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  1. I got same issue yesterday but today I played a private match as Demon(Necromance) when match finish this trophy pop for me p.s in that match I didn’t play like normal, I just let my friend quit match sorry for my bad English 😅
  2. Lvl 100 Great 😭
  3. yes if the trophy not bugged You can get XP from Private matches
  4. We shall be againReach the maximum level with a demon some how I unlock this trophy in my second private Demon match 😅
  5. I can confirmed You can unlock trophies in PRIVATE GAME ! (test with friends) But MAX level trophies probably took a lot times
  6. you can do it in multiple games
  7. I just unlocked this trophy like He said, just pick it up I highly recommend you do this before it gets patched. The achievement says extract with 50 data drives but simply picking them up progresses the achievement so just pick up as many as you can whether you extract or not and you should get it. https://www.trueachievements.com/a345267/pack-rat-achievement
  8. I have question Do I need collect 50 hard drives by Myself or teammates collect is counting ? Sorry for my bad English.
  9. Hi I got Challenge Accepted Edition today can conform Hot wheels Pass Vol. 1 DLC can share to another account I redeemed DLC code in Taiwan account (Main acc) and my United States account can use DLC car “Bone Shaker™ Unleashed Edition” in game my game is EU version game’s cover https://imgur.com/9B1d942 but somehow I can redeemed DLC code in Taiwan account (Asia region) that’s weird, because usually EU code can’t redeem in Taiwan account Sorry for my bad English I hope that can help you.
  10. I just checked my Hong Kong friends, their Control is NA region too.
  11. My Taiwan PSN Accout’s Control belong NA Region.
  12. Finally they fixed trophies today in the Zombie mode, select Perks Socket-to-me and Six pack will auto pop
  13. Good to know . thanks
  14. My friend unlocked the trophy in 6 people lobby (PS4 version) I won twice but no trophy, one in 6 people lobby, one in 9 people lobby(PS5 version) add new info I won 6 times and no trophy my friend play first game with me , He won that game and he unlock the PS5 trophy .... weird
  15. I just Won a game in last worm standing, but somehow trophy not unlock played in PS5 version, that game only 6 people total