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  1. VR is expensive, requires a specific setup and therefore has a smaller audience base, making it less lucrative. I'd love to own VR and I could likely afford it but I don't have the room space for it.
  2. Just saw the list get added. Is this a sequel?
  3. I was wondering if there was any possible way to overclock the vita without risking banning through hacking? I just really wish I could get RER2 and BL2 to run better as I want to attempt the platinum in both, but as it stands they're very difficult to play. I don't want to do anything else but overclock.
  4. Tesla vs Lovecraft is surprisingly fun and pretty easy, Get Even is flawed but enjoyable, and I second other mentioned games like Gris and Apotheon.
  5. The first two bioshocks, you've plat infinite which is the hardest of the three!
  6. Maybe grab someone to boost what you have left of MotoGP13? Scrolled a bit down to find it
  7. Dead Space trilogy Mass Effect trilogy Infamous 1, 2 and Festival of Blood
  8. Thanks for messaging them, I don't know why I didn't think to. Yeah this game surprised me just how much I loved it. Doing a run on Hard slowly to see if I can feel out if I'd be up to nightmare mode, but so far it's going surprisingly well.
  9. I'd say Hitman Absolution because you've only got the online trophies left, but does that mean that the servers are down? If it's unachievable, I'd say go for Shadow of Mordor.
  10. Project Warlock- A little old-school shooter in the vein of Doom/Quake/Duke Nukem. Surprisingly good, in fact I think it may be my favourite game of this kind. Hard(and at the moment) glitched platinum, but very straightforward.
  11. Yeah I'm not sure either. Looks glitched.
  12. Been a Sony fanboy, mostly unintentionally. PS1 Gameboy micro PS2 DSLite PSP Wii PS3 PSVita PS4
  13. Imo it looks horrible and uncouth. Was hoping for it to be flat enough to be both vertical and horizontal, but it looks like it'll look strange on its side.
  14. Disc, because a digital only market gives Sony a monopoly on the price of games on my console, meaning that I can only buy from 5them at whatever price they want.
  15. Mostly just commenting to get your thread attention. I remember when I plat the original game I did the last few trophies in co-op but I think I was the host. For the nature of the challenges, I don't see why they couldn't pop for the non-host in a programming perspective anyway, but I don't know for sure. Hopefully someone will reply who knows for definite!