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  1. Some methods and runs of the DLC "Proving Grounds" - Impeckto Perfecto - Involuntary Escort - Snake Temple Throwdown - Way of Passive Grapple - Kill the mega Exploder - Barrel Breaker - Face Invaders - Deadly combo chase (let sleeping gods lie trophy) - Workout warrior
  2. One of my favourite games from the 8 bit era. Sucks it only got a release with a crap trophy list. 😔 If you like old school platformers, pick this one up! I never could finish it as a kid.
  3. Congrats on the 100%, how did you find the games difficulty overall? And did you end up finding help for your question?
  4. Did you stop the prisoner being executed at the bottom left (from the start)? You can quickly knock out both guys near him. Follow the pipes underneath the bridge to avoid everyone, then free the 3 by knocking him out too. Rescue Ranger popped for me right there. Invisible man, keep going to the end of the level, knocking out who you can and avoid being detected. It's tricky this area, as i didn't get a checkpoint to trigger. Had to do the whole thing without dying/getting spotted.
  5. Loved and still love Wally/Waldo! Keen to see your feedback when you get a bit further through it. For only a few $, i'm keen to pick it up.
  6. Any good? Difficulty?
  7. Finally went back and wrapped up Axiom Verge.  A few intense days to speedrun/no deaths and it's done!  200 completed games! 

    1. Sgznr


      Congrats on the milestone! :yay:

  8. This entirely! Up there with Guacamelee games for me in terms of difficulty.
  9. Nothing off the top of my head atm, but thanks for name dropping "contrast". Not heard of it, but will look into it!
  10. After just wrapping up Man of Medan, it was a chore too. Games aren't bad per se, but if you are after platinums on them, they are a nightmare.
  11. My Memory Of Us - Cool little indie game i completed today.  I remember i picked it up cheap on sale.  


    Highly recommended if you liked Valiant Hearts or just indies in general with a War theme.  Tugs at the heart strings a bit, light puzzles that make you think a bit and just fun, pretty easy plat.  


    Play it if you can! 

  12. 715.97. Can't get to 715.98. Any tips? Still says i'm rank 1 and with a diamond but i would like to cement it with the same distance as everyone else. I started playing this game about 6 months ago when there was another "diamond cup" glitch. This will leave me with one day to finally get the plat in 1 more day's play. I am by no means good at this game and never bothered to learn how to "speedrun" the timed challenges so most of them ended up with a bronze. But to anyone thinking of playing this, BELIEVE THAT THE GRIND IS REAL! - 6 months of playing the challenges, EVERYDAY! Towards the end, yes, i was getting some golds, at least a few a week. It's a great time to grab the Diamond cup today though! And with maybe around 200 people only playing the weekly challenges now and the daily's sometimes only around 110 on VITA, i feel a server closure is not too far away.
  13. How do you feel this would translate to the ps3 version? I do know trophy lists differ, but perhaps someone who has played both versions may have some input? I have both versions of the game, but have (hidden) ps3 trophies already, but not started the ps4 version. If the ps3 version can be made easier by somewhat following this method than i may just get back to it sooner than i expected!
  14. How is the game in general?
  15. Interested to hear what people say too as it's quite old. I have the game here ready to install while on holidays. Not a massive AC fan but have played i think 4 in all from the start. None of the newer ones. They are very "samey" to me, like most AAA games. However something to pick up and play on the vita is always a bonus.