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  1. I'm stuck frozen inside the house of chapter 14 "Happy Birthday" Reloading doesn't work, can't restart the chapter.. Does anyone know what to do here? Nvm got it fixed, if anyone has this problem just do this: copy all your saves online or on a usb, delete them on your ps4 and only dowload the profile save and the bottem 2 saves. You can probly do it the other way by just deleting all the saves except for those i mentioned.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Do you have a new list for the legendary roamers? It seems they have been removed from the current list and i forgot where they all are..
  4. Go where you got locked up in lateria, should be your last Quest if you haven't got that one yet
  5. You mean like all the Quests? Thought you meant it was some sort of special bubble around some blue ones
  6. Only gold ones are needed for the Trophy 😊 but never noticed a "bubble" around blue ones so idk about that 😅
  7. The lists where each nexomon is are amazing! Cause some are really hard to find but those tyrants are still gonna be a bitch to find
  8. List is complete, thanks!
  9. Hunterdeplunterrrrrrr gjsttttttt

    1. Hunt4Platinum


      Cheeeeeeeeckt em ooooooOOoooOoo

  10. Yeah i think so, cause its only a bronze trophy
  11. These "Dlc trophies" are becoming a standard thing to PS titles, not really in the mood to replay it but oh well
  12. Well we all knew it was coming.. Permadeath and Grounded mode
  13. Yes it is hard for "normal" but it is is doable.. I've done it multiple times and even with randoms aswell. The average time 3 hours?? It is only like 1.5 hours, done it in 1 hour one aswell and yes sometimes you will have an early wipe when you are really unlucky but you have to learn all boss paterns and the dlc ones are actually pretty easy aswell once you know them. The only thing that really sucks and is frustrating are the crashes and lagg, but it is very and i say very doable after the new patch
  14. There is an update for the game and the Trophy has been fixed!
  15. Just got a mail back from one of the devs that they are aware of the issue and are looking into it! They will be updating it on their channels when the fix is live.