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  1. The ps3 has a great list of games and i still play have a backlog of games to complete! It all depends on what you are into. I think a lot of ps3 physical games are cheap on ebay or similar places that sell second hand games. There are a few games that are digital only, which is what i think most people are grabbing. Or games that maybe only got a Japan release and the physical price is a lot. There are a lot of videos on youtube with recommendations and lists of what to pick up etc, worth a look if you get a chance! Be prepared though, a lot of them aren't cheap anymore sadly. I have picked up a few vita games, and looked through the ps3 store today. I may pick up a few, but with some still being A$20+, it can get expensive quickly!
  2. Are the controls similar to Pumped BMX on the vita? I found the tricks impossible to pull off with the rear touch pad and had to play on ps4 with the 4 shoulder buttons in use. I want to pick up both Joe Danger games, but wondering if it's better to get them on ps3. Also seeing such a lower completion % on the vita than ps3. I would much prefer to play on vita, but if the controls make it so much more harder to do tricks or to play in general, than i will take the ps3 versions. Anyone with any info on the games?
  3. Does that still work can anyone confirm? I have GTA5 on ps3 hidden on my account as i just started playing years ago and then found out this trophy was not available. So i ended up purchasing on ps4. With the intention to one day play it... but as the backlog continues to grow, and time available dwindles, well, i am going to go back to the ps3 version. At least the 100% is easier without the added heists. Is this a wise idea? 🤔
  4. Everybody On Board Assassination Challenge Here is my crude effort.
  5. Concrete Genie - My blind playthrough Videos trying to get trophies without looking at too much -  Really enjoyed this game, but the post game collectables were a bit annoying.  Had to use a guide for a few!  Give me a like and a sub!  

  6. Hoping to make a video of this map tomorrow! Stay tuned! Hopefully i'll have an answer for you
  7. Condor video and a playlist of some other Hole in Ones and Eagles/Albatross.
  8. Just starting a youtube channel for games. If anyone needs some challenge/feats help, so far Himmelstein is my most covered, please check out my videos! I will be working on the other 2 sniper missions also soon! Give me a like and a sub if you found them useful! Thanks guys.
  9. @I need more BIOSHOCK Spec Ops Have the physical sitting here that i will get to one day, but that FUBAR scares me.
  10. A few more than 5000 now, but this: Unique online PvE, PvP game where sound/headset is super important. Just getting into it, and it's very tough, but i can see a lot of hours being spent playing! Needs a bigger player base, although you can match with other systems.
  11. Wow, did not know about this, thanks! I'll check it out.
  12. *sorry if this has already been mentioned before* So now that Sony is removing the wishlist from the store, i would love to see it implemented within our profile somehow, as a side option or similar? It would be great to search a game on here and have the option to just tick it to add it to our wishlist. We can then have a wishlist tab, and all of the games we selected are visible there. I have a lot of games on the "wishlist" that change over time for various reasons. It would be a great way to track them etc all in one place. *just a thought*
  13. Just purchased Hunt: Showdown from the Halloween Sale.  Game looks great but i think i will be in way over my head.  Wish me luck!  

    1. Raveniteh


      I played this game when it was released on PS4. It has quite steep learning curve and not gonna lie, it's one of those more difficult FPS games. 


      Some advice if you care for it: Everything you make makes sound and other players can identify your location based on it. I recommend playing with headset because this game does rely on sound a lot as you can hear a gunfight across whole map so it's important to be able to tell where it's coming from and how far away it is. Do not be discouraged if you lose a game or your hunter and just have fun! I also recommend watching some tutorial videos because there are some good hints that can help you at start.

    2. chiino82


      Thanks mate.  Yeah i have already watched a few vids etc and it definitely is something i will take time to get used too!  Looking forward to the challenge and can hopefully, eventually find a few decent guys to help me out!  


  14. This is on sale atm for approx $20AUD. Is it worth a pick up? I'm not that great at online stuff, but this looks really great. Is the plat still attainable if i had another dedicated partner? The 150hr time on the trophy roadmap looks daunting! Any pros and cons appreciated! Cheers
  15. Hanimex 7771 Atari 2600 Sega Master System 2 Sega Mega Drive 2 PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 Gamecube (just to play RE0 and RE Remake and some other very hyped game that i didn't really enjoy) PSP PS Vita