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  1. Yeah i heard its a buggy trophy, this one and The Day Today. Did you start the plat from fresh recently? If so could you confirm the state of these 2 trophies and the way you popped them?
  2. Yh I would have been happy with Consul's Car trophies, strange they didnt add any. Funny enough I actually enjoy the all vehicles collectibles, its different compared to the boring collect 100 feathers, packages, id cards on this huge ass map. LA Noire on ps3 was so fun to 100% for me. And im enjoying doing it again.
  3. Yh before i attempt anything else, i'll try getting the ranked stuff out the way first so i don't waste a lot of time if i do potentially get hacked. Guessing the best thing to do is if you see anyone that isn't your boosting partner is to just the quit as quickly as possible.
  4. Hey, I just bought this in the current ps sale. How are things with the leaderboards/glitchy trophies? I'd imagine still the same but is there any workarounds that have been discovered if you do get hacked?
  5. Servers officially closed sadly. R.I.P Orcs Must Die! Unchained 'The orcs won in the end.'
  6. This ^
  7. Enough to feed Africa
  8. Some of the online trophies can be a little buggy, yes. They all are obtainable though. I had same problems. Just keep trying and they'll pop. For example the 'Lifer' trophy didn't pop for me until i reached 1,200 miles and i joined a club immediately before doing any events.
  9. Good idea. I'll be sure to try it.
  10. Pretty sure no dirt 4 trophy is unobtainable. I don't own the game but more than enough people have earned both the mentioned trophies in the last few weeks, never mind since November
  11. Last of Us (x2) Best game i've played since its release.
  12. Yh their store isn't the smartest. Also its not about whether they give a shit about ps3 anymore, it just makes no sense putting them on sale but not advertising it. If they dont care about ps3 anymore, dont bother with sales at all if thats the case. But i didnt know about psprices, thanks.
  13. Plays a good mix of games. An Assassins Creed fan. Possibly good at singing too? 😁
  14. I'm using the PS Store on PC (I can see both ps3/ps4/psv games). When i click on 'deals and offers' to see all sales, its only shows ps4 games. But i go on ps3 games and i can see 20+ games are on sale yet arent being shown in deals and offers. Wondering if this is normal or not cus its frustrating having to go through the entirety of ps3 games to look which are on sale. I used to be able to see combined sales of ps4 and ps3 but now i can't?
  15. Mine is an EU account. So if i were to 100% I would need: - The digital vanilla game from US store - Slingshot DLC from HK store with these it would work on my EU account, just to clarify. I really want this plat/100%.