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  1. Survival and Spec Ops can be played offline so even if servers close the 100% will always be available and for the coop Trophy that needs you to get same amount of kills with your partner in Spec Ops you can just play alone with 2 controllers (PS4 and PS5 Controllers work too on PS3) the very first mission on Spec Ops with the fake popping target enemies and take it slowly ... and a DLC tip for Veteran, unlike Base Game Spec Ops that wants to pick all 48 Stars the DLC doesn't, the DLC only wants you to beat each mission on Veteran, now that means you can play coop and your partner can play on Easy Difficulty and you can stay back and be on Veteran, in the end the mission will reward you with 1 Star but it doesn't matter on DLC cause the Veteran Trophy will still pop but it will only pop for the person that plays on Veteran so if both you and your partner need the Veteran Trophy you'll have to beat the DLC missions twice switching every time who gets to be on Veteran but its definitely worth the effort if you are having hard time beating it on Veteran normally.
  2. i searched there too , he wasn't
  3. I wish this guy isn't bugged.
  4. I haven't but they reset anyway
  5. Stepan ChbaartaLocation : Dam (but i played the game twice already and i don't see him on the map)
  6. I'm also missing just this sniper , any updates on where it might be?