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  1. Around 60% would be decent. Nothing higher, because: I used to receive review copies of games that I'm not that interested in, so they'll likely stay unfinished There's absolutely no way I'm going to skip on a good game just because it has shitty trophies I'll never get (or unobtainables for that matter) Also I'll not maintain a second accound just for trying games, my list reflects what I do, where I gave up, it's good memory lane There's just too many games. Too many that I'm interested in. Sometimes it's just better to leave before I start hating the game. Uninteresting / expensive DLCs I'm striving for a better completion rate (now that I no longer review games, this might increase significantly) and a higher leaderboard rank, I'm going for the completion if it makes sense, but I'm not willing to sacrifice too much for it.
  2. Didn't experience anything like this, although there are some weird trophy popping glitches (like popping twice or popping but then disappearing from my list). I still have a great deal of games to play on Vita, but it's not a very good platform, with loading times and framerate being sometimes ridiculous on third party games (that I'd enjoy), some of them even drain the battery in an hour, while others last for 4, etc.
  3. Most PS3 games with "rare" or "uncommon" platinums are not that hard or challenging, at least not intrinsically, but more like because of lack of stable framerate and quality of life features. But yes, I kind of feel it too. Most "rare" or "uncommon" platinums on PS4 are just time consuming (any challenge can be overcome with grinding). I can't find a really nice sweet spot, where the platinum requires a fair deal of skill, a little bit of completionism, but nothing too insane. Something like Uncharted 2 or Resident Evil: Revelations. A chill playthrough on the first weekend + a really intense cleanup on the second (or a really intense playthrough + chill cleanup) is a good formula, but nothing hits it quite right. I used to do this with all Uncharteds and Ratchets, and it was just right. I play shovelware on my Vita because there's nothing else at the moment that I can play for 5-10 minutes while commuting that yields rewards in a reasonable timeframe. When I have a longer commute, I work on my longer Vita games, but I just can't find anything meaningful and straightforward (no missables / looking at a walkthrough when playing a handheld is just meh).
  4. Resident Evil Revelations 2 is my rarest trophy ever (3,37% currently), although I'm not really sure it was the hardest... I got help from local co-op partner though. It required more patience than skill. Also, Jak II. YES, I DID IT WITHOUT THE DEBUG MENU, YOU COWARDS.
  5. Of the ones I have, this. A bit retro, but looking good: Draqon Quest XI
  6. I'm going to be honest, trophies influence my gaming habits vastly. I like seeing my progress in a tidy order, I like to let go of games that I've "maxed" and I like to keep pushing if I haven't. But yes, I would still play games, but possibly less and fewer.
  7. Well this thread has run its course, so we're just cherrypicking But basically since I've started this, I tried to get some love out of Nintendo, and I'm also wondering why people love Pokémon. It's basically any JRPG ever, minus anything interesting apart from the central gimmick. The few games I've tried are fun... for a while, they're not the kind of games I see myself playing for longer periods. The only reason I'm considering a Switch is because apparently PlatinumGames is now on their side. My 3DS fills in some gaps, but I find myself just picking up a book instead of it.
  8. True, but then again, there seems to be some kind of agreement nowadays between Microsoft and Nintendo, as the amount of games shared on their systems (but not Sony) has been increasing at a rapid rate, and this might be one of those.
  9. Sorry I'd be happy too, and yes, it is now possible. But I'd rather take a bunch of other exclusives before this (Lost Odyssey & Blue Dragon, Cuphead, Rare Replay, etc.)
  10. If the publishing rights are reverted, the right to choose their platform is reverted as well. They can do whatever they want. However, Alan Wake is on PC and it was sold at a very low price, even given away for free, so you couldn't exactly expect a very large audience to return. They might still port it to PS4, but it's possibly not the best investment ever, unless they are planning a sequel.
  11. I try to plat games as long as they're reasonable. If they're not, sorry. Life is too short for unenjoyable bullshit. I'm not willing to miss out on great games while wasting my time. I've played through The Last of Us on normal, it was enough. It was an experience, but that experience doesn't need hours of multiplayer grinding, so I can feel good about myself. It was enough as it is. I've platinumed all the Dark Souls games, because it was never enough.
  12. I tried recently, and... nah.
  13. Did you read the reviews, or are you just blinded by "awesome" video footage? The game is a horrible technical mess and delivered not even half of what it promised, even though it was made by the people behind the original Ultima Underworld. It looks good, it sounds good on paper, but it still has serious issues, awkward controls, glitches, no consistent atmosphere or any depth to the story and the lore. Pay attention to other people's opinions, you don't have to agree, just... take the effort to understand the problem.
  14. Ah, that sucks. Reminds me of that time when I wanted to plan my 1000th trophy well, but then a random trophy just popped in the middle of the fight that I wasn't expecting. But now I'm more savvy, and I'm carefully planning my 8000th trophy.