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  1. Buggy isn’t the same as bad performance - performance is more than fine on PS5 (Battlemage even goes up to 60 fps, although it seems to hover just between 40-50 during combat). For me it worked just fine. This happened to me when I switched regions with Horizon Zero Dawn (complete edition from a different region). Are you playing the same version? PS Plus version might be different for some reason.
  2. A recurring issue I’ve noticed is when a game asset or a certain (particle) effect renders as a black rectangle, AC Syndicate, Knack (only in the mines), and one corpse in Lichdom: Battlemage. Minor, rare, but it’s a characteristic graphic bug.
  3. I did, and it’s gloriously smooth It has hitches at checkpoints, but the combat itself is now very nice, no framerate dips at the first bossfight. Edit: The next area, the snowy region has some minor framerate issues, but it’s playable.
  4. Nah, I'm gonna play everything FASTER
  5. This is not a problem with single-player games... just... don't transfer your save. It will last for a very long time, though. PS5 doesn't seem to be able to support shared lists like PS4 did with PS3 and Vita, so it will always have a separate list. And previous generation games will continue to roll out for at least two years, and that's a lot of games.
  6. I don't think it's doable at all. First, the game is pretty hard (I have more experience with skateboarding games, but this is pretty different), and online doesn't seem to function properly. Even if you can find matches, you'll get kicked repeatedly. It's in a pretty shit state, and DLCs aren't easy to get depending on your region.
  7. Is there any progress on a possible solution for the unevenness?
  8. Disagree, this is one of the few games that I’d gladly re-platinum, and I’m very happy for the chance (I’d take NieR:Automata and Bloodborne as well). It’s not definitive when the graphics are worse :/
  9. I wonder if this is because of manipulation of the clock (like when in Dragon Age Inquisition or Fallout Shelter you have to wait a day, and then you just adjust the system clock).
  10. So, whenever I start any game on PS4, my running game on PS5 gets suspended, and vice versa. They will detect that you are running two games on the same account, and one of them will be suspended.
  11. Some inconsistencies can be explained: - if you play offline, that time won’t count - if an application has three games (like Uncharted trilogy), the first game’s time will include all three, while the second and third will show 0 hours - playing a DLC can be messy (Lost Legacy is a standalone game but might not track or track its time into Uncharted 4)
  12. the legend never dies that’s all I have to add
  13. Oh boy, here we go.
  14. So, actually there are square-shaped PS4 games, like The Evil Within, you click on the game icon and you see that it has a transparent background. This would be a fix.