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  1. Managed to wrap this up by leaving one tank, but making sure to take out the 3 helicopters before you reach the barn. With one tank remaining you do not have the time pressure. Make your way back down the bottom, (this still took me a few goes to get the timing right) and hide in the station. Before you arrive quickly turn around and shoot the last tank. Wait it out for about 30 seconds of talking etc and the chopper is just outside the door!
  2. So quite the struggle for me on this mission in Vet. I tried for a good few hours AFTER destroying all tanks. That proved fruitless. I then found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zKkRYA8QCY I tried for a good while with this method, except for maybe shooting the one guy above the roof while on the barrels in the barn. I still could seemingly not ever get out the next little shed part without still having more guys there. Is this an infinite spawn? Does it all come down to timing and trying to be quick? ie between shooting the guys while standing on the barrels then to the next shoot and shooting them through the window. Really at a loss here to get past this on Vet. Should i ditch this method and try another?! This seems quite good once you are heading back down the hill, as there are no enemies! Thanks in advance!
  3. You need *the* highest score on each IIRC.
  4. Following your efforts closely mate as this game is on my 2019 to play list. Looking forward to a tough challenge! * and I check your profile and see you already have it! Congrats!
  5. Damn, that sucks. Thanks for the info mate!
  6. When you say it's borderline impossible to complete, how so? 2 people aren't enough? I never played this when it was online still, but were more people allowed to play in coop at the time? Like a team? I'm slowly working my way through remaining campaign trophies i need, then will be trying for these coop trophies, most likely with 2 controls if this is at all possible even?
  7. I would like to yes, it looks so gorgeous. I don't need to hide it i guess, but just to be tidy. I've only hidden 2 games, one that used the motion control and is unplayable with it therefore impossible. The other is GTA5 on ps3. Realised it was not possible to plat just after i started it. So i will be playing the PS4 version instead. I might just do that actually! Working on finishing up Last Guardian now. Don't know how soon i can jump back into another game similar with bad controls/camera though!
  8. Somewhat of a completionist here, i still own the ps3 version and need to get back to it one day to finish it. Question is, do i perhaps hide that one from my list and buy this one? Or do i persevere with the ps3 version which i believe is a lot harder than this newer version? PS4 version looks absolutely amazing and kind of feel i'm missing out by not playing it.
  9. Haha! Damn.
  10. I'll vouch for Cosmic Star Heroine also, another game i really enjoyed was Steamworld Heist - Definitely needs more love!
  11. Aussie here, available weekends generally. Check my profile for games currently playing or on the backlog!
  12. Grand kingdom.
  13. I'd say just to avoid this game anyway, like others have said; a mindless button masher with no progress of learning. So much cheap stuff also that made it infuriating. I never had a game that had so many issues while going for the platinum. Freezes upon freezes. Problems playing with 2 people, not connecting, the list could go on. It was a constant nervous battle to beat this game as you never knew when your progress would be just obliterated while farming lives. Avoid if you are a trophy hunter for sure. Especially if this is true with the patch...
  14. According to a post on the trophy roadmap for this game, this is possible: While i couldn't get memu to download/work correctly, i did install Bluestacks. This can let you have multiple windows open via duplication or new account. So the problem for me is how to have a bridge connection instead of a NAT? I have done some looking, but i only have a laptop with nowhere to plug in an ethernet cable. Does anyone know of a method for this particular trophy? Short of buying more phones or having available friends 😂 I'm sure i'm not the only one with this issue!
  15. I'm going to throw in Steamworld Heist - On both vita and PS4 it has a very low owner count. It's a really great turn based RPG with great characters, an ultra rare plat and a real challenge! Another is Bradman Cricket - I have the 2014 edition, but there is a 2017 one also. If you are into sports games, give it a go! If you are not from a cricket playing nation or have no idea, check it out anyway and you might just enjoy the game and the sport!