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  1. The whole Hunt: Showdown soundtrack is awesome! And more people need to play this game!
  2. Just started playing this game again and am getting the same. Annoying as i still need the 250 rifts.
  3. A while ago i found something via here i believe, that allowed me to grab a list of all my purchases from the ps store and convert it into a simple word document. I cannot find a thread or recall how this was done, but if anyone can help, that would be great! Perhaps a browser script for the store or something along those lines? Here is an example of what it produced: Name,Platform,Size,Date, 'A Slip Of The Tongue' Traffic Case,PS3,686.84MB,19/12/2011, 'Nicholson Electroplating' Arson Case,PS3,684.47MB,19/12/2011, 'Reefer Madness' Vice Case,PS3,804.4MB,19/12/2011, 'The Naked City' Vice Case,PS3,1.24GB,19/12/2011, 2064: Read Only Memories,PS Vita,1.29GB,28/4/2020, 2064: Read Only Memories,PS4,905.94MB,3/10/2018, 2D Movies,PS3,12.46GB,22/6/2019, TIA!
  4. Super tough game or just no good?
  5. Oh wow, looks amazing. Always hoped for a sequel!
  6. Tembo the badass elephant.  Cool game, enjoyed it alot, but maybe i'm getting old, it proved quite challenging in parts.  Roadmap says 6hrs and 4/10 Difficulty.  Took me more than double that time.  And a lot of persistence on some sections.  Recommend the game though! 

  7. The ps3 has a great list of games and i still play have a backlog of games to complete! It all depends on what you are into. I think a lot of ps3 physical games are cheap on ebay or similar places that sell second hand games. There are a few games that are digital only, which is what i think most people are grabbing. Or games that maybe only got a Japan release and the physical price is a lot. There are a lot of videos on youtube with recommendations and lists of what to pick up etc, worth a look if you get a chance! Be prepared though, a lot of them aren't cheap anymore sadly. I have picked up a few vita games, and looked through the ps3 store today. I may pick up a few, but with some still being A$20+, it can get expensive quickly!
  8. Are the controls similar to Pumped BMX on the vita? I found the tricks impossible to pull off with the rear touch pad and had to play on ps4 with the 4 shoulder buttons in use. I want to pick up both Joe Danger games, but wondering if it's better to get them on ps3. Also seeing such a lower completion % on the vita than ps3. I would much prefer to play on vita, but if the controls make it so much more harder to do tricks or to play in general, than i will take the ps3 versions. Anyone with any info on the games?
  9. Does that still work can anyone confirm? I have GTA5 on ps3 hidden on my account as i just started playing years ago and then found out this trophy was not available. So i ended up purchasing on ps4. With the intention to one day play it... but as the backlog continues to grow, and time available dwindles, well, i am going to go back to the ps3 version. At least the 100% is easier without the added heists. Is this a wise idea? 🤔
  10. Everybody On Board Assassination Challenge Here is my crude effort.
  11. Concrete Genie - My blind playthrough Videos trying to get trophies without looking at too much -  Really enjoyed this game, but the post game collectables were a bit annoying.  Had to use a guide for a few!  Give me a like and a sub!  

  12. Hoping to make a video of this map tomorrow! Stay tuned! Hopefully i'll have an answer for you
  13. Condor video and a playlist of some other Hole in Ones and Eagles/Albatross.
  14. Just starting a youtube channel for games. If anyone needs some challenge/feats help, so far Himmelstein is my most covered, please check out my videos! I will be working on the other 2 sniper missions also soon! Give me a like and a sub if you found them useful! Thanks guys.
  15. @I need more BIOSHOCK Spec Ops Have the physical sitting here that i will get to one day, but that FUBAR scares me.