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  1. I got about 40 bullets in the lab of the diselhummer and in brother 1 about 400 bullets, just repeat mission that I needed
  2. For me, this is the best way to farm the heavy weapons, by far: Laser: Brother 1 mission (much enemies drop the ammo, "lasersoldiat", around 9 enemies) Diesel: Brother 2 mission (much enemies drop the ammo, "dieselsoldiat", around 7 enemies) Kugel: wherever you want, is easy to obtain the ammo, in the previous brothers for example Uber: the biggest enemies drop the ammo,this is the easiest weapon to farm I think this is the best way because there are a lot of fat enemies with the specific type of ammo in each mission, is difficult to obtain the heavy ammo playing "normal".
  3. Thanks!
  4. Hi, this game have missable trophies?