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  1. Hey guys i hope this helps, had the game since launch but finished act 2 just a few days ago. I thought the trophy was bugged for me or i had to grind for hours but thankfully i found the last one in the laser room with the 4 consumables, i could swear i was there once after i got the upgrade to cross the red water but either it didnt count or i was really that dumb and didnt collect it the one time i was there. Anyways im guessing if it was bugged for you then they probably fixed it and you just have to try. Also the room is very rare
  2. So can i do the plat now on ps5 and then sync my save on a ps4 and get the trophies again?
  3. The first cutscenes of missions always have a short stutter and make video out of sync with the audio
  4. In the last mission before you enter Barkovs you can pick up a Minigun. You just need about 100 rounds and he's dead. You dont even need to move.
  5. Tweet got deleted lol
  6. Best resident evil. And i played it after 2 and 3 Remake
  7. I did all the kills in the second fight where infinite enemies spawn until you complete the objective, i think its in 12 or 13
  8. Those S.O.B.s could at least put them on sale before delisting them. goddamn T2...
  9. very weird. Ps3 store had no discounts since 2020
  10. this is so dumb i understand GTA 5 we have the 3rd version coming out but Max Payne has no sequel, its the latest entry why shut it down or at least give us an alternate option to unlock trophies You goddamn son of a Bi-
  11. Finally a game again with tiddy physics
  12. i did all MP trophies years ago except the level related ones... Fml
  13. I want that ps3 feature where you could sort trophy sets
  14. You are correct difference though is that ps1 is just about 30 years old Dinosaurs well, you know abit over 30
  15. Anybody else thinks that its kinda paradoxical that this game exists? i mean its a wonderful trip down memory lane and i played it longer than it was needed for the platinum but thats it Also we get reminded of all these amazing games that started on a ps console but we cant play ps1 2 3 psp and vita games on ps5 i just dont get it and please dont start with that cell architecture, i know its difficult to emulate but when homebrew devs are able to emulate even just 1 game then im sure sony could do it better