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  1. Yeah i guessed as much but i've been scrolling through all the games and this one of very few titles that has two lists with no region labels.
  2. There seems to be 2 lists for this game and I can't tell the difference between them. Neither have a region code on them. So what's the deal?
  3. Thank you for the confirmation. Will update the post.
  4. For any game when it says people have achieved platinum, but when you go on the platinum there aren't any names, is because they have already been reported for hacking and have been removed. Those 2 that are there haven't been confirmed to be hackers yet but once they have been reported and removed from the list, it'll still say 7 achievers. In other words 7 people have hacked this platinum.
  5. Alright. Cheers guys. I was definitely on the fence. Especially after trying to work out how many hours a day id have to play. But ive definitely made up my mind not to do it lol
  6. So Ive had this on my tabs for a while and the grind scares me a little with such a little amount of time to go until the servers shut. It's a nice platinum to have with it's low rarity even though its because of the grind. What do you suggest, should i start with 7 weeks to go? If so, where should I start?
  7. No idea. Guessing some sort of illegal patch/file transferred from pc.
  8. Hey, i'm all up for him proving it's legit, i'll happily edit and change this thread to confirm it being obtainable now saying i was wrong. Right now there isn't factual evidence for anything on this game..
  9. It wasn't an out of ordinary complaint? This game has been bugged since release and a patch for ps4 hasnt been officially stated and hasn't been confirmed. Also the amount of hackers on unobtainable platinums isn't uncommon.
  10. Maybe you're right. His list doesnt look out of the ordinary. Neither do the dates on his earned trophies. You may be onto something.
  11. Oh ok, thats also good to know. Problem is i always look to see if plat is obtainable before buying it, so 99% of the time I dont have the game to report them. Thanks anyway.
  12. Ahh ok thanks
  13. How do I even report them, I can't see a report button on their profile, plat or game. Apologies for talking in caps, will edit.
  14. Another hacker? EDIT: This platinum is now obtainable as confirmed by Stoyan- and NFlyingDutchmanL
  15. Thank you for reconfirming this. Glad he was removed.