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  1. If this was possible then almost everyone would become a completionist overnight at the touch of a button 😋 Honestly I probably wouldn't like to see something like this get implemented. I would prefer to see servers for games staying up longer to avoid unobtainable MP trophies. I would prefer to see games having more rigid testing when it comes to trophies to ensure that they actually work correctly. It's amazing how often trophies happen to be glitched or bugged, sometimes permanently and never getting patched. How hard is it to get right? These for example would be much better options than being able to delete trophies. There is always the alt account option you can use if you wish to test games first. Not to mention if this did happen then I guarantee you there would be some idiots who would end up deleting their entire trophy lists by accident and then complain and whine incessantly about it to Sony and you would get countless threads about it
  2. The most difficult thing about this game was trying to connect to the servers for the first few days 😋 I honestly believe that people are making a mountain out of a molehill regarding the 'difficulty' of this game. It's a 2/10 all day. You can use the easiest settings for everything and you can even save yourself a few hours if you use the retire exploit for the 250 championships. Fair enough, not everyone will find the same things easy, or difficult, but in this case I believe it's blown way out of proportion, and thus we get threads like this because people are put off by the scaremongering. Also I don't get why people are thrashing the game so much, just because they find it difficult. It's actually a fairly decent game and far from Milestone's worst effort. There are worse racers out there
  3. Maybe by the time PS6 rolls around...
  4. There are parts which will make you want to pull your hair out. It's been a long time but if I recall correctly, the parking garage section gave me the most trouble and towards the end of the game there is another difficult bit. It isn't easy but like anything, if you persevere you will get there, but yeah, I definitely didn't enjoy doing it. Probably a 6 or 7 out of 10 in difficulty with the potential to spike a bit more in parts.
  5. I've played 200+ hours (also on the Pro) without as much as a single glitch or hiccup so this doesn't sound normal and it definitely isn't something to be expected. I've not actually heard anyone else having issues so I'm not sure what could be causing this problem for you mate. If you have tried everything else and still have issues then reinstalling the game might help.
  6. Bro why are you so intent on shoveling your opinion down everyone's throat? That persons argument was perfectly legit because it is THEIR OPINION, something you can't seem to grasp. There is no right and wrong. If that person thinks the game is generic, boring, poorly written or anything else along with that then they are entitled to do so. Why are you getting offended that some people dislike the game and/or story? Just let it be. You will never change their mind about it especially when you're taking the high road and stating everything you write as fact and claiming everyone's opinions as wrong or trolling. I think TLoU is one of the GOAT games, personally my tied favourite, but the way your acting is just making me cringe. You're giving fans of the game a bad name to boot because now some people here might have the impression that all fans of TLoU are crazed nutters who disregard people's opinions at every opportunity. Not to mention this thread has now been derailed for like 3 pages at this point because of you so please just let it rest. To stay on topic I would still prefer to see a MP mode added to the game but I would be happy with a standalone too. The original MP was insanely fun and I'm not a huge MP guy. I would love more of the same
  7. I agree. I've been playing the mp for the past few days after not touching the game in months and it's a completely different experience now and I'm actually having fun with it. I haven't been griefed once, in fact I rarely even encounter other players. I get to do my own thing in peace so it's almost like I'm just playing the single player rather than mp. I've mostly been doing the roles (mainly bounty hunter and collector) which are fun and a nice way to earn some money and xp. I was level 16 when I started playing and I'm now level 22 and I've hardly done anything intensive in that time to rank up, it has all come naturally while enjoying my time. I'm going to enjoy my time to level 50 and dare I say it, I may even continue playing every now and again once I'm finished the mp for trophies sake.
  8. Off the top of my head i'll go with Undertale. Maybe not the most overrated game ever but it certainly springs to my mind when I think of such games. I only picked it up because I had heard some really amazing things about it but when I actually started playing it I had to ask myself what all the fuss was about. I thought I had picked up the wrong game at one point, I just couldn't see what all the praise was over. As a series i'll say Final Fantasy. I was never able to get into it when I was younger and that hasn't changed since. I know lots of people gush over the series and get offended if a single bad word is said about it but I personally don't see the appeal.
  9. I can't say I'm surprised but I fully understand the reasoning and I'm all for it if it means we get the best possible experience as a result. Too many games get released in a broken, sometimes barely functional state with huge day 1 patches that still don't fix the issues, all in the name of meeting a deadline to keep the money rolling in and people (rightfully) moan, so when a Dev actually cares enough to hold off so they can bring the game up to their exceptional standards then there can't be any complaints. It's for our benefit and if it also means the staff don't get put under any extra stress then it's a win-win for everyone.
  10. It's clear that you want to hate this game from the off. It's 5 months from launching but you're talking as though you've played it in full. It may change drastically in that time. Of course you are fully entitled to your opinions and I'll never try to deny someone of that but from every essay you post in this thread it just seems like waffle to me and trying to find things to hate on. "Naughty Dog are way too obsessed with realism, attention to detail, and story" C'mon dude, how is any of that a bad thing? At least wait until the game is out before you start hating on it. BTW, the graphics are phenomenal and I suggest people get their eyes tested if they think otherwise. They're much improved over the already fantastic graphics of the first game. Nitpicking at it's finest.
  11. The 'drive through the store front and free fall through the map' glitch? Yup, did it for about 80% of the trophy and it was still a huge grind, probably one of the worst grinds ever imo. The trophy is an UR because it's so grindy.
  12. Mafia II is one of my favourite games ever so I would happily play it again. However I'll be damned if I'm gonna do the explorer trophy again for driving 1,000 miles. If it does get remastered then let's hope they either remove that particular dlc trophy or change the requirements for it to 100 miles instead.
  13. It's actually Dina, or so we're led to believe. Could very well be smoke and mirrors. Naughty Dog aren't the type to give anything away regarding plot. But if Joel does die in the game.. goddamn I don't think I'll ever get over it
  14. I am not a MP guy. Outside of Rocket League and some casual play here and there I usually try to avoid MP at all costs. However, the MP from TLoU was imo THE BEST MP I have ever played in any game, ever. Therefore I am disappointed that there will be no MP in Part II. Trophies be damned, the gameplay was so good in the MP portion that it could of had unobtainable trophies and I would have still gladly played it. Such a shame that from the looks of things we won't be getting that back for the sequel. I don't know if it's something they might think about adding further down the line. We've seen MP modes added post launch a few times now so it's not unthinkable, and I hope they do but it doesn't look likely, mainly because MP in those games were already being worked on and there is no evidence of that here. I'm not sure why they opted against it, if I were to guess I would say it came down to time constraints and choosing to focus on giving the SP extra polish. This news while disappointing, doesn't lessen my excitement for the game. I have already ordered the collectors edition which looks great and I'm positive that this will be another ND masterpiece with or without MP. RDR2 holds the mantle as the very best game of this generation imo but this is the one game, probably the only game, that will challenge that and I can't wait for February to come around.
  15. Thank you for the link. Had a quick glance over it and yeah it seems like either it isn't possible to remove it or there isn't interest in doing so, which is a shame. Some people in that thread (mostly people who haven't even changed their ID) want it to stay which is weird. If it was over cheating concerns then as I've said previously, ID changes could still be visible to the mods which would be fine with me. People, myself included, waited a long time for the ability to change our ID, to move away from our old names for whatever reason but yet our old IDs are there for all to view whenever they like. It's not a deal breaker or anything, just slightly disappointing but I guess it's up to the owner to do as they please and to be fair there have been many excellent additions made to the site already so I can't complain too much and maybe we will have the option to hide it down the line, hopefully.