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  1. mine was also a club 50 match, so trophy is either bugged or more likely the description is wrong
  2. cos basically i bloody suck lol. First career game took 2 wickets ( pure luck i guess) Also the no simulate trophies, theres one for getting centuries in career mode without simulating. Question if i've got the settings set so that i play when its my characters turn only does that class as simulation? I'm guessing it does just wanted clarification is all.
  3. tomorrow 28th
  4. tell me about it, more random/luck based at this point.
  5. are you deploying the hive 1st then getting killed/killing yourself? my trophy popped when i didn't deploy it, as it auto revives without being deployed. Just be sure its not on cooldown. problem is my friends are either afriad of the DZ or don't like it lol guess i'll have to find a random good guy
  6. Been doing answer the calls, and either letting enemies kill me or using a grenade to self kill, the hive auto revive then kicks in. Thankfully after days of trying it's just popped Now for the DZ blackout trophy which i'm sure is gonna suck lol.
  7. were you trying this on differnet servers or the same server?
  8. From my post earlier. I broke it down to how i believe it should have been worded, as how they have done is way confusing. I took it to mean this: 1. install from disc (48 gig) lets say, since 50 gig on a blu ray disc is the max. 2. as thats installing its also downloading the rest of the game (what they refering to as title update) another 48 gig for arguments sake. 3. once done Full Install is 88-92 gig. ( my digital download was 89.8 gig) 4. on 11th march for me anyways since get 3 day early access title update 1.5 (day one patch ) will be 2 gig ish. Anyone who thinks your gonna download a 90 gig day one patch wants a slapping to be honest. (Guess i'll find out if i need slapping real soon lol)
  9. what moron wrote that stupid article. Below is a better explanation. In it the full download size after install is 88 to 92, day one patch is like 2 gig. Scroll down to install size and title update notes. Day One Patch (Title Update1.5) People seriously need to read this as the above article that the OP has put up is total BS.
  10. this gonna sound cliche but just keep playing the game either freeplay or strongholds. I had the same problem on Colossus couldn't get a grenade launcher to drop for ages, same for an item on my storm that took ages to get. Personally tho i'd say the Tryant Mine Stronghold( or any stronghold you want) 4 or 5 items per chest (2 chests in each stonghold) and at least 3 or 4 items of the boss plus what ever drops of the enemies.
  11. quickplaying while in a squad would nice, i mean why do you have to split from your mates to do quick play missions. Stupid. And hopefully crashes fixes will fix the damn ps4 turn off issue. But over all some nice updates. EDIT: We have reduced the crafting materials needed to craft a masterwork from 25 masterwork embers to 15 masterwork embers (Hasn't taken effect still at 25)
  12. any chance of some kind of map for where these extras are. I was at 78/80 last night and stumbled across one, but i'm still one short.
  13. I've the crash shutting off my ps4 pro twice now (error code ce-36329-3), not good when your using an external hardrive, it'll most likely fuck it up at this rate what with the checks to see if data is ok. And its not the ps4, this only happens playing Anthem. It's major issue granted. But i've hammered the game since day one and loving the game, if they can get rid of this and few other annoying bugs, happy days.
  14. Just keep playing as a Storm, i've got the same issue with grenade launchers. Might be an idea to run some strongholds which i myslef will do later.