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  1. Awesome news, thanks for the info dude
  2. Do I lose any kill stats if I de-rank?? I'm due to hit rank 20 with about 2000 kills still to go, and I wanna initiate the glitch as soon as I hit 20 but I don't wanna potentially lose 9000 or so kills in the process
  3. Ok ive left a comment on the message board conveying my displeasure at the 3 month notice period.....I'm relieved I did this a couple years back, I'd hate to be stuck with a bunch of unobtainables( I think I have about 5 or 6 unobtainable trophys currently).........feeling for you guys who are cutting it fine or don't stand a chance now
  4. Sign me up for Gryffindor please, I've done all 5 😁
  5. I can most definitely relate to this, back in the day I only played Fifa, Fight Night, and Tiger Woods golf, I would just rinse and repeat those 3, and now and again a game that caught my eye would get some love. Trophys definitely broadened my gaming horizons, I used to dislike FPS to the point I wouldn't play a game of it wasn't 3rd if I play a 3rd person shooter/adventure game im like, 'meh, this is good but id prefer to play as a gun' I know for certain I would have played Sound Shapes if it wasn't for trophys 🤣
  6. Yh this can easily be done in a week though I recommend boosting the Wildcats trophy, chances of having 8 people all go to the stadium naturally are slim at best
  7. I know this thread is months old and you likely have an answer by now, but just incase u have not, then the answer is no, unfortunately none of the trophys auto-pop with the exception of the 'Reach Rank X' trophys, and the 'X amount of kills trophys
  8. I clocked up 102 hours by the time I got the plat, I did fanny around a lot at the beginning though so I reckon I could have easily shaved off 20 hours, maybe even 30
  9. Ill definitely be chicken this out......just hope it doesn't turn out to be a load of bullfinch
  10. Hi dude, are both copies of the game (as in your ps3 copy and your vita copy) feom the same region???.....i know it may sound silly but I had an EU copy for my Vita, brought a ps3 copy off eBay which turned out the be N.A. region.....when I went to transfar my save on to my ps3 it said it was corrupted and I couldn't transfar anything.....however I have within the last hour received an EU copy for my ps3, successfully transfared my saves and auto-popped several trophys....they auto-pop in a very strange order though, or at least mine did, and a couple trophys didn't auto-pop at all funnily enough...anyway that was my experience, I hope it provides the solution to your problem dude
  11. I can confirm this does work as exact same thing happened when I played local co-op with my nephew, we played so far on my account and when he carryed on playing on his own account(on the same console) some of the trophies we had earned whole playing on my profile popped during the load screen for him
  12. I had the exact same problem when I self boosted KZ3 MP, some days it would just search for ages without actually joining/starting a match.....the only solution I ever found was just to try again later or the next day, as some days I would connect within seconds....i know that's not the greatest advice but it's what worked for me and I managed to get it done.....also I seemed to have issues when I attempted to play on mornings between 7-11am, but on afternoons/evenings it would tend to connect without much trouble
  13. Hmmm, iv had my Vita(original model) sine October 2012, and so far i havent encountered any touch screen issues, now and again it will seem a little unresponsive but it always returns to normal after giving it a clean with an optic wipe and a lint free cloth....sweaty hands really don't help either, i remember trying to do a level on Jak and Daxter on a hot day, and the touch screen wouldnt respond because my fingers were too moist lol
  14. The Godfather was the best 'movie based' game i ever played, shame the sequel wasnt as good but i still enjoyed it..........worst would have to be Planet 51, i love a kids movie based game but this just sucked balls fron the start