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  1. Platinum #109 - Super Exploding Zoo


    Was free on PS plus a while back and finally getting round to finishing it, it was an entertaining few hours. A fun little platinum 

  2. Platinum #108 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2019


    Hadn't played a PES game since 06 on ps2. Wanted to try it since many were saying it had better gameplay than fifa. Most certaintly not in my opinion. It was fun but it is miles away from Fifa. 

  3. Platinum #107 - Zombi


    Came free on PS Plus a while ago. Actually surprisingly decent for a wii ported title but you can tell that the controls were made for the wii gamepad as they felt a little clunky. Apocalyptic London is great. The survival factor is great in this game. The idea of having to kill the last survivor that you was to get your stuff back was a cool and realistic feature. Game was a little short but that was expected. Decent game overall.

  4. I believe this is the latest possible event (if you have the On-Demand pass) to do 20 events from scratch no?
  5. Grand Theft Auto series. It may have 'revolutionised sandbox' gaming or whatever but realistically they all play like shit compared to games that came out around the same time visually and physically. The stories aren't of the quality that people say they are. Each story is extremely cliche, predictable and uninteresting. Most of the content is copied from previous games and isn't at all creative/innovative. The entire series' controls have been senseless with every new title. Driving mechanics is woeful from GTA3 to GTA 4. GTA is fun to piss around in but taking it seriously and trying to actually complete them and rating the game as a whole, GTA series is nothing but average. I feel GTA 5 has more character and innovation especially with the early stages of GTA Online (Online isn't my cup of tea anymore though as i'm sick of getting blown to bits by flying bikes, cars, death machines and anything else that flies faster with rockets attacked to it than what you can afford - mainly just to piss people off but that is GTA Online after all). But I haven't understood the love behind each title and I don't think I ever will. I feel R* other titles RDR, LA Noire and Max Payne 3 are all more enjoyable.
  6. Platinum #106 + Trophy No. 7000 - Just Cause 2


    Always liked Just Cause. Really fun to just play something to blow everything up. Just Cause 2 doesnt take much seriously and ultimately wants you to destroy everything which is always entertaining. The platinum is tedious but definitely worth the time and effort.

  7. I'm also gonna drop out of this event. I realise i haven't got enough time for these things. Cheers. Good luck to everyone.
  8. Was anyone else expecting a trophy name related to Daryl Dixon? Imagine one of the baby related trophies being called 'Little Asskicker'.
  9. It's difficult to say because I've played the entire time on hardcore. However you definitely will save time doing it in one playthrough (on hardcore) because to reach every story mission, you need to do a lot of side stuff in between to unlock the next one. You'd probably be adding an addition 10-15hours doing 2 playthrough. Hardcore isn't that bad. You will die a lot but checkpoints are fair and once you get used to the gameplay, it becomes easier to survive, especially R1 (rolling) being very helpful to avoiding gunfire.
  10. So far I'm on 38hours on my in-game time played, and i'm on 62% completion. And I just need some more unique vehicles and a few more kill trophies. I think I can get platinum before 50hours Races count for 0.1% of completion and they are easy too. It's worth doing them even after 50 challenges.
  11. For Project CARS, "5th-11th November is the minimum possible event you can start the game at for the 'Community Ambassador' trophy - 20 community events completed (12th-18th November is the minimum if you have the On-Demand pass). Starting 12th November (or 19th November if you have the On-Demand pass) it will be deemed unobtainable until further notice as there is no confirmed events for 2020/21." This information may be more helpful than the current note for this game in the OP. Brotherhood servers have been like that for YEARS. Despite it being frustrating, I don't think it should be added to this list. If there was data loss however, I would say yes. MANY game's servers have the problems you mentioned, even new games.
  12. All Unobtainable: Ace Combat Infinity (4%) - Don't know why I even started this. Played it for 10minutes without realising it's a 200 hour+ non-platinum. Quantum of Solace (4%) - Wanted to platinum but servers went down without me realising. PlayStation Home (9%) - I think many have succumbed to this one. But the servers went down for some reason and I wasn't trophy hunting at the time. Fifa 11 (11%) - I always buy Fifa and the servers went down before I became a trophy hunter. Fifa 12 (1%) - Same reason as #4
  13. This is amazing news! Been waiting so long for Crysis, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Kingdoms of Amalur, Dead Space and Burnout all to be remastered. Fingers crossed!
  14. I'm pretty sure Bloodborne isn't actually technically a souls game. It's a standalone title.