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  1. Infamous Second Son, since it was the very 1st Plat i achieved.
  2. Looking for help with the ravagers haunt bell puzzle can't do it fast enough solo, and also what the suspicion trait EDIT: got the ravagers haunt bell puzzle done used the coach gun only holds to bullets per mag but bigger aim area
  3. Just for anyone else that thinks they may have missed it. Talk to Triss during Final Preperations Quest, doing so activates Blindingly Obvious, provided you've done the quest steps before it. Redania's Most Wanted An Eye for an Eye A Matter of Life and Death Now or Never A Deadly Plot [Main Quest] Blindingly Obvious (must always choose first dialogue choice at end of quest when talking to Dijkstra and Philippa) Reason of State
  4. E3 is a complete waste of time these days.
  5. theres 4 parts poncho, outfit, bd-1 and mantis. You obviously need to unlock the outfit part of this trophy, change all 4 trophy will pop.
  6. Just out interest are you killing the one after the other with out taking damage? I did 15 enemies in a row without taking damage worked for me
  7. Raids already ingame, you just can't access it yet. I guess they figuered it would take people awhile to hit 150 gear score.
  8. I have 41 blueprints and it didn’t unlock. However I checked my 2nd character and they 4 at the start 2 from the club and 2 from gold edition pre order so hopeful 3 more will do for me. Will update when trophy pops EDIT: Got my trophy today. Only needed 3 extra blueprints then bought a weapon at marias to make the trophy pop
  9. just did this with a second character. Trophy popped after visiting the 3rd location. And i know for a fact that would mean i've actually walked up to 7, but screw it got the trophy just need the rest now.
  10. What about using the drone when uncovering areas? I’ve been using mine to get rid of the ? Marks hope I haven’t screwed myself over
  11. Neverwinter - 0.73% Red Dead Redemption 2 - 1.76% Divinty Original Sin - 2.07% Dragon Age Inquisition - 4.45% Mass Effect Andromeda - 6.00%
  12. Have to say that is one mint find. Can confirm it works. Now getting the other trophies should be easy, anyone know what trophies will be be disable using godmode?
  13. I believe your missing Cistern of Slaughter it's a map transition but counts towards Meridian Metroplex total. Use PowerPyx guide for all named locations http://www.powerpyx.com/borderlands-3-all-named-locations-guide/
  14. just remember unlock the skins in your own game, that trophy for unlocking skins is abit glitchy if you unlock them in someone else's game