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  1. @Ellie-nyanLooks amazing. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this. Congratulations to everyone who earned one of these fine badges. And again thank you @Beyondthegrave07 for hosting this event. Big credit to everyone who donated too!
  2. May Update Another busy month has prevented me from being able to complete much. Hopefully there is a follow up competition for those that didn't finish their backlogs by September. It was my birthday in April, so I did play Death Stranding for a portion of the month after finishing GTA 4 and LEGO HP, so there is a large gap there. Grand Theft Auto IV What can I say, honestly? Probably a surprising opinion but I really didn't enjoy the base game all that much. Rockstar are magnificent developers who truly do care about fan opinion and I absolutely adore both Red Dead Redemption games and LA Noire while Bully was also great for an older title too. For some reason though, I just can't board the GTA train. I feel like every single GTA game is just a cliche backstab from a character you do missions with/for, then you go and get your revenge except it's annoyingly fleshed out into 50 to 100 tasks. I guess I'm just not big on the whole modern day gangster scenarios. At this point, it's just exhausting. The only thing I truly liked about the base game is the side characters and their bubbly personalities while some of the side content was pretty fun too. However, I really enjoyed the ballad of gay tony DLC, the way it connected both the base game and TLaD DLC was unique and memorable. The characters are great, it's not unneccesarily long and the missions were so much more fun and varied unlike the base game. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 I had gotten this from my parents when I was like 14 but it wasn't until now that I finally got round to plat'ing it. I'm a big fan of the first 4 films of the harry potter series but still don't care for the last 4, maybe I need to watch them again because it's been a while. In any case, I'll still probably enjoy this game more from the 2 because it's so nostalgic for me. Boy did it not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed this title with it's every little quirk, hell it's the closest we've gotten to an open world harry potter game which is surprising by now. Searching around Hogwarts for all the collectibles was so fun and the LEGO humour was wonderfully placed into each of the 4 films. A really great LEGO game and most certainly one of the best. LEGO The Movie: The Videogame Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I never seen the film before playing this but I knew the concept of it beforehand. I really didn't enjoy the levels that this title had to offer. There was way too much going off and it really felt a bit too messy like a bad dream. I'm sure they captured the film perfectly but maybe it shouldn't have been a game then. Not to mention how weak it was for a newer LEGO title with there being poor exploration elements and no way of seeing all the mission stats in one place like other LEGO games while almost all abilities needed for 100% are given to you for free once the story is finished. It was truly a very awkward and poorly developed LEGO game.
  3. With the first step complete, I decided to do LEGO The Movie for #YouAreNotAlone. I wanted to pick a much brighter and colourful game because when we are with people we love and with people who care about us, it makes all the difference. There will be those who dont believe they have them people in their lives but I promise there will always be someone that cares about you. LEGO The Movie is a fun little game and while may not be the strongest LEGO title, I'm happy I chose to do it for this event specifically as it has friendship, love, teamwork, hope and of course humour. LEGO The Movie is about a group of master builders who are brought together to save the LEGO worlds from the evil Lord Business. Of course, if you watched the film, you'll also know the plot of this game and it truly follows the film as best as it can. I wont bother putting any spoiler tab or detailed story description in because its nothing you havent seen before regarding story. Its a simple hero who doesnt believe hes a hero beats the villain cliche but its definitely created in the most entertaining wackiest way possible. With all that said, my games are done, good luck to everyone else who is participating. I believe in you! And remember... 🎶 EVERYTHING IS AWESOME 🎶
  4. I chose to play Child of Light for this event as I've had it for years thanks to PS Plus but never got round to playing it. Maybe it's because I was meant to save it for this event or at least that's what I like to think and I'm so glad that I did. I've been dealing with depression for most of my teen and adult years so I couldn't not participate. @Beyondthegrave07 deserves massive credit for doing this event because while it may not seem it, mental health awareness is such an important matter which should never become less so. Last week I went to a funeral but not for any of my relatives, this funeral was for my girlfriend's uncle. I didn't know him that well, we met maybe twice. However, being at that funeral and witnessing the sorrow of those who were close to him not only hurts to see but really opens your eyes. I truly empathise for his wife and kids, just seeing his son try to keep it together as he gave his beautiful words about his father, it's so painful to watch, I cannot imagine how they are feeling. We all dread when this will happen to us, losing someone we love but we also cannot dwell on what will inevitably happen and try to make the most of what we have in the present. The reason I'm saying all this is because while fictional, Child of Light (and other titles about dealing with the loss of loved ones), has you embark on another person's story as they share their agony. Similarly, it makes you open your eyes on what loss is and how it's not so easily dealt with, if at all. What I learned from this game is that you simply cannot let the darkness consume you. It's ok to mourn and to feel upset about events in your life whether it's loss or something else you are dealing with but you should never surrender yourself to it. I certainly have not fully overcame my own mental health and there will always be something that will trigger that inability to stay strong in all of us and that's complete fine, it's human, but we have to look for the Child of Light inside all of us and use that to push through or even to make a difference like Aurora did.
  5. Dude don't give up on Birth By Sleep. Its a really great game. I did the 100% journal playthrough and honestly the only really difficult thing was doing The Unknown boss as Terra. The other bosses (even the unknown as Aqua and Ventus) can be fairly cheesed with overpowered abilities or terrain blocking. Its so much better than Chain of Memories and is a great addition to the KH series
  6. This sounds beautiful. I would like to help out but im not overly sure on what games I have that target mental illness of a character. EDIT: I hear Child of Light centre around the character's mental illness of dealing with the loss of a parent. I'll definitely be doing this sometime soon. Just been exploring Death Stranding last few days.
  7. April Update New excuse for not focusing my PS3 backlog is that I couldnt resist the PS NOW offer of 1 US Dollar for a month of subscription so I ended up getting that on a dummy account and playing a bunch of PS4 titles which I wouldn't usually play. However, I still managed to complete a couple of PS3 titles and I'm definitely more focused this time. I plan on getting PS NOW for this account (UK) so I can go ahead and stream many of the PS3 titles which I've been meaning to get but it will definitely be after I finish GTA 4. The Last of Us Platinum #175 Event Progress #16 Contender for game of the decade. This is my second stack of the game as I love it so much which inevitably became my 175th platinum milestone. There are so many beautiful aspects of the game which touch your heart even when things may look hopeless. Joel and Ellie are two of the strongest fleshed out characters ever written who will make you love them for their strengths and flaws with each chapter. Race the Sun Non-Platinum #26 Event Progress #17 Nothing really to say here. It's a simple arcade survival game which has you 'race the sun' while avoiding obstacles and using power ups. Basically a 'go as far as you can go' concept which gets boring pretty damn quickly.. Hell, least it's off my backlog now because I started it years ago when I didn't trophy hunt and took me til now to go back to it.
  8. Can confirm the already mentioned method works (log out, delete store, activate authenticator, log in, install store, activate ps3, download games). Im relieved as much as I am miffed... Basically being forced use a work around for a last gen console really sucks. The PS5 has barely took off with its 5 original games and the ps3 is already breaking down due to Sony's reluctance to care for it. Its sad times.
  9. *shivers*
  10. So, this game isn't the most popular but I actually enjoyed it for what it was. I've noticed there isn't a lot of helpful strategies or tips for this game due to its narrow fanbase. Therefore, I thought I'd share my tactics in tackling this flawed yet enjoyable little platinum title. 1. In the very first mission of the game (the tutorial), be sure to focus the trophy 'We need more Power!'. Let the enemies destroy your generator, then finish the mission before the timer. The longer you wait with the trophy, the more annoying it'll be. 2. A rule of thumb in this game is that story progression is the most important as this unlocks new characters, cities and units. Dont bother farming your early cities because it's truly a waste of time. Focus mission requirements unless you really feel mission request seems worth it. You really want to reach chapter 18 as fast as possible so you can make each city overpowered/versatile. 3. Dont bother with any weapons outside of missiles. Missiles are serious overpowered, especially when combining them (one behind the other). Only build other weapons if it requires you to in order to proceed the story but ultimately you can demolish those weapons once built so that you can use that excess power elsewhere. 4. Dont bother overfortifying your offensive units early on. You will be upgrading them various times and when you do, you lose any fortification on that unit. I'd fortify any offensive unit to a maximum of level 5 but no higher. I went the entire game without fortifying any 1*/2*/3* weapons at all and it was still easy. You will likely need to fortify your generators or residences though to help with the city building which is completely fine but they also will be replaced eventually. A maxium of level 10 for them is probably enough but even that is a bit overkill. You can safely fortify activity areas however (Rec Parks, Multi-Plants and Shopping Malls) as they will never be upgraded and they help a lot in boosting city happiness immediately. 5. Since fortifying isn't worth it early on, it'd be pointless to transfer gems into Illuminite too. You get excessive amounts of it later on from just completing requests and getting promoted so it's basically an unneeded feature anyway. The only time I did transfer gems was to get the ever so rare Colourless gems which I'll explain later on. 6. Early city setup strategies are always subjective in this game because of all the annoyingly unusable land in each city (which you can't use until chapter 18). However, all my early city setups consisted of missiles on each ring placed in a way that you can line them up easily when it came to strikes. Kimberley and Norilsk have nicer starting setups as you can place 3-4 sets of 3-unit linked missiles which will cover the entire area. Norilsk already has the possibility for the + setup strategy which I'll explain soon enough. Along with the missiles, you definitely want a few counter missiles too because enemies will reach your base early on. Other than that, theres not a lot more to say other than to build residences to improve your city levels as quickly as possible. 7. In order to grow cities quicker, only do strikes when happiness is over 70% (when the happy emoticon appears on the city), you get the most migrants after each strike when the city is happy. Check to see if there's anything you want to build first as this increases happiness, if not then create events on fortified activity areas to boost this before doing a mission in that city. By chapter 23, it was only Kimberley and Medina that wasn't level 20 yet for me so it only really matters mostly for these two cities mroe than anything. 8. If you are ever struggling in the game then you can turn the game down to easy. The reason I say this is because i didn't know it existed until I realised the USW recharges faster on easy which made the 'Vulgar Display of Power' (Destroy 50 enemies with USW) so much easier. I was finding that on normal, the strike would end before I could even activate the USW. The game is pretty easy even on normal though. Outside of that trophy, I played the entire game on normal however it is there if you want a more relaxing time. 9. When it comes to modification, it's best to just modify residences but whatever you do, dont bother modifying missile units. For some reason on my game, they stopped linking as soon as they got modified even when all 3 missiles were modified the same amount. Just to be safe dont modify your linked units because of this. It's not like you need to modify them anyway, its pretty pointless to say the least. 10. Once you reach chapter 18, the game becomes braindead easy because you can make an + shaped defence layout in every city which destroys anything and everything the game throws at you. I would arrange 12 missiles organised in an + shape and have 2 counter missiles on either side of the city in case of the slightest chance they actually make it there. You can pretty much fill the rest of the city with what you want. 11. Regarding mission requests, sometimes you can get boss requests which will automatically remove your current Alt Density. This can be rather irritable because if you are already close to a boss fight, it basically resets that progression. The best thing to do here is if you are close to a boss fight (800-1000 AD) play a couple of normal missions to trigger the boss which resets your AD then start the boss mission request to do another boss immediately. The reason this is an important tactic is because the Pure Crystals only drop from bosses which you'll need a fair amount of later on. Also to note is that non boss mission requests will never trigger a boss fight no matter what AD you are on. Use this to your advantage. Ie. What I did is only do non boss missions requests when between 0 and 1000 AD. Then when AD was above 1000, I'd do a normal mission to trigger the boss and only do boss mission requests at 0 AD. 12. Colorless crystals are very rare in this game. You'll sometimes get them from boss mission requests but ultimately the easiest way is to transfer gems into Illuminite. Unfortunately gems are worth different amounts of Illuminite. The worth is doubled each time with Purple being the most worth. The easiest thing to do is to exploit this system and to backup save your game before trading 63 purple (20k Illuminite). A good amount for this is 4-6 Colorless crystals so just keep exploiting your backup until you get this amount. Use Turing at 200% focus to further improve your transaction. This is everything I can think of from the top of my head which I wish I known beforehand. Let me know if there's anything else you can think of which could be added or if theres any question regarding the game. I dont feel there's enough informative resources regarding this game so I hope this helps.
  11. March Update Like February, I haven't been playing PS3 much as I was losing interest again. I enjoyed most of the month on PS4 but still went and knocked out a couple of PS3 titles. I'm mentallyback on track in tackling my PS3 backlog though which is great. I'll definitely have various titles complete in March so I'll keep it posted! Kingdom Hearts Platinum #169 Event Progress #14 One of my all-time favourites! Played it back on PS2 and still feels as magical and awesome as the first time I played it. It's such a great franchise and I'm happy to have my second of the four KH platinums on the PS3. Definitely a series I'd recommend to anyone. Jak 3 Platinum #170 Event Progress #15 The change of direction by Naughty Dog pretty much put me off in the sequel along with many other blindingly obvious flaws... But Jak 3 definitely improved in various areas which made Jak II such a poor experience for me. There was more mission variety, the map was used better, there was actual checkpoints and overall just felt like a much more enjoyable experience. Ultimately, I would have still preferred the format of Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy but it wasn't a bad experience.
  12. Im from the dreamcast/xbox/ps2 era and played the newer crash games, ratchet and clank, spyro etc but unfortunately I never played the Jak trilogy originally and only started playing it on ps3. Jak 2 has so many needless elements such as being chased by the 'law' every other mission with a sense of overkill, tedious missions which had barely any variety, an appalling use of open world and an unneccesarily huge confusing map. The checkpoint problem only made a dull game feel even more of a chore. Its like Naughty Dog thought, you know what, screw the fans of Jak 1. We are gonna make them pay for enjoying it! Its an abysmal attempt at a open world platformer and I will never understand the love people have for it, i cant see the positives very clearly. But i guess thats just my two pennies worth.
  13. I took a small break from trophy hunting between mid-January and mid-February and ended up playing Rocket League for most of that time and working on the FIFA 20 platinum shortly after. So progress has been slow but I'm back to it now, hopefully more PS3 platinums to come. inFamous Platinum #163 Event Progress #11 I was rather surprised how much I enjoyed this title. Based on how old the game is and how uninterested I am regarding superheroes nowadays, I enjoyed this title so much! The gameplay is wonderfully addictive, side content is truthfully enjoyable and the story is an absolute mind f*ck. Really enjoyed this title and it only gets me hyped for the less favourable sequel (according to many). Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Platinum #164 Event Progress #12 I have already plat'd the PS4 version so I thought this would be an enjoyable double up as I loved it the first time. BOY WAS I WRONG! This 'port' is riddled with crashes, broken sound effects, woeful frame rate dropping and texture issues. But despite all that, what really p*ssed me off was the trophies not popping. Various progression based trophies for side content did not unlock which required me to play a 2nd playthrough past the halfway point. They unlocked the 2nd time but the trophy to have 5 bodyguards betray a warchief was completely bugged for me. I attempted it at least 30 times before it finally worked. When it did pop, I honestly didn't do anything different from the last 29 attempts. I haven't felt such relief from a trophy pop in so long! The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Platinum #165 Event Progress #13 I really couldn't have picked any two glitchier titles from the LOTR world than these last two. Just like with Shadow of Mordor, I had numerous glitches and issues but mainly to do with progression bugs. Despite this though, I managed to do everything except the Lidless Eye trophy in the 3 playthroughs required. Unfortunately this trophy would not pop because in all three playthroughs, one of the collectibles required would not register when picked up. Knowing that I'd have to do a 4th playthrough I decided to play the entire playthrough without the patch which so happened to work. Another relief...
  14. So I finally got this trophy done and ultimately the platinum. So relieved! I went back up 1170 after countlessly going up and down in rankings (in the 1050-1250 region) and ended up asking for boosts for the last 3 wins. Truthfully getting to around 1000 was insanely easy now as all of those players who deranked for the challenges are gone (I went 23-1-0 from around 350 to 1000). Legitimately playing above 1000 though is just as ridiculous as the reason this thread was made. Good luck to anyone going for this. Thank you so much to @strong_man13 and @Zbir_Vladimir for providing me a win each and a massive thanks to @TheFamilyRuin for the third and final win and helping me with the two pro clubs trophies
  15. As far as I know this can only work for hard copy unless you can avoid downloading the patch on the digital version. So through all 3 of my playthroughs, the third scroll you encounter glitched on me (wasn't added to the quest progress). If anyone else is having this problem, I would advise you to delete the patch after collecting the 2nd scroll you encounter, this triggered the third scroll to count towards my progression for some reason. I played up until the start of Chapter 6 (Urgost's Lair) and redownloaded it from there to collect the final 2 scrolls. This allowed the quest to be complete successfully. I hope this helps others because it cost me a 4th playthrough of this glitchy mess. Quick intructions: 1. Play the patched game up until the Ettenmoors and collect the 2nd scroll. 2. Delete the patch 3. Proceed collecting the glitched 3rd scroll along with the 4th and 5th. 4. Reach the start of Chapter 6 (Urgost's Lair) 5. Redownload the Patch 6. Collect the final 2 scrolls and complete the quest On a side note: since deleting the patch is also a way to get passed the mirkwood glitch as stated in previous threads, im wondering if its best to just play the entire game without the patch but even worse things could potentially happen so i would only advise deleting it for this trophy.