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  1. One thing as well is that Sony charge companies to submit updates, so fixes aren't only potentially time consuming, but costly.
  2. I mean, how am I supposed to know if I want a sequel before I play it? I can't buy every single game that comes out immediately at launch full price.
  3. I'd say the Orange Box was a pretty big missed opportunity. Could have been all one list like the xbox version, or they could have done a seperate list for each game. Also I agree with most on this list like Assassin's Creed, Condemned, Folklore, Haze, Resistance, and Ratchet and Clank ToD. Yeah, I loved the games enough to play through all the DLCs anyway, but especially for Dark Souls 2 the lack of even a couple of trophies for just like beating the main bosses was disappointing. Even if each DLC only had 2 or 3 trophies it would have been much more fun.
  4. As the title says, this isn't an issue with the trophies syncing, as they are on any other device and on any other page I look at on my account except for the main one, which seems to be sending me to an archived page from a couple of weeks ago. It's just very strange, and slightly annoying that i have to use my phone broswer to look at it.
  5. Most fun plats: 1. Alien Isolation - just loved everything about this game, one of the few games I enjoyed doing the hardest difficulty run, and the no-deaths one was way more manageable than I expected. Good variety of trophies in general. 2. Assassin's Creed: Origins- Tad bit grindy, but again good variety of stuff to do, some of the trophies encouraged an unexpected level of silliness. 3. Saints row the Third (Both regular and remastered) - Incredibly goofy and a simple checklist plat to get through, simply do everything which is not a problem as everything is so much fun, especially in co-op. Grindiest: 1. Dark Souls 3 - This is well known to be ridiculous. I managed to finish a long audiobokk and get halfway through another while grinding for the last few covenant items. 2. Killzone: Mercenary - Most of the plat was pretty straightforward but the goddam 10,000 total kills trophy was mind numbing, especially since few levels had more than maybe 30-40 enemies at most. 3. My Name is Mayo - Why did I let myself buy this? Most boring/tedious - I'm not a fan of grinding in general so any of the above games plus some shitty easy plat games I bought it a spree a couple of years ago. Highest skill based - 1. My memories are vague but some of the arcade challenges in LittleBigPlanet Vita. Probably wasn't but back in 2012 my patience was ice thin, and it's still my rarest plat to date. 2. Dark Souls 3 again/ Bloodborne - Not particularly hard, but probably is the only "hard" game series I've managed to clamber over the learning curve for. 3. Uncharted Remastered - Just crushing difficulty, man. I know this is the easiest of the 4 mainlines but it gave me so much trouble. Plats I did not achieve, but want to - 1. Dead space 1 and 2 - only trophy left in both is to beat on the hardest difficulty. Definitely doable on 1 if I would get off my ass and try, but the limited saves in 2 is really putting me off 2. Fallout:New Vegas - This is my favourite game of all time, but I can't put up with the PS3 performance anymore. I've played it to the end twice, and both times something went wrong and glitched the final quests, making them undoable. Just can't deal with it anymore. 3. Silent Hill 2 - Another absolute favourite, but it's just too hard, to put it simply. In comparison 3 was a piece of cake.
  6. It's a completion percentage, so it would just be tied to the average completion percentage instead of being point based.
  7. Treat yourself to a view of mine, over 17k unearned lol. Just because I don't necessarily go for 100% in every game I play, just the games I like or can be bothered with.
  8. Pretty generous offering, as if they had left it at Ratchet and Clank nobody would have minded. I've been wanting to get Enter the Gungeon, I can sell my physical copy of subnautica for a few quid, and Thumper and Abzu seem like they'd be fun to try, If I had VR I'd be pretty happy about Moss and Paper Beasts too. All in all this initiative is a good bit better than I think anyone (with capacity for reason) really expected it to be.
  9. I'd say Borderlands 2 for yourself. Other than that, if you've still got a PS3 or PSNow you should give Infamous 2 another go.
  10. I love a good expansion. Personally, nearly any Bethesda RPG expansion (bar some of the fallout 4 ones), Any Borderlands one, The Witcher 3, Metro games, are my top tier favourites. Honorable mention to Resident Evil 7 for having such a random and creative mix.
  11. I'd say, apart from your obvious Far Cry 3, maybe any of the Uncharted games as you're close in most of them.
  12. I've been doing an all-rounder build and I'm not finding to too bad on hard. I'd suggest practicing your dodging over blocking and parrying, as I find the latter nearly useless because of recovery time. The bosses require a lot of patience and can be damage sponges, but any I've faced so far have very repetitive attack patterns.
  13. The patch didn't even fix the Sons of Ragnar quest glitch either. I still can't continue the game.
  14. There's three trophies for completing each sniper map in multiplayer. Other than that it's all single player.