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  1. You need 6 people to start a MP match dude
  2. Yes go for it, if you've done the other 4, then this shouldn't be much of a problem for you. It's not particularly difficult, just the online is a bit of a grind. It's also harder to keep track of wins for AWP since its no longer linked to RSC so having a notepad or checklist would be useful
  3. This has been mentioned before, and I'm glad someone else has brought it up......I think this would be an excellent idea, however I would like the option to turn this feature on/off at will, incase i want to play a game I've already completed. Or a filter, as you suggested, would probably be even better come to think about it
  4. I'd be down for this as long as its an option we can turn on or off, I wouldn't want the games I've 100%/platted removed entirely just incase I ever fancy playing MP on something iv already completed.
  5. I nearly didn't notice 2bf, I actually completed all the remaining AM's but used different save slots, it was only when i finished the last one and didnt receive the trophy that I recalled not receiving diamonds for that convoy
  6. Just thought I'd share this information as I very nearly screwed myself out of a couple trophys, luckily I had a save from just before I encountered this......Anyway, one of the Assassination Missions in the South territory is a convoy, i destroyed the two accompanying vehicles but the one carrying the target sped off so I aimed a RPG at it but just missed, however I had Mission Completed come up on screen so I assumed I'd caused enough damage to make it explode, but then I noticed I didn't receive any diamonds and I had actually failed the mission despite it saying Mission just a warning just incase this screws anyone else, save before attempting Assassinations(obviously), and make sure you get that damn vehicle, as this would mean being unable to get the trophy for getting all diamonds as well as for the missions themselves.
  7. Awesome news, thanks for the info dude
  8. Do I lose any kill stats if I de-rank?? I'm due to hit rank 20 with about 2000 kills still to go, and I wanna initiate the glitch as soon as I hit 20 but I don't wanna potentially lose 9000 or so kills in the process
  9. Ok ive left a comment on the message board conveying my displeasure at the 3 month notice period.....I'm relieved I did this a couple years back, I'd hate to be stuck with a bunch of unobtainables( I think I have about 5 or 6 unobtainable trophys currently).........feeling for you guys who are cutting it fine or don't stand a chance now
  10. Sign me up for Gryffindor please, I've done all 5 😁
  11. I can most definitely relate to this, back in the day I only played Fifa, Fight Night, and Tiger Woods golf, I would just rinse and repeat those 3, and now and again a game that caught my eye would get some love. Trophys definitely broadened my gaming horizons, I used to dislike FPS to the point I wouldn't play a game of it wasn't 3rd if I play a 3rd person shooter/adventure game im like, 'meh, this is good but id prefer to play as a gun' I know for certain I would have played Sound Shapes if it wasn't for trophys 🤣
  12. Yh this can easily be done in a week though I recommend boosting the Wildcats trophy, chances of having 8 people all go to the stadium naturally are slim at best
  13. I know this thread is months old and you likely have an answer by now, but just incase u have not, then the answer is no, unfortunately none of the trophys auto-pop with the exception of the 'Reach Rank X' trophys, and the 'X amount of kills trophys
  14. I clocked up 102 hours by the time I got the plat, I did fanny around a lot at the beginning though so I reckon I could have easily shaved off 20 hours, maybe even 30
  15. Ill definitely be chicken this out......just hope it doesn't turn out to be a load of bullfinch