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  1. Got my plat, just wanted to say: big thank you for this roadmap, it helped me do it in 1 day, 13 hours * Couldn't really do the last sections with this class, though, so I did that thing where I lure Sarevok into the centre, and then sacrifice somebody to circle around the skull trap while insvisible. Bhaal style. Edit: before criticism: yes, I have enjoyed this game previously on PC many-many times.
  2. Um... So after the Sarevok fight, this started automatically, and I didn't get the OG trophy. So I imported from a save before the boss battle, and I got the... "Amendments" trophy, which is apparently a kind of later story trophy? And OG didn't pop. What the hell?
  3. Hundreds of game are still stuck on that system, and they provide a life-long supply of trophies, so... yeah. Backwards compatibility or it stays.
  4. You mean... CFW can mimic late sync, right? If the CRT can detect CFW usage via other methods, this should be a non-issue. But it definitely shouldn't be punished because it merely "looks weird", because it's not a conclusive evidence.
  5. Um, later syncing doesn't cause the trophies have different dates though, does it? Why would it mean anything bad?
  6. They are nowadays the only affordable games on the Vita, they mostly have some sort of decent content (too bad they award the platinum before the game actually starts, lol).
  7. Condolences to anybody doing this trophy, here, this will help with the crushing guilt: https://www.savetheelephants.org/
  8. Nope. The only reason I'd create a new profile is to re-plat my absolute favorites.
  9. It's not localized. It's not even available in the West.
  10. Dragon Quest Heroes 2 was by far my grindiest game, and it has an online aspect, although not many people play. But if you have a co-op friend, it helps.
  11. You can use cheats after Superhuman.
  12. Just beat the game first, and then use infinite ammo cheat with a rocket launcher. You still need to be careful, because it can destroy the door which is automatically fail. Also, you can't reload a checkpoint, you need to restart from the menu if you fail. It's easy this way, so don't worry about it yet. Unlock everything first.
  13. flol
  14. I didn't post this because you should, I posted this because you can. There's also plenty of reasons for doing so, like... having played it already on other platforms, and you just want to unlock the grind spots early to max out your stats. Jeez, it's not hard to come up with arguments to make use of this feature.