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  1. I remember when I play that part. I saw videos and still don't understand. You have to keep trying. See some videos, not one but a few to try to understand. At the end I managed to do.
  2. When I was playing demo version I take a lot of screenshots and they show up with some small white words. I have them now on my digital frame and barely notice those words.. The same happens with kingdom hearts
  3. Thanks guys!!
  4. So, my boyfriend bought the physical collection and played the 4th game on his console. When he decides to give it to me to play, I put the disc on my ps4 and I can't install all games ( I only can install 2 and 3 but already own on digital). They (1 and 4th) are shown to download but when I click on them nothing happens. I'm playing a lot of games in disc version (PlantsVsZombies, BioShock, etc) and don't have any problems with them. My best friend also give me his game to try it after he played , and the same thing. Idk what to do more It's Impossible to play physical games only once , right? (Sorry about my english)
  5. TR = 9/10 I really enjoyed this game! Rise = 7/10 Shadow = 5/10 About shadow , I agree with everything you said! I really hope (if) they make a new TR that have a strong story and without flaws. Still thinking about those "incredibles" jumps who scared me in Deadly Obsession (for a bronze trophy).
  6. Yes, it looks a simple platinum!
  7. I'm playing co-op with my boyfriend and it is super awesome. It's super fun to watch those girls dialogs on cutscenes and help each other But I have another friend, he's playing alone and he said the game is super hard even on easy. And he's a good player! But, if you have patience and a friend to play, youngblood is a good game. Easy plat too!
  8. It's a huge dilemma Well I have both and to be honest I like to play PS3 games on PS4. Maybe I can't explain in the better way but playing now on PS3 is really hard for me. Slow PsStore, slow sync and can't talk to friends, graphics, etc... Idk if It's on my country but PS3 (disc) games are overpriced, you have to get money to buy all of them. But I know PsNow doesn't have some cool games and you need good internet. But in this case you only pay one time to get all their games. If you want to play some old games and you don't problems like mine on PS3 and have money to spend, I recommend to buy one.
  9. Did you catch sharks and crocodiles? They are on expeditions. And when I played, i notice they have a fish called "gourd" ( I played in my language so I hope it is right in english). I caught one named gourd on normal size and another little named small mouth in different places. The trophy only popped for me with that fish variation. You are Portuguese? Se fores e estiveres a jogar em brasileiro, tens que apanhar os peixes achigã (normal) e boca pequena.
  10. I saw this game on sale and came here to check the % of platinum users. What's wrong with those trophies? :/
  11. Well, they say Legendary multiverse, but I made the lazy way. So, every 3/4 hours you have new events on multiverse, one of them is ''random ability". Go there and make your AI fight for you because after a while you get really tired ( I remember I used Catwoman all the time). Then open gold, platinum and diamond motherboxes and they can give you abilities too. I just can't do Legendary multiverse, so there's my method
  12. Ahah, sure ! Add me and tell me you are from here plz
  13. Well, I can't say I've played all Fallout games, but I love Fallout 4. So, last week, after all the hate on the Fallout 76 I decided to buy it for 10€. I notice they change a lot of things. *Fast travel now cost caps; * You have to give food and Water all the time; * That green light I can't change; * Settlements and NPC's; * Share Loot * Those perks cards are annoying * Server kicks you out sometimes * Players killing you all the time. * I notice they just copy paste some buildings from Fallout 4... Despite that I'm really enjoying the game. I love look for loot, some quest are nice, new locations, I'm single player gamer, but I think I need some help with those trophy events. Hopefully I can find some players doing them. They wanted to make a game for friends can enjoy together we have to get that and respect , but I think they can make a better work in the future.
  14. I can open 50-70 boxes a day and no abilities for me Now I only get them on multiverse
  15. When you said, you feel bad about those people who play without read or understand the game, I'm with you. Have a friend who said " It's a shitty game and easy plat, so I don't care''. I really feel this "platinum race" so dumb. I play a LOT of easy games, indies and games most of people don't care, because I'm always for a game with a good story. I'm a trophy hunter too, but if I gave money for a game , at least I have to play with heart.