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  1. Pretty sure there is 6 items in the daily shop. What are the new calculations.
  2. I just said that there wasnt a patch after all. But i was convinced there was because a few xbox users said there was. In other words my problem doesnt coincide with this thread 😂
  3. I think someone would have said otherwise lol
  4. Strange, maybe its problem solely with my ps3.
  5. @Lance_87 @HuntingFever So after trying to install game data on my girlfriends fat PS3, it worked first time and doesnt have a patch. So it may not be that it doesnt have a patch but it's that it apparently doesnt work on slim PS3s based from my experiences.
  6. The game crashes at the menu screen after its failed to install game data. Ive heard others having same problems and apparently its pre patch. Yeah i checked for updates and nothing Didnt work sadly 😔
  7. Also not getting patch for Xmen Destiny. Im convinced there is a patch because everytime i try to download game data, it crashes.
  8. Is this still the case?
  9. Final Update (Going to Edit) Completed: Alien Breed: Impact Heavy Fire: Afghanistan Megamind Puss in Boots Cars Race O Rama Dead Space
  10. Pink #4 Cars: Race-O-Rama I can only say that it was ok. I played the original Cars game back on Xbox a lot when i was kid and I enjoyed it but maybe age has got the better of me but this felt like a downgrade due to a heavy lack of variety. But wow those Guido races really triggered me especially... Whew... Those AI vehicles really don't care about your feelings do they... Overall, ok game but not really anything to shout about. Was some good brainless fun after doing my Dead Space Impossible run.
  11. The game is pretty old and isnt very popular so i don't expect many people to encounter this much in the future. However, this game has a very annoying bug that stops trophies unlocking which can happen at any point during the game. Fortunately there is a way around this. If you see that trophies aren't popping when they are supposed to, reboot the ps3 and start the game up again, try for a quick trophy such as a perfected sequence or a story based trophy and see if it unlocks. If not then reboot again. Some have suggested to delete game data if it doesnt work after quite a few reboots but for the vast majority, rebooting 1 or 2 times has fixed it. For more info:
  12. You CAN connect two players from different versions. Already tried it and we connected fine.
  13. Orange #1 Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard Woo, my first orange! Possibly my favourite animation-to-game adaption with trophy support which is surprising because I never actually watched this film. It's actually quite addictive with it's rather unique concept as opposed to the generic beat-em-up type like every other title in this category (e.g. Megamind, Ben 10, Puss in Boots etc). I really wasn't expecting to have much fun with this one but that's the joy of entertainment... Never should you judge a book by it's cover and it applies here. I'm not saying it's an amazing game but you can equally be suprised by something as you can be disappointed by something and I was pleasantly surprised.
  14. Pink #3 Day of the Tentacle Remastered A retro point-and-click classic, remastered for PS4. Enjoyed this one, I've been doing a lot of point-and-click titles recently but this was definitely one of the stronger ones. It doesnt quite beat Monkey Island as I feel the comedy isnt as strong but it's certainly up there. I really like how you can switch between the original and remaster to compare them while also being able to play its predecessor, Maniac Mansion as a 'minigame''. I know I still haven't done an orange yet but I'm now currently working on my first. 😁
  15. Pink #2 ELEA What a weird game... Although ultimately does have a rather strong message, it doesnt present itself that well. The developers must have been seriously on something when making this though as it makes any Kojima title seem normal... Either way this rather awkward walking simulator is done and dusted and represents my second title done for this event. I haven't done an orange title yet but im hoping to get onto one in the coming days. 😊