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  1. #3 UPDATE Still been pretty busy but managed to make some edits Added a banner which I created myself - Hope ya'll like it Added the next 10 reviews of my list - phew... it's taking a while. Added an overview list to make it easier to reference judgments. Minor edits on tier ranking.
  2. #145 - Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner


    Still just as strange as the first 😅. I do think the gameplay is better than it's predecessor though. There is a lot more enemy variety, better abilities you can use and more you can do in the basic move set so in that regard it was pretty good. The story is still a little over the place and didn't really show any real value for me. I think the overall game is better than the first game but not by much. It's kinda hard to judge a PS2 remastered franchise when you don't have any nostalgic emotion to the game. Had the same problem with the GTA trilogy. But it is what it is. I finished my WET playthrough too in this time (but no plat). I'm 1 step closer to that 150th platinum milestone 😀 


    Next:  I'm still gonna go and play and plat Deus Ex Human Revolution for the first time as my 146th platinum before doing an Uncharted marathon. I've played the prologue of it and it's really good so far, thoroughly enjoying it. After I do my 150th platinum (Uncharted 4), I will need to go and do that Mad Max trophy which is going to be unobtainable soon before starting Destiny 2.

  3. Omg thank you so much. I literally used a single emoticon in my hidden contents towards the end of the tab in the most recent edit and I was completely befuddled. Massive help, thank you. Your analysis deserves way more upvotes.
  4. #2 UPDATE Been busy irl with renovating and haven't had too much free time. Added full backlog list of games with platinums in the unstarted section (will add non-platinums later) Added the first 10 reviews - this is taking longer than I thought and will probably be done pretty slowly but I'm definitely hoping to have at least the first 50 done before I reach my 150th platinum. Updated Tier Rankings after taking another look over each title and also removed duplicate titles for a neater reading. I definitely wanted to be more strict with S-Ranks too. New games on 'currently playing' after plat'ing Zone of the Enders HD and separate playthroughs of Kingdom Hearts BBS and XCOM Enemy Unknown.
  5. Platinum #144 - Zone of the Enders


    This was a strange one. It's definitely unique though, I'll give it that. I had heard of it when it was only on PS2 but I never knew what it was. Luckily PS Plus gave me the opportunity to play it when it was free a while ago. I did enjoy the gameplay however the enemy variety is very scarce and didn't represent much of a challenge even on hard and the whole story was pretty lost on me due to it being fairly weak. It wasn't a bad game but it wasn't great either. However, I'd be glad to try the second one and finish the collection.


    On a side note, I finally finished the 100% completion playthrough in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. My god, Mysterious Figure as Terra really tested my limits... It only took 2 or 3 tries as Ventus/Aqua yet it took at least 4 hours of frustration to beat him with Terra. Unfortunately the sticker trophy glitched on me but hopefully I can try unlocking that on my critical mode playthrough. I think the problem was that I collected all the stickers and placed them all on each character before I finished anyone's story. I'll definitely do it differently this time round. It may pop as soon as I collect all stickers on one character due to the trinity archives. We'll see. I've started my 2nd playthrough on XCOM Enemy Unknown too (on Classic) which I want to do before moving on the Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner

  6. @westerosi27 I would advise doing the DLCs anyway, most of them are only 1-2 hours. Awakening is around 8 hours (which is like a mini-sequel to the game). You get a lot of cool stuff and even another companion. The extra story is really awesome too.
  7. Haha no problem man. I think everyone should share their experiences with annoying bugs/glitches on any game so people can avoid it in the future if possible. I also have been fairly lucky with avoiding game breaking bugs, it wasn't until the date of this OP that I had one. I was completely defeated and almost quit on the game but had the motivation to go back because I was using it as part of a competition entry so I completed it about a week later.
  8. Yh like GoldenShaka said, it's different for everyone. You may have a completely clean experience because glitches are mostly random. The one I would seriously look out for though as it truly is game breaking is the Sand Portal glitch because there is a lot of truth to the reason of how it breaks the game.
  9. Yh I find it too difficult to rank games in out of 10 basis based on my own opinion so to have a smaller system makes it easier. 😁 Im just not a big fan of the batman telltales I guess. But yh I did rank Telltales separately against each other when thinking of the list. Im impressed you picked up on that haha. Im assuming you mean XCOM as XCOM 2 is on your favourite ps4 games section of your checklist. Im current on my 2nd playthrough on Classic starting at N. America. Just gotta finish off the secret bosses in Birth by Sleep first though before continuing. 😬 Awesome! Yh I think I also had over 20k achievements too in WoW. Cheers and good luck on the trophy hunting. Darksiders isnt difficult but can be a little frustrating on the trophy mentioned in my review. It's fun though
  10. UPDATE #1 Started the editing stage now after doing a brief draft of how the checklist will look. Added a quickly judged tier rankings - which will most likely change slightly over time. Added backlog of unfinished games. Added a 'currently playing' section - which I'll hopefully update regularly
  11. Divine Judgments Overview 1-10 11-20 21-30
  12. Everlasting Backlog Unfinished Unstarted
  13. Introduction Greetings, trophy hunters! After almost reaching my #150 platinum milestone, I've become very interested in the idea of making a trophy checklist to sort and keep track of everything I have played and aspire to play. I have quite a huge backlog of unfinished titles or games that haven't been touched much like many of you do and it'd be awesome to see what titles you guys would advise too. I've always been a big fan of getting 100% completion in games way before trophies existed and despite this account being 7 years old, I didn't truly start platinum hunting until 2017 after finally putting my WoW achievement hunting days behind me. I had around 45% completion rate in mid-2017, so it's great to have improved it by a whole 30% and hopefully I can still improve upon that. The inspiration behind my PSN ID came from my love for the Darksiders franchise which I still carry to this day. I'm a pretty big fan of most genres but I'm not too fond of Fighters, Rhythm or Graphic Novels however I will always give them a shot and try to expand my horizons. I do double-ups but only on titles I really enjoyed playing or have free access to that I don't mind playing again. A lot from my backlog are games that were free on PS Plus over the years and any games I do buy are titles that I want to play for the game as opposed to the platinum. I've played some really crappy games but I've also played some excellent ones so I've decided to rate my overall opinion of the platinum in a tier ranking system as I feel it be an easier representation. This post is a working progress as I've got to go though 166 titles to sort into this post so I'll be working on it for a few weeks before it will be up to date. Let me know if there's anything I can do to make it look neater or improve upon. Currently Playing Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner HD Edition Wet Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut Tier List A quick judgment so far of where I would rank my 158 unique plats/non plats. This will likely change over the course of working on this checklist. S A B C D E F
  14. Think remakes of PS3 games is a little too soon (not sure if you're getting confused with remasters). But I would love remakes of: Metal Gear Solid Original Trilogy Lord of the Rings: Third Age Elder Scrolls I, II and III Fallout 1 and 2 Prince of Persia Sands Trilogy Assassin's Creed 1 - Only exception for PS3 because this game needs to get completely remade to give Altair some love. I would love remasters of: Mass Effect Trilogy Dead Space Trilogy Dragon Age Origins Burnout 3: Takedown - Graphics were ahead of it's time. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Fallout 3 and NV Red Dead Redemption