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  1. I'm missing 2?! can anybody help me here...
  2. The goddamn flowers... and only 'cause the trophy glitched on me. Had to do start a new game via another save file only to collect those pesky flowers... again.
  3. welp... I'm just getting radroaches and fires... stuck at 34 raider attacks. Any ideas? EDIT: nvm finally got this crap. NEVER AGAIN...
  4. that error happens from time to time, even back in the day that was a constant issue. lol
  5. Hi, I'm not sure how active is this forum but since I'm having trouble with this specific challenge and haven't found any tips regarding this particular challenge anywhere. I would like to know if there's like a good spot for doing this challenge. I already gave water to 4 wanderers and I only need one to complete it. I'm post game but I already the really hard challenges and I still have terrioties on my map with threat level. If anyone can help I'll be forever in your debt!
  6. So pretty much the toughest Yakuza to plat still being 3, huh? God damn it... those minigames are bitch to do!
  7. Playing it right now... Really Awesome! Funny thing is that the trophies that are popping out here in this site are in japanese writing but the ones in my ps3 are actually in english!! LOL I hope the fix this soon or I'm gonna have a hard time unlocking some of the trophies!
  8. Binary Domain Platinum Trophy 0.64% ULTRA RARE and Twisted Metal Platinum Trophy 0.30% ULTRA RARE