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  1. So I finally got this trophy done and ultimately the platinum. So relieved! I went back up 1170 after countlessly going up and down in rankings (in the 1050-1250 region) and ended up asking for boosts for the last 3 wins. Truthfully getting to around 1000 was insanely easy now as all of those players who deranked for the challenges are gone (I went 23-1-0 from around 350 to 1000). Legitimately playing above 1000 though is just as ridiculous as the reason this thread was made. Good luck to anyone going for this. Thank you so much to @strong_man13 and @Zbir_Vladimir for providing me a win each and a massive thanks to @TheFamilyRuin for the third and final win and helping me with the two pro clubs trophies
  2. As far as I know this can only work for hard copy unless you can avoid downloading the patch on the digital version. So through all 3 of my playthroughs, the third scroll you encounter glitched on me (wasn't added to the quest progress). If anyone else is having this problem, I would advise you to delete the patch after collecting the 2nd scroll you encounter, this triggered the third scroll to count towards my progression for some reason. I played up until the start of Chapter 6 (Urgost's Lair) and redownloaded it from there to collect the final 2 scrolls. This allowed the quest to be complete successfully. I hope this helps others because it cost me a 4th playthrough of this glitchy mess. Quick intructions: 1. Play the patched game up until the Ettenmoors and collect the 2nd scroll. 2. Delete the patch 3. Proceed collecting the glitched 3rd scroll along with the 4th and 5th. 4. Reach the start of Chapter 6 (Urgost's Lair) 5. Redownload the Patch 6. Collect the final 2 scrolls and complete the quest On a side note: since deleting the patch is also a way to get passed the mirkwood glitch as stated in previous threads, im wondering if its best to just play the entire game without the patch but even worse things could potentially happen so i would only advise deleting it for this trophy.
  3. So I recently went back to try this legitimately and found its a lot easier than it was pre-fifa 21. Managed to go from 350 to 1000 without losing and only 1 draw. However its clear that as soon as I hit Div 5, there was a very steep skill difference between Div 5 and 6. Especially since now I get opposition teams filled with legends and toty cards every single game for the last 20 games in the 1000-1250 region. There was only one team that had a lower rating than me in those 20 games. I managed to get to 1225 twice though but lost both times unfortunately to rob me of the trophy. Now im back to 1150. I was wondering if there was anyone who already has the trophy whilst being in div 5 that could match up with me and let me win to lift me that small amount. Please message me on here or PSN if you can.
  4. Thats not exactly too helpful. Im only one trophy off the platinum. Im not just going to give up. Besides I already have done one of the PS4 lists.
  5. So I have spent at least 5 hours altogether trying to pop this trophy. Im 100% certain that its broken for me. I have had 5, 6 even 7 bodyguards on a warchief and whenever I start the mission whether its the summon warchief mission or betrayal mission, it refuses to pop even when there has been all bodyguards there to activate the trophy. I have no idea what to do anymore. Some of the trophies already glitched on me and I had to do a 2nd playthrough and on both of them, this trophy just isnt popping. I've lost all my patience and could really use any odd ways to try of helping me pop this. EDIT: It popped!! So a couple of days after posting this, I almost gave up after reinstalling the game for a third time using my 2nd playthrough save to try and pop this trophy. I had a warchief in both maps with 5+ bodyguards who were branded and these were tested out numerous times (into double figures). I tried to pop it without the patch a fair few times but still didnt have any luck. But for whatever reason after the patch was reinstalled it didnt pop immediately however after 5 new attempts using the same warchiefs and captains, it popped. The only difference was that I had a different warcheif mission that spawned me much closer to the action from the start of the mission. In other words, there was no correlation or real strategy in getting it to pop, it was fairly random and I cannot confirm if this was the reason it popped for me. The captains tend to automatically attack the warchief before you even command them to, maybe this was the problem because you need to be the one to command them and because I was closer to the warchief at the start, I was able to instantly command them before they could start their automated attack. This is purely a theory though as it seems to just be an extremely glitchy trophy for me. Despite this, hopefully my eventual success will encourage people to keep trying if they are in the same position. My only advice is to keep trying different warchief missions, you can do this by starting it up and running away to abandon the mission to get a new mission or simply have a captain betray your warchief to get a betrayal mission instead.
  6. @Evil_Raziel You just have to be very patient. Find a single enemy, and its best just finding a normal enemy (no special gun). Get his health down a bit so that the explosion will kill him instantly, depending on the faction of the enemy, this can be anywhere from 1 to 4 lightning zaps so its on its last bit of health. Then stand about 20 ft away while continuously blocking with your shield. Just be patient and when he finally throws a grenade (make sure it leaves his hand), use shockwave kinda towards the ground so that it only skims the grenade and doesnt make it go rocketing into nowhere. If done right, the grenade will sort of just fall where it was in the air when you shockwaved. This is definitely one of the most frustrating stunt kills and it will take more than a couple of attempts but keep being a patient and you'll get it.
  7. Yh Prototype was a decent game. There was only 3 or 4 challenges that I had many tries but overall it wasnt as bad I thought it'd be. It's a shame that Alex hates being under control though, he really does not want to do what you tell him to do lol. Yh I'm so severely disappointed with Jak 2, seemed like it would be such a good game.
  8. Sonic Adventure 2 Non-Platinum - #24 Event Progress - #4 The brilliant sequel to one of my all time childhood favourites . Was a pleasure to complete even if it didn't have a platinum but it sure was challenging! Jak II Platinum - #157 Event Progress - #5 I expected a strong sequel but was left disappointed. Feels like Naughty Dog really didn't like the concept they made for the first game. They created a GTA knockoff with bullsh*t checkpoints except the 'open-world' map was shallow and empty. Absolutely dejected by this title. Prototype Platinum - #158 Event Progress - #6 Went into this knowing how difficult the platinum was but found it quite fair. Though the story was pretty boring, Prototype was surprisingly fun to play especially with all the fun abilities you can use to create havoc in apocalyptic Manhattan. A decent play! Of Orcs and Men Platinum - #159 Event Progress - #7 Utterly surprised how much I enjoyed this title. While it does have it's flaws, it made for a brilliant experience. Enjoyed almost every minute of the story, gameplay and rpg concept. Very underrated title. Thief Platinum - #160 Event Progress - #8 Decent game which I feel got more stick than it deserved. While there is clear problems with the title, it still has some great gameplay and atmospheric locations. Stealthing is super fun but overall the game definitely suffers from tediousness the futher you get into it. Zombie Driver HD Platinum - #161 Event Progress - #9 Started off hating this but the more I played it, the more fun I had. I actually enjoyed the non-story modes more because the actual game mechanics are truly addictive. Who doesn't love some zombie horde annihilation using a weaponised vehicle anyway. WET Platinum - #162 Event Progress - #10 4 playthroughs for the platinum definitely was overkill but again much like Zombie Driver, the game mechanics made the game fun as opposed to the cliche story. Feel a bit drained from doing the story so much but I'm truly happy to see the back of it, especially because of the god awful platforming sections.
  9. Sonic Adventure Non-Platinum - #23 Event Progress - #2 One of my childhood favourites. Filled with nostalgia, this title was a joy to play and to earn the trophies for it. Surprised it doesn't have a platinum with the amount of time and effort it take to beat it though! No matter, it's another one for the record books as it became my 9000th Trophy milestone so there's also that! South Park: The Stick of Truth Platinum - #156 Event Progress - #3 I have platinum'd this game on the PS4 and I enjoyed it that much that I had to plat it again! It's such a fun title with nods to various South Park episodes while also making fun of great franchises but mostly Skyrim. Very entertaining game and would recommend to any gamer even if you aren't a huge fan of South Park.
  10. Non Platinum #23 - Sonic Adventure


    So much nostalgia! Despite it not having a platinum (which to be honest, it should have), I adored it from start to finish because it was my favourite Dreamcast game in my childhood along with it's sequel. The stages are fun, each character is unique and all the side content is a blast! It actually has more content than most new games 😂. Of course with it being over 20 years old, most will likely not see it in the same way I do if you've never played it before but I can't express how much adoration I have for it because it's one of the first games I ever played and will always hold a special place in my heart. (Full Review)

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      Oh wow, I played the hell out of Sonic on my DS as a child. Well done on your "non-plat"! xD

  11. Non Platinum #23 - Sonic Adventure Tier Ranking - A Difficulty Rating - 7/10 I simply had to have this on my trophy list. Without a doubt, this was my favourite Dreamcast game back in the day along with it's sequel. I didn't find out it had trophies until Sonic Mania was brought on PS Plus a year or two ago which inevitably triggered my curiosity of other Sonic games with trophy support. Of course, I was delighted when I realised although maybe this should have had a platinum with the amount you have to do! Of course with this being such a huge childhood favourite of mine, a huge element of nostalgia certainly influences my opinion on the game as it is still a 20+ year old game but honestly I still had just as much fun now as I did back then. The gameplay is still incredibly entertaining as you travel from stage to stage. Being the first true 3D sonic game too, the platforming in each stage feels wonderfully fresh from previous titles while still implementing classic sonic mechanics perfectly into this new generation of gaming. But just when you think that the game is only about Sonic the Hedghog himself, you will see that you can play as 6 different characters in total each with their own campaign and narration from their side of the story. Every character has different quirks whilst also providing unique levels to compliment these quirks, providing a great deal of variety in content. The story is executed beautifully too with each character's path intertwining with each other leading up to the big finale. It's actually quite remarkable how strong the story is in this sonic game. Like previous Sonic titles, there is that extra challenge of trying to get that high score for each stage but not only that there is a total of 130 emblems to collect throughout the game. These emblems are collected throughout whether it's simply doing the campaign, exploring the small sandbox-like areas or completing each stage's objective variants and get those delicious A-ranks. This is a really great challenge aspect which also provides decent replay ability. Some emblems are also earned for a small section of the game known as Chao racing which is a truly adorable feature. These cute little childlike beings can be raised and entered in races but they can only grow by feeding them and giving them creatures found throughout the main levels. Be sure to keep them happy though! They don't like it when you're a bad mother figure! There is honestly more satisfying content in this game than many new title which has started to become a huge problem. I only really have one true complaint about the game and that is the annoying camera angles which sometimes doesn't reset to your position because you are moving too fast or gone where it doesn't really want you to go. But other than that I have so much love for this game. Despite it taking me at least 40hours to finish it, I honestly don't even mind that it didn't have a platinum because I adore it so much. It's such a shame that the Sonic franchise never really hit the same heights on later consoles but I'm still willing to give them a go. Although I'm pretty glad that Shadow the Hedgehog never got a port... as much as I like Shadow, his own title was a real stinker but that's a whole different story. Anyway, I'm looking forward to doing Sonic Adventure 2! DLCs DX With there being two different versions of the game, DX was included as a DLC. While arguably it could have easily been part of the base game for the port, I didn't mind spending a few quid getting it. DX provides a new character in Metal Sonic while also providing a new feature allowing you to try your hand at 60 unique missions around the adventure maps. Most of these missions are easy but some can really make you scream bloody murder. Overall though it provides a fresh challenge to complete at a 'fairly' reasonable difficulty which actually are pretty fun!
  12. Hmmm, maybe they removed the seal along with the others from vanilla. I haven't checked the interface since Beyond Light patch. They said that seal wouldn't be removed though, you're safe doing Dreaming City however. Overall it'll take 6+ weeks though due to the ascendant challenges. 100% you should get the forsaken dlc before attempting it, wouldn't want to risk any potential glitches.
  13. I would not advise to try and auto pop it (by doing requirements beforehand) because you don't want to end up glitching the trophy somehow. Also, it might not even count your progress. Beyond Light vaulted many of the seals from the vanilla game, however you should be able to get the trophy without Beyond Light as only a few were vaulted but you MUST have Forsaken DLC. List (took from a previous thread) of seals that you can earn without Beyond Light: Crucible - Unbroken Gambit - Dredgen Flawless - Flawless Conqueror - Conqueror Shadowkeep - Harbinger Garden of Salvation - Enlightened The Dreaming City - Cursebreaker The Last Wish - Rivensbane My advice would be either Dredgen or Cursebreaker. All of them will take a considerable amount of time though.
  14. Tekken 6 Platinum - #155 Event Progress - #1 Although I'm not a huge fan of fighting games, I surprisingly felt pretty satisfied with this one. I think I'm enjoying it for the wrong reason though lmao. I felt engrossed from the customisation system and the effect it has on the scenario campaign. Despite so many fans criticising it, I rather enjoyed how the RPG elements affected the way you play. The treasure system was so addictive for me. But the gameplay in general is pretty good however outside of the SC, it can feel pretty clunky at times. A lot of the time, I'm just yelling "Alisa get out the fudging way". Only a minor change to the wording there... But overall it's a fun game on and offline I must admit and it looks visually great too!