolverine past the metal detector and it didn't deep he was all like O.o wow WTF D; also sad parts when future magneto was dying in front of professor X and what he told him I was ready to cry sad all in all epic now the post credit scene Apocalypse cool huh
  12. I'm just looking forward to pick it up at the midnight launch
  13. it came with 2 free games motor storm and I forgot the other one but that was my first ever
  14. hahaha i was doing the same of topic but shiro is one of my top lolis too shes awesome
  15. makes sense that's cool but i remember when i left Sony you had 100 then i got back you had 117 pretty cool one more question when you plat a game and new dlc comes out do you play it to have 100% done or the plat is just fine to have and don't bother with the Dlc content