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  1. I rove the game PsychoHazard;WithinEvil ~BreakTango Shinji Mikami kawaii
  2. Could a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater be bad?
  3. Playing 1-4 unlocks 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4 immediately. So I can skip 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, go straight for 2-4. And so on. Edit: obviously you need a full walkthrough of Chapter 1, but not after that.
  4. This is a first playthrough on this account and I... definitely can. 😐 I just quit, don't press continue, and in chapter select, there it is.
  5. So here's my funny discovery (not sure anybody mentioned it, but whatever, here it is). Complete any chapter. This unlocks all subchapters from the next chapter, so you can skip to the last subchapter, like 2-4 or 3-6 or whatever. The trophy still unlocks by only completing the last subchapters!
  6. Okay this is ridiculous, but I just watched this scene with my female Inquisitor and Blackwall, just before coming here to do some research on the romance trophy.
  7. If I know correctly, by the ending there will be a lot of areas you can't go back to and there's no enemy respawn. Might be wrong, though. I guess one should focus on persuasion and stealth, and avoiding battles wherever possible. I think 1200 enemies should be the first walkthrough, make a very neat cleanup. By the time you finish, you should know which encounters are optional or which can be avoided with the right conversations. Also, the two DLC areas should be optional.
  8. Speedrun uggh. Game's good, though.
  9. Sort of. It's an open world action-adventure with RPG elements. Difficult to explain. There's a huge oppressive enemy force on an alien world where the protagonist is considered some kind of Messiah. For example if you do a few side quest for rice farmers and kill enough soldiers, you can convince them to stop providing food to enemy soldiers, so they get weaker. Same with miners, you go to the mountain region and convince the NPC-s to stop mining minerals, enemy soldiers will do less damage. And so on. It's a nice system. It has vastly different regions, fun NPCs, killer dialogue and mind-bending science-fiction story. It's... rather poor in presentation, and it sold poorly when it was originally released, but damn, it's such a good game once you get past its shortcomings. It truly is.
  10. Long-time Outcast fan here. Cautiously waiting for this remake, on one hand, the original is a masterpiece, but this reboot might be an underwhelming experience for some, based on the engine and animations. Nevertheless, I'd encourage anyone to try this game, it was way ahead of its time in 1999 with world building, characters, dialogue, on par with Mass Effect, but more adventurous. What killed it was the poor technology, and this is a danger again. As for the trophies, there doesn't seem to be any missables, speedruns or grinds, maybe you need to pay attention before triggering the endgame but other than that, if the remake follows the same gameplay, then this is going to be an easy and relaxing platinum. There's an infinite amount of items and enemies that respawn in certain areas, so there's plenty of opportunity to meet the requirements for combat-related trophies. Also, if this game has even a moderate success, then a long awaited sequel might happen, and that would be awesome.
  11. I came to the whole series as an adult, tried most of the entries, and this is the one I found the most beautiful, adventurous and simple. Most of the titles are contrived and complicated or just plainly not my taste (FF7, yes, I know), but IX is beautiful, pure and bittersweet. Great score and characters.
  12. Move me up from silver to gold (+2 plats)
  13. Re-jiggle me into Legend.