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  1. Last Year you had to order your own Presents. ^_^

    And this Year? Surprises? :P

    A little late...but 💐.

    1. Maisy


      Oh boy, surprises, I wanted something particular and got a different particular thing than I wanted, but I also did get a few things I DID want. So it was OK.

  2. I got Tetris Effect for Christmas, been playing it every day since, yesterday I tried for hours to beat the last leg of the Journey, up to that I did it on Normal, so hitting trouble in Celebration, I changed to Beginner there and squeaked through to the end ... and fell flat on my face, hours lost and I HATE that song now. Get to 60 line clears and Speed 10 hits. I get to 64 or 82 line clears, sometimes in-between, but can't get through. I got 86 or 88 (not sure, it's a murky memory since I was in MY zone) one time, thought I could do it, then a plethora of junk came out and no way I could clear any line with that. So topped out. I've tried playing it so that I just built from the beginning Tetris clears and junk whatever, no matter if I do that or keep going for every line clear that I can, keeping it at the bottom nothing much accumulated, the speed bump kills me, I am a dedicated Gameboy Oldie so... all the Tetris in between never changed me. I have maybe one trophy from other Tetris games on PSN in the past. That means I go for Tetris clears and pull those shapes, er, Tetriminos, down ASAP. No holds, no over flipping or slow placement for the most part. So wired am I, nothing bad happens like this on higher speeds, but on the last Journey level it's like I'm pressing something and causing three or more shapes to fall in the same place instantly. I don't know why, it just happens and that's why I top out, I can't fix that junk. I try never to use my D-pad down on this level once in the '50 line clears' region. I use ZONE sometimes, it usually does little more than ruin my focus, doesn't save me, mostly fuddles me up. Unfortunately I have no idea what I am doing, it's like emergency mode, no hope at all.
  3. Happy After Christmas Day! I got Tetris Effect for Christmas. 

    1. xEl_Cidx


      Happy Holidays! enjoy the gifts!

    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Very awesome!  Merry Christmas, Maisy.

  4. @ERGOPROXY-DECAY have you tried this?
  5. Oh boy, the wait to play Hollow Knight is almost over! PS4 will be my first time playing it.

    1. starcrunch061


      Pretty stoked myself. Might have to wait, though. The backlog is immense, and it's all RPG at the moment.

    2. Vasilij_Kozlov


      Same. Have on PC and dont play yet :D

    3. Dreakon13


      It's a pretty cool game. ;)

  6. Are you playing on PS Vita or PS4? Make a fresh start just for that route (From the beginning of Nadeshiko's playthrough that Violet Flower route is in.) Try that, make sure you are letting the scene go to completion, and past, save at that point, check your pic files again, and see if it worked. That's all I have. I've played this game on four accounts on PS4 and never had a problem with any of the scenes and pics registering. FWIW I just don't know what else to suggest.
  7. I have a Samsung Note8 -- which I love. We switched Carriers so I was able to get the Note8 last year, otherwise I'd be using my Samsung S6 Edge +, which I still have as a wifi device. I really love my Note8. Did I say that already? 😍
  8. I've been playing Guitar Hero Live this past week, finally after it sat in my living room for two Christmases, or three.


    I'm at 50% trophies or 31 of 50 if one is counting actual trophies. It gets dicier now, I do not like the upgraded guitar very much and struggle on Regular for Channel 1, my favorite GHTV. I find Channel 2 much easier on Regular, but as it is I way prefer Channel 1, so that is that.


    Campaign is disgusting. I really hate it. I hope I have time to knock out ALL the trophies so I can just play GHTV for the last weeks of it's life.

    1. Squirlruler


      Good luck. I need to get back into it, but I agree. I despise the new guitar layout :{

  9. It's my birthday today! I've had a lot of them. Not saying how many,  but this year different because I had to order my own presents ... my own decisions entirely when I have a hubby and kids old enough to too young, to buy me stuff and surprise me, etc.


    So it was a sci-fi birthday, for the most part. Blu-ray: Logan's Run, Star Crash, The Thing, X-Men Apocalypse.  :)


    PS4 Blu-ray: LEGO The Incredibles; Nier Automata. :)


    New USB-C Ravpower charger for my Acer Switch Alpha 12 to charge via USB-C (finally) plus 4 more usb ports to connect stuff ... :)


    Plus a new French Press, so now I  can dedicate my old one to making herbal teas. :)


    I had fun opening the presents since some of my family didn't know what I got, my hubby had wrapped them. Anyhow it was fun!



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    2. ShogunCroCop


      Happy Birthday!

    3. PermaFox


      Happy Birthday!  And I think ordering your own presents are the best!  (Love that Amazon!)

    4. marvelboy10


      Happy birthday to you

      Happy birthday to you

      Happy birthday dear @Maisy

      Happy birthday to you. :yay:1f370.png1f382.png 1f368.png1f389.png1f381.png1f388.png

  10. It's a fun game. There are parts I don't really do PvP isn't my thing in this game, there are not trophies for it though, so that's good. I've been playing this on PS4 since Feb 2014, not all the time, but when I do, I get hooked on it again. I've 100% it before, then more trophies added, and I haven't caught up yet, Plains of Eidelon is what keeps me back for now. Anyways, I love the Warframes, modding is fun, attaining parts from missions, and building your next frame to rank up, get more MR points ... it's all about that. You can play alone or with friends or the public in squads up to four. It's grindy but good grindy. Fun to learn and DE always throws in a curve here and there. This game is the model of future games. Free to Play and always getting better. You can pay for things if you want to, or grind it out free. Mostly cosmetics aren't free, occasionally some are. You also can sell/trade in game Prime parts and mods, for Platinum (in-game premium money, or other parts, mods, etc.) There are other facets to the game, enjoyable, I have fond memories of starting out, and the way one starts out today is very different, there is so much help for y'all. It's got a nice tutorial and this forum is here for your questions as well. Have fun in Warframe 2018 and on!
  11. Finally did Chains of Harrow quest in Warframe yesterday. Creepy freaking wacky levels.

    1. KingGuy420


      I thought that was such a great quest. For a game that doesn't really do story, they tell some interesting stories lol.

  12. Warframe continues evolving beautifully. The things unveiled yesterday ( 07-07-18 TennoCon) are incredible, and will come down the pipeline to console, which means more trophies eventually. I love it, personally. My 100% for Warframe went away once Playstation lifted DLC restrictions. Makes some upset, but more happy with more trophies.
  13. I reach Level 18 on PSN Trophy Status today! My goal was to get to Level 18 in 2018, so now it's on to nearly half-a-year ahead of 2019 Level 19, I'd be fine with getting way ahead of the years but only as my gaming appetite stimulates. I don't always feel like playing, but when I have something(s) to play it's onward and upward!

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Congratulations! Onwards to Level 19! :D

    3. ee28max


      Awesome PSN Level up! 👍

    4. Aurvandils_ta


      Congrats. :yay:

  14. This is sad, Starhawk was a niche game that satisfied me very much, I did platinum it and hadn't played in ages, but I THINK about it all the time, the best soundtrack, made the game all that much more better. Some of my best PSN online only friend were made through this game. None of us really played it anymore, the fact that Dylan Jobe left the game early on is what did it in. Sony never really supported it, only passed on the server to Sony Santa Monica, and believe me, they didn't give a flip about the players or what they wanted or that they even existed. The loss of Starhawk servers is very sad. So many or the few who got into it too late via digital sales and PS Now ... The golden days of this game were in the Beta, then the first few months since it released. I wear this platinum proudly at the top of my Trophy Cabinet.
  15. Easy enough to kill first or second one in story or free-play, then the other in free-play. It counts, if that's all your going for Save and Exit after you get the trophy. You can have every character be Molly if that is needful for your playthrough, FYI. Trophy for me popped on second free-play through for this trophy since my first playthrough the monster got stuck in the "waterfall" and it ended up not counting when I killed it as Molly but others (AI) were constantly trying to attack and succeeding, so anyhow, yes ... just stand there as Molly waiting for the Monsters where they spawn and go to town with like there's no tomorrow.