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  1. I do, and I can do better and more consistently that d-pad, although I mess up often. The d-pad is only fine if I don’t plan on continuing the combo.
  2. I really like the trophies in a non-seeded run. Hoping to buy it soon in a non-seeded run. I really liked the first one in a non-seeded run.
  3. Abysmal. But the game is good. Load it up on the PS5 if you ask me :/
  4. Move the character to become party leader (1st spot, L2 menu). These trophies only unlock if the party leader has met the requirements.
  5. Metal Gear Solid 3: The only reason I don't have the plat, is because I missed a Kerotan, and sometimes I start up the game, but it's just uuuugh. One day I'll figure out which one was it. God of War 2: Only the challenge trophy is missing. Another one of those that I start up every half year or so and do a challenge, but at that point I'm usually shaking, so I just quit. Maybe I'll get there. Baldur's Gate 2: I'm close, I'm working on it right now, but there is a chance that it might glitch (I somehow accessed items that I wasn't supposed to access? My imported characters have Throne of Bhaal gear, which is a huuuuge help on the hardest difficulty, a helpful bug, but maybe this will glitch the trophy as well? We'll see soon).
  6. Several trophies don't unlock for me, some of them I understand why, some of them are just puzzling, these especially, which are game-long trophies. - All enemies are present at the last battle, yet no trophy - I have more than three reasons to prove my innocence, yet it doesn't work Edit: after a reload, the all enemies trophy unlocked, I had to manually attack all important characters. The other... I have no idea, Corwin is hostile, I guess you have to be nice to her throughout the game?
  7. Chess.
  8. I watched it for you, it's not marriage.
  9. Happened to me as well, relieved to see I’m not the only one.
  10. Okay, these trophies are definitely bugged, but I had a “positive glitch”, Super Spice and Supreme Spice popped at the same time, and I have no idea why. This happened at an event variant. I had a suspicion that I was over 48, but as far as I know, I wasn’t near 72. Didn’t count, though, could be. I was kind of looking forward doing more variants, because they’re the only challenge in this game. They need to add a stat counter.
  11. I don't exclude any games from my profile. I've been more conscious about my completion% recently, but generally, it would be hypocritical. I don't have time to platinum everything anyway.
  12. You can play the PS3 version, but it's awful. On harder difficulties, you would need fluid movement, but sometimes you get like 15-25 fps.
  13. The base missions don't count as variants, right?
  14. I'm late to this game, but apparently you just have to start a new character to unlock the three subclass gold trophies and you also get the level 20 silver at the end of the tutorial. Is this normal, by the way? Playing with the free version (PS Plus?).
  15. What if uh... Dynaheir happened to... uh... die in BG1?