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  1. Hey guys/gals, I want to do two delisted games. I was able to get them from the EU store. One doesn’t have any online trophies so I’m ok with the offline method. But the other does have a single online trophy. My questions are these: can I do the online trophy and sync it by itself and do the offline stuff afterwards? What do I need to do after I obtain the online trophy? Do I have to reformat again? Wait 24 hours after the online “grace period” is done? Or...? Thanks in advance.
  2. Then my plat is a magical creation. If you just finish up all the fights before going for collectibles and let them save properly, you won’t have any issues. None of the glitches that people mention happened to me. Got others like a disappearing scarecrow. Nothing that a reload didn’t fix. I’m not saying throw all caution to the wind but people exaggerate a lot when it comes to this game.
  3. Did this on the camp called The Edge. No problem at all. Still got my 77 insignias. Never had trouble with scavenging locations either and I died in one. The new patches have done wonders to fix this. People need to stop being so paranoid.
  4. I’m buying this game just because I want to finish all Contras and Castlevanias. It doesn’t seem that bad from what I’ve seen and I want to try it/plat it. Online trophies seem archaic n painful but short. From what I’ve read about single player I’m thinking this is the easiest Contra.
  5. Thanks, man. Appreciate the quick response. Guess I’ll add it to this month’s pile.
  6. How long does it take to ding those 3 trophies? Does anyone know? Maybe you do, Edinhon. Thanks in advance, peeps!
  7. You. I like you. Nice taste in viddygames, bud. Everyone interested in this (and Cyber Shadow) should give Odallus: The Dark Call, Oniken and Blazing Chrome a go. @NekoRave you get everything on day 1. 😜
  8. No, you create a US account on your PS3 and use the online pass for that US account. That unlocks the online for every user of your console. That way, your main UK account can access the online.
  9. You need the online pass for a couple of trophies. DLC from another region won't work with your UK account but with online passes you would need to create an account from the region you're buying from. Use the online pass with that account and you will be able to use the online from your main UK account.
  10. I play games from older consoles just as much as new ones. Thank you for the advice.
  11. I agree with Gibbo. That would be very helpful info. Please include it. This and the thread on playstationtrophies for unobtainable trophies have saved me from so many headaches. Thank you Edinhon and everyone else who contributes to this thread.
  12. What Hasser said. This game has very confusing menus and descriptions for things. I was in your shoes some weeks ago. Daily is single player and Weekly is multiplayer (Spies Vs Mercs). And you don't need to activate anything. Just go for them normally in the mode they mention (100 kills in SvM Blacklist would be done in that mode, for example). Also, headshots only count when you're doing the slow motion thing (forget what it's called).
  13. You can only get 18 flags offline. You needed 2 online flags to complete the trophy. There are people who say there are ways to get extra flags offline but I've been playing offline constantly and I've never seen one.
  14. I tried what you said and it worked like a charm. Didn't know you had to Execute to get headshots. Thank you very much! You rule the universe, kind sir!
  15. I have over 50 headshots with a shotgun (got another challenge done) but the numbers for the daily challenge never go up. How am I supposed to do this? I'm choosing the daily challenge mission after I access Shadownet. It always gives me the next story mission. I also tried it with side missions too (Charlie) but nothing happens.