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  1. Is anyone aware if the recent news about PS3/Vita stores being shutdown will affect the transferring feature for this game?? As far im aware its just the stores being shutdown and removed, so i don't see why it should affect this really, but who knows how far this could go until it happens I suppose. If anyone does have any relevant info then please chime in.
  2. This^^ I'd gladly play this again before so much as glancing at a copy of Alone in the Dark
  3. I finished this over roughly about a year ago, but I had to start over from scratch as I'd deleted my save file years previous I encountered no such glitches so I'm of the opinion that it's entirely safe, I would continue backing up your saves though, better safe than sorry
  4. Oh shit, i had the exact same issue with Passive Aggression, i did 11 unsuccessful playthroughs back to back and it killed my love for the game if I'm honest. It was the only trophy between me and the plat. Years later, I managed to do it on my first attempt (which technically was my 12th). Im convinced it was the bodies in the freezer level glitching on me, even though I barely touched them. Followed a video to the tee when I managed to pop it and my love kinda came back
  5. It can be done on any difficulty dude
  6. This was the exact same Kerotan I was missing also, yet I could have sworn I'd gotten it.
  7. Wow, you got seriously unlucky dude, I got plat on this about 3 years ago and was fortunate enough to have 3 playthroughs without any major glitches (not game breaking ones at least) I saw the game over screen a handful of times on my no death run, each time, I quit to XMB immediately, rebooted, and luckily the trophy popped after the Final Boss. Strangely enough though, I did have a Sand Portal glitch on me on my first playthrough of Two Thrones, but I managed to get them all on the second playthrough which was a relief. I hope you find the motivation to get this finished soon dude, I found it the most enjoyable of the Trilogy even if the gameplay wasn't as good as Two Thrones.
  8. This kinds sounds (in a roundabout way) like you're saying 'I want to cheat this trophy but please ignore that I cheated'. Apologies if I've misinterpreted, but thats how it came accross Whats so special about this 1 particular trophy anyway?? I could understand if it was the last trophy you needed for 100% but you only have 1 trophy for this 'game'
  9. Yeah i constantly flew too far and had to respawn probably a dozen times. I had that glitch with the money spawning instead of the spray can as well, exiting to main menu and then entering the DLC again sorted that out for me though. Hopefully will work for you too. No I didn't get the last trophy glitch either, so I'm also assuming it's been patched
  10. I had issues with the spaceship also, took me a couple hours to shoot everything. I couldn't turn either so I just floated around till the ships came close enough then shot the crap outta them. Go for the pirates first, their the biggest pain in the hole.
  11. Agreed, the DLC packs were not great, I had no issues with the base game, but these took the piss a little bit, glad I only paid £6 for the bundle in a sale, I would never have spent £18 on it, and having played them, definitely not worth that much. Goatz - Got to 22/25 survival quests completed 3 times, each time I'd either fall continuously through the map, or goat would get stuck in a wall and refused to move Waste of Space- My least favourite DLC, dont remember any glitches, but I think I'd had enough Goat by the time I came to do this 1 MMO- Main issue with this was finding my way round the map, I dont know why but I kept getting disorientated and would end up going the opposite way to where I intended (even with using the in-game map), made the collectables a pain in the hole. Payday- Now this one I quite enjoyed, had a couple crashes, and Dastardly was very finicky, I think I had wait an hour for a train to arrive. I quite liked using the 4 different characters, though I mostly used the Bird guy. It's the only DLC I'd consider playing again
  12. I originally posted that I hadn't been affected by this, but the last few days at least, it's happened to me also. Hasn't caused me any issues so far as I haven't needed to uplaod/download any saves, sure hope it gets sorted out quickly though.
  13. What's so special about you, that you should be exempt from the rules??
  14. I was around the 140 mark by the time the trophy popped, its definitely a little buggy,
  15. Sega Master System - My very first console, came with Alex Kidd built in and a copy of Sonic, I was only 5 and these 2 games gave me so much joy. Atari 2600 - My Uncle found this in his attic and gave it to me, I didnt realise how old it was till I got back home, set it up and played Pong with my sister. I never touched it after that, it was too primitive for me even at 5 but it's nice to say I owned one Sega Mega Drive - OMG this was like the holy grail to me when I was playing the MS. When I finally got 1 and could play Toe-Jam and Earl and the proper version of Sonic there was no dragging me off it. Commodore 64 - Another console my Uncle gave me, I remember playing Paper Boy on it and getting frustrated with the cassettes and went back to the Mega Drive rather swiftly. Amiga 500+/600 - These were an amazing computer back in the day, least I thought so at 8 years old. This is where I fell in love with Championship Maager, and because my cousins had practically every game available for it, it introduced me to tons of games and series. PS1 - Got this for Christmas when I was 11, played the hell out of Destruction Derby and Gran Turismo even though I was awful at them. I eventually got it chipped and had practically every game for it yet never really got into Crash strangely enough. PS2 - Nearly didnt get a PS2 because I had drifted away from gaming a bit by 15, but when San Andread came out that soon changed. Xbox - I wanted to play Halo, that was it lol. Played other stuff on it but mostly stuck with PS2 Xbox 360 - The fact that it came out earlier and that GTA4 was gonna be Xbox exclusive persuaded me to go for this over PS3. Got the red ring of death after 18 months, never wanted to go back to Xbox since. PS3+PS4 - This kinda speak for itself, I think there both great consoles and I've had tons of fun out of both, and trophys have played a part in that 2bh, I like have a record of which games ive played/completed/platinumed without having to rely on memory