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  1. Machinarium MGSV: Ground Zeroes Hell Yeah!
  2. Maybe I didn't explain very well. Zenoreth if is evolve, but the trophy checker of PS5 (I have 135/164), He didn't increase the account when I haven't any Zenoreth before. Thanks for the answer!
  3. How to get a register of a Zenoreth? I was try a trade my Azuroc with my friend and he back to my and vice versa, but not its works
  4. I can't see this prologue in store SG or ID, I see a demo (chinese/korean) but this is free and not obtain new trophies. Maybe they removed it? If any of you have a link, I would appreciate it.
  5. I didin't know that about decisions, thanks, I'll try!
  6. I don't understand how do "Scouted by Brazil", my run: (this goals scored with my costum player) Many goals in previous phase in world cup. 3 goals vs Argentina 2 goals vs France every match my costum player with S or more in assessment Route Brazil Carlos S card friend Alberto B card friend (i have sagittarius shot) And don't appear mission especial by Carlos Barra, why???? Please, send any tip, thanks.
  7. I can't scored USA goalkeeper with my costum player, then never obtain A in shots, any tips? PD: my costum player is midfielder and cant change your position.
  8. You should save all PP points, then save your data in usb in case you dont'n like the cards, can restart it. This missions not easier for me
  9. I got about 40 bullets in the lab of the diselhummer and in brother 1 about 400 bullets, just repeat mission that I needed
  10. For me, this is the best way to farm the heavy weapons, by far: Laser: Brother 1 mission (much enemies drop the ammo, "lasersoldiat", around 9 enemies) Diesel: Brother 2 mission (much enemies drop the ammo, "dieselsoldiat", around 7 enemies) Kugel: wherever you want, is easy to obtain the ammo, in the previous brothers for example Uber: the biggest enemies drop the ammo,this is the easiest weapon to farm I think this is the best way because there are a lot of fat enemies with the specific type of ammo in each mission, is difficult to obtain the heavy ammo playing "normal".
  11. Thanks!
  12. Hi, this game have missable trophies?