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  1. What does this entail? Are there any missables?
  2. these lists are poems
  3. Umbasa. I've spent the evening prior to closing going around laying down messages of Farewell, rating everything (there were tons of messages), and weirdly enough I managed to play a casual round of coop around Boletaria one last time, despite completing the game solo.
  4. Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel.
  5. Same in Hungary. 2400 HUF vs 7500 HUF
  6. So far I've done two walkthroughs: - Jill, easy, save everybody (+every nook and cranny) - Chris, very easy, knife only, save nobody (Did Plant 42 without V-jolt) I'm planning my 3 hour speedrun with Jill and another right after that with infinite rocket launcher, without saving (one of these will take care of Jill not saving anybody). I'll keep using Jill with Real Survivor and Invisible Enemies because I'm afraid of that thing that shows up after beating the game twice with both characters. So, 5 more walkthroughs for me, but if I get in the zone, that's 15 hours, tops, which is a lot less than the 75 hours I've put in the Revelations plat. Two weekends maybe. You'll get this trophy if you're bitten by Yawn, and then the game switches to Rebecca to get the serum. Or at least, this is one way.
  7. Some tips from my PS3 run: Play through normal for collectibles (handprints, no death, research, etc.) Don't use up rocket launcher on normal, save up most of your magnum ammos (try to kill Norman with shotgun and assault rifle) Start infernal in NG+ If you know when an episode ends, don't use your herb, even if you're damaged, you'll start the next section with full health Scan for items and scan enemies for extra herbs Again, if you know the levels from your normal playthrough, you should aim for the checkpoints without really killing, except for enemies that are reaaaally in your way Don't let the first level of Infernal scare you, it's kind of filled with monsters because the game wants to deplete your ammo. The game will provide enough supplies after each checkpoint, don't be tense about it. Run ahead to see the severity of the situation, then reload checkpoint for a more smoother run. Headshots matter. Melee attacks matter. I never had to use my knife/axe except for a few tight situations with Parker's levels When playing as Chris or the hip hop hacker dudes, scan enemies, but don't let it reach 100%, I think the scan values carry over to Jill. She needs the herbs more, all separate levels will provide enough supplies for that level if you keep your cool. Yes, doing raid mode helps a bit with reflexes and weak point knowledge, also level knowledge. Infernal is very doable, I'm not very skilled and still managed to do it. With Norman, learn his patterns, there's an attack where you need to stand still, and there's the part when he copies himself, just shoot the one with the purple cloud. First I thought he's an impossible boss, but you can learn his patterns. Use shotgun in his first phase, then switch to assault rifle or handgun. Magnum seems to be less effective for some reason. I think the assault rifle's DPS is better, and killing him faster is better. Also, it's a fairly short game. Infernal will try to scare you, overwhelm you, but the key is to stay calm.
  8. There's not enough room here
  9. Nowadays if I start a game with online trophies, it's the first thing I do, as soon as possible. This is ridiculous.
  10. Not a long-time fan, but I'm really happy this series exists. So far I've played: 1. Resident Evil 4 - Good balance between atmosphere, cheesy humor and action. Leon is rad. Strong Lovecraftian themes juxtaposed with ridiculousness cranked to 11. 2. Resident Evil 7 - It's a coherent experience, well-written, well-acted, really immersive. Reminds me of old Thief games. 3. Resident Evil Revelations - Okay, this one isn't exactly great, but it's very dear to me because of the setting, the gameplay loop and the addictive raid mode and the hilariously corny story elements. 4. Resident Evil HD - I'm having hard time getting used to the old-school stuff here, but it gets better with each run, and the level design is superb. 5. Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Setting, atmosphere is nice, but variety and replayabilty isn't doing much for me. 6. Resident Evil 5 - Eh, it was fun in coop. I like the DLCs as well, nice one-shot games. Some parts are good, I especially love Wesker here, he's just hilarious. 7. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles - Love some of the new settings (especially the jungle part with Leon), but the gameplay isn't working for me. 8. Resident Evil 6 - Ugh. The worst part is the lack of a good level loop, lack of exploration, and shooting enemy limbs does absolutely nothing. Really bad, dumb. 9. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - What the hell. Well, at least we have Hunk. I'm looking forward to Code:Veronica and 0 HD soon-ish.
  11. I did almost the opposite to OP
  12. I remember trying to track my kills for the 10,000 raid kills trophy, trying to add them up with different ways, substracting suspected campaign kills, taking the caps into consideration, and it just never added up for me. I remember complaining about some other anomalies as well, but can't exactly remember, what. Other titles were fine, though, but I found Rev1's stats unreliable. Or maybe I was just a moron, IDK
  13. Sorry for intruding, but I see another dispute with Revelations as well... I have recently platinumed Revelations on PS3, and if this matters, I can confirm that RE.net stats are weird as hell, sometimes they don't make any sense. I'm not defending flagged users, but... this is something to be considered.
  14. You can't duplicate spells, you can't hand them over, and the last spell is in the later half of NG+. Players are on their own in this path, so I think that deserves at least some respect. The hardest part isn't really obtaining the items, they are just plain boring to grind out, but some of the Black Phantoms and the World Tendency stuff are pretty aggravating on their own. I don't know. Demon's Souls is broken in many ways, but I don't see the reason to respect people who do something over and over again for hours (in a way, none of the Souls plats are to be respected, they just take a long time, but they're still a bit challenging, even with help).
  15. I'm glad it didn't have a minimap. I'm not disappointed with this game, because I didn't have high expectations, but I don't think it's the best game of the year. It doesn't really offer anything new than, say, a Dragon Age, a Witcher 3, a Monster Hunter or anything by Ubisoft. A somewhat original setting, a somewhat competent story, but overell a generic game. Better than anything Ubi or EA puts out, so that's a bonus.