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  1. Pink #1 Maquette What a game to start on... I was completely took off guard by the story and didn't expect for it to be so emotional for me. I won't spoil of course but it'll definitely hit you hard if you can truly relate to it. The puzzles are very intricate to say the least... They had a hell of an imagination and will have you stuck for hours without any help. Janky at times but a pretty good game overall.
  2. I would say the left would count for both because I see a strip of orange hair in the top of the image. The right one is definitely pink. As for the one you already did. Its difficult. To me it looks Purple, Yellow and Red. But the 'Red' looks a little like the Salamander Orange panel in the OP. I would almost say yes to it but maybe it needs a second opinion. Miles Morales is orange for sure. His fist is orange beneath all that lightning. ☺️
  3. Ok so I scoured to the depths of my backlog and found at least 30 games with pink or orange (or at least for some 'almost those colours'). I cut it down to 10 games since I feel thats a reasonable target in a 2 month gap. Let me know if there are any objections against the colouring. PINK ORANGE Unfortunately most the games I have aren't that long,and the ones that are long are crazy long. Tried to include a bit of a mix of genres on purpose.
  4. I also am curious about this. I was gonna add this in mine but thought it was reaching. Any opinions on it?
  5. Such a great idea. I participated in the mental health event not too long ago and really enjoyed being part of it. Likewise I hope to be apart of this one. I haven't compiled a list yet, I have to look through my backlog to find some titles but I will enter my list before the beginning date.
  6. September Update It has been a pretty successful month, not only did I complete 5 titles, but I also did a bunch of PS4 titles too. Me anda friend are going to create a horror milestone for platinum 225 so I'm going to be doing many of my easier/quicker plats in order to get there on time with Dead Space being the milestone on October 31st. So I'll have at least one this month before the event finishes nonetheless. I have bought over 30 titles for PS3 this month on the cheap so I have added them to my backlog. Even though my precentage of completion drops for the event, I'm still happy to add them to my everlasting backlog.. Good luck to everyone on the final month! Sly 2 Platinum #196 Event Progress #30 After playing its predecessor, I was expecting more of the same but Sly took a huge turn much like that of Jak and Daxter to prevent it being just another generic platformer. I completely understand from both series why they did it as they don't want to be called copycats. Sly 2 makes for a more action packed take and does it well by making us feel like we are playing a unique adventure like none other. I like the first game for different reasons, nostalgia for those PS2 platformers but I also like that they did make changes because at the end of the day, innovation is what makes for a great franchise. A good play but I wasn't a fan of the regional open world sections, it felt rather unneeded and made exploring all the more confusing. Diablo 3 Platinum #198 Event Progress #31 I knew before buying this that without Reaper of Souls, Diablo 3 wasn't all that since I wanted to do all the stacks. You're missing adventure mode, the cube, seasons, rift etc but boy did they make the platinum a tedious one for such a limited title... 5 million gold loot... seriously? After the 5 required playthroughs for the platinum, you barely have 1 million. A ridiculous trophy which only makes you hate the game as a trophy hunter. Fortunately I've always been a fan of the game and despite this grind, I still love it but only with Reaper of Souls haha.. Ratchet and Clank 2 Platinum #199 Event Progress #32 My favourite adventure series from the PS2 era and it's no surprise why Insomniac have still kept the franchise alive too. The nostalgia is there but the ending felt rather anti climactic looking back at it. Other than that, a brilliant title which nonetheless shows why Ratchet and Clank is the strongest of its kind. Bioshock Platinum #200 Event Progress #33 I adore this game. A great twist with a very memorable phrase which keeps you remembering what a fantastic title this is. I had planned to have it as a platinum milestone for quite sometime and now it finally is. Amazing graphics even to this day, exhilirating gameplay and one of the most unique games I've ever played. Would you kindly give a try yourself. You won't regret it. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Platinum #205 Event Progress #34 Probably an unneeded addition to the franchise since I felt Two Thrones had already ended the Sands series. But it's still a fairly fun game nonetheless. While the story didn't really add anything, the gameplay feels wonderfully revived. Unfortunately I seemed to experience a lot of input lag which became rather frustrating and definitely hindered my enjoyment. Forgotten Sands takes a page out of GoW's book and gave us abilities to use which definitely improved the trash combat of it's predecessors. Overall, its ok but only ok.
  7. August Update With Max Payne 3 along with various NFS titles shutting down, I've been fairly busy with them along with getting dragged into Rocket League and ESO by friends, not to mention my 2 week old PS5 bricked from playing Astro's Playroom, so I got pretty demotivated because of that. However, I still managed a couple of PS3 titles so it's not all misery after all. Magus Platinum #192 Event Progress #28 Possibly the worst game I've ever played... which is an understatement... Luckily it's actually hilarious how bad it is which made it rather enjoyable if that makes sense because it wasn't one of those frustratingly bad games which are truly the worst experiences. What's not to love about the game though... graphics of a PS2 (maybe even late PS1) title, every room of each map looks exactly the same, AI that chases you but couldn't hit a cow's ass with a banjo, gameplay that will make you contemplate life and voice actors who probably offered to participate in the game for free. What a game... Truly. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Platinum #193 Event Progress #29 Although it isn't the strongest of the series, and despite hating it at first for it's nonsensical changes to gameplay, by the end I actually thought it was pretty good. I'm unreasonably biased towards Borderlands 2 and I think it's a fair view based on how freaking fun that game was in all aspects of it. However, Pre-Sequel tries maybe a bit too hard to be different from it when it never needed to be. The maps are very forgettable due to their confusing layouts, the whole O2 mask implementation was extremely pointless and more importantly the story was pretty stale for the most part. However the further you get into the game, the less you focus on all that because the humour and charm of the franchise still keeps it alive and kicking.
  8. Not that it's all that surprising but Hardware Rivals will be shutting down on December the 8th this year. All trophies are still doable until then. (Source - Credit to @EdinhoN). Good luck trophy hunters and get boosting!
  9. July Update Not a lot of progress this month but mainly because I finally got a PS5! Been playing ESO a lot too after getting pretty addicted to that. I'm a bit disappointed with my progress in this event, I feel I could have done a lot better but oh well. I do hope there will be a part 2. I'm well ready to try again once this one finishes. I have still have plenty I need to do which I'm determined to complete. 😎 Rayman Legends Platinum #191 Event Progress #27 I've been doing the daily online challenges for at least a few months straight towards the middle of last year and then ignored it for the longest time until this month, although I missed plenty of days to finish this earlier, I finally brought myself to finish it off. What a relief. I have the PS4 version too but damn I don't think i'll put myself through that online grind twice. Shame really because the single player is actually really fun.
  10. June Update Again.. Still been really busy with work and in life in general but 6 games are off my list. Toy Story Mania Not a lot to say. Disney theme park ride turned into a boring shooter game. Probably one of the worst games I've ever played. InFamous 2 and Festival of Blood The sequel follows the original in style. Gameplay is even more destructive and the story is as unpredictable as the first. Festival of Blood was a fun little quirky addition that shouldn't go unnoticed. Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus Classic title still keeping its charm. While it's still in the basic stages of the franchise, it still feels different enough from other platformers to keep it feeling fun and addictive. Hakuoki: Stories of Shinsengumi I'd be lying if I said I was paying attention the whole time. The story was definitely too long to keep me interested, way too much dialogue which I didn't care for. The Raven What a little gem! A brilliant point and click adventure which holds up as one of the best. Enlightening little story with a very unpredictable series of events. Recommend this to anyone because it doesn't deserve to be unheard of.
  11. @Ellie-nyanLooks amazing. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this. Congratulations to everyone who earned one of these fine badges. And again thank you @Beyondthegrave07 for hosting this event. Big credit to everyone who donated too!
  12. May Update Another busy month has prevented me from being able to complete much. Hopefully there is a follow up competition for those that didn't finish their backlogs by September. It was my birthday in April, so I did play Death Stranding for a portion of the month after finishing GTA 4 and LEGO HP, so there is a large gap there. Grand Theft Auto IV What can I say, honestly? Probably a surprising opinion but I really didn't enjoy the base game all that much. Rockstar are magnificent developers who truly do care about fan opinion and I absolutely adore both Red Dead Redemption games and LA Noire while Bully was also great for an older title too. For some reason though, I just can't board the GTA train. I feel like every single GTA game is just a cliche backstab from a character you do missions with/for, then you go and get your revenge except it's annoyingly fleshed out into 50 to 100 tasks. I guess I'm just not big on the whole modern day gangster scenarios. At this point, it's just exhausting. The only thing I truly liked about the base game is the side characters and their bubbly personalities while some of the side content was pretty fun too. However, I really enjoyed the ballad of gay tony DLC, the way it connected both the base game and TLaD DLC was unique and memorable. The characters are great, it's not unneccesarily long and the missions were so much more fun and varied unlike the base game. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 I had gotten this from my parents when I was like 14 but it wasn't until now that I finally got round to plat'ing it. I'm a big fan of the first 4 films of the harry potter series but still don't care for the last 4, maybe I need to watch them again because it's been a while. In any case, I'll still probably enjoy this game more from the 2 because it's so nostalgic for me. Boy did it not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed this title with it's every little quirk, hell it's the closest we've gotten to an open world harry potter game which is surprising by now. Searching around Hogwarts for all the collectibles was so fun and the LEGO humour was wonderfully placed into each of the 4 films. A really great LEGO game and most certainly one of the best. LEGO The Movie: The Videogame Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I never seen the film before playing this but I knew the concept of it beforehand. I really didn't enjoy the levels that this title had to offer. There was way too much going off and it really felt a bit too messy like a bad dream. I'm sure they captured the film perfectly but maybe it shouldn't have been a game then. Not to mention how weak it was for a newer LEGO title with there being poor exploration elements and no way of seeing all the mission stats in one place like other LEGO games while almost all abilities needed for 100% are given to you for free once the story is finished. It was truly a very awkward and poorly developed LEGO game.
  13. With the first step complete, I decided to do LEGO The Movie for #YouAreNotAlone. I wanted to pick a much brighter and colourful game because when we are with people we love and with people who care about us, it makes all the difference. There will be those who dont believe they have them people in their lives but I promise there will always be someone that cares about you. LEGO The Movie is a fun little game and while may not be the strongest LEGO title, I'm happy I chose to do it for this event specifically as it has friendship, love, teamwork, hope and of course humour. LEGO The Movie is about a group of master builders who are brought together to save the LEGO worlds from the evil Lord Business. Of course, if you watched the film, you'll also know the plot of this game and it truly follows the film as best as it can. I wont bother putting any spoiler tab or detailed story description in because its nothing you havent seen before regarding story. Its a simple hero who doesnt believe hes a hero beats the villain cliche but its definitely created in the most entertaining wackiest way possible. With all that said, my games are done, good luck to everyone else who is participating. I believe in you! And remember... 🎶 EVERYTHING IS AWESOME 🎶
  14. I chose to play Child of Light for this event as I've had it for years thanks to PS Plus but never got round to playing it. Maybe it's because I was meant to save it for this event or at least that's what I like to think and I'm so glad that I did. I've been dealing with depression for most of my teen and adult years so I couldn't not participate. @Beyondthegrave07 deserves massive credit for doing this event because while it may not seem it, mental health awareness is such an important matter which should never become less so. Last week I went to a funeral but not for any of my relatives, this funeral was for my girlfriend's uncle. I didn't know him that well, we met maybe twice. However, being at that funeral and witnessing the sorrow of those who were close to him not only hurts to see but really opens your eyes. I truly empathise for his wife and kids, just seeing his son try to keep it together as he gave his beautiful words about his father, it's so painful to watch, I cannot imagine how they are feeling. We all dread when this will happen to us, losing someone we love but we also cannot dwell on what will inevitably happen and try to make the most of what we have in the present. The reason I'm saying all this is because while fictional, Child of Light (and other titles about dealing with the loss of loved ones), has you embark on another person's story as they share their agony. Similarly, it makes you open your eyes on what loss is and how it's not so easily dealt with, if at all. What I learned from this game is that you simply cannot let the darkness consume you. It's ok to mourn and to feel upset about events in your life whether it's loss or something else you are dealing with but you should never surrender yourself to it. I certainly have not fully overcame my own mental health and there will always be something that will trigger that inability to stay strong in all of us and that's complete fine, it's human, but we have to look for the Child of Light inside all of us and use that to push through or even to make a difference like Aurora did.
  15. Dude don't give up on Birth By Sleep. Its a really great game. I did the 100% journal playthrough and honestly the only really difficult thing was doing The Unknown boss as Terra. The other bosses (even the unknown as Aqua and Ventus) can be fairly cheesed with overpowered abilities or terrain blocking. Its so much better than Chain of Memories and is a great addition to the KH series