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  1. Awesome news!! Can't wait..
  2. Pac-Man World 2 ( I really hope they don't change the soundtrack) Crash Twinsanity Resident Evil Outbreak Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Darkwatch Van Helsing Catwomen Full Metal Alchemist 1&2 Ghost Hunter Tak and the Power of Juju Star Wars: Episode III
  3. Sound shape , death mode is annoying
  4. I'll join when i get the game next week.
  5. your checklist look cool bro
  6. Oh, well i think he's right its good to make checklist early i think anyway keep the good work your checklist good when its only 3 platinum keep it up buddy
  7. What ?? only 3 Platinum ........... are you sure that you can make trophy checklist when you have 3 platinum ?
  8. Psn name : xOldSkoOlSkillzz
  9. The demo was awesome and scary and i cant wait for the game i have heard the maker said in Twitter he didn't complete the game and he will watch a lot of horror movies to get more scary ideas.
  10. wolfenstein the new order
  11. PSN ID: xOldSkoOlSkillzZ PS Systems: PS3 AND PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Yes i accept anything
  12. hello and welcome to Psn!
  13. Very Fun Game.
  15. First of all im really glad that someone make this topic and second i just finished reading experimental psychology m.Kimberly maclin and Robert L. soloso. really good book.