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  1. I'm 33 and just wondering there were any other forum members around that age or older? I'm not a hardcore trophy hunter, but I do play a pretty wide variety of games, just got a PS4 and I'm on most night. Any other old gits out there fancy adding me? the_daddy2009 (please put psnp in the message)
  2. Can somebody confirm this? I'm looking to get a PS4 in the next few weeks and currently I use my PS3 to listen to mp3 playlists and watch downloaded films and tv shows etc.. If the PS4 in fact does not play the above files then I'll have to hold on to my PS3 for those reasons alone which is disappointing as I was hoping to sell that console as help for funding for the PS4. I am shocked and stunned.
  3. I really hope we get Knack for PS4 just to piss off SolidWolf
  4. PS4: Assassins Creed: Black Flag & Battlefield 4 PS3: F1 2013
  5. I was hoping for Battlefield 4 & Assassins Creed: Black Flag. Oh hum
  6. That was tongue in cheek.
  7. Just to let you know I won't be adding anybody who has a higher trophy score than my own.
  8. Kids today are so lucky, I remember getting home from school and putting a game to load in my Commodore C64, an hour later I would be lucky if it had completed loading.
  9. Enjoying Pixeljunk Shooter at the moment.
  10. Thanks for all the replies, great to see that there are so many gamers my age out there, hope you don't mind me adding you all?
  11. Excellent
  12. Yearly titles are finished? Boo! I was hoping for PS4- Infamous: Second Son & Assassins Creed: Black Flag
  13. I just had trouble getting into the store via the PS3 and I can't seem to access it from the web either? UK.
  14. Thought I'd join this great looking site, it really does look so neat and tidy (well done mods). I currently own a PS3 and I'll be upgrading to a PS4 sometime within the next month. Like the title states I'm an old git, looking to hook up with fellow old gits to share gaming experiences with. I'm a well mannered fella and I don't do drugs. Hi to all!
  15. Thanks for that info, I'll keep it listed all the same.
  16. Games available for trading: Fallout 3 Skyrim Fifa 11
  17. PSN ID: the_daddy2009 Owned Systems: PS3, PS4 (soon) Games Played: Fifa, Fallout series, Elder Scrolls series, Infamous 2, Resident Evil series, Grid series + many more! Location: South Wales, UK Accept Blank FR: NO. Please pop the name of the forum or PSNP in the message and only mature minded individuals accepted, I'm 33 so don't really want a friends list full of teenagers, no offence.
  18. Same here, I'm looking forward to playing a new sports game, all I ever play is football (Fifa & PES) it'll make a nice change. That being said I have no clue how to play basketball, never even watched a game.
  19. Wow, impressive collection!
  20. I'm getting it, it does look great fun. Didn't mean to cause any upset, I haven't actually seen any reviews either. Just thought that some of the footage was a bit meh.
  21. Thanks for the info guys, looks like I'll be keeping my PS3 after all, not such a bad thing I guess.
  22. After some of the reviews and youtube footage, I think you might be in a very short queue.
  23. So how do I view my downloaded films and tv shows?
  24. I had two games bundled with my original fatty back in 2008. Uncharted Drakes Fortune and Assassins Creed.