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  1. Need to post up a picture of mine, I accidentally made Katniss from hunger do I upload pics to here (i'm a dingbat when it comes to stuff like that!)
  2. Planning how to romance The Iron Bull on DA:I i so need to see action between him and my dwarf! also, whooooop, got the damn ugly ass dragon mount thing, I named him Clive....

    1. HaSoOoN-MHD



      I only use my Inquisition charger for my mount. Just look sawesome.

    2. Dragon-Archon
  3. On the third day of christmas a gamer gave to me: Skylanders Swap Force, Injustice Gods Among us and Dragon Age Inquisition!

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    2. GoldenWolfHunter


      On the fifth day of Christmas snoop dogg gave to me: CRYSTAL FKING WEEEEED, a suspicious blue cupcake, skylanders swap force, injustice gods among us and A CRAAAP TON OF DLC CRAAAAP TON OF DLC CRAAP TON OF DLFKINGCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

    3. terwas-lurake


      I still lova ya m8.

    4. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      I love MLP! I also got MGS V PS4

  4. do you know if you can romance Varric? my dwarf and him would make cute dwarf babies!
  5. It may take me till she leaves home (she's 3!) but i will plat this game, bring it on nightmare mode *gets punched in face by wraith and gives up crying*
  6. Accidently made a dwarf Katniss Everdeen on Dragon Age: Inquisition, fml...

    1. devourerplease


      I would've called her Cantsee Overthewheel

  7. OOh awesome, just seen this, gonna do this later when the small one has gone to bed!
  8. Hell no! If you had a chance, would you go to westeros?
  9. banned for having fabulous head wear
  10. never heard of it,! lol Rhino Rumble for gba
  11. just made in articulated noises of joy at the thoughts of a GoT game, i know of ascent (as i'm playing it) but didn't realize there's gonna be a ps4 game, I so can't wait, hope it's not gonna be over hyped and then be rubbish....
  12. got some chicken in the slow cooker, smells amazing, shame it's not done cooking yet as I so want to eat it, ah well, will have to wait and put it in a chicken and bacon pie later, then i'll eat what's left :D

  13. name eludes me atm, but i do know him from somewhere, 10/10
  14. I do not look like jelly, i look like a pinkie! silly dante, I bet dante will reply to that!
  15. i'm not sure it's that, the front of the ps4 isn't on the shelf, lol, it hangs over the edge a bit due to having midget shelving! saying that it might be worth doing it ans seeing if it helps, thank you for the suggestion!