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  1. So i know all dlc is free now. But before it was 'all free', both map pack dlcs were already downloadable for free for hard copy/digital. Im asking if the ps now version has the 2 free dlcs already downloaded with it because i dont want to buy a copy of it.
  2. Injustice or MK out of the ones i've played before. Insane Platinums.
  3. Has anyone got a big discord group for boosting the 3 naughty dog games? I'll be heavily focused on doing them the next few months
  4. Great list of games and platinums. A person of all genres. Definitely enjoys their games rather than only thinking of trophies.
  5. 🤔🤔 I've done both Watch Dogs?? Last of Us: Remastered because it is legen.. wait for it...... DARY. Legen-Dary!
  6. Dead Island! Awesome Game 😀 - P.S. Person below me don't say LBP 3, I'm doing it today haha.
  7. Ive got 4 unobtainable plats on my account. Out of those 4, i'd say LOTR: Conquest. I really enjoyed the game and I really wish i plat'ed it before the servers went down.
  8. I would have to agree with your opinion for your list too haha. Stardew Valley.
  9. My Birthday was on 19th April and I got:
  10. LOTR: Conquest - Popped trophies before I cared about them (Servers Shut) Fifa 11 - Popped trophies before I cared about them (Servers Shut) Fifa 12 - Popped trophies before I cared about them (Servers Shut) Quantum of Solace - Popped trophies before I cared about them (Servers Shut) Ace Combat Infinity - Popped trophies before I cared about them, no platinum (Servers Shut) PlayStation Home - Popped trophies before I cared about them, no platinum (Servers Shut) There is definitely a pattern... and it irks me.
  11. This is probably the most shameful list i've seen. Why do you only do the easiest platinums of all time, ones that you don't even like and are just bought for trophies? This is when trophy hunting is done wrong im afraid.
  12. I've asked myself the same thing over the past few months. I believe going for trophies in games isn't a problem and like many said if you enjoy the game, you'll likely enjoy the trophy list too. However if you are getting games purely to plat them rather than enjoying them, then what is the freaking point and i think this can lead to depressing thoughts eventually. If you're getting angry over a platinum then stop. In my opinion going for trophies in a game gives more value for your money. That goes for any game. But there's no point if you really despise the game. I think trying to keep your account on 100% game completion isn't healthy because you feel forced to keep it that way which i gave up on long ago. So what if you have an unobtainable on your account, it doesn't change anything. I think if you are suffering from depression and you have convinced yourself trophy hunting counters that, you are leading yourself into a false sense of accomplishment. I don't believe it's a waste of time. If that's the case watching sport, film, tv shows is also a waste of time which is an everyday aspect of peoples lives. We just live in a generation of growing technology and entertainment. Trophy hunting isn't meant to be a chore, cure or addiction. Its for fun. And as long as you remember those 3 things, it's as much a hobby as anything else
  13. 1. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames - Was gifted the game. Absolutely awful. Buggy, Glitchy, Braindead Gameplay. Even had a few online trophies that were completely broken. Basically an extremely ridiculously bad version of Just Cause (which is saying something). 2. Fifa 13 (In Form!) - I get every Fifa and everything was fine apart from 2 trophies. One being a complete grind, the other being purely luck-based. The luck based trophy took me two weeks of opening/trading packs on FUT for a TOTW card to appear in a pack. That was mind numbing and complete bullshit. 3. Crysis 2 (Tooled Up) - Also a gift. This is here purely because of Online. Tooled Up trophy glitch had screwed many of us into reboots. Out of our boosting group 7 out of 8 peoples tooled up trophies glitched forcing suit reboots. What a chore! 4. GTA 3 - Played my girlfriend's copy. This is just a complete mess. Don't know how anyone can say this is a good game or even the best of the franchise. 2nd worst offline experience of my life. Vice City and San Andreas were SO MUCH better and i didn't even find them THAT good. 5. Damnation - Also another gift. Easy Plat but just such a trash game. Extremely boring gameplay almost mind numbing for a 3rd person shooter.
  14. Yeah i heard its a buggy trophy, this one and The Day Today. Did you start the plat from fresh recently? If so could you confirm the state of these 2 trophies and the way you popped them?
  15. Yh I would have been happy with Consul's Car trophies, strange they didnt add any. Funny enough I actually enjoy the all vehicles collectibles, its different compared to the boring collect 100 feathers, packages, id cards on this huge ass map. LA Noire on ps3 was so fun to 100% for me. And im enjoying doing it again.