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  1. The devs said the game is about 9-10 hours, more for a complete run getting all the things and killing all the heroic bosses. I think once you conquer the heroic versions of bosses, you'll have the chops to go back through and speedrun it. There is also a class that lowers the stat requirements to equip weapons, that might be useful for this run. I really don't think people will have any trouble getting to the final boss in the time limit, I think it'll be more about gearing up correctly and being able to take the boss in that state. There are also 3 lore pages on most of the bosses that give passive advantages if you find them before facing that boss.
  2. I don't know if the Perfect Run trophy is going to be quite as hard as some people are thinking. It doesn't say anything about not dying, just one 4 hour sitting. From what I heard the devs say, this game isn't really linear, and you can probably get to the final boss while ignoring most of the game's content, you'll just probably want to know what you want to grab, and the best route. It'll probably still be pretty insane doing the final boss at base lvl though.
  3. I randomly grabbed the first on sale for a dollar and really dug it. The game stuck with me and I'd been keeping my eyes peeled for part two. The one review I watched said this one is considerably better than the first. Got it installed this morning before work, looking forward to checking it out if I can ever manage to tear myself away from Monster Hunter..
  4. Is it now? Took me about three months of daily morning attempts to get that one back on ps3... Kinda want to get this again, but kinda too stuck on Monster Hunter..
  5. Workin on making it my 100th plat. Made it through the teleporting assholes and the shaman in Ch 8 finally today on my 3rd try. Seriously though, one of my favorite FPS games ever.
  6. They are clear from the start, and have been heavily covered in pre release coverage. You play as a Pict (Celt) warrior who's love was killed by Norse warriors and sacrificed to Hela, so you have to journey into the Norse underworld to reclaim his soul, which is why the mythology is foreign to Senua. This all happens before the game starts, not spoiling anything. The game also includes a making of featurette that gives some more of the historical background.
  7. I think it's well worth the asking price, I was happy to do a second playthrough to cleanup the few lore stones I missed. It is definitely more of an experience type of game, best enjoyed with some good headphones. Combat isn't particularly deep, and a large part of the game consists of environmental perspective puzzles, but the faithfulness to the theme, Senua's condition and trauma, and the Norse mythology make it stand out. I've made two different friends sit down and play through it, both contending that it was one of the best games they've ever played. If you want a grim decent into madness and eventually hell itself, this is worth your time. If you'e worried that 30 bucks for 8 or 9 hours isn't worth it, that is your call, but I have seen 60 dollar titles come in at about that length.. I'm happy with my purchase, but this is the kind of project I'd like to see more of in this industry, so I'm happy to support if I can.
  8. It is on my wishlist! I love both Platinum and Shinji Mikami. Hadn't seen a copy in a good while, It's one I always check for. I could always track one down more aggressively, order it, or grab digital, but so many games... Also, congrats @Sir_Muteb for hitting the 100 plat mark! I'd love to get that Ninja Gaiden 2 plat myself, but the online is too laggy for me to want to deal with it. I lost some 40-50 hrs of progress when my ps3 hard drive corrupted, of course while my plus was lapsed, resetting all the grind trophies as well. Those Ultimate Ninja missions are too insane for me to handle with any lag, and the partner AI is too terrible to do em solo. I wish ya good luck though! Do it! Great game. Witcher 3 isn't a bad choice if that is your favorite game. I have still yet to touch that series at all. Everyone has told me to play it.
  9. My 100th is fast approaching and I've been thinking about this myself today.. I've got Shadow Warrior, Rogue Legacy and Dead Space 2 in consideration.
  10. I did hear this game has control options for a classic, slower and tankier option like the first, and a more modern faster one. Although I bet classic mode will lock ya in. I highly recommend Jigzaw's in depth Akumu walkthrough on YouTube if you do wanna take another crack at it, with his strats, it's quite doable. Worst parts are the moving platform gauntlet part, last Laura encounter, and the big room fight at the end, which are much easier if you have the flame spitting dlc bolts (I did it without).
  11. These were pretty much my thoughts. The trophy description is vague, but my initial reaction was playthrough, but hopefully just a chapter..? It is only a bronze trophy. It's good to see another sandwich out there.
  12. They're whiskey stones. You throw them in the freezer and can add them to your drink to prevent it from watering down. Some people like a little water in their whiskey, it's a preference thing.
  13. I've yet to try VR in any capacity, but having just recently platted it, I'd recommend playing your first run as blind as possible in VR. I was trying to hold out on playing the game until I had my own VR headset, but I decided I couldn't wait. The game is so damn good. I also prefer the game with a headset as opposed to my surround sound, you can hear all the little details better.
  14. Looks like I am a Victim No More. Got The Evil Within plat. All I have left with Shadow Warrior is to finish heroic, kept dying to the teleporting assholes at the end of chapter 7 last I played.
  15. Tracked under My Data-> Play Log-> Fighters Captured