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  1. So I’m watching this with the kids and DAMN this would make an awesome, legendary 3D platformer. You have vehicles, tools, different characters with different abilities, teamwork, flight, sea, climbing, night vision, equipment montage, headquarters, fully explorable town and surrounding environments, stuff under the city, dorky humor... I mean come on, it just screams Insomniac Games. This could be an insane rollercoaster with absolute bangers, but you totally need a studio with massive pup balls.
  2. https://store.skybound.com/products/ultimate-enhanced-edition-collectors-pack
  3. Same as the Enhanced PC version (not much enhancements)
  4. Also for those who are jumping in to any old BioWare / Beamdog games: Neverwinter Nights might be the worst of the batch, obviously go for the Baldur's Gate package instead if you have limited funds. Neverwinter Nights is a decent RPG, but the 3D it uses is extremely dated, the story, characters are not very engaging, and locations, dungeons lack any sense of personality, largely due to the modular level design approach. It can get incredibly boring, as you fight the same enemies in dull environments. However, Neverwinter Nights shines when played online and when it comes to its expansions and premium modules. I find the base game very meh, saying as an old-school RPG fan. You might still find it to your liking, just a warning to manage expectations for those who are not very patient. Still, it's a piece of RPG history, and you can get plenty of hours from it. It's nothing like the Neverwinter MMORPG, be warned.
  5. Welcome. You are like the complete opposite of me. I love you. Have some soup.
  6. Are you doing co-op alone?
  7. Bit bummed that there are no trophies for completing premium modules.
  8. If everyone can do it, what's the problem? People are platinuming the Jak trilogy in a few minutes.
  9. I'd like the Linking Book from the Myst series
  10. See that's one thing that's bothering me. In theory. IN THEORY, there should be a way to: Enjoy every game that I want to enjoy Go for their trophies that I can legitimately attain Display them on my main profile Without having the risk. I understand that the risk is a given. There's no way to prevent autopopped trophies. But a whitelist should be considered for such cases. Or at least to have a workaround against hackers.
  11. This. Any cheated game should be removed from the main leaderboard, be it via the flag or a hide or whatever. That score matters.
  12. But a flag removes them instantly.
  13. The game is flagged if it's cheated, so it's instantly removed from both the game leaderboard and the overall leaderboard. Players can hide it, and then that game won't be calculated in the overall score. I don't get what would be different.
  14. I think the current system is fair with 3 strikes (although the problem with hacked lobbies should be somehow addressed). The overall leaderboard is for hardcore trophy collectors, who value the amount and score of trophies, not the games themselves, so whenever somebody is on that leaderboard with cheated games, it devalues other players accomplishments, it's as simple as that. The trophy leaderboard can be considered a (meta)game, the game of collecting trophies legitimately.
  15. So nobody’s going to mention Ratchet & Clank?