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    1. Carbon_Lancer


      Thats before my PS3 broke after Black Friday when I got a shit ton of games too so the number is higher :o

  1. Bleach
  2. Some really easy ones, all the Tekken games. Nice plat streak btw

    1. MrCostari


      Damn, I think I played Tekken on my old PS2. A long time ago. Thanks, I'm going to read the trophy guides. ;)

  3. Just saying hi and your troply list sucks, I just thought I'd let you know :P

    1. Jeankarlo


      lol np i feel the same about your list too xD

  4. You didn't win the November comp, I did.. tell me how you won?

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    2. DanielVT


      Dude, I trust Grimy. I have known him here for awhile and he is completely rational and level-headed. I trust that for him to be as angry as he is with you, he has due and a legitimate reason. I don't know exactly what you did......yet. I intend on finding out though.



      like I said, proof or stfu

    4. DanielVT


      I'm not going to get into the dirt with you man. Thread locked.

  5. so, do you want to know who cheated in the monthly giveaway? He is saying I did... He won't show any proof, but wants to say shit about me!!

  6. AC3 (Ultra Rare 3.88%) I'm not going to try and win this month
  7. Thanks Goodluck but don't be so sure... I was sure I was going to win last month and got 2nd.. I almost got 2nd again lol you just don't know what the others will play and can surprise you Yeah it was close and I almost didn't load my last 2 games but I'm glad I did ..and it was Quijabone who did Zumba twice and is now doing his 2nd Brink, I guess he likes double plats
  8. Thanks I started playing AC3 but I wanted to play it 5 days earlier but I couldn't because I was too busy, I know AC games pretty well so I was able to complete a lot with little trouble. I could get the plat in 2 more days but there wasn't enough time then I saw you had completed a few games and were winning so I loaded up Sound Shapes & CS:GO, very quick and easy games. Walking Dead I already had 1-4 episodes and decided to plat it once episode 5 was released. TTT2 was a very rare when I first got it but it changed to rare and I put it down as rare. Okami was going to be an ultra rare but I decided not to rush it because it was epic. DBZ collection would've been an ultra too but I it was late getting to me lol I was going to get a Vita a few months ago and if I did it would've made things easier lol You're right about this comp, it's good and it motivated me to start my games. ....and thanks dawg lol
  9. Mine is 100% but right now it's 99.1% but I just need some dlc trophies and to finish up AC3
  10. Sound Shapes (uncommon 39.04 ) Counter Strike: Global Offensive (uncommon 28.65%)
  11. Supremacy MMA (ultra rare - 2.60% )
  12. Supremacy MMA
  13. The Walking Dead. Agreed!!
  14. lol I stopped paying attention to his posts when dawg pointed out that SF4 is copy protected.... oh well