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  1. Yeah thanks but I have nothing to hide. This is part of my history, nobody's perfect. ^^ @ahmedelebiary: as I've said before, I thought it was an obligation to respond to the games being flagged, turns out it's optional...
  2. You're absolutely right. But it's not like I care enough to hide some minor mistake I've made 7 years ago (and which I had already "confessed" back then on a popular french forum). I don't mind if I'm not in the leaderboard anymore as I mostly use this site to keep track of my achievements.
  3. I'm not disputing anything, I'm explaining. I thought I had the obligation to respond, obviously I was wrong.
  4. ZA-TomTom Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Got the 69 stars on another account by effin' mistake so I decided to use the hexeditor trick to get it on my main account. Yup, I've used the easy way, but I'm not ashamed of this either. I had a witness but I haven't spoke to him in a long time and I don't think he'd care enough to testify...
  5. ZA-TomTom Call of Duty Classic Finished the game on veteran then used save files to obtain the lower difficulty trophies. I'm not really ashamed of this actually.
  6. 100% more than 5 years after starting it. Don't know what I'm gonna play next...
  7. So I've PMed Sly and he read my message but never answered, it's been almost a month. I still cannot create a guide for this bloody game (despite I can for other games). Sorry to bother you guys but what am I supposed to do now?
  8. #492 Resident Evil HD Finally done with it. Was great, but invisible enemies mode is still so stressful... ------------------------------------------------------- #493 Coffin Dodgers Done just after getting RE plat, took less than 3 hours. Let's say it was a bonus.
  9. #490 Little Big Planet 3 The game itself is pretty nice, but its servers are just goddamn terrible...
  10. OK so I've PMed him. Waiting for his answer. Weird thing is I can create a guide for other games. Hope Sly can fix it! ^^
  11. #489 Blackwood Crossing Nice little story-driven adventure game. And 1st to plat it, that's a new sensation.
  12. Wilco. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to answer. So I tried again, re-read the guide here, I went to the game's page and hit the button "Create a Trophy or Gameplay Guide", it opened a popup window, I filled the "Game introduction" textarea and chose "Trophy Guide" as a type. Then I clicked the green button "Create Guide", the popup window disappeared, and... that was it, I was still on the game's page, and nothing on this page. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. Yup, that's what I read on the FAQ topic, I've followed the video for creating the guide and I meet the requirements (I have the plat and it's synced with my profile), but it's never stored anywhere after I fill the short description and hit the "Create" button. Well I'll try again tomorrow.
  15. Decided to start one, to contribute a bit. ^^ Blackwood Crossing PS4 guide's in progress no help needed Edit: yet I can't seem to create a guide (been following this), when clicking the "Create Guide" button, the trophy page reloads and that's it... do I need approval first? (tried with latest Firefox, latest Chrome, Win10 Pro x64)