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  1. couldn't agree more about the trophy list. Seriously regretting my pre order now, i knew the list would be tough but that list is just insane.
  2. i can pretty much guess what the trophies will be. * Get all characters to Level XX * Complete all Chapters (Trophy for each act) * Wear legendary gear in every slot * Complete the game on a certain difficulty * Kill XX Enemies * Craft an item in the Horodric Cube And thats just of the top of my head. Trophy list will be pretty standard for a diablo game, will be easy to plat regardless of what they are.
  3. got all mine to pop so far, just need to do the raid and purify an item to get my game to 100% again
  4. You mean the legends mode, yes your supposed to be able transfer from ps5 to ps4 but tried last night and my characters didn't update on the ps4 as i gained another level on one to check. Maybe i did something wrong, so hopefully some can correct if thats the case.
  5. You can only transfer your data one way from ps4 to ps5, can't do it the other way round.
  6. Its a seperate list so another platinum. If you already own the ps4 version then the PS5 DC is knocked down in price for me here in the UK was £24.99, this will also unlock the DLC on your PS4 version. And transfer your ps4 save to the ps5 and loading it up will auto pop your trophies, i think the only one of the base game that doesn't is the photo mode trophy but thats done in like a couple of seconds. Hope this helps.
  7. Do you need to bother with the skills that remove penalty's for having different units? Or can we just leave them and pick up more beneficial skills
  8. Finally figured it out lol. So basically i assumed it was the ps5 console that would allow giving accolades, however it appears its the game version that does it. I've been playing GoT on my PS5 but the ps4 version and autopopping the ps5 trophies, did a test today played a quick play match on the ps5 version and at the end on the stats screen 'Give Accolade using X button shoes up' So using the PS4 version you can receive accolades but not give them, using PS5 version you can give and receive. Oh well live and learn i guess
  9. i bought the ps5 DC version £24.99 here in the UK, and it unlocks the dlc for the ps4 version.
  10. Thats the thing tho theres no option to say give accolades, yet people playing Ghost Of Tsushima are handing them out as i've received 2 so far.
  11. well i know that much, but you can give to randoms but don't know how.
  12. Been playing legends mode lately, and out of no where have gotten 2 accolades. My question is how in the hell do i go about giving other players accolades in this cos for the life of me i can't figure it out, it certainly doesn't seem as obvious as games like COD.
  13. i had someone give me an accolade in Ghost Of Tsushima the other day and for th elife of me can't figure out how to give accolades in return. Some game obviously don't have the feature, but some games like COD at the end of the match it gives the option or at least is easier to know how give accolades, yet other game same to have the feature but give no indication on how to give accolades. Very Confusing lol.
  14. Must admit Resistance Mode sounds interesting, not your typical new game + thats for sure.
  15. Well i'm doing my new game + run, already done Iki Island on my other run, anyway i've just finished Act 1 mission A New Horizon and the Iki Island Quest Journey Into The Past is on my map and available. Journey Into The Past must be done before you can go to Iki Island.