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  1. So I can finally let them go.
  2. I'm currently playing Apex Legends, and I'm at that point where for 20-30 hours there won't be any new trophies, and even then it doesn't have a platinum. But I want its gold for my 8000th trophy so I'm stuck here.
  3. In a fast-paced action game it actually matters, at least on a game-feel level. It's day and night, really. But with PS3, when we talk about 30 frames per second, we really talk about 24-29. So when they keep announcing remasters like Ni No Kuni, which is perfect as it is, instead of games that actually benefit from better framerate... I'm like, ugggh.
  4. It's amazing. Aaaaand yet another game that's stuck on the PS3 with it's shitty framerate. I'd be much-much more happier with the PS4 if high framerate required action games were ported from last gen.
  5. I kinda get that point though, so okay, fine, let's talk indies... and then I go there, and be like: "I like 3D platformers, survival horror and stylish hack'n'slash". And then the indie scene is like... "uhh... here's my 2D soulslike metroidvania, care to take a look?"
  6. This vote is interesting, how people gravitate towards 50 and 75, with 75 winning over 50, but not winning against the overall "it should be lower than 75", so what's it going to be? I support this, but not sure about the leaderboards with the multiplier, because that brings up a whole lot of mathematical issues, and they don't really address non-platinum games that are super hard to complete or just single trophies that are ultra rare. However, a leaderboard where 75+% trophy lists are not counted (substracted from the score) regardless of their completion, might be better.
  7. Well, not in Hungary 😌
  8. https://www.vg247.com/2019/06/03/ps5-backwards-compatibility-patent-running-legacy-games-on-new-hardware/ They are experimenting with performance boost, though. 2. This also has to be done by the developers, who might have been long gone. Sony can't access source codes and has no right to mess with them.
  9. That's not exactly that simple, PCs are more versatile. They could do it, but there are multiple problems: Do the games run on higher framerate? Would that cause more problems? (Such as the double item degradation bug in Dark Souls 2 when the framerate was doubled) Could they ABSOLUTELY guarantee that ALL games ran well and as intended? What are they going to do with games that doesn't support trophies? Because Sony now has a mandatory trophy support for all games. Do they have exclusivity rights for that generation only? Could the ability of playing some PS3 games cause legal troubles for Sony? Because when it comes to Sony, they need to get all of this this right or don't bother. "Random guys on the internet" don't guarantee any of this, and you will see incredibly problematic emulations. All games are being optimized separately, still. And the PS5 hardware isn't that strong you might believe, either. Recently they confirmed that it won't even play PS4 games faster (except for load times), but it will keep them on the same graphical and framerate level, and exactly the same.
  10. PS3 has a completely different architecture than PS4, if backwards compatibility would be possible, it would've happened already. And since PS5 will be based on PS4 architecture, there's little chance for it to emulate previous generations.
  11. In theory I could, but I spent my money on books and DVDs. I've always had a modest mid-range PC, and I preferred very PC-specific games like StarCraft, Thief 1-2, Might and Magic, Half-Life, Baldur's Gate and the like. Later I'd enjoy things like Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim, and the only console-y game I loved was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. And there came a time when fiddling with the options, .cfgs, upgrading constantly became a hassle, I also felt that games would be much better played with a controller, as I got tired slouching in front of a PC. I got a new job far from my home, I wanted something semi-portable, and a slim PS3 was cheap at the time. I wanted to play the Final Fantasy series that got no PC ports at the time (especially IX), and I was curious about the buzz around The Last of Us. So I kind of got everything for it in a short period of time, PS2 HD Classics were cheap, I've got Final Fantasy 7-8-9 on disc, the Uncharteds, etc. So it was really everything at once, all kinds of console stuff that I didn't dare to imagine at first. And I remember that I was resistant. I've booted up Jak & Daxter and I rolled my eyes so hard because the logos were unskippable, the cutscenes were unskippable, I had trouble with the controllers, but... then it all clicked. Because the game itself was one single area to be explored freely, with no loading screens. Still, to this day I'm dreading games with forced walking segments and unskippable cutscenes / the-game-does-it-for-me animations, perhaps because of my PC background. Because with Thief 1-2 and Deus Ex 1, you got dropped in the mission and then it's just that, figure it out, traverse, be skillful, be aware of your surroundings, it's all on you. And that's my jam. That's what I'm used to. All my narrative-heavy PC games were like that, even Baldur's Gate where lengthy conversations were not cutscenes, but they were the game, I had to pay attention and make choices that mattered, sometimes gravely. Thief 1-2 and Deus Ex didn't need to spoon-feed their stories, you pieced them together by playing, observing, listening. Kind of like Dark Souls, which became a favorite of mine on the PS3. So seemingly my preference for narrative heavy RPGs and 3D platformers might not seem too compatible with each other, and you'd think that the now prevalent "narrative heavy cinematic action-adventure with RPG elements thrown in" would be just the thing I need, but it's not, I just find them abominable. Games should commit to their singular core idea, not muddle their vision while pandering to everyone. More features and more content doesn't mean more depth and more player agency. So that's where I'm at. Sometimes I wonder that I should maybe get a PC again, perhaps it would solve much of my headaches, but now I have two small children, we're living in a small area, and a big, loud nuclear reactor just wouldn't fly there. Also, muh trofis.
  12. This means two things: Skilled players now have a separate mode to murder each other, so newcomers might not be stuck with them Possibly a higher chance for legendary items (?)
  13. All of them
  14. Jeez I don't know about you guys, but... I don't like battle royales and hero shooters and squad based stuff and online competitive multiplayer games... ... but Apex is freaking awesome.