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  1. Never played any of the Dead Island games, I kept putting them off mainly because I kept hearing about how bad the glitches and technical issues were. I doubt very much if this game will be any different, especially considering the well documented development hell it's had, but I'll reserve my final judgement until it actually launches and reviews come out. I wouldn't be getting my hopes up, though.
  2. And again I will reiterate my point. Why is it that Sony allows 8+ stacks of the same game to be released on their platform? Why wouldn't a developer making these games take advantage of that loophole? So why ban the developer, who for all intents and purposes isn't doing anything wrong, instead of simply closing these loopholes and improving the very system that you (Sony) introduced? Seems more logical, no? If the PlayStation Store is getting flooded it's only because Sony is allowing it to happen with the archaic system they have in place. You change the trophy system, you stop the problem, because you take away the incentive for these games to exist (at least to the degree that they do).
  3. I think it'd be easier for Sony to make some changes to the trophy system instead. That way these devs would have no incentive to make these games and flood the store with them. One of the first things Sony should do is get rid of regional stacks. That would be a detrimental blow to these devs. Sony really has no reason to ban these devs. As far as Sony is concerned these are just indie developers making indie games. We know these "games" are terrible, cheap asset flips, but the devs technically aren't doing anything wrong. They aren't using stolen assets or using suspect titles like 1000 Top Rated did. They're only exploiting a system that was put in place by Sony, so it's only logical that Sony should remove these exploits and improve the system rather than rushing to ban the people who took advantage of it. But like @DrBloodmoney mentioned, perhaps with enough negative press and attention something more might be done about it going forward, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. Unless this spills over and becomes an issue for the average PlayStation gamer and not just the average trophy hunter, I suspect not much will actually change.
  4. Who doesn't love to see countless stacks of the same exploitative "games"?
  5. I brought up this exact topic in another thread the other day, I didn't want to create a whole new thread for it. I think it's a start. It isn't a perfect solution obviously, however, it removes these games out of sight for the people who have no interest in them, so at least it's something and it's probably the best we're going to get for now. And I do think that's the biggest problem. People who don't care about these games are forced to see them all the time whether it's via the 'New Games' section on the PlayStation Store or (especially so) the psnprofiles front page. If we didn't have to see them so prominently then I think a lot of us simply wouldn't care about them. Sure, there are people who don't want these games to exist at all, but I'd be happy if I just didn't have to see them all the time. It's so difficult now to find actual games here on the front page. It's probably more common these days to discover new games via 'trophy thoughts' threads whenever they pop up, and obviously that shouldn't be the case.
  6. I don't think it's just a coincidence tbh. A bunch of big videogame/PlayStation centric YouTubers all make videos about it recently, a thread on a PlayStation subreddit got big traction too, and now we get this change to the store out of nowhere? A change that specifically and negatively impacts the very games being discussed... It wouldn't be the first time this generation that we've seen Sony take quick action to rectify something that receives any sort of negative attention from people before it gets out of hand. Regarding your second point, if the devs being screwed out of attention happen to be the devs of these trash games, then I'm all for it.
  7. Since the issue of these "games" clogging up the PlayStation Store was brought up in the other thread that got locked, I thought that I would mention this here. After little more than a day it would seem that Sony has taken notice of the recent publicity around the issue, because the 'New Games' row on the PlayStation Store has changed. If you go to the PlayStation Store on PS5, the first thing you'll notice now is that games in the 'New Games' row are way larger than before. Now only 3 games from this row fit on the screen at once. But more importantly the default order of games in the 'New Games' row and view all section has changed from newest to best selling. This is a big change, because before this these shovelware "games" would be placed front and centre in the 'New Games' row simply due to the frequency in which they release, but now it's a lot more balanced with bigger, more popular titles taking precedence. While this move doesn't entirely eliminate EZPZ games out of the view of the average gamer (they're still there, just a little bit more work to get to them now), it's still a big improvement to the store, and hopefully just the start of more changes to come in an effort to combat these low effort, exploitative "games" from clogging up the store. If psnprofiles can do something similar with the front page that would be great. If people didn't have to see them so often I think they'd be less of an issue overall. Also credit goes to @Velvet for bringing this to my attention to begin with. I was going to shout you out, but I forgot you actually post here tbh 😅 Here's a few images of what the PS5 store looks like now:
  8. I'm not turning anything political "bruh". I'm simply trying to be helpful by answering a question posed by another user. Whoever brought up Sony and California to begin with turned it political, so carry on ☺️
  9. I'm no expert in this, but I believe that depending on your political leanings, at least as far as US politics is concerned, California can usually be seen as either heaven or hell. So when someone mentions Sony and California in the same sentence it's usually something to do with that person's own political beliefs, rather than the simple fact that Sony HQ moved to California in a bid to restructure their global business operations. It's actually not all that uncommon for large corporations and other businesses to do so, but people will usually ignore that fact in order to push their own political and ideological agendas. The ideas that Sony have become "woke" and that they "don't care about Japan anymore" usually stems from this too.
  10. Sony takes 30% from purchases on the PlayStation Store. These games usually cost $0.99-$5 and they only ever sell a few thousand at the most. Sony really isn't making anything off these games lmao. It's not that deep. These are indie games and indie devs in the eyes of Sony. They have zero reason to block them from selling on the store. Ever check out Steam? Maybe you should. There's a big difference between digital storefronts and physical retail stores. No digital platform holder has any sort of quality control. People get up in arms about these games saying Sony should do something to stop them but there are bigger things to worry about like €60/€70 AAA games that are completely broken at launch, or filled with insidious microtransactions, or straight up missing content that was promised before launch, yet I never see the same passion around here when it comes to those games. The furore is only ever centered around these trash dollar games. "You can’t really blame the people who buy these games” Yes. Yes you can. These people need to take some personal responsibility. I'm sick to death of the addiction card being played as an excuse. These people know exactly what they're buying into. These games wouldn't exist if there wasn't a market for them. "...nor the devs who make them." Again, yes you can. Much like the individual user, these developers also need to take some responsibility. They're putting out trash, zero effort products for a quick buck. Yeah they're just making a living, but there are better ways to do so than simply taking the quick and easy route. Why not aim to make games that people actually care about? That'd be too much effort for these leeches. Just one of these days I'd like someone to explain in detail how Sony should go about moderating the PlayStation Store. Because a lot of people seem to suggest quality control but they never actually stop to think about the potential issues that come along with that.
  11. I'd be pretty satisfied with this. I don't really care for the other stuff OP is asking for because it seems complicated and a bit excessive, but having these games removed from the front page would be a great start, and I'm sure welcomed by most people here. These "games" have been clogging up the front page for far too long now and it's plain obnoxious at this point. Trying to find actual games on the front page is a futile experience these days. And it's even worse since PS5 launched because now these games have the larger game tiles, so they're even more of an eyesore.
  12. I'm a little surprised by the sheer number of people who straight up never knew this existed lol. I get it's a pointless feature, but PlayStation did at least touch on it once or twice, either through a blog post or a video I can't remember exactly, it might have been when they were revealing the PS5 UI, and it also has it's own little section on your profile overview, it's pretty hard to miss where they have it placed to be fair. I guess people don't go to their profile that often? lmao. The real problem is that it was just totally pointless, even if people knew it was there. Only a handful of games supported it, and even then it was hit or miss because the implementation would be different across games. It could be fairly simplistic or it could be hideously complicated, or hidden entirely. In Ride 4 for example, after a race you would need to press L1 or something and then select the player you wanted to reward, but you only ever had about 5 seconds to do all of this, and I distinctly remember it not even working most of the time. It's so dumb because what does having accolades even prove? It isn't an accurate way to judge who is a good sport and who is toxic. I feel like PS5 has a slight problem in general when it comes to it's more niche features. Things like the accolades, the cards system etc. It mostly comes down to a) these things not being mandatory and b even when they are included in a game it's usually an inconsistent experience because in most cases the devs will just do the bare minimum and do whatever they feel like. It creates a disjointed experience for the player. There needs to be a unified approach to these things. Even if they aren't mandatory, fair enough, but if devs are going to include these things then Sony needs to step in and say you must follow guidelines and implement them in such a way. I think that would be far better than the current approach which is scattershot at best. If not then I can easily see more features being removed in the near future. PS Plus game help is the only feature (when included in games) that actually works as intended, serves a purpose, and is genuinely useful.
  13. I used to think like this before the PS5 launched, and still do to some degree, but even I think the PS5 can feel a little isolating at times. On PS4 things were different. You had the 'What's New' section, and even though it didn't work all that well (straight up broken at times), it was something. You also had the whole followers thing, where you could follow pretty much anyone, even official accounts. And yeah, that wasn't great either, but again, it was something. It went some small way to making you feel connected with other players. On PS5 you have nothing of the sort. No central place to access all of the latest news from your friends. Their latest trophies, or games played, or whatever. I'm not saying having a similar feature on PS5 would solve this feeling of isolation entirely, but surely it would help. And I'm not saying this affects everyone, or that everyone should care about this stuff, but I've heard similar sentiments from enough people now that it's obviously an issue for some. I really think that at a minimum, there should've been a 'What's New' type section for PS5 upon launch.
  14. Yikes... it's sounding even more useless than I thought it'd be. What is the point of these 'gamelists' anyway if they're in the library? Why couldn't they be placed somewhere on the home screen? You know, the place most people spend the majority of their time on PS5. It's baffling. I think they should just allow for a custom tab next to the 'Games' and 'Media' tabs. You can call it whatever you like and stick what you want into it. Further you could create actual folders in this tab for even more organisation. Seems like an infinitely better idea than these 'gamelists'.
  15. Article "Per Siliconera, PlayStation 5 users will soon be losing access to the Accolades system. For those unfamiliar with the feature, it was a function designed to award gamers who positively contributed to multiplayer experiences. Gamers could obtain three Accolades, which were Helpful, Welcoming, and Good Sport." "The announcement that the PS5’s Accolades system is being abandoned comes from a post on the Japanese PlayStation Support site. While an exact date has not been shared for the feature’s removal, a Fall 2022 window was provided. It can be assumed that, when the feature is removed, gamers will lose access to any Accolades they have received thus far. According to Sony, gamers were not utilizing the feature nearly as much as the company had expected, pushing the company to stop supporting Accolades." Not huge news, but interesting nonetheless. I can't say I'm surprised, though. In the handful of games I've played that utilize the feature, barely anyone used it. I only received a handful of accolades in all my time on PS5. Probably a mix of people not knowing it was there and not being bothered to give them out. Personally I think that if you're going to introduce a pointless feature like this one then you really need to tie it into something else to get people interested and engaged. Maybe tie it into a rewards program or something. Perhaps for every [insert arbitrary number] accolades received a player could redeem them for points. It wouldn't surprise me if the activity cards system is next to either get shelved completely (less likely) or dramatically altered, because in my experience it's a similar problem. They just aren't useful enough or don't serve a purpose. They're also incredibly inconsistent in what they do.