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  1. I'm a bit conflicted, because with my clear, conscious mind I can see the exact moments in my gaming sessions when I stop enjoying a game and become addicted by the notion that "I need to complete it", which is of course indicated by the platinum. There comes a point when I derive no more pleasure from the game, and it becomes something that I do just for the sake of doing. And I try to argue that there are worse ways I could spend my time, but then the opposite is true as well, I could do more meaningful things, I could enjoy more games just for their much-MUCH briefer intervals of story. Trophies are not here to reward the players, nor to indicate skill, because there are lots of games that de-value trophies. Trophies and achievements are, to an extent, a malevolent attempt to exploit our attention span and the reaction of our nervous system to dopamine. The only good thing I can attribute to trophies is how they structure a game into chunks that you can understand even when you've been away from a game for a while, and how they keep (and provide evidence of) your progress even if you lose your save files and the games themselves. Once upon a time I have defended my trophy hunting habits and I could argue for trophies brilliantly, but I can't help but feel that all drug addicts can reason pretty well to justify their self-destructive habits. So now I'm in a constant state of debate with myself while grinding out mindless JRPGs.
  2. I had to painstakingly unearth every answer on obscure forums and Japanese sites for Metal Max Xeno's trophy requirements, because there's absolutely no information anywhere whatsoever.


    Almost nobody plays this game, but I turned my notes into a trophy guide, so you don't have to suffer.



    1. midgetstrawdog


      Nice looking guide, you mention the game has eng subs. Do you know if the same is true for the vita version? 

    2. fbdbh


      I haven't tried it sadly. I kind of doubt it. This game apparently even has a JP-exclusive patch for the PS4 version that adds another tank and makes one of the best tanks harder to get. It's such a weird release.

  3. Why are people misunderstanding the 8k thing? It will be able to output a 8k picture to a 8k screen if needed, but Cerny didn't say that you’ll be gaming in 8k. He didn't confirm that the hard drive is an SSD either, he said that they're making something with that in mind, possibly a hybrid that loads only critical assets only when playing, so it won't be filled instantly with RDR2.
  4. Obtained: Forging Master in Nier (PS3) - It's such a mindless grind for ultra rare random drops, hours and hours and hours for a handful of items. You can complete this game in 10 hours, maybe 30-40 if you do all endings, and a sizable chunk of side missions, but because of this trophy, it can be over 60-80. And it's completely random. This trophy broke something in me. Unobtained: It Ain't Easy Being Green in Metal Gear Solid 3 - This is not a hard trophy, but it traumatized me. Shooting every Kerotan, seems pretty straightforward. I was being so careful, following a guide, making sure I saved, and it didn't pop. I tried reloading the last chapter, but nothing. It's the only trophy missing for the platinum, and I've tried to do it again, but I just... can't. It's not fun. The most infuriating part is, that I can't know what I've missed, the game keeps no track of Kerotans. Maybe I'll do it soon (I have already started a more focused playthrough, but gave up halfway), I miss this game, but uuugh. - There are more, of course, like... most God of War challenges or harder parts on PS3, doesn't matter if I got them or not, they just made me rage so hard, that I can't go back to any of them anymore, because I'm afraid my heart will give up and just explode. I'm missing exactly one trophy in God of War II and I can't get past the Gauntlet of Archimedes in Ascension, which seems like a pretty straightforward platinum otherwise. Might get back to them, I made some progress with the Challenges in God of War II, but I can do only one at a time, and at a time means a month.
  5. Nier Ratchet & Clank Future Infamous 1-2 Killzone 1-3 Resistance 1-3 Enslaved God of War: Ascension Final Fantasy XIII trilogy Deus Ex: Human Revolution Mass Effect 1-3 Crysis 1-3 Dead Space 1-3 Dragon Age 1-2 etc etc Handful... yeah. If you want these, you need a PS3. Or a PC, but good luck earning trophies there Edit: okay not all exclusives, but still a lot!
  6. Be aware though that changing to DLC campaign changes the types of criminal activities. If you're missing some in the main campaign, switch back.
  7. Ah when you're playing multiplayer and somebody's jumping around in a corner or something, "I'm doing this for a trophy" is written all over it, while your team is losing.
  8. I played it on PC and can confirm that you'll die instantly. Eh, a guide will help you through it, and fairly quickly, but since you need to die a lot of different ways, etc., just go in blind for a few runs to get some thrills before you turn off your brain for a shiny plat. It's worth it. Excellent atmosphere.
  9. I'm kind of okay with the current system, but there are things that can be improved: A platinum trophy for all games Platinums should require some kind of effort (although you can't really quantify this, but as said previously, making sure that even the best playtesters can't achieve a platinum under 2-3 hours, or so) Platinums shouldn't require online exclusive trophies except for games that are always online The ability to delete trophies for a single game (for "cousin" cheaters and for those who'd like to re-do faster) or introducing another tier of trophy indicating that you've completed the game more times (wouldn't have a high value, maybe even zero) Sony or the devs should make sure that there are no cloud save autopops, it's just nonsense DLC trophies should be limited so that they don't drop a platinumed game to 60% What? Not everyone is a trophy hunter and not everyone lives at one place.
  10. 90 min is really tight, not much room for error.
  11. Better directed skippable cutscenes + pure badass gameplay > unskippable camera zooms, slowdowns, cinematic walking segments that look the same in all games And are they the same ones? Don't generalize. People are individuals, with individual wishes that... uh... they are allowed to express?
  12. I'm fine with remasters, but in that case, they should be more plentiful. Classic (I mean CLASSIC) PS-exclusives are lost to obsolete hardware because they just don't care enough to port them to current generation. My example was the 9 available Ratchet games on PS3 vs the 1 available Ratchet game on the PS4, but there's a lot more. I agree, I wouldn't buy a PS2 disc if they just put it up on the digital store for the PS4, but this project's been been abandoned from the look of it.
  13. My preference list: Bloodborne Demon's Souls Dark Souls Dark Souls 2 Nioh Sekiro Dark Souls 3 A bit underwhelmed by Sekiro, but at least it's trying new things.
  14. See, that's what I'm arguing. I don't feel like gaming has more options. Obviously it has, because it's a growing industry, but... just an example. 2016/2017. I'm looking forward to Horizon: Zero Dawn. Looks exciting, finally a new IP, finally something interesting. Actually 2017. I'm playing Horizon: Zero Dawn. I'm intrigued, but after (and exactly after) the second cauldron I realize that I'm playing Assassin's Creed (or the Witcher 3 / Dragon Age). Again. And you see, that's the kind of... cognitve dissonance I'm facing year after year this generation. I'm not saying that there are not enough diverse games, but somehow games that only innovate on the cinematic / set piece front, get all the praise. And it distorts the industry in a way that some genres are actually disappearing, as mentioned above with the God of War example. I just want a healthy discussion about this, I want to see how other people feel.