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  1. I didn't look at the trophies before playing for the first time the other day, so I just played some with all characters, was over 40% with each and it didn't pop. So then I cleared the Yellow characters slot and started fresh and played all the way through on that one to 100%. Then I played the other characters and mix and match ... basically who knows what I did. I ended up clearing out the other slots and starting those two characters over again, just playing the first three worlds each. Still nothing. Shut the game down last night. Turned it on this morning, no trophies popping automatically, so I went to Deep Marsh 1 with Yellow again, then with Blue, then I went back to the select character, picked red and the trophy popped soon after without doing anything else.
  2. Dratted game on PS4 is much more difficult than PS Vita ... my daughter and I both played TOM Blitz to death back in the days when it was an active game. I have had her try helping on the PS4 game for me but she has no hope after trying today. All the other stuff is possible but having to play ad nauseum until luck hits, ugh, and for me I have little hope to none for that aiding my game. I want to plat it but it'll take a lot of cursing to get it done no doubt, if it IS possible.
  3. Replay any level you like playing, that's how to get what you need to upgrade. This written for whoever else is looking for an answer in the future.
  4. So I just started playing this the other day and used this idea to get all my collectibles. My trophy popped as I looked at the collection (the last one I got to complete Collection was after a restart) So Nov 2020 this still works on PS Vita wonderfully.
  5. @melodicmizeryI see you did get that trophy earlier this year. Nice! I sure hope I can get it to happen soon for myself.
  6. I've only played a couple of hours over 2 different days and I still don't have this either. 2x combo very common, 3x and 4x combo less likely, I've seen one more 6x combo since I got the trophy for that combo (so only 2 of that 6x combo) ... all the other trophies popped so easily and that 7x combo is starting to remind me of that 7x combo in ice column needed in Bejeweled 3 on PS3 that I never can get.
  7. Freecell has rules for moving cards, if you don't know what they are, look it up. If you put cards in the hold mode it reduces the amount you can move. I play Freecell with IRL cards frequently, this game mode of Freecell is actually easy to do.
  8. Heads up for $1.99 on PSN lately, it still doesn't work in Spider Advanced mode ... it's very frustrating and I didn't check for bugs before sinking time into that last trophy. UGH Maddening it is.
  9. The name is solitaire but this is a puzzle game based on Spider Solitaire, you have to figure out he gimmick that is used on each level, mostly the hard levels are easy enough to do, but some are more convoluted enough to make you swear. It is if you are having a hard time with one, just back up until you find the area that messed you up. If you want to you can use the options button to pause, reload the level, etc. All the trophies are easy to get. I was worried a bit at the Hard level trophy that was 8 min. to finish ... it wasn't a problem. When one of the super flows ones loads, just use that one to get under 8 min. Learn it. Re-do any level any time you want. All in all it's a game. I had fun, but mainly soldiered through to get it done. Trophy points, not a lot but enough to add up with other little games in one's profile.
  10. I've had this since it released but haven't installed it yet. I also have the Vita version, got stuck because of some stuff and gave up. Was also hoping the trophy lists were separate, but at least I can chunk out what I hopefully missed last time, my maps were missing a resource and a chest and it drove me mad. I think I{m at 68% with the trophies so when I do start it, It won't be as fun getting no trophies for a long, long time.
  11. 73&type=forums_topic&nodes=4605&sortby=relevancy Star with searching Tsurugi 73 and then for 74 to find others that needed those.
  12. No trophies demand co-op but a lot of levels can be much easier with other players. If you want to though, just 2 controllers, use an alternate psn id to log a second player in, whether you control the player or someone else does, it's a good way to play alone if you need help, start level, move to where you want tower, install, let that player dance level it up, use other player to build more towers as necessary, collect coins and gems ... and help upgrading all other times. It's way easier this way if you can't do it alone. It's a fun game, if you like tower defense it's definitely worth more than $3 so a good deal!
  13. Last Year you had to order your own Presents. ^_^

    And this Year? Surprises? :P

    A little late...but 💐.

    1. Maisy


      Oh boy, surprises, I wanted something particular and got a different particular thing than I wanted, but I also did get a few things I DID want. So it was OK.

  14. I got Tetris Effect for Christmas, been playing it every day since, yesterday I tried for hours to beat the last leg of the Journey, up to that I did it on Normal, so hitting trouble in Celebration, I changed to Beginner there and squeaked through to the end ... and fell flat on my face, hours lost and I HATE that song now. Get to 60 line clears and Speed 10 hits. I get to 64 or 82 line clears, sometimes in-between, but can't get through. I got 86 or 88 (not sure, it's a murky memory since I was in MY zone) one time, thought I could do it, then a plethora of junk came out and no way I could clear any line with that. So topped out. I've tried playing it so that I just built from the beginning Tetris clears and junk whatever, no matter if I do that or keep going for every line clear that I can, keeping it at the bottom nothing much accumulated, the speed bump kills me, I am a dedicated Gameboy Oldie so... all the Tetris in between never changed me. I have maybe one trophy from other Tetris games on PSN in the past. That means I go for Tetris clears and pull those shapes, er, Tetriminos, down ASAP. No holds, no over flipping or slow placement for the most part. So wired am I, nothing bad happens like this on higher speeds, but on the last Journey level it's like I'm pressing something and causing three or more shapes to fall in the same place instantly. I don't know why, it just happens and that's why I top out, I can't fix that junk. I try never to use my D-pad down on this level once in the '50 line clears' region. I use ZONE sometimes, it usually does little more than ruin my focus, doesn't save me, mostly fuddles me up. Unfortunately I have no idea what I am doing, it's like emergency mode, no hope at all.
  15. Happy After Christmas Day! I got Tetris Effect for Christmas. 

    1. xEl_Cidx


      Happy Holidays! enjoy the gifts!

    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Very awesome!  Merry Christmas, Maisy.