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  1. nice meme
  2. Lego Batman 2 Vita, it's merely mediocre, but aUGH
  3. The trophy for all Daedric quests in Skyrim, I forfeit some in my main playthrough and the two times I tried to do it again one of them glitched so I never got around to platting it. I no longer have a PS3 or the game unfortunately.
  4. we may never know
  5. That update did fix a lot, but it still suffers anyway. I still get crashes occasionally. Though, it seems to have stopped glitches like items disappearing or areas resetting.
  6. A much worse example is the Grounded trophies for TLOU Remastered, which is disappointingly two of my most common trophies, as nearly everyone who bothered to try did succeed.
  7. I find that the feeling of reward, like a sort of addiction, diminishes the more I earn them, yet I want them more. I was ecstatic with my first Plat, but by my latest one I felt nothing but a small moment of achievement, nothing more than I would get from, say, finishing a small homework. Can I just say you're like the only person I've seen on here to bother using a unique font Also I was similar with Saint's Row the Third, I intended to get it and I did.
  8. I don't really get it either, I disliked both Demon's and Dark, but again, no disrespect to those who do, I just found my progress being hindered so much as ultimately frustrating.
  9. Yes, it took about 45 minutes of trying for me to boost as it was hard to get somewhere secluded enough.
  10. I guess I was just extremely unlucky. I tried to get spangled for a month before I eventually had to boost as nobody I played against would even use a tranquiliser. Edit: I only attempted to get several months after the game came out, which meant a lot of players had already probably got Spangled and few people used tranquilisers.
  11. I got with relatively medium expectations I guess, I knew it was good for trophies but not much else. I didn't enjoy it at all. I suppose, though, in technical terms it played fine and the story wasn't too bad. I don't intend to touch Hannah Montana either.
  12. You may take this as stupid advice, but just in case, sometimes when I sync trophies they take a while to appear, up to a few minutes, so there's a chance you may not be waiting long enough? Edit: I have a bad habit of not reading all comments, but it seems you've had it resolved.
  13. I haven't needed to do this so I don't really know but it doesn't sound that it's likely you can, unless you maybe switched the hard drives which might defeat the purpose anyway. Edit: Read you said about the new Batman PS4, I'd say switching hard drives would be your best bet.
  14. any 1 want a ps4 wit pt legit I swer only £2500.99 ill even trow in th controlr cmon m8s
  15. I replayed through MGS3 after I plat, and occasionally would play Fallout 3 every now and then, though not on PS3