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  1. Can confirm, pretty standalone. Has some callbacks, but nothing too important.
  2. Depends, but reading the save file's variable values usually happens instantly because the computation speed for this is very fast, you will have them in 0 or 1 second. However, if there are different triggers, online profile checks, then you might have delays. My Ghost of Tsushima instapop was 5 minutes because I waited for the notifications even though they popped instantly on paper, but the photo mode trophy was missing, most likely because I didn't save after doing it on PS4, or some other reason.
  3. I know that some Japanese games carry over Japanese descriptions and get translated later in a patch, requiring re-scans from PSNProfiles as well.
  4. Only in games that I enjoy immensely and only for friends. Apex Legends, Dark Souls and Bloodborne are notable examples.
  5. Usually I don't bother if it's a hassle, so my worst boosting experiences come down to connectivity - especially aggravating if the game is still active. A friend and I were trying to boost Jump Force, specifically the Challenger trophy which sounds pretty easy with a friend (it's an ultra rare, no wonder) and it took forever to register even one match, we spent hours until we kind of figured out when to press start so it registered more frequently. Did the 10 challenges for him, but as soon as it was my turn, it failed to connect multiple times, and I just gave up. I'm glad that at least my friend managed to get it. Also, PS3 games nowadays, ugh. Recently I was self-boosting Duke Nukem 3D for online kills, and it was very glitchy. Oh and something that bothers me in this timeframe, the one thing stopping me from a platinum in Rainbow Six Siege is ranked / defuse - I'm not the best, but decent enough to win, but sometimes I get in a match with AFK squatters and just fffff off. Entering a ranked match takes a ton of time because of the ban phase, and when I'm sliding down, it takes two more matches to progress, and I just don't have that kind of time as a parent.
  6. I miscalculated 1,000th so ended up with a random idiotic bronz trophy, didn’t know about 1,337th, 1500th and 125th platinum, both ended up displaying my filler content. On the other hand, 500th (The Gunslinger) was a happy accident. Otherwise I only planned milestones that sounded nice and relevant of my life (“Baby steps” for when my daughter started walking, “Healthy diet” when I was in a bad shape, etc.) Big numbers planned as big achievements: 100th platinum: Dragon Quest XI, 10,000th trophy: Baldur’s Gate 2 platinum.
  7. I'm 99% sure you have the extra content for PS4.
  8. How much did you pay? There are lots of things you can buy: DC for PS4 DC PS4 to PS5 upgrade DC for PS4 and a PS5 upgrade or the full native Ghost of Thushima for PS5 wich doesn't include anything for the PS4 but includes DC for PS5
  9. Oh yeah. Looks doable.
  10. Am I a joke to you
  11. It's very hard to decide, so I'll just highlight some. I'm rather proud of my platinum sets. What I mean is I have every platinum in the Ratchet & Clank series (PS3, Vita versions separately + PlayStation AllStars Battle Royale), and the Soulsborne series (Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1-2 on PS3, Dark Souls trilogy, Sekiro, Bloodborne on PS4, although Demon's Souls PS5 is still missing). I'm not as proud but I don't know, glad that I was able to endure the grind in Dragon Quest Heroes II, Final Fantasy XIII and Rogue Galaxy. My three rarest platinums aren't really that special, although I'm quite proud of them as they took skill, focus and time: Grand Kingdom (1% tier), Soulcalibur V (2% tier) and Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (3% tier). And I'm really fond of the platinums for the Baldur's Gate games, because those are old favorites.
  12. Not really. The majority of them will not be sought by collectors.
  13. I wouldn't get into PS4 games for investment because most of them are widely available, most people play once and discard, the digital library is in a better shape than the PS3, and the PS5 is backwards compatible. Blue Reflection is the only game that comes to mind that got very expensive for some reason. Collector's editions as well.
  14. Some tip though: set it to maximum graphical fidelity instead of performance or resolution. What it does is it cranks up graphic detail while making resolution and framerate dynamic, but with the PS5 it will still hold 60 fps at 4k~ish.