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  1. Yes it is hard for "normal" but it is is doable.. I've done it multiple times and even with randoms aswell. The average time 3 hours?? It is only like 1.5 hours, done it in 1 hour one aswell and yes sometimes you will have an early wipe when you are really unlucky but you have to learn all boss paterns and the dlc ones are actually pretty easy aswell once you know them. The only thing that really sucks and is frustrating are the crashes and lagg, but it is very and i say very doable after the new patch
  2. There is an update for the game and the Trophy has been fixed!
  3. Just got a mail back from one of the devs that they are aware of the issue and are looking into it! They will be updating it on their channels when the fix is live.
  4. You can do it in multiple runs. And yes its bugged probably.. Someone contacted the devs already but thats been 2 weeks.. I might contact them aswell if they wanne fix this soon
  5. Copy your data online if you need it and delete all your data of 60 seconds on your ps4 and try it again, happened to me aswell
  6. Oh yeah true.. But I wouldn't say this game was "incredibly easy" to plat tho
  7. How can you say its easy while not having the platinum yourself? Lol
  8. It's my last location for the trophy but when i warped there my location says 0/1.. does anyone know how to fix this? I tried joining other friends and random online sessions but doesnt work Cba to do this all over again
  9. Didn't find one myself, i asked someone in my friendlist
  10. Does anyone have a world with pandas? i've been looking for days and creating new worlds but i can't seem to find any
  11. The easiest way without doing allot effort i found was buying dynamite in "Van Horn" and go to the light house nearby and blow up the groups of fishes over there. You get around 200-500xp each dynamite, then just reload the free roam and repeat. if you run out of money just do a couple of missions and repeat
  12. I found it the easiest when i played conquest on Fjell 652 as a bomber, easier when you upgraded it a little bit
  13. Well thanks for the tip anyway, worth the try and np, would be allot easier indeed
  14. I tried it on my other characters, got 2 snipers again.. resetting it does not work. My rng is actually the worst in this game
  15. That's nothing, i opened around 800 nodes and i still need the 18 Kelvins "the least rare one" they say