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  1. I was around the 140 mark by the time the trophy popped, its definitely a little buggy,
  2. Sega Master System - My very first console, came with Alex Kidd built in and a copy of Sonic, I was only 5 and these 2 games gave me so much joy. Atari 2600 - My Uncle found this in his attic and gave it to me, I didnt realise how old it was till I got back home, set it up and played Pong with my sister. I never touched it after that, it was too primitive for me even at 5 but it's nice to say I owned one Sega Mega Drive - OMG this was like the holy grail to me when I was playing the MS. When I finally got 1 and could play Toe-Jam and Earl and the proper version of Sonic there was no dragging me off it. Commodore 64 - Another console my Uncle gave me, I remember playing Paper Boy on it and getting frustrated with the cassettes and went back to the Mega Drive rather swiftly. Amiga 500+/600 - These were an amazing computer back in the day, least I thought so at 8 years old. This is where I fell in love with Championship Maager, and because my cousins had practically every game available for it, it introduced me to tons of games and series. PS1 - Got this for Christmas when I was 11, played the hell out of Destruction Derby and Gran Turismo even though I was awful at them. I eventually got it chipped and had practically every game for it yet never really got into Crash strangely enough. PS2 - Nearly didnt get a PS2 because I had drifted away from gaming a bit by 15, but when San Andread came out that soon changed. Xbox - I wanted to play Halo, that was it lol. Played other stuff on it but mostly stuck with PS2 Xbox 360 - The fact that it came out earlier and that GTA4 was gonna be Xbox exclusive persuaded me to go for this over PS3. Got the red ring of death after 18 months, never wanted to go back to Xbox since. PS3+PS4 - This kinda speak for itself, I think there both great consoles and I've had tons of fun out of both, and trophys have played a part in that 2bh, I like have a record of which games ive played/completed/platinumed without having to rely on memory
  3. Wierd, I've just checked mine and I dont seen to have this issue on either console. Hope you guys get it sorted out.
  4. You only need 100% sync if your doing the DLC, if you're just going for the platinum, then no, you dont need 100% sync
  5. Agreed, I think this would most useful, and would make finding sessions that little bit easier
  6. Binary Domain - Invasion mode, I'm struggling to motivate myself for 3-4 hours per map(theres 3 maps) of shooting wave after wave of enemies. Plus I'm struggling to find time to put aside to do it and also finding people willing to take this beast on is a difficult task. Dead Space 2 - I'm only missing the Hardcore trophy, but I'm not sure if I can pull this off. Ducktales Remastered - Im not sure if I have the skill or patience required to beat Extreme Mode (complete on hardest difficulty in 1 sitting with just 3 lives). MGS 2: Sons of Liberty - The VR missions ate the breaker for me, I'm roughly 70% of the way through them but I keep reading how frustrating MGS1 Snake sniper missions are and it puts me off, had enough trouble with the 1 where you have to stop enemies from reaching the body. I totally intend to have a crack at all of the above at some stage, but I'm not all that confident I'll ever be skillful enough, or motivated enough to actually achieve them.
  7. Changing the date on your ps3 in order to obtain Calendar Man trophy is allowed and will not get you banned/flagged
  8. Each time you remove a diamond to de-rank you lose that diamond, because technically if you are say level 7, you should have 7 diamonds, if you de-rank to level 6 you should only have 6 diamond, so de-ranking to level 6 and still having 7 diamonds would be an anomaly of sorts. I definitely didnt have any diamonds left after de-ranking from 20 to initiate the glitch.
  9. If I remember correctly, you wouldn't have any diamonds left to get down to 20 fron 30. I'm pretty sure getting to level 30 using the glitch does not give you diamonds back. Someone else may need to confirm this but I'm 99% certain theres no way to de-rank from 30 if you've already used the glitch
  10. I played the PS3 version(Disc), after escaping Los Santis to the countryside my game froze during the mission where you have to photograph the dead witness which corrupted my save file forcing me to start over. Also the audio would randomly cut out at times for no reason. This was my only real issue however, when I played through again I had no more freezes or noticeable bugs apart from the audio thing.
  11. I bought the bundle about 2 years ago and both Dark Forest and Trials of St Lucia were included Servers are still up as well, or at least they were a couple weeks ago when I completed the trials
  12. That's frigging awesome, I love these log in bonuses, I've barely touched this on PS4 but once I snag these bonuses I'll have gotten about 4 million through log in bonuses alone, sure beats paying for those shark cards 🤣
  13. Thats the first time I ever recall seeing this, very strange, I have a copy of the game but mine has a disc, I wonder if there are other games that were released like this 1
  14. Wow!! Sad news indeed, 42 is no age to die, it's the 13 year old daughter that gets me though, poor girl hadn't even experienced life yet.
  15. This trophy popped earlier than expected for me also, I cant remember which 1 specifically, but it was after an N7 mission and I was scanning planets when it popped. Even though the trophy description says 'to the final conflict', I think the trigger maybe once you have reached a certain amount of TMS, i think mine was in the 3600 range.