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  1. ANy idea how to re fight the bosses once game is cleared as i missed nice trophy. Need that to get the plat Edit:- Found it myself how i'd advise anyone to try get this trophy before you finish the game. The end game boss trials are a joke get one shot killed
  2. how do you re-do the boss fights after clearing the game? missed the nice team trophy
  3. Bullfighter trophy is definitely missable as i missed it. But lucky had an auto save before the fight so was able to get it.
  4. Simple answer is no. You can only migrate your save from ps4 to ps5 not the other way round
  5. Just got my trophy this way. However for me since my version is digital i had to download the 1.0 version of the game then use the charles method above to get the 1.03 update took awhile but got it done. Absolute joke the stuff you gotta do for trophy these days. Now for the rest of trophies and plat
  6. fast travelling to Shibuya Scramble Crossing gets this pop up more often than not. When you fast travel if there are enemies about once starting moving they'll disappear and the Hyakki Yako thing will appear.
  7. So best to disconnect internet for offline or just do this in local co-op mode?
  8. 1. Options Set Difficulty to Legend 2. Go to the Creations tab and create a custom match.3. Create a One-On-One - Normal match.4 . Change Pin or Submission to off, and Finisher match(Perform Finisher to Win) to ON.5. On the 3rd rule tab click accept Nothing to change 6. On 4th Tab, change "FINISHERS (MATCH START)" to three. Then accept on the rest of the tabs.7. Save your match and head to the PLAY tab on the Home page.8. Choose Custom Matches at the bottom, then One on One and your custom match. I used Randy Orton against Reigns.9. As soon as the match starts let Reigns walk up to you close enough so that when you hit, press R2 + X, you hit him with the RKO, Job Done. Might take a few tries got it on my 2nd attempt
  9. Missed the opportunity to unlock Hangout spot Ogikubo with Ryuji, wasn't paying attention. Can i unlock this later somehow or will it be a case of get the the hangout trophy in a NG+?
  10. Good job i came across this thread was about to do this quest so made a save just incase, and went then went ahead to try and complete it and sure enough the doors still fucked and still keeps crashes the game. Will have to leave this quest till last. EDIT: Tried the fix from above works like a charm. Just be aware that even tho the quest completes this way you'll still get teleported back to the wing. However the door will no longer be glitched.
  11. So anyone know if Keep Your Enemies Closer is missable? and if so how to avoid missing it
  12. Only played a couple hours myself but the trophy that has me concerned and possibly missable would be Keep Your Enemies Closer get friendly with all factions, since i've almost finished the first area my Empire rating is down to Notorious.
  13. well work fine for i never had any issues. But your entitled to your opinion as am i, so guess we'll agree to disagree. Would love them to do this. Witcher 1 was only ever on PC so i never really got a chance to play it. Witcher 2 was only ever on crap box something to do with ps3 not being able to run it properly or something like that.
  14. See your problem is your basing your decision based solely on Cyberpunk2077. Granted they messed up big time with that as they should never have released it on ps4 to being with as it always sounded like a ps5 game for hardware wise anyways, but when it comes to the The Witcher games CD Projekt Red are awesome. I just wish they had done justice to Cyberpunk2077 like they did with witcher 3 but unfortunately Cyberpunk will forever be a big X mark against their name.
  15. Be sure that after you import your save and legends data, you'll get an option to load the game. Load up the game you just transfered which should be the one with most time played. After doing new game+ i just transfered the saved game and no auto pop. When i actually loaded the the newly transfered file the new game+ trophies popped.