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  1. Just finished it and got the Platinum - For the love of God don't play this ! It's soo buggy and infuriating - the only levels i sort of enjoyed were the boss ones and maybe that's cause they take about 1-2mins to complete It cost me a $1.50 here in NZ but its regular price when not on sale is $40 ! That's ridiculous considering I've seen games with less bugs and more polish as Flash Games on NewGrounds
  2. I'm not sure tbh - I've been hanging out in the lobbys but no-one seems to be there - I wonder if you can do it just 1 Vs 1 in a private match though and collect the trophies that way ?
  3. Sad to say that it really is just luck - for the ps4 version anyway - just pray the board drops some automatic matches when so your combo doesnt die out, but it took me many hours of replaying the same minigame level to get this one... its painfully broken
  4. I agree with the above - if anyone's got any tips for this it would be a big help, ATM the 99X Combo trophy for ps4 is definitely broken and not designed for the console version of this game