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  1. uncharted fifa 09 and gta 4 are the games that i played, i had to update to get trophies and since 2009 all games have trophies
  2. we should they expect our money dont they ? because activision i dread next years call of duty on disc it will be worse this should be a crime that you need an update to start the campaign
  3. sorry for my bad english
  4. The 2nd mission is set in london and its amazing it gives you the feels I recommend to everyone play this with a headset Never seen a mission like that in any cod ever but no russian comes close I just dont know what to say
  5. sony really need to step up their game with plus on ps5 lets say ps5 is backwards compatible imagine we get ps 1 2 and 3 games that would be worth 60 bucks
  6. the dlc trophies percentage should only be influenced by players who have the dlc/earned a trophy in the dlc not by anybody who has the game had it like this back then
  7. does anybody know why there are games without trophies even though fifa 09 gta 4 and uncharted got trophy patches ?
  8. okay now i know what you mean i met the general
  9. right but you cant let someone rape you because he helped you
  10. Lol, from doom ?
  11. battlefield 3 remastered or an "authentic" ww2 game
  12. thats what im wondering it should work but someone has to give you his account
  13. my god havent tried that haha thanks im an idiot
  14. adam west skin and knhightfall skin with some maps better get the season pass when its 5 bucks or something
  15. source ?