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  1. I'm usually up at 6. I'm missing 3, 4, 5. Likely, this won't change.
  2. Just look up a walkthrough of Mayo 3 - there is plenty of content in it and not cheap art. I'm dead serious. It has various minigames in the last journey section. Not even the same category. Coming from an indie dev perspective - I could make a game like the cat one in a day, but I couldn't make Mayo 3 in three months.
  3. My Name is Mayo has cleverly written lines, you need to switch game states that have various (actually well done) art modifications, it has much-MUCH more effort put into it than you'd think - much more than these stroke games.
  4. My two cents. You can easily platinum at least the two PSP prequels (Chains of Olympos, Ghost of Sparta) and God of War (2018) if you can bear the tedium. The rest are a bit harder. The Devil May Cry series is much harder, although I can see myself getting the platinum in DMCV at least. As for the gameplay, I think DMC3-4-5 is a much higher value than the entire God of War series which is reruns of the same type of spectacle and structure (the Greek episodes) and a tedious, boring cinematic blockbuster on top of it (the Scandinavian one). Individual episodes of God of War can be extremely enjoyable and awe-inspiring, but they're largely the same. One more thing, some of the difficulty of DMC can be mitigated by grinding a lot in certain (missable) spots. If you stock up on extra lives on normal, you might have an easier time on hard, etc.
  5. Wow, thanks!
  6. For those who are just starting out - the fact that the first DLC mission is a level 200 Chaos mission makes the entire endgame portion of the base game skippable - because it can be done on extra mode and it rewards 100 Anima Crystals (!). - Complete the game - Switch to Chaos difficulty and complete the first DLC mission on extra mode (takes a while to beat the boss with a level 130 weapon, but since you can't die, it's just a matter of time) - Level your relevant job trees to around 28 and unlock as many jobs as you can, might be enough for all of them The only thing left to mop up is side missions. (I mean, yeah, this takes out the challenge from the game, but to be honest, I'd rather not spend more time on these awfully designed corridors.)
  7. Did you do those wins in Ranked?
  8. It has been taken down the store as well.
  9. Not sure if it’s the worst, but Ghostwire Tokyo just broke me this weekend. Had to watch 7 movies while I jumped around for spirits and other stuff.
  10. Not a bug, it’s your “net worth”, you probably opted in the investment stuff.
  11. The Rainbow Jumping Vlump Bump Prump TURBO Let's see if Valkyrie Profile Lenneth will have trophies, if so, I'll be doing it with Elysium.
  12. One of the contributing factors to me giving up trophy hunting this month. The other was me failing to do a precise 600 in July lol. I will still attempt to curate my milestones and very rarely go for a "high amount of trophies in x time" or time some platinums together, but yeah... The leaderboard now actively encourages people to take their money and time away from genuinely great things.
  13. Might and Magic VI is the one game I know every inch of. If the requirements aren't too unreasonable, then these too: Super Mario Bros 3. - (Spawning all secret powerups, completing all levels or speedrunning should give me trouble) Thief: The Dark Project - I never managed to get all treasures (a guide would fix that), otherwise I do stuff like speedrunning without sound and using a touchpad lol Outcast - Well, I have the platinum & wrote the guide for the remake, so that's proven.
  14. Thanks for the recommendation, just what I need
  15. My point still stands. The notice was an objectively shitty practice. I work at a company that maintains online games and we would never dare to give such a small notice. And like I said, it's not about me. I don't care about the unobtainables. But if you want my (parent) perspective: Ace was impossible. My kinds visit their grandmother every month, usually giving me an entire day to myself. Whichi is more than optimal for such situation. Guess what, they visited just the week before. There was no way I could do Ace. I did everything else, chipping away, but this? Physically impossible. I could've done TODAY :,) Same with Shadow Fall, wich I actually f*cking grown to like and I enjoyed the grind. But nah, it's a ridiciulous amount of grind. And the two together? Best I could do is go for anything that I can get, handling the Vita on the go, playing Shadow Fall whenever the kids went for a walk or sleep. The promised 90-day notice would've helped me. I won't complain when I inevitably miss out on AC Brotherhood, because Ubi at least did the bare fcking minimum gesture. Guerrilla did not.