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  1. Got Hemophobic and Time to make the Chimichangas! Complete story and research and suns challenge are bugged out
  2. Just got my trophy here. Already looted the camp but travel to Vizima and back and enemies respawn. Not only that when you axii an enemy the other one doesn't seem to target him always went for me. Had to use crossbow to knock the health down to their last bit. Anyways on to the blood and wine dlc now.
  3. On the ps4 version this was changed so you didn't have to romance Triss, i'd assume on the ps5 version its the same but not sure.
  4. Its bugged check your ps4 version axii'd enemy never dies in 1 hit. Also for further clarification check the pc version with patch 4.02 as someone mention earlier in this post axii'd enemies do not die in 1 hit as they do now.
  5. Personally for me it was just get in close while enemy was axxi'd and shoot his head point blank range, no screen shake. I guess either way long as people are getting the trophy its a win win.
  6. Screen DOES NOT need to shake for this trophy every single one of my headshots the screen did not shake and i've got the trophy 3 times over. Screen shake is to indicate a crictial damage headshot nothing more. As long as you do a headshot and the screen doesn't shake it doesn't matter.
  7. Screen only shakes when you get a critical, Otherwise screen does not shake for a headsot in general.
  8. I'll wait for a patch to much of a fuck on doing this, just can't be bothered
  9. Thanks for this, has no idea i could pick the card if never play him.
  10. Meditating ain't getting him to spawn, gonna have to hope in getting him to spawn some other way i guess. Not really bothered about the quest more the gwent card.
  11. Marker says he's inside. Already went to skellige to do that part of the quest, came back to novigrad and lamberts just not there.
  12. I'm at the point where i need to meet lambert in the nowhere inn, yet he's never there/fails to spawn. My question, is this a bug or am i supposed to complete more main story quests to get him to show up? Don't think i had this trouble on the ps4 versions so just trying to get clarification.
  13. And the fact your puppet gets instant killed is why its bugged, its not supposed to get instant killed, as controlling the enemy doesn't last long. Its supposed to be lower an enemies health to as low as you can get it, control another enemy and have them kill the low health one. But when a full health controlled enemy gets one shot killed by an enemy with virtually no health is bugged to me. Never used to happen like this on the ps4 version.
  14. They added in a new quest in that area and fixed what was wrong in the first place
  15. Will this spot work the ps5 version tho?