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  1. Platinum #52 Darkest Dungeon - The Iron Crown HOLY SH*T. I'm done for a while more power for dlcs.
  2. OMG that's insane!! And on top of that all the hard work for a single bronze trophy? I guess I have to pass then : ( Thank you for the answer!
  3. So what do we have to do for the Way of the Demon trophy exactly? There are more than 5 achievers already, could anyone please tell us his/her secret? : )
  4. 31th Platinum trophy: Mortal Kombat X Platinum Trophy All Trophies Unlocked Oh Jesus.....the pain.
  5. 29th Platinum Trophy: Sims 3 Master of Simology ....I don't wanna talk about it.
  6. looks like i'm the only one who really enjoyed this game. story is garbage, but the stealth mechanics were interesting imo. got the plat on ps3 and ps4 too
  7. the only hard part was the chocobo race....just horrible.
  8. Although I achieved the platinum a week ago, still, my latest platinum trophy iiiiiiiiiiiiis: Dark Souls 3 Hurray. Such an amazing game : )
  9. Vitality for sure, being lightweight and quick in fights is a great advantage. I have 41 vit and 29 vig.
  10. Just a tip for others: I've just finished farming the Silver Knights for Proof of a Concord Kept. Although most guides don't recommend killing the 3rd Knight, out of the 28 Concords I had to farm 7 was dropped by him. If you use the hidden body sorcery and you run fast enough he will also be on the top of the stairs by the time you kill the first 2 Knights. So killing him adds only 8-10 plus seconds to your farming cycle. It took me a bit more than 3 hours to collect 28 Concords and my item discovery was 270 (crystal sage rapier + gold serpent ring + rusted coin; luck stat: 20) I hope it helps someone. Good luck!
  11. How about starting with an RPG that has a hero with similar personality as you have? Or with an RPG that lets you create a character you are/ you want to be? I don't think you would lose interest in those games, since you could identify yourself with the character and therefore care about the story and the world around you. Just an idea : )
  12. Well, today I got auto-summoned as a Blue Sentinel for the first time in Dark Souls 3... and then the Host sent me home least the patch seems to be working now.
  13. There are people wearing way of blue at high levels as well. Now that I'm lvl 113 i get summoned into ng+ worlds most of the time and blue sentinels + dark moon cov members are still coming to the rescue in these worlds. I think people who want to rush through an area just to finish the game quickly for a specific ending are the ones wearing the way of blue at higher levels. This is why i don't understand why we don't get auto-summoned... : (
  14. SL113 I fear I'm gonna have to farm them as well. Such a pity my luck is still at 10...
  15. What am I doing wrong? I joined the covenant as soon as it was possible and I never got summoned to help a host. I played more than 70 hours and it is just not happening at all. When I place my summon sign and go to help others sometimes I see blue sentinels automatically summoned into the host's world. Me, on the other hand, never gets summoned automatically. My question is therefore: Do you have to be in ember form to get summoned as a blue sentinel? Thank you for your replies. Anette