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  1. I heard a recent patch happened a few days ago that addresses some issues I have yet to check it out
  2. Nice going Tom i appreciate your efforts bringing the video together this will surely help a lot going for all the collectables in the game. I appreciate you doing this whole list GTA i can tell it was rough for you this is exactly why I mentioned before i miss the days of strategy guides.
  3. Finish Him i actually got it last week the first time i killed an armored soldier with a melee attack it didn't unlock for me the second time it unlocked with no problems i always have xiii use his fists.
  4. So far I'm missing 10 out of 20 character collectables and 7 out of 14 weapon collectables i too also haven't found the hunting shotgun yet
  5. Oh no i haven't i should of put document wise I'm still missing some guns and characters with the collectable part
  6. I'm actually only missing II, III, V, VI, IX, X, XI, XIII, XVII, and XX now
  7. This will definitely help me out since I'm missing these thanks so much Tom
  8. This is exactly why i miss strategy guides
  9. The original game was one of the most unique first person shooters ever made it's a cult classic game that not too many people may know about today but those who do like myself will in no doubt talk highly of it. From owning this game since last week i have to say the remake is nothing but a technical mess a shell of the original 2003 release filled with bugs and glitches. The death animations are so bad it rivals Perfect Dark Zero's janky death animations. The music and audio cuts out especially during important moments in the game the remake is a painful reminder from the original that we're never gonna get a sequel.
  10. Nope not at all and what gets me about this remake is that there's no statistics on the mission select to tell you which mission you're missing the documents or collectables.
  11. Tom i see you discovered the difficulty glitch yesterday from your video nice i actually discovered it on Sunday when i beat the game for the first time i see profiles changed it as if i did it yesterday i was going to mention it here too 😅 i was originally going to replay the whole game on the hardest difficulty. Until i decided to put the game on the hardest difficulty on my new playthrough and went to mission select and go all the way to the last mission and from there the trophy unlocked. This game is a technical mess last week when i got it i had to endure all of the glitches and bugs.
  12. Yeah 😂 i just don't understand why they even changed the locations the only document location that wasn't changed from the original is at the extraction mission where XIII and Carrington use the Cable Car to leave the base.
  13. So far I've been replaying the levels looking everywhere for the documents and even using the original game as a guide 😅 but they seemed to changed the original locations on where the documents originally were. Prime example in the original game the interrogation mission's document was actually in the interrogation room. But in the remake it's near the end of the mission.
  14. There's no season pass for this game. All of the content that's coming to the game will be free of charge.