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  1. This happens to me all the time with crossbuy games these days, and usually it resolves itself in a few days for some reason. The app gets sent to the downloads section of the Vita, but never immediately.
  2. Still obtainable
  3. Yesterday was the first day I tried GTA V, and I was like... "huh, this really is a PS3 game" But jokes aside, I'm still playing my PS3, and yeah, out of necessity. 27-30 FPS with 1 minute loading times is a joke. I'm really okay with shitty graphics and sub-par fidelity, but as I grow older, I appreciate every precious extra second I can get. Input lag causes mistakes, mistakes cause more reloads. Just... ugh. (Also let's not forget that the PS3/PS4 was really not the norm. PS2 had multiple games with 60 FPS and fast loading times. It was the obsession with pushing fidelity that caused both consoles to be a slog.)
  4. Follow the directions of the narrator... or don't. Either way is a legitimate approach. The [you] must do whatever [you] think is good for [you] and [your] trophy list. After all, the work must be done. After all, you won't play The Stanley Parable for 10 years anyway. You get the Platinum, you don't play it anymore. You don't get the Platinum, you don't play it for 10 years. The reality value of both paths are almost the same.
  5. Thank you! Until I find a way to share my partial guide... The basics: Practice in the Graveyard of Origin, acquire dash, arrive at Mountain Base. If you find the game hard, you can always go back to the graveyard to farm items, XP and just get better at the game. Resistances and poise will be better with time, bear with it. Experiment with the different classes. If you die, another character has to go back to the corpse with a Death Contract (which can burn up if you are burning)! Because of this, I suggest you backup your save to the cloud each time you enter a dangerous area. This could save time with annoying backtracking. The game instantly autosaves at death! Do the trials under Mountain Base Do not attack NPCs! Be mindful of hunger, food rot, other status effects. Practice the controls, switching weapons and using items mid-combat, because it's unintuitive, and the game doesn't pause. But it will click with time. The game will get better and more manageable with time, but not easier. There are a lot of secrets! Forest area: Guardian Forest, find the skeleton NPC, the bow & arrow place, hit switches with arrows (some are hidden) Second part: stick to the right, find the cooking station Stick to the left this time, there's a guard post that is tough, but the Forest Passage Key is here. Green Abyss: navigate upwards to the moving platforms, reach around completely to find the boss key Boss will split into smaller jellies, weak to salt fruits. Forest Hunter heals from poison, for exploration he might be the best choice here, but stick to Royal Knight when it comes to raw combat / boss. Tree colletible trophy (pour water on them 3-4 times until fruit appears, you can shoot down fruits): Graveyard of Origin – From the beginning, turn left immediately. There’s a river nearby as well if you need water. Guardian Forest – Behind the rusted gate. Grab the Oil Drink from the chest behind the Castle gate (hit the switch with an arrow). You’ll find the rusted gate close to the portal to Green Abyss, just in front of the teleporter pad if you’re coming from that way. Green Abyss – Starting from the portal, go straight ahead, look underneath the towering rocks. Among these, look for a sign and the tree behind it. Golden Road – Coming from Mountain Base, immediately next to the teleporter. --------- Other guides I found useful, but they are not complete: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=729476345 This video series is a dead end, but it shows some neat secrets in the first two-three areas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz3MK9W0B1w
  6. Fellow explorers, Soulslike-fans & mazochists - Inferno Climber is a tough metroidvania soulslike and I feel like it's very underappreciated. It's janky, almost incomplete, weird and incredibly hard - but I fell in love with it. The game is currently on sale, so if you like niche, odd, N64/PS1-style games, now would be the time to give it a fair chance. I have been writing a guide for over a year now, and I would like to get all the help I can. I suspect that this game doesn't have too many missables, probably none (except if you kill NPCs or don't buy items from a certain vendor). Still, there are tons of secrets and there are no complete guides on the internet. At all. Hence the low platinum percentage. I wanted to open up this thread to get some conversation going, maybe get some help mapping out the more obscure Treasure Chests, and to send out a signal to retro Zelda / Dark Souls fans that this game is not only infuriating, but actually pretty engaging. Are there maybe others who found at least some fascination with this game, or is it just me?
  7. Making things move, in a meaningful way. No other art form can provide this.
  8. Nothing popped on the menu, do you have to play a match?
  9. Ugh another 80 hours then… this takes a lot of luck too.
  10. It comes down to this: if they add trophies to PS1/PS2/PSP games, I’m buying the shit out of this. Otherwise, I’ll just buy the mid tier for a month when I have the most days off.
  11. It installs Stretch, so don’t worry about it, it’s just a storefront mistake from the devs probably.
  12. I struggled more with Nioh. Elden Ring doesn't require you to tackle bosses that are out of your comfort zone. You can bypass everything via exploring, if you just focus on completing catacombs and mines, upgrading equipment and finding all the golden seeds / sacred tears - and just mopping up every golden rune you find lying around, you can just safely crouch near a grace and gain levels without fighting by popping those in. You can even just ride up to mid-endgame areas to collect high level golden runes that give you tens of thousands of runes, dozens of free levels. After that, even mandatory bosses are a joke.
  13. Same, weird.
  14. I just upload each time before a fog wall and do the bosses twice.
  15. Not in boss fights, but it's useful when you get invaded.