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  1. Yo homie!ย I've sent a friend request to ya!ย Did ya see that.

  2. I just wanna clear up that even if you lost the match where you ranked up to 1st dan (and trophy didn't pop) you can still get it with the same character. BUT you do have to win a ranked match with said character. Upon doing that the trophy will pop so no, there is no way this is unobtainable UNLESS you simply cannot win a match lol. In which case I'd suggest picking a new character or a better character to team up with your char who already got 1st dan so as to help him win that 1 match.
  3. I'm just here to congratulate you on that Plat Speedrun :D. 1 day 14 hours is absurd for this game, you lead the closest people in 2nd and 3rd place by over a full DAY ๐Ÿ˜ฒ Also, getting the Elite trophy from MGSV as your 1337th trophy was a really nice touch lol truly LEET. I never actually thought of that back then, personally I just wanted to have MGRR's plat Revengeance on there somewhere so I made that my 1337th trophy ๐Ÿ˜
  4. Apparently you haven't checked properly enough. Don't mean to sound condescending or anything but I'm only on Floor 3 and I found it. I already understood that each field/floor has exactly 3 cat dolls. Just goes to show how piss easy these are to find. Tip #24 "Izayoi" is on Floor 3, right in the middle of the long rectangular map. Happy hunting.
  5. Thank you so much for this dude, your solution worked like a charm! ๐Ÿ˜† I literally just got my Australia trophy, skipped through the remaining 3 rally series to win the WRC and came on here to comment. The only advice I can add from my side is when Matto says "idle" back onto the grassy areas, he means as slow as freakin possible. I literally just tapped my R2 button so my speed did not go above 15-20 kmph while I moved towards the grass. I shit you not, when I tried for this on my WRC-2 run I got within a few meters of the finish line through the grass, I picked up speed then let go of the gas, moved on to the tarmac and this piece of shit game froze when I was just 2 feet away from the finish line!! I almost threw my controller at the screen ๐Ÿ˜ก I was so heartbroken, even my best attempt hadn't worked. So I just gave up and lost the Australia rally and thought to try this in WRC hoping I'd get a different set of races or weather conditions...... But nope, I got the exact same! So it was really important that my latest attempt be successful. This time what I did was reach the sides of the finish line while still on the grass, went beyond it so as to let the game spawn me back on the road automatically, then I just tapped R2 twice to idle over the finish line and finish the race. Anything above 20 kmph on the tarmac WILL freeze the game, just cross it as slow as possible as you HAVE to be on the tarmac to go through the finish line. I restarted the race, then quit the game through the XMB instead of getting to the freeze point again. Then when I reloaded the game it started me at SS3. Upon winning that I was still 1 second ahead of the others! Lol it worked wonderfully as I went on to win the series. Considering the race is quite long and the game is boring I can only imagine how much time it would have taken for you to test all this out, Matto_lsi. That's why I had to take the time to thank you for this bro, I really appreciate it! ๐Ÿ‘
  6. Exactly what I mentioned in my very first post. "And now again the sales which ARE available are actually cross-buy titles with PS4 & Vita. Namely stuff like Resogun, Sound Shapes, Flower, Hohokum, Unfinished Swan and the like. The only reason they show up when filtering with the PS3 is because they are cross-buy." That's what I mean, there was nothing after the Halloween sale which is when it struck me as odd. Normally once a sale cycles out on Tuesday, new sales are set up on Wednesday. There was NOTHING for the PS3 though, no games no DLC. Then came Black Friday but again there were less than 20 games on sale stuff like Mafia 2 and Tomb Raider. Ok that's fine but now again there is technically nothing specifically for the PS3, because the only reason we can see games like Sound Shapes and Resogun is due to them being cross-buy. I really want to get a PS4 Pro.... But unfortunately I live in India where even though the Pro is officially announced it's not being sold by any retail outlet. It's only possible to buy a pro from the black markets or from online retailers who get their stock from UAE or Singapore. Sony does not provide Warranty for out of India products which means any problems with the product within a year and that thing becomes a fucking brick. Now while I am a hardcore gamer I am not so stupid as to hastily get a product without warranty..... Plus that gives me enough time to reduce my huge backlog of PS3 games before I gradually move towards the PS4.
  7. I was an idiot and didn't actually own any of the LoS games at the time so I didn't buy 'em ๐Ÿ˜ข Only recently did I get them and now I'm on the lookout for the dlc. It's not surprising to me that support for the PS3 will go down one day.... but I was hoping Sony could atleast make an official announcement regarding that. Ya know, rather than just quietly stopping the PS3 deals like this. It's hard to be optimistic about this. PS3 didn't get anything since November, even though it's winter. The current deals will cycle out on the 23rd tho so maybe come Christmas time we'll get some big deals for it. I will be piiisssed if we don't ๐Ÿ˜ก
  8. Sony's PS exclusive deals are determined by Sony, but yes, I do think 3rd party deals are decided by the publishers. That's why we see themed sales like only for games from EA, 2K, Ubisoft etc. I'm just waiting for some obscure ones like from Konami. I don't know if the Metal Gear Rising dlc has ever gone up for sale, also I need to buy the Castlevania LoS series dlc. This is so stupid. Thankfully I got most of the games I wanted physically and don't have to worry about digital deals on games.... But they can't just stop dlc deals like this wtf.......
  9. Hey guys, I wasn't sure where I could ask this question so I just did here on the PS3 forum. I don't know if you guys have noticed or not but ever since November the games and dlc deals for the PS3 on the PS store have stopped. There came a handful of games in the Black Friday sale but the sale itself was inaccessible from the PS3 console. This is on the EU stores fyi. The only way to check it was via the store website. And now again the sales which ARE available are actually cross-buy titles with PS4 & Vita. Namely stuff like Resogun, Sound Shapes, Flower, Hohokum, Unfinished Swan and the like. The only reason they show up when filtering with the PS3 is because they are cross-buy. Where are the PS3 exclusive deals??!! Is this really the beginning of the end? First Sony stops the digital discounts for the PS3 (terrible move), then go the sales itself and a few years down the line all online support..... I had quite a bit of dlc I still needed to buy and I wait for new sales to buy them. I want to know what's happening, if any of you have any idea. Or have I just jumped the gun and asked a stupid question? I actually waited almost a month to ask this and now I'm scared this could be it for the deals on the PS3.
  10. The more I think about it, the more I feel like as long as 1 player has the UPnP Enabled, he can connect to any player regardless of their settings AND those other players can connect to him as well. It's sort of like the OR Logic gates. OR X Y Result 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 Unlike AND gates where only when both inputs are 1 will the result be 1, the OR gates will give a positive result when either inputs is 1. So basically, as long as 1 person has a freed up connection he can successfully connect (positive result of 1) to anyone else even if they have a firewalled connection. ONLY when both players have Firewalled connections (0 inputs) would it be impossible for them to connect. This is just based on logic though..... As I too like VirtualNight had huge problems connecting with people when there were a lot of active players. Only after enabling my UPnP could I connect with anyone....... But that doesn't explain how in some lobbies I saw 3-4 players (meaning the host had a free connection) but I still couldn't connect. It could quite honestly be the other way around and the connection works like the AND gates. X Y Result 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 Meaning that only when both players have a free connection (positive inputs) will they be able to connect. It could be much more complicated than that but yeah..... I can't really be bothered to test it now.
  11. Oh.... Well I'm not 100% sure. My friend probably wouldn't know how his Firewall and UPnP is set up so I can't say for certain that only me enabling UPnP set up a 2 way bridge where I could connect to him as well as he could connect to me. If the person you are playing with is your friend, try asking if he can enable UPnP in his router settings. I doubt a one way streak i.e only you not having a firewall would still work if both of you needed the trophy. I can't really test this for now as the game for me is done and deleted.
  12. Yes, it will. If your UPnP is enabled and you are able to join an active lobby hosted by someone else, the trophy will immediately pop for you. It doesn't matter if the other player can't connect to other people, YOU have to be the one to join someone, be it anyone, else's lobby to get the trophy.
  13. I'd like to confirm VirtualNight's method about the UPnP fixing this issue. I just got my trophy and its a big fucking relief! Don't let this 1 trophy sour your experience of an otherwise great single player game. There are 3 main steps that I did to get this trophy to work, 1 of which should benefit your PS3 at all times. 1. Put your PS3 in a DMZ. Google the process, it won't take you more than 30 mins to understand what it is and how it benefits your PS3 and the actual process will take all of 2 minutes. This is what is generally gonna be good for you. I already had mine set up like that since last year. 2. Put the following Ports in your router's port forwarding settings. Again Google the process, depending upon your router it may be different from others. You need to forward the following ports: UDP 8766 UDP 14001 UDP 27015-27030. UDP is the "protocol", just enter the numbers where it says "ports" and assign it to the IP you assigned to your PS3 which has DMZ enabled for it. You can delete these port settings later on if you wish. 3. Most importantly, as VirtualNight said, go into your router settings and set UPnP to Enabled. If it's already enabled just Enable it on your PS3 next, from internet connection settings. Don't connect any other device to the internet once you enable UPnP, immediately disconnect your PC too after enabling it. Now turn on PS3 and try to find a match in Blazerush. Regardless of if you want to join someone else or someone else wants to join you, it will always connect! Disable UPnP after the trophy pops. Important note about the trophy! The trophy will only pop for the player joining the Host and not for the Host himself. My mate, who I joined, didn't get the trophy even after it popped for me. I had to create a new lobby and invite him for it to trigger for him. After agonizing for almost 5 hours in hopes of randomly connecting with someone I can safely say that the devil is in the details. All 3 of the above steps may not be needed to get your game to connect but considering you would have to directly connect your PS3 to the internet without a router or need to have 2 PS3s to bypass the firewall, I'd say it's better to not take any chances. A simple internal change is a much better alternative and a more plausible one too for the avid trophy hunter. Good luck all
  14. ZEUS_OfThe_AEGIS of course ๐Ÿ˜ But seriously there have been some good ones. IDrinkYourBlood TheRockSays Personaowna NoLifeLowLife I thought were cool.
  15. Hey, I was having problems with this too. There are 2 ways to do it. The method in most trophy guides suggest Veil Off > โžกโฌ‡โ†˜C > A+B+C+D (IW EXS) But you won't get 5000+ even with Vorpal. From Options you have to specifically set Grid Guage to "Self Vorpal" then do the combo. 2nd method and how I got it without knowing about the "Self Vorpal" glitch beforehand. Wait till you have Vorpal available for 10% dmg boost, then in midscreen do โžกC cancel to IW โฌ…โ†™โฌ‡โ†˜โžกD Do the IW immediately after the โžกC but before it hits the enemy. That will prevent your IW from getting damage scaled and you'll get bonus dmg. Total will be 5001 dmg, JUST enough to get the trophy. Hope this helps.