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  1. Such a condescending statement. Basically saying their opinion on a game is invalid...
  2. I found literally none of the God of War stuff to be tedious or boring. There always has to be collectibles in these types of games which I don't mind. The ravens are more comparable to the backpacks in spider man. And I didn't mind the backpacks, there are far worse collectibles. Side Quests don't always suck in gaming but they sucked in Spider Man though - so much recycled content. I can say for a fact though that there's no such tedious crap in God of War like the recycled crimes, bases, taskmaster(/screwball) challenges and the evident lack of mission variety. The first two Arkham games have more about them and are better games than Spider-Man and I'm not even too big on DC.
  3. I think for a game that boasts professional reviews of 9s out of 10, the crimes alone shouldn't be so damn boring - nevermind the rest of the side content which to me feels weak in comparison to other highly rated games. I'd understand for an online game or for a RPG but for a sandbox game it's pretty overkill to make you do 160 crimes when you barely cross half of them throughout the course of the game (depending how much you explore of course). They could have been more imaginative that's for sure. Feels like some tedious shit Ubisoft would do. On another note, I've been doing the DLCs. Although games usually aren't rated on DLCs, Insomniac couldn't have been MORE lazy with them. Just throwing together the carbon copy side content from the main game and mashing into each DLC without a care in the world. The Heist was decent but the other two DLCs are just the most tedious crap in the entire game. But overall, you don't need to add in another 25-odd crimes into each DLC when the story lasts 4 or 5 missions each. Such lazy development. Also, to seriously to milk off Screwball to produce side content for EACH DLC is unforgivable. She got way too much content for such a weak, annoying character who is barely even a big enough character in the Marvel Universe. And don't get me started on the exaggerated enemy spawning and ridiculous new sable tech used which spams the radioactive cells out of you. I guess I expected more considering everyone was saying how good this game was and me being a Marvel fan. I'm not saying Spider-Man is a bad game nor was the grind unbearable or anything. Not at all. I've played many games that aren't as good as Spider-Man and have had far worse grinds. I just think my frustration comes from my disappointment as the reviews for this game lead me to think it would be a GOTY contender with the likes of RDR2 and GoW of 2018 (and I've played both of them and this title doesn't scratch the surface of both those masterpieces). It has a great story (though some parts were pretty meh in Act 1 and 2 - especially the stealth missions as MJ and Miles), great details that refer to other parts of the marvel universe, great dialogue, fun combat, good game mechanics. Some of the side content was fun such as the science projects and Harry's research stations. But all the other side content was just below average imo and mostly felt like a bit of a drag. I don't think 9/10 is justified.
  4. Yeah I guess it will look a bit sketchy on your trophy list due to the landmark trophy being after the 100% trophy but all in all your list has completely normal date timestamps apart from that so you should be fine. And even if the CRT did flag you, its very unlikely you'll be have to hide anything, they definitely won't hold it against you because of a glitch in the game.
  5. Yeah this was one of the things that made the difference between great game and good game. The side content was pretty weak in general. Crimes especially! I understand Insomniac hasn't made many big open worlds so I think that is something not to forget. I really hope they improve the side content in a sequel because I felt that's what let the game down. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a fun game and I enjoyed it but I don't think it justifies the really high reviews it's been getting. And honestly it feels like the Arkham games were super ripped off. There are SO many similarities. Personally I think the first two Arkham games were better and I'm a Marvel fan. Still say Spidey gets an 8/10 though.
  6. Yeah for me it was a while ago ( I believe I didn't sell anything yeah. But I still had to spend quite a few hours farming for gil. The best place I found was the C'ieth battle before the end of Chapter 13. It's 100% the best reliable gil farming location in the game. You can get everything you need for the trophy except for of course the Dark Matters which is solely from large toises. The problem with toise farming is that you have to beat it reliably to be worth it (the Death Spam/Summon methods are way too unreliable to make it worth it). If you can beat a big toise every 3 mins of real life time (save/reload/kill), then that is the best method. But otherwise the C'ieth before the end of the game is best. The problem with this method though is that you cannot go back to this C'ieth farming method if you finish the game. Coming back to this area post-game, the amount of C'ieth and species is different and the rewards won't be the same so it has to be BEFORE the end of the game. About the trophy though, I think my completionist instincts took over. You just need to own them at some point as I believe you don't need to have all accessories/weapons at once which I did anyway and I made sure every accessory and weapon was upgraded which it didn't need to be (unless you was trying to evolve it). Btw the trophy is definitely NOT missable. If you sold anything, you can still earn it back at the end of the game. But of course it'll be quicker for you not to sell anything because all the materials and stuff will be more efficiently used towards the end of the game. Hopefully this information helped.
  7. One of the best games of the decade. I'd give it a 1/10 on the 'boring scale' (9/10 on an actual rating system which is how we should be rating it as opposed to the OP's system defining his/her hatred for the game). Story is amazing - I did find Ch1 pretty boring but that's because at that point, I didn't really care about the characters. After playing it until the end and replaying missions for the 70 gold medals I can safely say this is one the best stories in gaming. The storytelling, dialogue, pacing is spot-on. I would say the only chapter I didn't really enjoy was the Guarma chapter. But it was an integral part of the storytelling. Something that I think a lot of people look over as well is that RDR2 actually made the RDR1 story stronger and more meaningful. You don't often see that in gaming. Characters - Arthur is an absolute masterpiece of a character creation by R*. I'd go as far to say that he's is their best character created. You can really feel the development of the character's emotion with each chapter. His morals, his judgement and his values. Such a heartbreaking character too growing up without a mother and his father going to prison when he was young. Later on with his wife and son being killed too. There's no wonder that Arthur is the way he is at the beginning of the game. Dutch being given such a large role as well really has influenced his character as I don't think anyone really cared who Dutch was in RDR1. Now we know what kind of person we was really facing. I really enjoyed the depth they put into his character showing how he became such a crazy lost villain. John also gets a lot more depth and we see how he became the man he is in RDR1 and eventually why it ultimately cost him his life. There was also some other great characters introduced being Sadie, Charles, Lennie, Sean and Hosea who really had an impact for me. Side content - I really enjoyed the hunting aspect of this game. Challenges were somewhat challenging. Collectibles were fun. Stranger Missions are some of the most entertaining side missions I've played in gaming which I expected from R*. Misc activities (Robberies, Exploration, Bounties) weren't over the top and were pretty fun too. I actually managed to get maximum compendium (with 100% knowledge on every record). Online - I actually enjoyed the online but unfortunately bugs ruined my urge to carry on. Otherwise I may have. The roles were a cool. People aren't as toxic and aggressive as they are on GTA Online. A more chilled out online for once. Trophies - I think the two animal trophies may have been a little excessive but overall it's a pretty solid trophy list. I think the 100% trophy actually could have been a little more harsher seen as they wanted you to study and kill every animal. I think in that case you should have to do ALL stranger missions, bounties, legendary animals etc but I guess they didn't want 100% to be missable so they had to ease off on the requirements. To those giving it 10/10 boring are exaggerating. That's not even an opinion, it's a fact. It frustrates me seeing great games like TLOU, RDR2 etc get ridiculed for being 'slow-paced'. Stories aren't meant to be rushed. If you don't enjoy Stories then why are you playing these games (just to discredit them because you don't like them?). Even if you didn't like the game. No way is it worth 9s and 10s for being boring. There are so many games in the world that are garbage but you are giving the lowest scores to this game? Don't delude yourselves.
  8. Platinum: Fifa 11 ----------------------------------> Servers Closed Fifa 12 ----------------------------------> Servers Closed Lord of the Rings: Conquest ---> Servers Closed Quantum of Solace ----------------> Servers Closed No Platinum: ACE Combat Infinity --------------> Servers Closed Playstation Home ------------------> Servers Closed Honestly man, I did this platinum on my old account and it really isn't that bad. RDR2 and GTA5 are much more grindy imo and you already plat'ed them.
  9. Pandaria is the XPAC that simplified the tree. Cata still had the original one (which is the reason I still liked that XPAC).
  10. Believe me I wish it were true. This is the only unobtainable on my list that I really wanted to platinum. But unfortunately until said otherwise, they'll be hacked trophies.
  11. Man I really hope they include some top PS3 titles in the Days of Play sale. I miss those deals. Nevertheless, I haven't been buying much this year so I treated myself to: Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass Far Cry Primal Resident Evil Triple Pack
  12. Well for sure it would have to be a grindy list. There is PLENTY of achievements they could use as trophies though (like with how they did ESO trophy list). Like you said do main ones such as Loremaster, Reputations, Professions, Arenas, Battlegrounds, Raid Bosses etc. It's pretty easy to come up with a list. The problem with Blizzard though is they have removed/changed achievements in the past which could cause the trophy list to become unobtainable. The thing is with trophies related to older expansions is that they will be very easy due to over-leveled characters. However, if Blizz did decide to make WoW viable for consoles, they could add in achievements that would collaborate older expansions such as beat all WOTLK bosses or whatever to give the player a push towards seeing older lore. But they don't need to focus too much on older xpacs because like I said, it won't be challenging in terms of trophies.
  13. I've been wishing for this to happen for a while, I just don't know how it would be possible to use abilities like you can on PC. Console users would definitely be at a disadvantage. However, it would be great to play it on console, I definitely have well over 3000 on my main character for WoW and I tried to collect achievements too. Definitely be cool to have a World of Warcraft platinum 😍. I started WoW beginning of WOTLK which was ace. I actually enjoyed Cata too. Pandaria was pretty terrible imo. Legion was average. Draenor was decent but still pretty average. I took pretty heavy breaks between the last three xpacs.
  14. All amazon sites can have international shipping but only for certain sellers as Amazon supplies products from all different companies. Each company will say whether or not they do international deliveries. I've been ordering from UK amazon from the NL for the last two years after my move here (and the NL/DE amazons are crap compared to UK Amazon).
  15. Nice one pal. Sounds like a plan for those going for it. I plat'ed this like 3 years ago and tbh the HVTs weren't too bad doing it normally. The most frustrating thing was for sure the online. But a really terrible game overall in my opinion. Has to be the worst game I've played unfortunately.