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  1. Being able to sort the trophy sets like on ps3 and like the trophies on ps4 after last played rarity percentage offline mode like ps3 not like ps4
  2. The last of us on ps3 After that i either bought the good games later or the ones i bought on release didnt blow me away Oh almost forgot ori 2 But between those 2 nah
  3. Blood dragon is the best thing UBISOFT ever let happen And im so mad it wasnt in fc5s season pass and that theres no blood dragon 2
  4. Yes Tyrell will get on your nerves but thats the only downside here
  5. If you do it like me and bought the pistol first and then the rifle and then the rpg The best place is in the hospital when the zombies are coming trough the door Just stand in front of the door and shoot on the floor where the zombies are spawning You get 128 kills always in less than a minute Dont buy anything from the store Just pistol and then rifle then the rpg I made the mistake and bought jills outfit and had to grind a bit longer before i could buy the rpg
  6. Also the game is censored in germany that is the reason why dlcs are not compatible
  7. Ist just capcom blocking these trophies maybe to prevent "spoilers" im also getting an error message when trying to sync the trophies manually but other games work a friend of mine who has the digital edition cant even use the ps4 theme lol
  8. When did you get the game ?
  9. Imagine our ps4s breaking down now
  10. I have the game since 4 days and i cant synch the trophies driving me insane
  11. uncharted fifa 09 and gta 4 are the games that i played, i had to update to get trophies and since 2009 all games have trophies
  12. we should they expect our money dont they ? because activision i dread next years call of duty on disc it will be worse this should be a crime that you need an update to start the campaign
  13. sorry for my bad english
  14. The 2nd mission is set in london and its amazing it gives you the feels I recommend to everyone play this with a headset Never seen a mission like that in any cod ever but no russian comes close I just dont know what to say
  15. sony really need to step up their game with plus on ps5 lets say ps5 is backwards compatible imagine we get ps 1 2 and 3 games that would be worth 60 bucks