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  1. If you're not planning on boosting the kills, you can choose the weapon you like. There isn't that much of a difference, except maybe high-frequency weapons usually kill faster than high-damage ones (well, except for shotguns). Good tactics would be to git gud. There isn't a best way to do many kills, unless you find a full server and get the chopper (or spawn-rape enemy team). Good luck!
  2. Guys, resize the screenshots before uploading them so they don't come out huge Here's my homescreen. I like it simple
  3. Received this today, can't wait to play it thoroughly!
  4. That's an interesting study. Happy I'm not alone! Happened to me too, some time ago, when I was going for the Catherine's platinum. I remember I've been playing the game for so many hours, several days a week trying to beat both story on hard difficulty and Babel, and one day, during school, I started kind of allucinating and seeing the world around me as blocks - the same blocks Catherine's levels are made of. Just for fractions of seconds, though.
  5. If you hadn't already done it, disable (or lower) electronic aids. They usually slow you down.
  6. Thanks! Aw, man, if you say that you make curiosity sparkle tho!
  7. I stumbled upon this game and it kinda tickles my fancy, but I wanted to know if I had to play the previous games in order to enjoy it!
  8. edit
  9. Nice to hear that there's people who want to change their IDs! I went on Sony Blog "share", but it looks like it isn't working... last update was the blu-ray movie 3D on PS4, added with the FW 1.75, some months ago. Poll added
  10. Let's hope so. Anyway... I checked the "share" blog... is it even working? I can't vote anything and the ADS on the bottom of the page show PSP 6.60 and PS3 4.11 system update, while current PS3's FW update is the 4.65... lel
  11. K, thanks for the share. I didn't know something like that existed! Well, I hope, if any update ever comes, that it won't just be for PS4, since I'm still playing on PS3.
  12. Yea, I know that... I'm just using its forum to try and spread the word!
  13. Actually... yes, I'm 100% sure I'll be able to get exactly the ID i want. How? 'cause, just yesterday, I registered a second account using the ID I'd like to have. If I can't find enough people to launch a petition, or I find them but SEN doesn't allow us to change ID anyway, I will just ditch my current account and start using the other one I registered; if we somehow manage to get the chance of changing ID, I will first change the ID of the second account to something else and then change the ID of my current account to the one I want. Sneaky b*astard.
  14. Ahahah, I know, but I wasn't naïve when I chose my online ID! I just want to change it now, after three or four years I've been using it!
  15. Hello everybody! I know that the topic is already well-worn, but I just can't keep biting the bullet: I want to have the chance to change my online ID. I've already read the FAQs, and I've understood them, but it looks ridiculous to me that nobody, while building the Sony Entertainment Network, actually thought about giving users the possibility of changing their online ID, especially because, even though I'm no expert, it looks so obvious that the problems stated in the FAQs could've been avoided by simply linking a system-generated univocal alphanumeric code to each new account, and then adding to that code the online ID, as an accessory. So, I'm trying to poll the community: how many of us actually want to have the possibility of changing their online ID? There's a purpose, of course: if there's a lot of us, we could start an online petition asking for that chance! Is there someone, or am I alone? Ahah Let me know, cheers!