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  1. I see what you were talking about. I guess it’s the case when you know every choice you want choose, and puzzle you’re going to deal with. You’d just try to finish the chapter in the least time possible. So it was basically a speedrun. However, you’re right about the speedrun’s minimum time. Time stamps for certain chapters seem faster than a “whole” chapter replay. The game itself didn’t run smooth enough on PS3 to finish these chapters in such time. I honestly don’t have much to say because I don’t quite recall specifically how I replayed the chapters. One technique I’d use when a trophy doesn’t unlock in games is that I quickly quit and reload checkpoint. I don’t exactly remember if that was the case here (or if it was even possible). I have to mention that I might’ve had to replay a chapter (or chapters) more than once because the trophy wouldn’t pop at the first replay.
  2. You mean the not-affected trophies? I think the time stamps are fairly natural. You can compare them with my PS4’s version of the game, or (in case you have “trust-issues”) maybe check them in your profile. You actually seem to be faster than me in some of them.
  3. Well, I’m obviously not so familiar with this “exploiting” community. It’s been a long time since I last visited my PSN Profile. And I don’t have any previous posts on this forum. It’s unfortunate that my first posts are surrounding such matter. I had the full game at the time. You can see from the time stamps that the issues extended as far as episode 3 and not just the the first episode. And like I said, it seems pretty uncommon as I didn’t find any similar cases. It’s important to acknowledge that these issues can occur in some games whether because of poor internet connection, or the game itself. I recently had a similar problem with MK11, where trophies would take time to pop for as long as 30mins to 1hr. I’ve even read some people got them while rebooting the game the following day. This certain case was probably due to having “not the best” internet connection, with the knowledge that a large part of MK11 has a heavy dependence on internet connection, even while playing solo. I don’t really think that I care much for the leaderboards as to hide any of my games, I guess I just wanted to clarify my trophy issue in this game and the unpleasant experience rather than the “faster and easier way” to get the trophies as the site’s allegation. Anyway, thanks for the feedback. Mate, I feel you’re talking to me like I’m the “Exploit Master” or something like that, haha. I totally see your point and understand that my TWD list looks chaotic. But it simply represents my weird playthrough on the PS3 because of the trophies at the time. I think you acknowledge that getting the trophies is much easier playing the game straightforward rather than this chaos. I honestly think I’ve explained enough. Being off leaderboards is okay. It’s just a matter of clarification now. Thank you for your feedback.
  4. It’s been five years since I finished that game. I don’t really remember what happened precisely or in what order I tried to achieve the missing trophies. What I remember is that I had a hard time with the trophies having to go through whole segments of the game again with my same choices as I wanted to complete my one and only playthrough. It felt like a complete waste of time. Though, I really enjoyed TWD at the time, despite the issue with the trophies. And in the topic of, like you say, “people not believing” I honestly don’t understand why would a person “cheat” to get trophies, especially for a Telltale game.
  5. zakgame123 The Walking Dead Hello there,<br /> I recently noticed that I have been flagged from leaderboards for having trophies not in the right order for TWD on PS3.<br /> I remember having an issue where some trophies in certain episodes weren’t popping at the time, so I had to repeat certain scenes in order to get them and thus the weird order of trophies. It was an annoying issue as I had to repeat several scenes just to get the trophies without me really wanting to go through them again. I even had to repeat the whole first episode when I realized the issue after noticing the trophy “Hey, bud” hadn’t popped. I’m not really sure why this issue happened and it doesn’t seem to be as common as i’d expect.<br /> I hope you’d look into this misconception.<br /> Thanks.