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  1. A very classic LiS trophy list. Nothing unusual.
  2. 100% more than 5 years after starting it. Don't know what I'm gonna play next...
  3. So I've PMed Sly and he read my message but never answered, it's been almost a month. I still cannot create a guide for this bloody game (despite I can for other games). Sorry to bother you guys but what am I supposed to do now?
  4. #492 Resident Evil HD Finally done with it. Was great, but invisible enemies mode is still so stressful... ------------------------------------------------------- #493 Coffin Dodgers Done just after getting RE plat, took less than 3 hours. Let's say it was a bonus.
  5. #490 Little Big Planet 3 The game itself is pretty nice, but its servers are just goddamn terrible...
  6. OK so I've PMed him. Waiting for his answer. Weird thing is I can create a guide for other games. Hope Sly can fix it! ^^
  7. #489 Blackwood Crossing Nice little story-driven adventure game. And 1st to plat it, that's a new sensation.
  8. Wilco. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to answer. So I tried again, re-read the guide here, I went to the game's page and hit the button "Create a Trophy or Gameplay Guide", it opened a popup window, I filled the "Game introduction" textarea and chose "Trophy Guide" as a type. Then I clicked the green button "Create Guide", the popup window disappeared, and... that was it, I was still on the game's page, and nothing on this page. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Yup, that's what I read on the FAQ topic, I've followed the video for creating the guide and I meet the requirements (I have the plat and it's synced with my profile), but it's never stored anywhere after I fill the short description and hit the "Create" button. Well I'll try again tomorrow.
  11. Decided to start one, to contribute a bit. ^^ Blackwood Crossing PS4 guide's in progress no help needed Edit: yet I can't seem to create a guide (been following this), when clicking the "Create Guide" button, the trophy page reloads and that's it... do I need approval first? (tried with latest Firefox, latest Chrome, Win10 Pro x64)
  12. I've spent countless hours on this game on my PS2, but I'm as excited as you mate! One of the best RPG ever!
  13. I can confirm that. I have the PS+ edition and bought the season pass, I can access all the DLC but the 3 first (and of course the 2 last DLC which aren't released yet, duh), which come with the full version.
  14. Been a while, so here's my latest platinum streak: #288 God of War II (Vita) #289 Grim Fandango #290 Apotheon (PS4) #291 inFamous First Light (PS4) #292 Sound Shapes (PS4 EU) #293 Transistor (PS4) #294 The Wolf Among Us (Vita)
  15. # 287 God of War (Vita). What can I say, God War is still awesome after all this time!