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  1. It's possible they already had the co-op bubbles before server shutdown and then recently mopped up the rest I already have my co-op bubbles, it's the prize bubbles on the last 2 levels I can't seem to get, especially the 1 where you have to use the Cape to fly to the other side of the screen, I m always just an ass hair away If its the trophy for finishing a level with a friend then it's not legit, no legit way to get that anymore as stated in previous posts
  2. This was an awesome story to wake up to, what a brilliant idea from the father. Kinda want 1 of those trophys too!!
  3. Thank you, appreciate the props dude. I wish I had an interesting backstory to go with it, but I just went with the first things i saw. I was sat next to my Alienware PC with the monitor on, and out the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of the Steam logo, and decided to merge the 2 words together PooPooBlast is probably the winner for me, it appeals so much to my juvenile sense of humour
  4. Not all heroes wear capes......
  5. Oh ok, thanks anyway dude
  6. It's blank for me, can somebody send me a link or something please, I'd really like to have a gander
  7. I used the AFK method. I just hid behind the rock near the bus stop and left my console running through the night while I slept. When I woke up the next morning, the area was awash with every collectable I needed. Its probably a longer method but easier as all you need to do is wait it out and grab what you need,
  8. Is anyone aware if the recent news about PS3/Vita stores being shutdown will affect the transferring feature for this game?? As far im aware its just the stores being shutdown and removed, so i don't see why it should affect this really, but who knows how far this could go until it happens I suppose. If anyone does have any relevant info then please chime in.
  9. This^^ I'd gladly play this again before so much as glancing at a copy of Alone in the Dark
  10. I finished this over roughly about a year ago, but I had to start over from scratch as I'd deleted my save file years previous I encountered no such glitches so I'm of the opinion that it's entirely safe, I would continue backing up your saves though, better safe than sorry
  11. Oh shit, i had the exact same issue with Passive Aggression, i did 11 unsuccessful playthroughs back to back and it killed my love for the game if I'm honest. It was the only trophy between me and the plat. Years later, I managed to do it on my first attempt (which technically was my 12th). Im convinced it was the bodies in the freezer level glitching on me, even though I barely touched them. Followed a video to the tee when I managed to pop it and my love kinda came back
  12. It can be done on any difficulty dude
  13. This was the exact same Kerotan I was missing also, yet I could have sworn I'd gotten it.
  14. Wow, you got seriously unlucky dude, I got plat on this about 3 years ago and was fortunate enough to have 3 playthroughs without any major glitches (not game breaking ones at least) I saw the game over screen a handful of times on my no death run, each time, I quit to XMB immediately, rebooted, and luckily the trophy popped after the Final Boss. Strangely enough though, I did have a Sand Portal glitch on me on my first playthrough of Two Thrones, but I managed to get them all on the second playthrough which was a relief. I hope you find the motivation to get this finished soon dude, I found it the most enjoyable of the Trilogy even if the gameplay wasn't as good as Two Thrones.