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  1. Finally! Waiting on my backer code for this but I might bite the bullet and buy it to support the devs and give away my code when it comes... looks so good!
  2. Use the share button!! I've taken several screenshots of the game while playing and used them as a theme. My current theme is a screengrab of this game :)))
  3. Pretty sure I did not collect all of the dots on my first playthrough, as my focus was getting familiar with the levels and gameplay, and collecting the symbols. Figured I'd go back for the dots through chapter select or a second run through the game, but the trophy popped when I picked up what I believe is the last possible dot you can grab before completing the game. Anyone else experience this?
  4. Just finished my second playthrough, no Hermit. Is it supposed to pop after winter, or after spring? I know I didn't enter town at all, does it count against you if you visit Emerson's house? Might have to play through a third time, going to give it a couple more in-game days to see if it pops. Edit: never mind! popped the very next morning.
  5. Just tried again after the patch and still no trophy, but I see someone has unlocked this trophy so maybe it needs to be done on a new playthrough?
  6. Just got to the part where you unlock this power. There's an area right after you gain this ability where you can exit by the entrance and re-enter to respawn the enemies, about a dozen enemies in the room give or take. Been running in and out for ten minutes with no trophy. Think it may be glitched, unfortunately. I may stop here and wait to see if they patch it. Not sure how many enemies I'll encounter after this room. Seems like this area is a prime spot to farm for this trophy.
  7. Great work as usual, Bad Driver. Thanks for the walkthrough πŸ‘
  8. It worked! Got the platinum, FINALLY! πŸ˜€
  9. I'll try to get a playthrough in later this week, maybe help confirm your results. Still missing the Holmes trophy myself.
  10. Finally got them all. Thanks, your advice certainly worked. Had to start a new playthrough at least a half dozen times. Very frustrating.
  11. Thanks for this. Played through the game twice and I'm still missing 4 trophies. Will try this method out tomorrow.
  12. I disabled the network before even putting the disc in, and had already deleted the digital version, but next time I'll delete everything including save files and try that again.
  13. Welp, got my disc copy over the weekend, first playthrough is a bust. Still no Sherlock trophy I'm getting pretty burned out on this game. Think I may have one more try left in me, but if I can't get it on the next attempt I'll likely just accept that I'll never get the platinum for this game.
  14. Thanks for the answer Cheers!
  15. Does the disc version create a second trophy list? I don't mind getting two platinums for the game if they ever patch the digital, but I also wouldn't mind not having a game stuck at 97% completion.