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  1. I remember trying to track my kills for the 10,000 raid kills trophy, trying to add them up with different ways, substracting suspected campaign kills, taking the caps into consideration, and it just never added up for me. I remember complaining about some other anomalies as well, but can't exactly remember, what. Other titles were fine, though, but I found Rev1's stats unreliable. Or maybe I was just a moron, IDK
  2. Sorry for intruding, but I see another dispute with Revelations as well... I have recently platinumed Revelations on PS3, and if this matters, I can confirm that RE.net stats are weird as hell, sometimes they don't make any sense. I'm not defending flagged users, but... this is something to be considered.
  3. You can't duplicate spells, you can't hand them over, and the last spell is in the later half of NG+. Players are on their own in this path, so I think that deserves at least some respect. The hardest part isn't really obtaining the items, they are just plain boring to grind out, but some of the Black Phantoms and the World Tendency stuff are pretty aggravating on their own. I don't know. Demon's Souls is broken in many ways, but I don't see the reason to respect people who do something over and over again for hours (in a way, none of the Souls plats are to be respected, they just take a long time, but they're still a bit challenging, even with help).
  4. I'm glad it didn't have a minimap. I'm not disappointed with this game, because I didn't have high expectations, but I don't think it's the best game of the year. It doesn't really offer anything new than, say, a Dragon Age, a Witcher 3, a Monster Hunter or anything by Ubisoft. A somewhat original setting, a somewhat competent story, but overell a generic game. Better than anything Ubi or EA puts out, so that's a bonus.
  5. For the rarest resource, yes, but there's a duplication glitch (which is kind of a cheat).
  6. Well, farming pure bladestone is basically killing the same 1-3 enemies for hours. If you're lucky. And you're not. And you'll cry.
  7. The game itself is good. Farming rare drops certainly isn't. I can totally understand people who want (and by virtue of beating NG/NG+ deserve) a plat, but don't have the patience or time to wait for a PBS drop. I'm a father, I can relate, and I'll try to help if my time allows it, maybe in the Holiday season.
  8. Bandai announced today on the Dark Souls Facebook page. Edit: https://www.facebook.com/darksouls/photos/a.123871221019264.23050.119869331419453/1811453815594321/ I think anybody who hasn't got the plat yet, boost now or never. I'll try to help, but I don't know how my save game is. Will report in. Whoever got the plat already, try to help in these months.
  9. I certainly don't have too much respect for those who play games for trophies only, but that's just my opinion. I have a not so strict code that if I collect trophies, the game must have some kind of value. Trophies are not the game's value, they help me keep my gaming history punctuated and tidy, but I just can't understand - and I will never-ever do this - why people autopop a trophy set three or five times on their profile. It has absolutely no value on any profile in my eyes. I can understand the struggle for climbing the leaderboard, but ultimately, gaming should be about the games themselves, trophies should represent a player's gaming habits, what they're into.
  10. Huh now I know how to get easy money.
  11. Red-handed? Developers, testers and reviewers receive early copies all the time.
  12. It can wait, I did the original dozens of times, this year as well, so it's still fresh
  13. How do you get into rankings? Nevermind, had to collect all red thingies.
  14. I hope so! I too sent them feedback, a big list of weird stuff. I just stopped at the plat, and I'll wait for the patch to finish up the sidequests. As soon as I start missing the game properly, I'll 100% it again on steam, as I have it there as well