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  1. i don't know if i'm being off topic but i don't think anybody mentionned that . We should get some sort of rewards from earning trophies like PS+ membership discounts coupon codes , sales ... I think that way trophy hunting would be much more compettive and fun , developpers would be instructed by Sony to create creative and challenging trophy list so the rewards are hard earned . I think that's one of the most effective way to make trophy hunting enjoyable again
  2. Are you implying that every trophy hunter do actually enjoy every game he's trophy hunting ? Like everything in life too much of a good thing is a bad thing , and i don't think spending months on a game will make you enjoy it more . The main reason behind servers shutdowns are the lack of online multiplayers , and the cost dosen't justify the expenses . How many times have you paused the game to check a collectible video guide ? Actually trophy hunting in itself ruins your experience and prevents you from enjoying a game like you should . I only trophy hunt because i am a completionist in nature
  3. I do agree with you , i am not complaining about the inclusion of the online trophies but about the servers shutdowns which would make plat unobtainable . The bots like you say would make the online part looking like an offline Coop which is not a bad idea . But i still think it's better and easier for them to remove those trophies .
  4. you are right , you don't need to earn online trophies to enjoy a game nor you need to earn ANY trophy to enjoy it too . Actually trophies aren't made to make you love a game , in fact they make you hate it . I'm talking from a trophy hunting perspective , which is earning as much points as possible , not simply enjoying a game , and without a platinum it's like you finished 2nd in the race I'm actually trying to get a more reasonable estimate , but depending on the genre of games i like , 90% would be the most accurate .
  5. I agree with you . Even though trophy hunters are a minority , it's still a non-negligible sector developpers should focus on
  6. 90% of the games today have online trophies , that means your advising me to get 1 plat for every 10 games
  7. I am surprised nobody's asking for the removal of online trophies or at least making them optional when going for a platinum . Nowadays a lot of developpers starts to include online trophies even for solo adventure titles , thing which was unheard of before . The main reason behind my suggestion is that those developpers fail to support the game over a long period of time and close the servers after an average of two years , usually less for annual sports games like FIFA , NBA .... and even if you can still play online , some trophy related features stop being updated and you can say goodbye for the platinum .Only very popular FPS titles ( Call of duty , Battlefield , Killzone ) have their servers up for over 3-4 years . Not a lot of people can afford paying full price games and prefer to wait few months and sometimes over a year to get them , that means by the time you decide to buy a particular title you'll be getting a "new" game nearing the end of its shelf life trophy wise , and not everybody have 10 hours a day to devote for gaming so he can hurry to get those online trophies before times runs up . Taking myself as an example , i started to be interested in trophy hunting over a year ago and i have a huge collection of unopened PS3 and PS4 games waiting to be played , some dating to 2008 . I am self employed and i consider that i have more free time than the average person and i still cannot keep up . I am discouraged to start a title with unobtainable platinum because of server issue . Developpers should remove these trophies when they close the servers or never include them from the beginning . We players have the right to get a platinum even after 6-7 years from the release date , and there's a lot to loose for those studios too because a lot of trophy oriented players will never buy their games knowing they won't be able to get the plat . I just saw the thread of the unobtainable PS3 platinum's on PSNP , well me who likes to collect and play older games i'm going to check twice now before buying . Difficulty isn't an obstacle here , i actualy enjoy getting an ultra rare trophy ,but time shouldn't be one on the road for a platinum . A trophy hunter actually should hate online trophies since lots of them requires endless time spent online , with buggy servers in most cases , time better spent on finishing another game . IMO studios will never care about making some modifications for the online trophies , they want us to buy the game as soon as possible and spend real money for in-game purchases ( DLC...) .
  8. Hi , It may be silly a silly question but i'm unable to find the stats ( rank/difficulty ) of each mission once completed . I've got a few S-ranks and finished some of them on hard so i don't want to replay them again . How to check which rank did you get ? Thank you
  9. When starting this thread my intention was not to say that sound shapes is hard , i was just surprised that the game has a 37% platinum rate . Well being a cross buy has a lot to do with such a high completion rate , and i still think that a lot of other easier and non-luck games have much lower platinum % . Like few of you said people get this game expecting a very easy plat , i was just surprised that most of them had the patience to get to the end , usually people give up when things start to get frustrating . Lesk8vaincra's saying it's not luck based at all and he managed to get past some levels without dying , well the only explanation is that you was truly lucky to get the sequence right with your first try , and there's a big difference between not dying and getting the notes before the times runs out . I totally agree with you ! It all depends on the notes spawning close to each others , even if you make perfect jumps .... you'll never get them on time .
  10. I don't fully agree , you may actualy get it in less than 10 hours ( 5h for you ) or it may take you much more if you don't have the patience coupled with luck with the notes . And it's important to note that you mastered that game since you've completed it on the PS3, PS4 and vita .It won't be the case for a novice who would need some time of adaptation ; some levels are so frustrating you may spend over an hour on them waiting to get a good positionning for the notes
  11. Yeah sure , the PSN trophy stats are much lower and that apply to all games . However i prefer to check the psnprofiles ones since it include mainly trophy hunters and it's a better way to measure yourself too .
  12. Well i find it difficult to understand how come 37% have the platinum for such a luck based and frustrating game while other much easier games which dosen't rely on luck have less than 5% Plat . I realize that you will eventually get the trophies after many tries since skill isn't an obstacle , but am i the only one who think that 37% plat for such a game is weird ?
  13. I just got it by replaying the Level 5-X to get the no jump trophy , the two trophies popped together .
  14. Hi , I got the S rank in all the test/secret chambers but i still didn't get the trophy . Did anyone had that issue ? and how to fix it ? I'm thinking of backing up the save data to online storage and redownloading the game again , i had quite the same problem with Lara Croft Tomb of Osiris with the challenge tombs and that fixed it .