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  1. So, I found a copy of SotFS (PS3) that included the DLCs not on the disc, but on a piece of paper (code), and the disc was basically the same as the base edition. The changes come with a downloadable update as well.
  2. And Croc!
  3. I think it counts the junk items you get from scrapped items, and not every scrapped weapon will give you junk.
  4. The 1000 one didn't pop, and I'm over 5000 Edit: it did in the Wasteland
  5. What do you mean, SCALEBOUND WILL BE MASTERPI... oh ooooh riiiight
  6. I would buy a PS4 in 2044 if anything happened to mine.
  7. My first playthrough was around 40 hours on PS3, then I did it under 8 hours on PC with a fresh character. It can be done, but there are luck-based elements.
  8. My friends, I can confirm that pain is real that it is eternal
  9. You'll have plenty of opportunity with replayable levels (diamond, grenade levels and you'll have to complete the whole game in backwards order in the end).
  10. Right? I think this would be something really sensible. Just beat all games, any way you want, there, done. All trophies for all games played.
  11. I'm not a huge fan of the series, but I think this might be the best one, really like the main musical theme, and that it's not an insanely huge game with unreasonable amount of content, love the protagonist being all "okay, fuck assassins, let's get drunk", love the small frozen islands, the shanties, the fact that it's such a small budget, Bulgarian game mashed up from assets from AC3, AC4 and Unity, and still manages to be coherent. I think it's freaking amazing.
  12. Remember, Cory Barlog worked on Tomb Raider (2013) as well. I most definitely hate this practice, it's an incredible inconsiderate thing. But yes, this is the power of marketing, with no regards to fans, history or clarity. I can't talk even talk about my all-time favorite game Thief, because now it's the title of an awful-AWFUL reboot, and I just have to stop and explain what the hell am I on about. Same with God of War.
  13. Platinum
    (or, the poem of the rank letters)
    Facades fade,
    Cases cease.
    Bases? Dead.
    A feed deceased.
    Cascades accessed,
    Safes defaced.
    Fads aced.
    Deeds: seeds.
    Safe seas.
  14. I think the "other name" section is listing titles that the game was referred to in the media or in the community at one point prior to release. This is not an official title for Ascension, but it's not an official title for God of War (2018) either. There is no God of War 4, period. Ascension was probably mentioned before to be God of War 4, but God of War (2018) was also referred that way, as you can see on its page. It's a confusing and pointless section on PSNP, but in some cases it helps people identify a game that they maybe remember from an announcement, but didn't follow official name changes, announcements. (Like when somebody wants to play Project Beast, but they somehow missed that it was revealed to be Bloodborne, etc.)
  15. What does this entail? Are there any missables?