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  1. This trophy popped earlier than expected for me also, I cant remember which 1 specifically, but it was after an N7 mission and I was scanning planets when it popped. Even though the trophy description says 'to the final conflict', I think the trigger maybe once you have reached a certain amount of TMS, i think mine was in the 3600 range.
  2. It says in the thread that was linked that this game was tested but didnt work using Gonespy, I think your out of luck with this one dude.
  3. Awesome topic, kudos to TC My first trophy was on Welcome Park My first 'proper' game I played was LBP My first platinum was Uncharted: Golden Abyss
  4. I always assumed everything was all linked and to turn off PSN for one console would mean having to shutdown PSN altogether, but I dont know. Either way, I reckon we've got at least a couple years left of love for the PS3
  5. No worries dude, glad to help
  6. As long as you have already completed Classic mode, then yes
  7. The glitch was still doable for me7/8 months ago. I think the only issue with the DLC is the glitch requires an extra pkaythroughb if the DLC is installed. Not having the DLC should in theory make this glitch a little more worry free
  8. What I did was to speak to alfred, fast travel to a couple locations, return to batcave, speak to alfred, rinse repeat. Pretty much the same as what you were doing it seems but without reloading checkpoint.Took about 20 minutes IIRC. I'm pretty certain that the turbo trick wouldn't work, because Alfred only seems to give a few dialogues per visit to the batcave.
  9. I'm kinda close to finishing off all my ps3 online trophys now luckily, I have: Binary Domain (Invasion Mode) GTA V (Last 2 heists) Dantes Inferno (EA player trials) I also have Infamous 2 and GOW:Ascension to do but they can both be done fairly quickly, and being first party games they'll most likely get a decent notice period before they shutdown. The biggest hindrance to completing these atm is a lack of reliable boosting partners as most have left ps3 behind. I'm also finding it harder to put time aside for boosting sessions lately so its partly my own fault. My goal is to have everything done by Christmas, which realistically is plenty of time
  10. Alex Kidd..... It was the first video game I ever played at the tender age of 5, as it was built-in to the Master System, which was the first console I ever had. Good times.
  11. DLC is never needed to obtain a platinum. Some games that were released early on in the days of trophys didnt separate their base game lists from their DLC ie. Bioshock, Killzone 2, that's probably why it isn't showing up as you would expect Edit: Ninja'd
  12. I just hope Sony and Marvel/Disney can come to some sort of agreement, as I'd love Spidey to continue in the MCU, I would like to see them focus a bit less on his relationship with Stark however. I've got a feeling they might still strike a deal based on what limited knowledge I have, or that could just be blind optimism on my part.
  13. You need 6 people to start a MP match dude
  14. Yes go for it, if you've done the other 4, then this shouldn't be much of a problem for you. It's not particularly difficult, just the online is a bit of a grind. It's also harder to keep track of wins for AWP since its no longer linked to RSC so having a notepad or checklist would be useful
  15. This has been mentioned before, and I'm glad someone else has brought it up......I think this would be an excellent idea, however I would like the option to turn this feature on/off at will, incase i want to play a game I've already completed. Or a filter, as you suggested, would probably be even better come to think about it